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Biding His Time

Yesterday, John Terry, once again, had to be content with a place on the bench.

Our club captain looed far from impressed with the situation but is experienced enough to know that some things, in this wonderful game of ours, don`t last forever.

Rumours of a spat with Rafa Benitez continue to circulate, although these have been vigorously denied, but Rafa does seem to be a bit on edge when asked why JT wasn`t in the line-up yesterday, commenting in the media,

"We have seven players on the bench - that`s the rule - and John Terry was one."

"He was not injured, he was training yesterday."

"He was not playing before as he was injured for 16 weeks. Now he is playing more."

But, returning to the noting lasts forever, there are strong indications, in one newspaper, this morning that Chelsea are keen to fast track JT into management, urging the experienced player to take his coaching badges as JT is seen, considering his leadership and motivational skills, to be a future Chelsea manager.

How would that grab you?

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The Journalist

Writer: Merlin Mail feedback, articles or suggestions

Date:Sunday March 3 2013

Time: 11:10AM

Your Comments

JT is a born leader,and its been confirmed by top managers he's played for. Ranieri,Mourinho,Scolari,Guus,Carlo,AVB,RDM have all testified to his leadership qualities on and off the pitch. With that said,being a manager takes a lot than just leadership,he has to be a good communicator,a great listener,adhere to rules,lead by example,show commitment,must be tactically aware of the game,keep himself up to date with new tactics and strategy all this and more are things we know JT can acquire so...YES,I believe he can become a top manager in the future. Playing under top managers as mentioned above must have improved his knowledge of management as well.
Surely the way to go....i'l very much love to see him in our coaching ranks,graduating someday into the senior team. If only we had had that as our tradition,giving the experienced Chelsea legends managerial positions,we'd have been a much better and well organized side. Coaches like Clarke (who i thought should have inherited the hotseat post-Mou),Zola,Poyet, mention but a few,are choices that would easily have given us quality services. We should also look to engage most of them Cfc heroes into the club hierarchy.
He still has 4-5 great years to offer to us.He's 32.
Terry still has a lot to offer if he takes care of himself, he is a born leader and I am happy with his kind of person, he is the only chelsea player that have seen watching the youth and academy players just to inspire and urge them on, very down to earth and might make one helluva manager, but right now, I think he should take things easy when he is fit, there is no better top defender we have in our team
This rotation policy what Tubby has sucks big time.
J.T could be successful as a manager think he is one of those who could be a good man manager you only have to see how all the academy kids look up to him. The guy has a lot of passion and heart but sometimes players of his ilk don't always make the best managers like Roy Keane and Souness. Will he have the patience to manage those brilliant but maverick types. We will have to see.
Terry is slow. He doesn't have 4-5 years with players with like Bale, Walcott etc around. He should do his coaching badges.
terry profile is so bad.he cant be an example to others.u say 4 to 5 yrs with chelsea ,thats a joke bcoz he cant even complete training session .let him and other high earners go and our young players get chance.
It once again shows the board lack of foresight hahahahaha. During his contract negotiation TJ asked for a clause for him to be CFC manager included in his contract after his playing days. Only time will tell.
jollyheart Torres
As long as Roman owns Chelsea TERRY WILL NEVER BE CHELSEA MANAGER :) whoever thinks that's a possibility, I'm afraid, is wishful thinking
And he has 1 year left in his contract (in the summer) I'd bet he'll be released Lamps-style....Any for takers??
Mzee69 and MQ..You are not good enough to tie his shoe laces.Just feck off with your trolling.Yeah,dear troll.Bet that Terry will be offered a contract.You'll lose again.And stop betting with everyone.You have been losing since AVB was sacked.With you losing so much,you will get bankrupted along with your bank.What a bloody moron.
A few days ago Ronaldinho described as his toughest opponent along with Maldini.
If I recollect correctly, Mq doesn't pay out on lost bets. Avoid any bets with him.
£100 bet with Desmond, who will confirm whether Mq paid out or not.
....Mzee69 and MQ..You are not good enough to tie his shoe laces.Just feck off with your trolling.Yeah,dear troll.Bet that Terry will be offered a contract.You'll lose again.And stop betting with everyone.You have been losing since AVB was sacked.With you losing so much,you will get bankrupted along with your bank.What a bloody moron....well "technically" I got my money back after RDM was sacked before "November" just as I had predicted LoL
As for me tying Terry's laces, why should I?? He doesn't have enough money to pay me to do that LoL
Technically Mq, you welched on your bet which was months before Robbie leaving. So don't come on here asking for any takers of your bets.
Since when did VC turn into a casino?
ask Desmond if he ever sent me his bank details BLUEABS...People with closed mouths stay hungry :)
Lol Ken4CFC.
cfc250, you argue for the present based on something Terry did a decade ago.
BlueABS.Just don't respond to the attention-seeker.Just a 10-year old school kid,who is pretending to be a banker and trolling with accounts such as 'post_rom' and 'Pep.guardiola'.
id love to see it as hes chelsea through and through, he could also instill fear into the team by saying "if u play bad im gonna do your misses" :)
FV.Terry was magnificent against Napoli,Benfica,Barca(first leg).He was the backbone behind England keeping clean sheets against Ukraine and Italy.Into the new season,we kept good results before he got injured against the Scousers.And whats your obsession with pace?This is not FIFA13 for god's sake.Zidane won the Golden Ball in Germany in 2006.Single-handed murdered the Brazil midfield.Cannavaro won the Ballon D'Or.And he makes up for his pace with good reading of the game.And he will not move to the opponent's half.I mean his role will be limited inside the box.And Cahill or Luiz are enough mobile to make up for his lack of pace.
Zidane is not a defender.
Pace is everything. Have you seen Verane's pace? Only 19 and he's the best CB Madrid have now.
