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Rooney Deal Being Lined Up?

With Manchester United contemplating the way ahead without Sir Alex Ferguson, another bombshell has hit the 2012/2013 Premier League Champions.

It transpires that Wayne Rooney handed in a transfer request some two weeks ago expressing a desire to make a fresh start somewhere else.

Now Rooney has form for this kind of thing having done it before and ending up with an improved contract.

However, the vibes within Old Trafford this time; indicate that the club may be willing to part with their asset.

Yesterday, rumours were linking Rooney with a move to the Bundesliga giants, Bayern Munich, but this morning there is the intimation, in one tabloid, Chelsea re preparing to hijack any said move by offering Manchester united £30 million for the player.

Furthermore, it also goes on to suggest that with the backing of Roman Abramovich, talks have already begun between Chelsea, United and Rooney`s advisors about bringing the player to London.

Now, here in the Vital Chelsea editorial chair, I`ve two veins of thought about this.

The first is the worrying concern that we could be landed with another 'white elephant` with recent performances, from Rooney, offering nothing but the suggestion that he is a fading force.

The second infers that it could be just the move Rooney desires, a fresh start, a fresh challenge and a chance to show that he does still have what it takes at the top level.

I`d certainly be interested to hear your thoughts on the possibility of the player being a summer capture for our football club!

