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Mourinho Is Coming!

Those rumours relating to a return to Stamford Bridge for Jose Mourinho have kicked up a head of steam again.

Several news sources have reported that Jose gave his broadest hint yet that a return to Stamford Bridge is on the cards.

At a coaches` meeting at his young son`s football club, Jose was unable to commit to giving a speech next season inferring that he wouldn`t be at Real Madrid next season, looking admiringly at pictures taken of his time at Stamford Bridge.

The inference that Jose has also struck a pact with the Real Madrid President, Florentino Perez, regarding being allowed to leave this summer have also surfaced again.

So will he won`t, is he or isn`t he?

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The Journalist

Writer: Merlin Mail feedback, articles or suggestions

Date:Thursday April 18 2013

Time: 4:35PM

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I only have 3 statements to make :)
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18/04/2013 16:46:00

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18/04/2013 16:47:00

@mq.... As much as there is no smoke without fire, NONE of the sources quoting Pellegrini have provided any sort of credible source. At least with the Jose rumours there have been quotes made by actually people and not the infamous "source close to"
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18/04/2013 16:51:00

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18/04/2013 17:00:00

If running a football club was just about the love between managers and fans I would say it would be fair that Jose came back to CFC. However, the success of a club is much more than that love. He would be admiring his pictures at the Bridge but more than 70% of those players that made a family with him are no longer there and even those that are left most of them are in the afternoon of their football career. We have a different set of players now and am not sure whether they will guarantee him same satisfaction as those who were there during the time. What will happen if he wants half the current squad out and Roman wouldn't allow it? Is he still going to work with players he feels he does not want and still guarantee the club good results? He has already put up his benchmarks, we have to wait and see! I strongly believe that it is the individual attention and satisfaction that a player receives from the manager, whether real or imagined, which makes players tick as well as the way the manager unites the team. Maybe 'good luck' if he is reappointed!
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18/04/2013 17:13:00

really would like to se Pellegrini at CFC, Jose Mourinho is a god here but there is always the saying never go back to a former club as it is never the same again and i really do fear if Jose comes back it just won't be he same as the first time. Also Mourinho is a short term fix, 3/4 years max then he will be off most likely still pining for the man utd job. Pellegrini on the other hand would love to stay for a while and build mould a team and the youth team too to how he wants the teams to play thus also getting his favoured way of bringing youth players through to the first team as they already have learned how they are meant to play for pellegrini at senior level. Could be a very very good managerial appointment.
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18/04/2013 17:34:00

stay for a while Dave? where do you think we are Goodison Park? there's no staying here unless you get results...Only one man is as hungry and results focused as RA, and that is JM....TOWIJ...Poonked! If Pellegrini is appointed, he'll be sacked within 18months and its back to square 1 again - we dont need all that atm, we need someone who Roman will find unsackable for a minimum 3 yr period and that man is Jose and he will also win trophies...Guaranteed if Jose had been here at the start of our season, we would have won at least 3 out of 7 of the trophies we played, those are the standards that have been set here at chelsea football dont embrace mediocrity, a situation the SB faithful have had to endure this season...I suggest we bust our balls trying to get him and If we cant get Jose for whatever reason i suggest we go and get CONTE at all costs, imo no one else will do...
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18/04/2013 17:41:00

Pellegrini for me is the way to go....Enough of all this mourinho nonsense even though I won't complain if he comes...mourinho's not the only good coach in world football..
Report Abuse
18/04/2013 17:51:00

What, you think they only talk to one candidate @Mq? Sweet, but terribly naive!
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18/04/2013 18:10:00

Does mourinho actually pay that guy 10k to say this?
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18/04/2013 18:21:00

Haha... it's going to be a long drama till the new manager is finally announced... Waiting patiently.... any good coach will be ok, Mourinho isn't the only name on that list....
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18/04/2013 18:35:00

Mourinho or heyneckes for me no one else will last longer than 6 months!!!!!
Chelsea ken
Report Abuse
18/04/2013 18:43:00

Pellegrini is MQ's new Pep G.We are already going mad with these Mourinho rumours.I wonder how Merlin and all the CFC fans including me will react the day he is re-appointed.KAKU,GabeU,Desmond,Nely,Radio,Saber,Keyser,etc.I can't wait to see the reactions.And the atmosphere at the Bridge when Jose will be at the hotseat in his first game will be the best in my opinion.
Report Abuse
18/04/2013 19:58:00