Knock the ball past Terry and that race is over. Knock the ball past Cahill or Luiz and there a chance for them to win it back. In fact, Mikel as well is too slow. If he did a Pirlo and passed with ease that would be a problem. For a reference of what a DM should be look at Sandro.
FV.There is hardly any chance of him being knocked down.He's that good.And I am referring to pace in genaral,for every player,as you are bloody obsessed with it.Giggs still is causing trouble at 39.Three assists from him knocked us out of the CL.All eleven don't have to be Usain Bolt.You are too stubborn and arrogant to understand and you make a fool of yourself every time,along with Mq.
There's a ring of inevitability around this topic...its not a matter of if, only when...he's blessed with all the qualities & more imo and will make a top drawer manager...JT is a collosus, one of the best ever & A real man's man! We love you dude...Anyone with the capacity and inclination to say things like "you argue for the present based on something Terry did a decade ago" really shouldnt be on the same discussion thread as me or vice versa for so many reasons...Keep the Faith
At 39 Giggs is faster than Terry. He's not a defender also.
Agaisnt Newcastle he struggled to keep up with their pace. At one point caught out in their half. Parking the bus and counter attacking tactics are best suited for Terry.
LoL @FOREIGN put Terry and Mikel in 1 team and you'll see running slower than slow-motion...LoL
Ivanovic, Terry, Mikel, Lampard are all slow. Teams like Man City have a field day with these players.
whoever said some chelsea fans were fickle uhh?....IMO Still the best Centre Back in the premier league, our JT is...Maldini was never blessed with lightening pace either but you know what? The Milan fans are the last people that will ever talk about that in a Milan Forum, they leave it to Rival fans to discuss such self defeating agenda's...for them and for the most of logical thinking footie fans, he remains one of the best Italian defenders ever...the same principles apply to Terry ( he is in that elite league - top top notch).
thats my tuppence...on to the next - Bucuresti Steaua (who are ya) :)
f_v, JT has never had pace, yet Thierry Henry said he was the best defender he ever faced. There's more to any position in football than any one, single attribute. Pace is great and can get you out of trouble but reading and understanding the game is far less likely to see you in trouble in the first place and JT excels in those areas.
He's good at heading the ball away, intercepting, long passes with either foot and good ball control for a defender etc but he lacks pace. That's why if Terry plays the tactics should be all about counter attacking. There should be little space behind Terry.
FV.Finally,you made sense in your last post.Mourinho will be the next manager and these will the tactics.And Terry wön't start every game.He,Cahill and Luiz will be rotated.
I hope Mourinho brings Varane with him.It would be a dream to see him and Terry at CB.Varane has the potential to be the next big thing in football.He can surpass Cannavaro,Terry,etc.What a player!
@johnny oz, I believe its ALL chelsea fans that are one way or the other fickle minded, slating terry and saying he lacks pace? What have chelsea turned to with its internet supporters? A player who have been in uefa first XI for more than 3 times, same player who ronaldinho, and terry say he is the best they have faced, same player messi haven't gotten past in over 6-8 meetings, same player who captained the chelsea side to all their victories except the championsleague final, this player is receiving so much slagging from his own fans, a player who have paid his dues in all areas on the pitch!!!! How fickle, how fickle, I am saying this and I'll put a bet down, if terry is fully fit, he'll be captaining the side till his contracts runs down, under any manager he is that good. @blueabs, u are right, he didn't bother to acknowledge he lost the best nor ask for the details, that just show how he can be, I didn't bother to ask after I won in the championsleague win, I was too excited about the trophy and my compatriots feats to press for it, the satisfactory egg in the face mikel gave his critics that day was just too sweet. Besides as u can see I aint a broke ass, if I had lost the bet, my pride would make me send it or apologize if I can't, its that simple (I am an african man and my pride is always at stake and important)
Very well said Desmond.Five times in the World xi.Only other players to have this achievement are Messi and Ronaldo.95% CFC fans are JT fans.
Thanks Desmond for running through the details and trying to convince some "chelsea fans" why JT is JT...this beggars belief... Now i'm beginning to understand why some blue bloods just stay away from VC these days...
JT has always been slow, the classic days of Ricky & JT epitomised the way that anybody who got past JT had to deal with Ricky coming through like a train. Gallas was similar before Ricky. JT has always been slow, just suits some people to focus on this because he is 'over 30' now. Ingrates!!!
Desmond - yes, i remember it well, Mq didn't exactly offer up his losing bet from what I recollect. But you are right, just watching him squirm through it all with Robbie triumphant was worth many times the amount of money involved. I am not African, but I do holiday in Africa (The Gambia) and yes, Africa is full of very honourable men, we have made some good friends on our trips.
Verane is already a top player. He does everything correctly.
cfc250, what are on about? I always make sense.
Verane is probably in the top ten current best CB's in football and he's only 19. They trust him to mark out Messi. He's an example for all young CB's to follow.
@FV compare the age. varane is 19 come and talk when is 32. if he still has that pace then ok arms down. but now u r comparing apples and oranges. what terry has done cannot be compared to what varane has done in 2 elclassicos. its like comparing bale to ronaldo because bale started scoring in last month and all are hailing as if he is the best in planet or bigger than ronaldo.
@ i like terry and i think he can be gr8 manager. he is gr8 motivator and our young lads all love him. i hope if his contract expires let him be our youth coach.
well said Arun
That would be a perfect role for JT (youth coach) and then see how well he does as a coach before managing any senior squad
All I see here is pace, pace and pace. Mata doesn't have Pace. Does that negate all his other abilities? Come on man. This Terry and pace, blah, blah has got to stop. He is a terrific defender and all the coaches always go to war with him EXCEPT of course, this inept excuse that will never shut his yap.

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