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The Journalist

Writer: Merlin Mail feedback, articles or suggestions

Date:Thursday May 9 2013

Time: 4:34PM

Your Comments

hopefully not. he seems to have burned out (like owen did). id rather spend that 25m on lewandowski
God Forbid that this happens (even our board are not that stupid)...these agents just use the chelsea name to raise interest in their player...surely we cant buy every single player that is available for a move this summer....IMO Wayne the Shrek peaked at Euro 2004 :) Sorry but i dont rate him as highly as most people do...he is a good rather than average player (at best) for me...Let him go to Citeh or PSG or wherever tbh...I couldnt care less where he goes as long as its not SW6
Although I'm skeptical, perhaps Rooney does need a fresh start and with the right motivation he could be a beast
Not the best for me
Rooney has never been an average player..up until 2yrs ago he was world class, he is on downward spiral at the moment..if this opportunity had arosed 3 or 4yrs ago it would have been better..i would rather sign lewandoski for 25mil he is cheaper and younger whereas rooney has peaked already.
No thanks but he is better then the options we have in attack. I would rather we go for Falcao.
He will sell shirts though!.
I am somewhere in the middle on this. The next manager might have a role to play in this. Anyways he is better than Torres. But no striker since Didier was signed has been successful at chelsea except Anelka to an extent.
Permit me to extract from my comment somewhere else about this> I will say yes to rooney with if this conditions are or can be met: Wayne is are very good player. His versatility , goal sense and work rate is something i admire and respect and i believe he is the type of striker we need to complete our strking department. Liverwire striker. His ability to play deep wll complement mazcacar most effectively than any of Falcao, Cavani, Lewandoski etc Just imagine him swapping roles with mazacar…. However the conditions for this deal are: 1. We sell torres or dash him out ( whichever comes first) and replace him with rooney who i believe will make a better impact. 2. Drastic reduction of salary lower than or at most on the same level as the departed torres. 3. Penalty clauses in contract for club night rule violation and weight gain. lets say the truth, Rooney is a fantastic player far better than torres curently and EPL proven. NO SENSE in bringing in Falcao for 50m, Cavani for 60mm when we can get Wayne for 25m. the cost of either will pay for wayne on a 2 year contract. Makes far better sense.
Better alternatives than Rooney out there. Risk is too much and smells like Deja Vu again (not saying he will flop). Going to be 28 soon. Injured like 3 seasons in a row. Will command significant financial resources in terms of transfer fees and salary. Not consistent enough. Similar risk profile to Falcao, but I will talk Falcao ahead of him any day (4 back to back seasons of 30+ goals) and stronger mentally than Rooney. Risk is a bit high for us to do this deal. i seriously hope we pass. Lewando won't cost as much. hasn't hit his peak yet and has carried Dortmund to a domestic league and UCL on his own.
Not to put into context the money in endorsements, shirt sales etc that will come into our coffers. Torres was reported to have made more than half of his cost in shirt sales. Sell and give Rooney the no 9. besides he is english but more so Rooney is a very good finisher. But it looks more a stunt to get more money (lol) or he is off for some french sunshine. Fergie would have a heart attack if Rooney ever puts on a chelsea shirt.
Where are the whiners who kept crying that Jose will go to manure??
I've been saying this for yonks - the only way is Roberto Lewandowski....feck Radamel and his over priced tag! Let him go to Citeh, in fact apart from Lewa (Striker), one of Gundogan/Bender/Wanyama (DM), one of Isco/Modric (CM) and a good defender all the players for sale this window can go to Man*****ty :)...leave us out of it! Bring back the lad De Bruyne...kick out Porres...release Malouda & Benayoun, Ferreira & get a good fee for Mikel perhaps (not sure on this yet) and we're all set to rule the roost next season...Lets GO!
SIGN HIM UP !!....... what fading force ???...... Torres was always a finisher.... he never could turn around a game without the help of Gerrard............. what "white elephant" ??...... ROONEY IS A SLEEPING BEAST..... he can take quality free-kicks (Torres couldn't).... he can create chances...... he can make quality passes (his pass to RVP against Villa which made their "goal of the century" is not that far away, just a couple of weeks ago)............ his body strength and shot power............. I'm telling you he is no Torres....... his game isn't dependent on his pace (which can fade away, like Torres' case), he isn't dependent on a certain formation (again, Torres was always a lone striker in Liverpool, and he needed Gerrard and co to create for him in certain ways).............. Rooney won't flop... even if he couldn't score goals, the manager always can play him in a deeper role knowing that he's a good play-maker.......... SIGN HIM UP
The Persian
He may only needs a motivation which I believe Jose can give him that...... god please, could this be true ??
The Persian
however I'm not saying he's enough....... we have to get Lewandowski/Falcao anyway....... Rooney can be a very useful utility player.......
The Persian
@chuks09 they are calling Jose a man U reject now. They find something negative to say about Jose in everything
Not really the case Dwonder. EPL proven is a farce. Torres was EPL proven and flopped. As a matter of fact, Chelsea has had more successful players from the Portuguese Liga and La Liga for the squad than EPL to EPL transfers. Except Lampard, Cole and Anelka, don't think anyone else has been that successful hence EPL proven mantra is not the complete truth. Torres and the Liverpool (EPL proven) recruits are all flops; Moses hasn't really done well in a Chelsea shirt in the EPL (EPL proven), but still has time, Demba Ba (3rd highest goal scorer before joining Chelsea - EPL proven) not doing well. Our core base of players right now (Mata, Hazard, Ramires, Luiz, Oscar) are from the Portuguese Liga and La Liga. Prior to them, we had Carvalho, Ferraira, and Deco all do well for us. Belleti was ok from La Liga. Outside of Chelsea, the La Liga boys are dominating their teams - Michu and Hernandez with Swansea, Yaya, Silva, and Aguero with Man City. Falcao has done well in both the La Liga and the Portuguese Liga. We also can't get Rooney for 25mm pounds and NEITHER WILL HE TAKE A PAY CUT (Don't know why people keep suggesting such as a condition for transfer when they hasn't been any recent big move of a player accepting a pay cut). Even if he costs, 25mm pounds, his salary is 250,000 a week (or 15.61mm per year according to wikipedia). Over 5 years, that is 78mm pounds in salary alone plus the transfer fees of 25mm making him a 103mm pounds investment. Even if Falcao and Cavani are bought for 50mm or 60mm respectively each, I don't see them being more expensive than Rooney. Their salaries definitely cannot be more than 10mm pounds per year so they are still cheaper than Rooney. However, Falcao and Cavani has scored 30+ per season over the last season while Rooney has not and has been continously injured and inconsistent. The EPL proven is just a regular statement made, but in reality NOT a proven case of success in a club. Whatever the case maybe, Lewandowski is still the safer bet than any of these 3 given the amount of investment required. He is cheaper, younger and has demonstrated his goal scoring abilities with back to back 30+ goals a season (29 this season). He also wouldn't command a high salary and has played with the likes of Mario Goetze and Marko Reus who are in the class of Mazacar.