@CFC250...the only thing for me worth imagining is what MQ and similarly minded people on this site would do if Jose does get appointed. It is one thing to have preferences for some other persons..i have no problem with that but people need to go into the archives and read the terminology MQ in particular has used to describe people like RDM and who are part and parcel of the fabric and history of our great club and who have substantive records of success and achievement for our club. This guy has used language of the most vulgar and gutter level variety that is not just unprintable in civil discourse but shouldnt be used at all in civil discourse to abuse these men and on the other hand gone out of his way to elevate to deity level people like AVB, Pep and now recently Rafa who by comparison have either contributed little or in the case of Pep absolutely nothing to the ethos and history of Chelsea FC.. I seriously dont consider people with that kind of mind set and rabid lack of basic decency, respect or objectivety fans of this club. Whatever else they may be they really are not fans. If Jose's appointment causes someone like MQ to take a long overdue pilgrimage to some other discussions sites and leave this place and other Chelsea discussion fora to have healthy, vigorous and spirited but civil discussion then his appointment will be worth it just for that. I personally still have my doubts that Roman will appoint him. I will be happy if he does come but if not i would just like an appointment of a manager who has the requisite experience, ability and gravitas to command respect from the players, the board and Roman. That is what is required to get results and stay at the job for any length of time at chelsea FC. There are not many coaches who fit the bill and may actually be willing to come; in my mind this includes Hiddink, Capello, Jose and maybe Moyes or Heynckes. Beyond that zilch. Klopp isnt coming , no point discussing him and neither is Conte. Pellegrini is a less experienced and less accomplished version of Ancelloti and will meet the same fate here..namely a sack within a year..all the other names like Bielsa and Simeone would end up the same way..sacked in under a year because of the pressure for instant success and the lack of a past history of top level success under less trying circumstances..i am a realist not a romantic..i just call it as it is.
Report Abuse
18/04/2013 21:40:00

Brilliantly said gabeu if mou comes back and wins prem can't wait to see what @mq and foreign viewer say haha
Chelsea ken
Report Abuse
18/04/2013 22:28:00

Perhaps you missed my comment in another article so I'll reiterate GABEU....I couldn't care-less if Jose returned, as long as we play good football, stay competitive & win titles whilst developing our very promising academy graduates.
Report Abuse
19/04/2013 07:09:00

The reason I have reservations about Jose is that, while he's a winner, he doesn't develop players and his football is garbage especially if he handles the transfers. @ Madrid he found a set of players already there so he had to make do with that, but in the 1st season he already wanted to sell Benzema & Higuain for Adebayor, were it not for Perez refusing God only knows what football Madrid would be playing now. It's natural to Jose that when he has to buy players he buys physical defensive-first players, look at the players he has bought post-Valdano (when he has taken total control) the only "attacking" player is Modric, who is actually a counter attack specialist like Alonso. Jose's ruined Sahin, who was promising before he joined Madrid, and this season he was on a mission to ruin Ozil too (remember Ramos wearing Ozilk's Shirt under his own) Jose is not the best Manager in the world, and he's not the only Manager to bring success to Chelsea.
Report Abuse
19/04/2013 07:10:00

AGAIN I'll reiterate GABEU....I couldn't care-less if Jose returned, as long as we play good football, stay competitive & win titles whilst developing our very promising academy graduates.........get that into your thick skulls :)
Report Abuse
19/04/2013 07:11:00

GabeUs comment is typical of the bigotry we have come to see on this site. Bigotry comes in different forms whether its religious (if you don't accept god you are damned) or secular (if there was absolutely no religion in this world humanity would be better for it) in this case its football tribalism (either you are with us or against us). No middle ground whatsoever. Unfortunately Gabe we can't just fit into nice little categories such as "either" or "or". Life isn't that clear cut. I don't recall @Mq using " vulgar & gutter language" The only thing "vulgar" is probably the non compliance to the Mourinho worship going on here. What irks people about @Mq (& others me included) is his refusal to comply to certain memes (CFC cannot exist without Jose Mourinho) & that folks is his choice. Yes Jose was a pivotal part of CFC history. He ended our 50 year drought & brought glory & envy much to the chagrin of the "powerhouses" of world football and made us one of the most formidable teams in modern football history to which we will always be greatfull and yet there is no guarantee that he will be successful in our future. @Mqs argument is that though Jose may be successful, his methods come at an unsustainable price, the breaking up of this current squad to accommodate the mega purchase of technically deficient, hard tackling athletes, which is a valid point. My worries are when you consider the fact that he is unable to retain the success he had last season with the players he has at Madrid (ie the noted decline this season in the Spanish league) one would wonder what will happen to him when he arrives to meet the current crop who are of a similar make. Jose is not the "be all and end all" of football as some people would like to believe. Other managers exist.
Report Abuse
19/04/2013 09:03:00

the philosophical VC idiot getting all worked up LoL! loving this :)
Report Abuse
19/04/2013 09:07:00