Moyes going to Utd... Looks like any possible deals for Fallani or Baines to chelsea is off now!
My choice would be Lewandowski and Rooney.... can you imagine their transfer fees combined is 50m ?? as much as Falcao ?? it's a fantastic deal, even financially.................. He always had respect for Chelsea... he's a good friend of JT... he has a strong mentally and have such a hunger for the game...... there are still records for him to break... plus, England can't afford to let him join a club like PSG or Man City...... he would be better in Chelsea and I know England national team would also benefit from that....... 2014 WC is not far away and Rooney still is the only world-class attacker in that team.........
The Persian
news coming in we have triggered arda turans release clause!!
my sentiments exactly Ess Da Bison... thanks Kaku for the analysis
Are people freaking forgetting that a player comes with a salary as well and not just the transfer fees? Rooney's salary is triple that of Cavani and Falcao made last year. Rooney made 15.6mm pounds (18mm Euros) last year!!!! Cavani made 4.5mm Euros in 2012. Even if Cavani's salary is doubled in his next club, he will make 9mm Euros. Falcao is rumored to demand €8million a year whereever he goes after Atletico Madrid. Even if Cavani and Falcao's salaries are doubled at their next club, Wayne Rooney's salary last year is still DOUBLE what Falcao and Cavani will earn in their new clubs. Lastly, if Rooney moves, he WILL DEFINITELY be making more than that 15.6mm pounds (18mm Euros) he made last year......Do people expect the tooth fairy to pay his salary??????
Arda Turan really??? Where would he play? He is a No 10 playmaker through and through, with superb work rate. But where would he play in our team?
The people claiming he is average and would have no part to play are insane. He's a world class player at his best and he can play a variety of roles in a side. That said, it's incredibly hard to imagine Man Utd. selling him to us unless it's for a ludicrous Torres-esque sum. If they sell him it'll be abroad and even then I'm skeptical he goes at all. Lewandowski should be our #1 target since Dortmund should be feeling the same and wanting to get him out of Bundesliga rather than sending him to Munich.
getting any big names is a big investment... if we invest big, and win big trophies like the league title or CL , then we won't have financial problems....... look at Manure when they bought RVP... he was 29 and in seasons before, he was injured many times..... they bought him for 25m and on 220,000 a week salary.......... now THAT WAS A BIG GAMBLE !......... I'm just saying that we don't need to look back at Torres and Shevchenko every time we want to make big signings...... we made mistakes with buying Shevchenko and Torres (which were Roman's choices)..... we failed in our investments and our fans are clearly scared of failing in our investments again... but that's not how you win big things....... you have to take risks to be successful...... firstly, the purchase has to be the manager's wish... if Jose wants Rooney that much, then get him !.............. and if we don't want to risk this much, then give the youth a chance and wait at least 4-5 years (maybe without a trophy), and if you're very lucky and patient and wise enough, you may build a BVB out of them..........
The Persian
I feel rooney is playin the same trick he played few seasons ago to get himself a mega much payrise could he possibly want this time??
Rooney,if available,paired with a Mourinho return would mean that the PL title returns to the bridge.His goalscoring record over the past two years is greatly misleading,as he hasn't been Manure's target man,but rather the facilitator,the man who supplies the CF with enough assistance to become a top scorer.He is just what Chelsea needs,a forward who can equally well score goals and return to the center of the pitch and distribute the ball to a teammate.He has no notable weaknesses exept for his discipline,which at times bounds with stupidity,but otherwise he is aggresive,pacey,with excellent ball control,extraordinary vision,possesses amazingly good heading ability for his 5' 10'' of height and most importantly he is a tireless worker,team player with stunning work rate .He is the type of player that will hit it off with the service of Mazacar and he might even bring the best of Torres if they are played together,because he is firstly an unselfish player and secondly a huge threat himself,thus shifting attention away from Nando.He also is a very tough guy with unshakale mentality and he is a match winner. I greatly appreciate Lewandowski,but we cannot have 4 target man and no one to link the play,so if I had the choise between the two of them,I would pick Rooney 11 times out of 10.
wait Arda Turan can play right winger too, quite well actually. But we are already looking at Schurrle. SO not sure........
@syed: You answered your question, as you said Arda is no 10 with high work rate and as I mentioned in another thread that rumour has it Mourinho does not RATE Mata so Arda will put Mata on the bench or Mata will be sold in a year or 2.
KAKU - according to those rumours, Falcao wants a 200,000 per week salary........ Rooney's is 250,000 per week......... which makes them 12m and 10m a year respectively....... yeah Rooney makes more money because he probably has more sponsors..... and he gets more salary because he's English and has more shirt sales............
The Persian
Its not about his ability for me. He will work very perfectly in our team,link up play perfectly and with something to prove,he could be a beast in the final third. We could get Lewa and have them battle for it and we could play them both as Rooney can drop deep and still have a great game but he is way too expensive. He cant sell shirts like Torres. Lets be honest,English players dont really sell shirts that much except Becks but then,Beckham is a brand. Likeable and all. Rooney looks like Shrek. Ok,only joking. But he is just too expensive. I think Roman wants to buy him as he missed out on him years ago after Kenyon advised him not to splash that much on an 18year old. It really caused a rift between them and perhaps Roman sees this as a way to still get him?? Right player,Wrong time Roman. Get Lewa and someone else.
But then,im not a marketing analyst and perhaps Rooney can sell shirts in new markets...who knows.
lol @KAKU tooth fairy.--------------------------------Roman will be stupid to get an old shrek who was responsible for us scoring the goal at ManU. Fergie wanted to get rid of Roony that is why he was mostly on the bench or bit part player as they can see in the training his is not that good anymore, they will make us pay 30 to 35m and buy a young quality player whose better years are ahead him, Rooney is going the Torres route. If UGLY shrek joins Chelsea than I will not watch any game he plays in. I hate this ugly ManUre shrek.
Turan played at right wing at Galatasaray for 6 seasons..........
The Persian
@B2K420 -- That's a bit worrying if true. Mata has been the best thing to happen to Chelsea in a long time!!
@B2K420== Sneider doesnt work hard at all and he was a starter in the inter team. Dont believe every snippet from the rumour mill. Mata isnt getting benched. Mou will see his quality and improve him. He isnt just coming here with loads of money to overhaul the team. Mazacar is the way forward,Mou's mandate is to make it work and make Lampards and Drogbas out of this team!
Mou isnt a stupid man. The man is a genius and follows Chelsea very well.He knows Mata makes the team tick and Hazard and Oscar are here to stay. Emenalo is staying in his role and that shows that Roman is sticking to his guns regarding transfers. We are not spending a 100million people so its take it or leave it time. Roman is a proud billionaire and wont be bundled around by requests. He has a vision and its getting clearer season after season. To even think he is coming to force Mata out of the club is ridiculous!!!!! Dont be surprised if Mata bulks up and increases his work rate.(A work rate which is already very impressive if you ask me) How many matches has he played this season??
Not seen any rumor about Falcao looking for 200k a week. Even if he demands it, he won't get it because of where he is at the moment. He is only going to get there gradually. With Rooney being on 250k, a new move must also come with significant salary increase which will still put far higher than Falcao and still be more expensive.
@syed: I am worried too as without Mata we become total sheit, we can't play, the ball keeps going to the opposition as we can create anything. Lets be honest Mata can't tackle or maybe Arda is overall a better player in Mourinho's eyes only time will tell, our team is still not balanced, you watch BM or BVB their front 3/4 defend like HELL, did you notice Mata's defending against Spurs,------------------------------------------------@3nity: You have a point, I think Mourinho will only allow 1 Sneijder/Mata type player in his first 11 who doesn't need to defend/track back that much i.e. his job is only to create. LAMPARD: Mourinho is forcing Roman to give him a new contract.-------------------------------------------------------------We should not pay Real Madrid any compensation, We paid Mourinho compensation when he left us, he can make BIG nuisance of himself and then Real Madrid will have no choice but to SACK him.---------------------------------------------------------------------I have already given up of Fellaini/Baines. ----------------------------------------------------I wanted Mikel to come on yesterday maybe he would have been able to slow the game down in the 2nd half.
I am surprised to see people still mention Rooney's stunning work rate. You can give him other skills, but LAZY LAZY LAZY he has been lately hence Why Fergie benched him against Real Madrid in the 2nd leg at Old Trafford and went with Welbeck instead. Also the same case for a lot of matches in the Euros. As has been said elsewhere, motivation is also an issue. Hopefully we won't use this selling shirts story anymore. The same shirt story was used for Torres, BUT GOSH, he is ***** and no amount of shirts sales can remedy what Torres has done to Chelsea. I also don't understand why people are saying get Rooney and lewandowski. What will happen to Ba, Torres and Lukaku??????
@3nity totally agree
Kaku,he does want 200k a week. Its been widely reported. Rooney will be looking to be the highest earner in the country plus other incentives such as goal bonuses,appearance bonuses,this and that. But then,Roman spends millions of pounds per annum just to run ECCLIPSE......perhaps this money is nothing to him.
Another scouser coming our way? we have been so lucky with them lately and they re all worth the trouble, money well spent, no?
Jose Mourinho said before he would love to sign Wayne Rooney if he became available as he is his type of player and he likes how he plays. Plus i can just imagine a team line up of Rooney with Hazard,Mata,Oscar behind him! wow that would be enough to scare any team in world football! Rooney is technically very sound and his finishing is very very good and we all know if he is played in his preferred position as the main out and out striker he will bang in a serious amount of goals! this guy is a predator! Plus he is a bruiser and defends from the front and is prone to losing his temper which i love in a player. Hated him for years and years,but thats because he is total class and plays for Manchester Utd. Ashley Cole his is best friend in football also and once said on Piers Morgans life stories show that "he would take a bullet for cole" strong bond there. plus him and JT were having a nice chat on the touchline warming up during the utd v cfc game the other night even smiling with each other. Do they know something already? mmm
yeah i also heard that clubs signing falcaos and cavanis will.have to stump.up.a very high salary since it is going to be their last chance to.sign a big contract. and to be frank, they will force club to pay them that much because their gents definately not fools. they know whats the rate of inform striker at his peak
ChampionBlue give United that 30mm and learn how to be prudent in transfer dealings, I know they been following Lewandowski for a while. Well I'm not surprised about this rumor the prodigal manager is coming back home?
Rooney 27, £25m 250k a week Cavani 26, £50m 200k a week Falcao 27, £45m 200k a week Lewandowski 24, £25m 100-150k a week The best ST is falcao but Lewandowski is the best in terms of value. No point in arguing over who costs more. As Lewandowski is younger, cheaper and has the lowest wage demand.
jose could turn him round id give it ago sell torres and use the money on him then wouldnt be a bad deal
About our current ST: Lukaku- loan-no point in keeping him if hes gonna be 3rd choice. Ba-keep as 2nd choice Torres-sell to whoever fkin takes him. Anzi were apparently interested could get 20m out of him. And he'll take 175k a week off our wage bill
If Jose has that midas touch to turn Rooney into the old Rooney, why not Torres? at least that would save the club some millions in transfer fees, just asking.
If you think about it selling torres for 20m will pretty much payoff the Lewandowski deal.
Torres isn't off form. Hes lost both his footballing mind and ability. Also Jose couldn't fit in crespo who was one of the best ST the planets seen in the last decade.