You have no concept of what Bigotry means is a serious accusation and when baseless is tantamount to careful with your words young one. Vulgarity though, is a much simpler concept and easier to prove, as in the case of @Mq in the time of RDM one needs to just look up conversations during the tenure of man who had just won us the UCL and FA Cup, calling a man who gave us our first Major trophy in eons with a strike of his foot an imbecile is vulgar to me...
Report Abuse
19/04/2013 10:09:00

well said Gabeu... I for one have supported mq's right to have differing views on this site and defended him when he was turned into a punching bag by the majority of folks on this site - but i always made it clear that on the whole i didnt agree with his views, i just supported his right to freedom of expression and speech... I have increasingly found with his articles that he clearly has issues on so many fronts, the least of which is "vulgarity"...In my opinion, i dont believe he means most of the things that he says on here (how could anyone?? i mean really??) - so i tend to classify him as someone seriously needing in attention for whatever reasons, not even going to delve into that - perhaps anyone that knows him should hug him and keep telling him that he is the best...but please traykidd dont for one second try to support the rationality of the young man's posts (because there is none), maybe you should go into the archives and read some of his posts, they generally lack clarity of thought, wisdom, reasonableness & conviction (this mourinho issue is just the latest of his attempts to stand out, he seeks controversy and will do/say anything to get it. which is why i think he is good for the site because he will always get reactions, just dont get caught in believing that his posts are genuine because they aren't
Report Abuse
19/04/2013 10:38:00

@JohnnyOz though @Mq can be a bit of a wind up artist occasionally, however he does have some VALID POINTS like it or not. @Gian-Franco/Luca I directed most of my premises towards Jose not RDM. After all the title of this article is "Mourinho Is Coming!" is it not? As for bigotry, please enlighten me oh wise one on the definition of it?
Report Abuse
19/04/2013 11:45:00

@MQ in relation to your concerns about Jose not developing young talent. I distinctly remember Jose commenting on our youth at the time in 2005. Its not good enough he said. Hopefully 1 or 2 might be 2nd time around, we will see.
Report Abuse
19/04/2013 12:19:00

Since Jose joined Chelsea up to now BLUEHEART how many of the clubs he has managed developed a youth player coming from their academy??
Report Abuse
19/04/2013 12:37:00

If Jose is coming, surely Roman by now must understand, how successfull he is likely to be 2nd time around. The danger of course, is what happens 2 or 3 years along the line, if and when Jose ups sticks and moves on again and the damage that will cause. By simply offering Jose a 3 year contract and hoping for the best, seems very naive. Surely the carrot of Jose being offered a part of the club, or a place on our board, being involved in the planning and direction of the long term structure of our club, might be a prudent method of ensuring that he is tied into the club for the long term. The club want stability and continual success and Jose could supply that, but only if structured correctly. If that is truly what Roman wants too, then maybe Roman has to offer a little more than simply money. Any good business man would assess the potential return, both on and off the pitch.
Report Abuse
19/04/2013 12:38:00

@MQ I can`t answer that. I know my club and its strenghts and weaknesses. I sincerely believe that all football fans would ideally want the majority of players to have come through their own youth team set ups. And I am no different. But over the last 8 years Chelsea have been in the best 10 clubs in European football and that I suppose that is where the problem lies. Managers and clubs are under immense pressure to perform both on the pitch and on the income stakes off it. In the majority of times, especially if a manager knows that he is only passing through. Unfortunately results become more important than young player development. The level and certainty of a young players ability has to almost be guaranteed, before a manager will take a chance. I suppose this is something that we have to accept unfortunately. Ultimately if a player is good enough, he will get in.
Report Abuse
19/04/2013 13:09:00

@MQ I can`t answer that. I know my club and its strenghts and weaknesses. I sincerely believe that all football fans would ideally want the majority of players to have come through their own youth team set ups. And I am no different. But over the last 8 years Chelsea have been in the best 10 clubs in European football and that I suppose that is where the problem lies. Managers and clubs are under immense pressure to perform both on the pitch and on the income stakes off it. In the majority of times, especially if a manager knows that he is only passing through. Unfortunately results become more important than young player development. The level and certainty of a young players ability has to almost be guaranteed, before a manager will take a chance. I suppose this is something that we have to accept unfortunately. Ultimately if a player is good enough, he will get in.
Report Abuse
19/04/2013 13:09:00

Jose's a glory-hunter BLUEHEART he only seeks glory at the expense of sustainability so that won't work. Besides, why should we give him ownership like he's the only Manager available??
Report Abuse
19/04/2013 13:10:00

.....Unfortunately results become more important than young player are Barca still developing the likes of Tello & Cuenca then whilst staying competitive?? How is Dortmund ensuring they stay competitive too?? Hell even ManUre, who develop 1 or 2 players lately, are still competitive without spending the humongous monies Jose spends BLUEHEART??
Report Abuse
19/04/2013 13:13:00