also doubling th currnt wages ain't a trick now because of these agents. van persie would gave been on 150k week if his salary would have been ONLY doubled. because his 70-80 k a week contract was given to him when he was good but always injured player. he has now almost triplled his salary at 220k a week that too at the age of 29 with 4 year contrct and 2.5 million loyalty bonus after complition of every season. so 10 milion spread over 4 year span in addition to that salary. virtually a five yar deal of that salary. this is the case. and falcao ha been chasing thi sort of salary. a 250k-a-week contract. thats why i have heard of late that w hve dropped his pursuit because he is too expensive. so if mourinho really want rooney, then we should give him rooney. one thing we can do is we can give him 250k a week but incentivisely. that will be better. but in financial and attributewise, i think lewandowski represent the best case.
I am sure Roman/Emenalo/Buck/Gourlay will have a budget for this summer inclusive of manager,new players and their wages. Plus Ferreira, Turnbull, Hilario, Malouda, Benayoun and Lampard are all out of contract. Only Lamps has a 50-50 chance of getting a renewal, rest will be gone. And also a player could be sold like Meireles last summer.
Still young, outstanding and hungry player!!!
Apparently he has agreed a deal with AS Monaco and they have agreed to pay his release clause
btw jose was quite emphatic in his rejection of shrekie in 2004 when everton were about to sell him to manure. he absolutely was NOT interested at a time when we were buying players for the sake of it.
Why would Falcao go to Monaco? I never expected him to be the kind to move for money. This is good news for 2 reasons. 1) we will now get Lewandowski. 2) AM will need a new ST... Torres for 20m
Monaco are going to make a lot of noise this summer. But the fact of the matter is no matter how much money they throw around, they are still a promoted side and won't be winning titles straight away or getting into Champions league. Only the ones desperate for money willbe going there.
I don't see Torres going anywhere. He has stated he wants to stay. Plus he was in the new addidas kit ad for 2013-14 season.
Latest exclusive news in daily mail------------- says Lewandowski going to Bayern, which was his personal preference all along.
To me it feels that Rooney is past his prime...
ve u forgotten HULK's story?
Every time Rooney walks passed Greggs he puts on 7 LBs. And every summer he gets caught drinking & smoking never mind his preference for grannies! He's a good player but the salary package just doesn't make sense to me.
Rooney would be a good player but wage is too high IMO , rather go for someone like Lewa for around(taking a guess) 120k a week?
Rooney needs to be fitter. He doesn't look like an athlete.
KAKUfrank - believe me, him asking 200k a week was all over the rumours...... some sites wrote that the fee is about 46m pounds, some said it's 50m... but the salary was always the same...... Cavani too asked for 200k a week (according to the rumours)......... even a 23 year old Aguero signed for 220k pounds a week (he was at 110k euros in Athletico) , so don't be surprised if Falcao gets the same amount.....
The Persian
For all it is worth let me put in my 2 cents. Before we got torres i warned anyone who would listen that it was a bad choice and we would regret it..and we have. Wayne Rooney is not the sort of player we should be going for. This will end badly for us if this deal is consumated. Once again if it turns out to be true Bayern are the wiser appears after all the hue and cry that Lewandowski is headed to them..that team will be a monster next season and Pep will literally be eating caviar while they rule the Bundesliga and Europe. For us to lose out on Falcao (who i hear is headed to Monaco) and lose out on Cavani (who appears to be a lock for City) and then also Lose out on Lewandowski (seems set for Bayern as i always said) and make Rooney our big striker signing is a major anticlimax. Also i am not sure how much Jose has to do with this..There is a reason Rooney has been on the bench so much recently at ManU and those who have been so concerned about our club image..stay tuned because all the extra curriculars of Wayne that have been hidden away thus far because he is a ManU player will become front page material if an when he is brought to Chelsea. This is a move which if we complete we will regret..remember i said it here...i concur with like minded persons on this thread who have said we need to seek our striker upgrade elsewhere.
KAKU - I admit I forgot about Lukaku, that's why I insisted so much on buying Rooney...... but lets face it even if we get only Lewa or Falcao, Lukaku won't be getting game time as much as he wants....... Lukaku wants to play week in week out.....but with Ba and another top striker ahead of him, he would ask to be loaned out anyway....... my suggestion is this : Sell Torres and Buy Lewandowski............... loan Lukaku, and after one season, cash in on Demba and bring Lukaku back.......
The Persian
Cavani,Falcao and Rooney are strikers and they get paid the most in football. If rooney could armtwist Man utd into paying him 250k a week a year ago,what do you think we will be required to pay a falcao or a cavani? Lewa is the only one we can get and you lot should stop thinking of 120k. His agent isnt stupid. Starting negotiations will be around 200k. Football is becoming something else. The agents are ruining everything. Mendes and Kia Jorabchian claim they arent agents but advisers. Lmao. They are a cancer to the game!!!
I dont want Rooney.....let him go Europe..hes not in form n would be a UNited reject.. they know all his strengths and weaknesses... Not for us ..would definitely be a big mistake...not even in form
Honestly as almost heretical as this may sound, if there is a ManU player we should be interested in at a bargain price (and reasonable wages) who would bring something different and substantial to our side i would say Chicarito..he is a poacher, pure and simple..nothing fancy but very effective..there have been others like him in the past who became legends; Raul, Pippo Inzaghi are quick examples. He would compliment different strikers like Lukaku and Ba and then we should then try to get one top class complete package type striker to top it up and Rooney is not that at the moment.
Slightly changing tack here, but with both bayern and united announcing their new managers quickly does it make sense then to also announce our new manager. I don't believe the cobblers about it affecting the rest of the season, hasn't had an effect on bayern has it, Everton will be even more harder to beat now so why not just let people know who it's is. Or maybe we haven't even started searching yet.
@Blue1989 you raise an important point and when i manage to gather all my thoughts together i will penning an article about this very matter and the lessons to learn about how ManU have handled the SAF to Moyes transition.
3nity - good point you made..... the guy hasn't renewed his contract for two reasons, first, to get out of the club sooner, and second, to earn more salary......... the top quality free agents and the ones who are one year away from being free are always getting very high wages...... Nasri and RVP are good examples...
The Persian
and by "the guy", I meant Lewandowski
The Persian
The reason bayern and united announced their managers early is because pep was a free agent and moyes is out of contract. Jose still has 3 years left on his so until its paid of for RM sack him we can't announce it. I don't think Lewandowski has gone to bayern yet apparently bayern set a deadline till the end of the week. Im pretty sure dortmund would rather sell to us than bayern. His 4 goals against RM seem to have caught RA attention. I really hope he ignores cavani/higuain/Rooney.
Not Happening!
Rooney is close to completing the sensational £30M deal indeed, as another report says he tabled the transfer request once he "overhead" that Moyes was indeed the one replacing SAF, as the frosty relationship between the pair is said to continue....@syed, yes Turan. It does appear he's coming, too, and will simply and readily slot into the yet-to-properly-occupied CM-position at the centre of things. Very fluid system indeed, ideal for ur regular "2" in the MODERN 4-2-3-1 system we now use or Mourihno's preferred 4-3-3 COUNTER-ATTACKING system where u could have, if we got Rooney as is being mooted: a.) 4-2-3-1 : regular back "4"; Turan/Oscar(CM) + (DM)Rami/Essien/Mikel/Romeu for ur regular "2"; Hazard, Rooney, Mata for ur regular "3"; and, either of Lewandoski(most likely) or Falcao for lone striker "1" ................................................................................................! b.) 4-3-3 : regular back "4"; Ramirez, Ardan, Mata for ur regular "3"; and, Rooney, Lewandoski/Falcao, Hazard for the front band of attacking "3"! Hope this figures. And yes, Rooney's mooted arrival is INDEPENDENT of Lewandoski or Falcao - as the case maybe - deals! If all these work out as smoothly as they sound, then pound-for-pound, Chelsea would've FINALLY replaced Drogba in Rooney and Shevchenko(Torres) in Lewandoski!!!! Happier times ahead indeed. #WelcomeJM
The dope HGH
where are the people who were saying that youth (especially Lukaku) is the way forward ... ?
The acquisition of Rooney will be a Decent Upgrade But not a Significant Boost in Quality. I feel that he has already peaked. I really will be massively surprised if we try to get him in earnest . I just don't see this happening. Not Happening!
@B2K420, FALSE!!! Throw that rumour out the door already! WHO said Mourinho doesn't ''RATE'' Mata??? Are u kidding me? FYI, Turan is a CM while Mata is CAM! And the best CAM in the world, ok, in England this season either scoring or assisting some 40+ goals! Got that? And Jose sure knows what he is building! Just wait and see. And trust me, this ain't no AVBomb's "project project project" thing baby! #VivaTheSpecialOne
The dope HGH
One word that says Rooney buy is a fecking retarded move, LUKAKU!!! Especially if we're getting Schurle
Lol @Stamford, I see u've not been following ur news lately, have u? Keep 'em ears lower son! The tabloids are awash with it. The pundits can't get enough of it. There are quotes! Possibility of this happening = 85%. And @GabeU, mon ami, I'm afraid but u ain't exactly right this time, and it does sound a tad preposterous: "Chicharito..."!!! WOW!!! Possibility = 15%. On the same token, I guess: "...This is a move which if we complete we will regret...", sounds like doomsday already, no?
The dope HGH
@the dope have you actually seen turan play? Hes not suited to play in the pivot at all. And right now neither is Oscar. Turan would be a complete waste of 20m. How is Rooney like drogba? Just because hes strong and aggressive you think hes like drogba? Rooney and drogba have completely different playing styles . Drogbas a lone ST and target man. Rooneys a second/support ST and is a creative forward. The only player Rooney is gonna replace is torres as flop of the decade. Let's just hope bayern go for Rooney allowing us to get Lewandowski.
And where did you get 85% from? The same tabloid that said we signed Falcao in January? Or the one that claimed hulk was having a medical? Do you really think fergies gonna let Rooney go for 25m to a rival club?
I am drunk. Just saying hello..
The appointment of MOYES by utd is really really a slap in the face and punch in the balls for JM. Not even being considered must be a big pill to swallow for the special one. If you read the stmt on the uts site then you must realize there is a slight dig at JM about stability and youth development. If he is a pride man then if he is appointed at CFC then he should do what UTD did for liverpool in the 90's. That is the only way to show how much they missed out.
No oops @Humza_96, u got it all flawed, I'm afraid, but the cfc board seems to want both deals to happen; put in black and white, Rooney is RA's latest fancy toy + Rooney wants out of United but doesn't want to leave the country + the accountants say we can do this! Lewadoski is more of a Mourinho/Emenalo/Gourlay demand! In line with Gourlay's drive to "get two or three players in". And Lewa+Rooney = £50! Bingo!!! FALCAO MONEY! That said. Rooney/Drogba were just metaphors and not necessarily in the technical sense(just like people often refer to our Oscar as the new Kaka, i.e. a like-for-like/pound-pound-pound/stride-for-stride replacement for Kaka in THAT PARTICULAR TEAM, in this case, Brazil or we often say on VC here, KDB for Mario Goetze at Dortmund, or some deluded Gooners mistakenly thought, at the time, that they have found the "New Henry" in Charmahk!!! Getting the drift? And even if it were, one could still say they're quite similar, not necessarily in terms of style of play, but team ethic and shape(u know, just as I thought we've replaced Floyd Hasselbank with Didier when he arrived and I was absolutely spot on!). Sure u understand now. And FYI lastly, though I guess it's public knowledge anyway, Fergie hardly has a say in Rooney's life. Wayne Rooney is no David Beckham(know the story?)!! Fergie couldn't find any proposition harder than that of trying to keep a rein on Rooney's wants, wishes, issues, fears or fantasies, while yet his manager. Trust me. He never told him he was getting a hair-transplant, for instance, when he did anyway? Did he? Whether Fergie would now be enjoying such privileges now he is retiring is left to be seen. But I guess u can believe what u want man. It's a free world after all, no?
The dope HGH
The appointment of MOYES by utd is really really a slap in the face and punch in the balls for JM. Not even being considered must be a big pill to swallow for the special one => lmao
I am well aware that Rooney is in the news. I choose not to pay attention or be swayed by tabloid reports. We will see if this deal will go through. I am not in favor of Rooney.
@StamfordDLion Its really a slap in the face for JM. After being wh0red himself for utd job for way too long and maintaining his phantom friendship with SAF. ha ha ha. All that sweet talk after the cl round of 16 etc. All those interviews about how he sees and calls SAF as "BOSS". SAF and UTD seen past what JM is. JM's love for SAF and UTD is just a ACT to get that job before he goes on rampage after getting the job. If JM has pride and balls as they say he has then he must STAY at his next club for as much as possible and win another 2 or 3 CL titles and close the gap of PL titles with SAF. Like i said lot of times in the previous articles JM is not a CLUB BUILDER. JM is great at FIRST TEAM building which will officially last for 3 yrs. UTD has clearly showed in their official stmt how much importance they are giving to youth development and building a club not just 1st team like JM always do.