Jose is a glory hunter. But he delivers. Roman throwing money at every situation does not guarantee a delivery. Jose will. No manager stays for years like Ferguson or Wenger anymore. Once they retire ManU and Arsenal will be in the same place as Chelsea and all the others. Roman somehow has to find a way to maximise the stability and longevity of success, he hasn`t been able to find that so far, so maybe another approach might be the way to make it happen. Unfortunately you and I know that this will never happen, because Roman simply wants control, regardless of the consequences. As for young Barca players, they are a club that have been following a certain path for 15 years and is playing in a 6 club league, with only 2 possible championship winners year on year. Barca can carry 2 young players each week if they wished against most teams. Xavi, Iniesta and Messi are outstanding world class players, which are simply the cherries on the cake, when they are finished we will see wher Barcelona are then. Dortmund have not been a top 10 European club for 8 years and their pressures and expectations are very different, any club can suddenly have a fantastic crop at one time, before another has exactly the same. Show me any club that has churned out world class players year after year. Where are Ajax now, it wasn`t too long ago that they were heralded as the greatest youth team developers in world football.
Report Abuse
19/04/2013 13:29:00

Players develop when they play alongside world class opponents, that's why every "prospect" is encouraged to move to a bigger club. The environment influences development, and that's what Barca's been able to do since the Rijkaard days till now, and I'm sure although they won't have a Messi in future the academy will produce talent regardless, cause in point is Romeu....Dortmund are a unique case undoubtedly but that they've attained success spending less than Bayern is proof it can be done. ManUre, over the years, has spent less and still remained competitive, proving it can be done without spending exorbitantly. You just need a Manager with the desire to make it work. No1 say's don't sign players, but spending 100Mil every season (or 2nd season) is ridiculous
Report Abuse
19/04/2013 14:02:00

@traykidd so you are now calling me a bigot. I wont even is not worth my while. If you read carefully what i wrote you would realize that i have no problem with anyone who does not want Jose to return..i certainly do not have a problem with your views on the matter. As a quick example of what amounts to vulgar language which you apparently have never noticed the person in question use just go back to the recent article "Jose..another offer" and read the said persons comments then come back and tell me that this kind of statement is what passes for civil discussion or even disagreement. People can disagree without being disagreeable. It is one thing to have different opinions which i absolutely have nothing against and which is the bastion of free is another thing entirely to have an agenda and essentially be more interested in just riling people up rather than having civil debate. Despite this again if you read what i have said carefully you will see clearly that i have no where suggested censorship as a solution. I dont believe in that. I am an adult and when i encounter someone who doesnt behave like and adult i simply dont interact with them as much as i have control. There is a British proverb that cautions engaging in arguments with a fool lest impartial observers seeing the two of you become incapable of distinguishing who the fool is. That is my policy..when it is clear someone is not interested in adult mature discussion i leave them to continue their ranting unilaterally. If you cant appreciate the difference i am sorry i cannot help you with that. There are many people here who dont want Jose back and i have absolutely nothing against them for that view...there are many who had their reservations regarding RDM and i have absolutely nothing against them either. You can go back in the archives and check it out if you have the time..i myself stated my concerns regarding RDM while appreciating his strengths and the same for Jose, Carlo and others. Left to me if we were in an ideal world my first choice for our next coach would not be Jose it would be someone we will not and cannot get namely Jurgen Klopp but i am a realist and know what sort of board and what sort of owner we have. Anyway to all his own.
Report Abuse
19/04/2013 14:56:00

I think most of our recent purchases wouldn't be part of Jose's plan, if he is to come. I just can't imagine Jose managing a physically inferior team in the premier league.
Report Abuse
19/04/2013 15:11:00

this is what you said on this very article before I insulted you back GABEU don't tell me you developing amnesia. I know an insult when I see 1 and you throw a punch, I throw a punch, clap and kick back :)
Report Abuse
19/04/2013 15:32:00

.....I seriously dont consider people with that kind of mind set and rabid lack of basic decency, respect or objectivety fans of this club....*ahem*
Report Abuse
19/04/2013 15:32:00

cant we be civil over here and avoid all these foul languages??? @Mq please
Report Abuse
19/04/2013 17:22:00

@zosBlue absolutely mate, it is fne to have nice football, but if you just get rolled over everytime you play a more physical side, its all a waste of time. Barcelona would struggle to be a top 4 side if they played in the Premier League and were forced to play near on 70 games a season.
Report Abuse
19/04/2013 17:50:00

The "Stoke on a cold wet monday night" brigade who believe football needs only power should get a clue.
Report Abuse
19/04/2013 21:22:00

@MQ if Barcelna have been so successful since Rijkaard days, why have they not proved to be the best team in Europe over the last 9 years, by winning the Champions League 9 times ? Tippy tappy football has its limitations. I think Bayern will prove too strong for them over the next two weeks, great football sides are made up by a mixture of strengths, Barca play one way only and can`t change it, which is ultimately their downfall time after time, . . we shall see.
Report Abuse
20/04/2013 14:16:00


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