I dont have as much of a problem with the rooney signing if it is in addition toe Lewandowski. If it is instead of however then we are making a very big mistake. If we do get Rooney though what for goodness sake do we need to keep Torres for? Anyway let us see what actually happens.
@GabeU There is lot of pro and cons are going for this rooney transfer so its almost impossible to judge this on face value. Bcz we cant make a actually judgement on his form or value by the past 2 yrs. Quite frankly i will say that SAF mishandled him by playing him eternally as a second fiddle. First to ronaldo and after him now for RVP. Rooney is somewhat quite young in terms of ST. turning 28 on oct with him playing main main with this great set of midfielders will surely appeal for him. But like i said there is much negativity and clouds surrounding rooney for the past 2 yrs. His blatant TR in 2010 for moving to city and signing that moster contract. rooney is on 250K+ salary now with him being 28 with 30M fees CFC must fork out atleast 100M for him to stay for 4 or 5 yrs. Also lot and lot of fitness and extra maritial and motivation issues and he is playing on high level for such a long time now(12 yrs i think). Finally we must acknowledge that SAF is better judge of a char than all of us put together. But if SAF benched him bcz of his TR and pay increase then we could look into signing him. Like i said it could go either way. CFC signs rooney and he could become even more determined to show SAF and utd by winning title after title with CFC. He could just sign for CFC and loose all his hunger for football like FT did then we will have another disaster on our hands.
Still not sure Rooney should be our top choice. There are lots of potential in European market besides Falcao. Lewa, Cavani etc. But Rooney is the best English striker. he can play in various other positions, and his passing range and vision is second to none. But the thing is in Chelsea we are in need of an out and out goal scorer and finisher, who could finish off moves, score goals from nowhere, and in tight matches be the difference. We have suffered a lot in not having a top class finisher this season.
BlueAndWhiteArmy: You must be a part of Jose's or Whiskey Alex's Clique/Posse :) You seem to know about their relationship really well :) If Jose ends up at Chelsea, I wonder what your 'mood' will be :)
I will be really astonished if the board can pull off this Double-Combo Deal (Rooney and Lewandowski). If this deal does go through, what's going to happen to Torres, BA and Lukaku??? Who's going to be our Number 1 Stiker? Rooney or Lewandowski? Is Rooney willing to be a bench warmer and play second fiddle?
@StamfordDLion I am not opposed to JM as a winner or a manger. But what i am opposed to JM is that he is no long term manager. The $hit he is going to throw at CFC's image is quite frankly not worth. That is the reason why he is not getting big club's jobs that are concerned about their image and controversy. RM did appoint him bcz they wanted to break the barca dominance more than anything at that time in 2010. But if you ask any real madrid fan almost 90% of them are regretting the appointment of JM. The $hit he created at RM has completely damaged their clean and charming image of their club to no end. It will take years to rebuild that image now. JM is not a CLUB builder. This is the biggest reason for my opposition on him appointed at CFC. If he is appointed then i will back him to the end. If RA and our board is wiser then they should impose strict restrictions on JM about mouthing off and criticizing and discussing board matters in public etc. The club must get iron clad guarantee's that he wont run to PSG or CITY in 2 yrs bcz they are giving him 2M more in salary. Why do you think UTD appointed MOYES who apparently has no CL exp. Didnt won anything worth while in football over JM who is a proven winner in portugal italy u.k spain with multiple CL titles? BCZ he will irrecoverably damage the image of UTD. For fans its not that much important to have good image if we are winning constantly. But for the board and owners its the most important thing. With out a good image and brand value then you cant attract good and great sponsors. The money will dry up eventually with no one want to be associated with the eternal BAD club.
What sort of contract should we be offering Rooney? a 4/5 years contract? Less than 200,000 per week? Or more than the one that he's getting at United at the moment?
BlueAndWhiteArmy: I am not intent on getting into a trolling match with you BUT I have to point to this remark that you have made => (The $hit he created at RM has completely damaged their clean and charming image of their club to no end)
I don't believe at all that Real Madrid had an "Impeccable" Image before Jose stepped in. I don't buy this argument that Real Madrid were without Controversies before Jose's appointment. Real Madrid like our Chelsea has a History that is like a Full Blown Circus.
I believe that Chelsea, our club has come a long way. We have definitely grown and our global fan base has really expanded. Chelsea is one of the most recognizable clubs. Thanks to the Alpha Dog, RA. But if he decides to walk out, I don't think we will be Short of Wealthy Individual Buyers/Wealthy Companies willing and hoping to purchase and take over our club.
I have been a Chelsea fan for a long time. Since the take over of our club was RA, we have become enemy number one, the so called destroyers of the Beautiful Game. We get stick from the Media, from the Football Associations, from Referees ... never mind the fans of other clubs. We will always get stick till our club falls. It had always been 'US' vs 'The Rest.' We were getting Stick even when we had Carlo, Hiddink and RDM (all gentlemen in my eyes) at the helm.
@StamfordDLion Trolling? RM dont have a clean image? RM have their share of controversies but when i said clean that is not meant as pure club or not doing any bad club. IF barca project themselves as the REBEL against the power then RM is the POWER and GOVT. RM is always the darling club of wealthy and powerful not only in spain but in most fans eyes. Anyway there is no need to continue my trolling with this topic. So lets leave it as it is.
Jose has made it clear time and again that he never wanted Manure job. At least in the last 3 years he has maintained it. CHelsea is where his heart lies.
Keyser Soze
@Keyser Soze When did JM said he dont wanted UTD job. Its the exact opposite he was practically drooling aorund that job if he was offered it. When ever he says he dont want the utd hob he will finish that final line like this. More over UTD job is not available and SAF will be there for sometime etc like this. Anyway what i care about is JM taking over CFC and run to pastes new with some club offering him 2M extra in salary in 2 yrs.
Although Whiskey Ferguson was a winner (no doubt), you can't say that his Image/Character/Personality is 'Impeccable'. You are very well Informed and Aware of 'Fergie Time', 'He could have killed him Episode', etc. I Respect the Old Man but I don't Like him. We will always have Supporters and Haters in our journey. We should stop trying to please everyone and get on with our game. One day we get Stick for Jose, the other day for Terry, another day for David Luiz ... Ashley Cole ... Hazard ... There will always be a reason for the Media, FA, others to 'Hate Us'
If Jose really is hurt by Utd not giving him the job the best way to prove them wrong is to win the Premier League with Chelsea. Another way to prove Utd made a mistake would be to sign Wayne Rooney and have him perform like a Footballer of the Year - that will be harder than winning the league. If Sir Alex couldn't stop Rooney eating Big Macs do we really think anyone at Chelsea can?
@CobhamBlue That is what i am also saying. If JM comes back then it should be permanent like building the whole club. Not just the first team. Every club has their own pblm. CFC has their own share. UTD had loads and loads of DEBT issues yet with spending low money than CFC and city SAF was able to keep utd on top over both of them. This is what i want JM to do at CFC this time around. Build a great club with continuing success not just for 3 yrs and run to another club when the $hit hits the fans like he is doing at RM. If there is ONE manager is the whole world that has that ARROGANCE, SELF BELIEF, DETERMINATION then it is JOSE MOURINHO to kick utd right of their peach like SAF did to liverpool. But it requires lot and lot of self criticism from JM and RA.
Whether Chelsea want Rooney!!! Jose Felix Mourniho will decide.. If Mr. Jose is good at the judging player and thinks that its just motivational issue and not the situation like michael owen Mark II or F. Torres (ex-World class), sure he will ask the board to sign him..and we can see Rooney in blue next season...
Well, thought u'll never ask,@StamfordD. @GabeU, Lukaku is obviously a Mourinho-type striker though without a doubt one for the future - watched his anonymous shift against Man City last week? Well, I'm sure u would've thought so too especially if u factor in the fact that whoever arrives, JM or other, would be demanded essentially two things from, viz: 1.) Win the EPL from the Mancs; and 2.) Have a strong run in the UCL! Every other thing will be a bonus. As such, Torres may be the one to give way, so we'll have a strikeforce comprising of Lewa, Rooney, Ba and Feruz! Haven't we seen a Mourinho Madrid side line up with all of Higuain, Benzema, Ronaldo and Jose Callejon, Kaka, Di Maria & Ozil starting/playing all at once?(Think second leg against BVB recently in the UCL which instantly brought a late flurry of goals!) Well, those of us who watch enough Madrid(my first club as a footie fan anyways) all have seen Mourinho's tactical NOUS and FLEXIBILITY, and the ability to switch systems and shapes in-game, in real-time. Funny how some 'true' Blues world-over can't see how JM, more than any other coach in world football mirrors the retiring legend, SAF!!! FYI, only Ferguson & JM can afford to play all of FOUR strikers(no mean feat & I swear neither one of Rafa, Ancelotti, Guardiola or Moyes(unknown quantity?) has quite managed or dared to pull this off before! Please QUOTE me anywhere!). I'm sure u can almost remember a certain match, against Middlesboro or Chalton or some other team, where he took off Ferreira at right-back in the FIRST-HALF(!!!), so we had only three specialist defenders and all others attack-minded guys, save for the 2-in-1 Makelele :- Joe Cole, Robben, Duff, false striker Gudjohnsen, Drogba and Kezman and Lampard all stomping attack!!! (Seen Ferguson play: Welbeck, Rooney, Van Persie and Chicharito all together at once, no? When chasing a game?). Good. Now, if u think Rafa, Pellegrini or Pep for that matter could've pulled off such a FEAT then I'm afraid u got another think coming! What's more? The Germans has taught everyone hitherto undecided about the effectiveness/efficiency or otherwise of the Barca "False 9" philosophy(an absolute farce most around the world, including yours truly, never bought anyway, save for maybe, Del Bosque)! Having learnt the trick from the master himself, SAF, u won't be thinking the new perspective the Germans have now brought haven't rubbed off of Mourinho, would u?
The dope HGH
Lmaoooooooo @CobhamBlue.
@cobhamblue------- LMAO
Looks like Bayern had lined up lewandowski and he had accepted the move, he also pushing Dortmund for the deal...
And @StamfordD sorry I forgot. £200,000 is Chelsea's wage ceiling, way lower than that of United while $hitty's seems limitless. Also, in the face of FFP rule coming into effect from the summer of 2014, Wayne Mark Rooney who was sued by Moyes for libel in 2007 over allegations in the striker's autobiography My Story So Far(they were reported to have settled out of court though, with damages of £500,000 he paid donated to the Everton Former Players Foundation by Moyes), most likely will have to take a significant pay cut from his current £250k United or cfc will have to 'shift the post' if he is to complete the sensational move to Chelsea where he'll be joining best friend, Ashley Cole and respected Three Lions colleagues Terry, Lamps and Cahill. Presently, Rooney seems to hold all the aces as his has just two years left on his United deal. He is a happier man now and is reported to be seeking a new challenge elsewhere; his hair is growing!!!
The dope HGH
BREAKING! BREAKING!! BREAKING!!!: Everton's David Moyes puts pen to paper in a 6-year deal at Man United!
The dope HGH
Rooney @ 25m + 250k per week = 25m+65m = 90m.................. Falcao @ 50m + 200k per week = 50 + 52.5 = 102.5m................. Lewan @ 30m + 175k per week = 30 + 45.5 = 75.5m.............. Cavani Similar to Falcao..............#FFP
If we go for Rooney, there is no guarntee of success...He again has to go through all the media pressure, fan abuse...How Mourinho can protect him is a BIG question given the media's love for chelsea...2 big controversial figures along with 1 misfiring 50m flop...thats 3 much too handle...
if we are involved in any deal for falcao, it has to be swap for Torres....Heard that At.Mad have lined up Suarez as possible replacement...Even if Chelsea dont buy Falcao, Monaco will buy...Looks our striker options are getting very small as days go by...Lewandowski - Bayern, Cavani - City, Falcao - Monaco...Finally, we would be left with only Rooney
Time to act fast...Next manager to be identified of now, I dont thnk RM will allow Jose to leave for free...Roman shd not pay any money...We Shd go for Jose only if he is free, otherwise, go for Pelligrini...Also, time to invest in players not managers
rather have higuain or lewanwoski.
if we get Rooney to replace Torres i won't mind one bit. but the oppoburium from the press and fans alike would be too much for a hot-headed player like him. however United can play hard ball with him as he still has two years left on his contract. I think he will sign a new deal in the upcoming days just like Yaya Toure did. Except he moves to PSG or Monaco or Anzhi, i don't think he and his family would be able to cope with the kind of backlash they would face were he to come to chelsea. Besides there are other strikers out there besides Falcao, Cavani who i fear will eventually price themselves out of the market and remain at their clubs again. Negredo, Gomez just to name a few.

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