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Lukaku - Player of the Year

Whilst many of the Vital Chelsea membership are in unison when it comes to proposing Juan Mata as our Player of the Year, it seems one of our young loan stars, has received an accolade of far superior substance.

Young Romelu Lukaku, who has had a stirring season on loan, at West Bromwich Albion, has been named as the West Bromwich Albion Players Player of the Year.

Now we suspect the accolade will be the only one Lukaku picks up this season but what a wonderful way to finish a season long loan spell.

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The Journalist

Writer: Merlin Mail feedback, articles or suggestions

Date:Sunday May 12 2013

Time: 12:34PM

Your Comments

Congratulations lukaku. He has been fantastic for WBA. Hopefully he will be at Chelsea next season with Ba and for me Benteke who should replace Torres.
Massive congrats to Lukaku stunning season at WBA I hope too he will be with us next season I would have him ahead of the woeful pathetic Torres who should be replaced at all costs.
Nice one, congrats to him.... Hope he will now return to Chelsea to do and achieve even more.....
Congrats to Lukaku lets have him where he home with Chelsea and Falcao
Top player and future Chelsea star striker, but not next season. He should remain on loan (on a year long loan to BvB in a deal for Lewandowski preferably). Congrats Romeu!!!!
Sorry, Romelu
Congrats to Romelu..he has really been awesome for WBA..
congratz romelu!!
Sorry but I think that Yacob has been more important for them this season. I've watched nearly all their games because of Lukaku and Yacob's level of consistency is astonishing, he really could be a good addition to any squad including the top 4. Take nothing away from Lukaku though, fantastic achievement for a 19 year old. Congratulations to him!
Congrats Lukaku. Tremendous talent and hopefully a future star for us.
Cograts boy.i wont mind him staying there 4 another season.
Cograts boy.i wont mind him staying there 4 another season.
he is an absolute beast. i look forward to when he joins us (maybe next summer).
I have nothing but praise for Lukaku. The young man has a lot of potential
This boy will be very dangerous playing alongside Mata, Hazard and Oscar. He deserves his award and i am sure that in him we've finally replaced Didier. One more loan spell will do much good to him especially if the team can provide European football.
charlie adam sent off after getting booked for nothing in the first half. this ref is desperate for tottenham to not be good enough in CL.
Poor article, if you do your research you will find that Gareth McCauley was voted West Broms players player of the year...
Trust Mourinho to bring him back for pre-season! Congrats Romelu!!! #DrogbaII
The dope HGH
KDB and Courtois probably too!
The dope HGH
KDB and Courtois probably too!
The dope HGH
KDB = new Joe Cole Courtois = new Cech Turan = new Deco Isco = new Gudjohnsen
The dope HGH
Well, technically u're right @ALW1702! Lukaku was voted Young POTY by their players and fans.
The dope HGH
CONGRATS SPURS a chelsea fan but You guys deserves top 4 and i know u'll get it.Newcastle will beat ass_enal on final day,that am sure of.CONGRATS.
i know this is not relevant but daniel sturridge just scored again .. what was the reason why we sold him and left fernando ????
Don capon
Reason? Well, that's pretty simple: because we thought Zorres'll finally cum through! Wtf else?
The dope HGH
Lukaku have had a remarkable season, his extra hours in trainning is paying off and under a manager that mould him completely he'll be a havoc wrecking striker on defenders. But still he have to improve more, before he can be a numero uno striker for chelsea
Sturridge scores a hat trick for liverpool, I hope the fans who are calling him an overated donkey are eating a big piece of humble pie now? It is a shame that we kept torres in our books and sold sturridge who is a big game player than torres at cfc, #shame
Hope Lukaku doesn't get treated the same way as Sturridge.
If Lukaku isn't leading the line here at SB next season, i dunno wtf the management team is doing...
well done drog 2.0 ;)... also a shout out to a former blues daniel sturridge...scored a hatrick today, just shows what he's capable of when given the chance.
@since 1963..that is my fear as well..his story is starting to sound familar when compared to Dannys..sennt out on loan did well but still decision makers feeling "he is still not goof enough and needs more "loan time". Hello fellas..we are not exactly awash in productive strikers right now. El Nino is barely passeable as a striker and is certainly not an elite one. Syed has repeatedly brandished the truly sobering statistic that this calendar year our pair of strikers have 2 goals between them in the BPL..but for MAZACAR, our defenders and Lamps we would really be in a serious pickle. Furthermore it is starting to seem like we will miss out on the big three Strikers available this summer in Cavani, Falcao and Lewandowski ..I say recall the kraken and try getting a second tier support striker like Jovetic or Higuan and lets see how that goes till the next January window. Lukaku checks all the boxes for the prototypical Center forward that Jose likes.
Lukaku doesn't need a loan. He's ready. Stop hating on young players.
RDM didn't play Sturridge. It is his fault that Sturridge left.
Lukaku was branded "overrated" by many VC members...... but I always said he's ready to start EPL matches if given confidence...... I'm really worried about him..... what if he leaves us for another big team ? :( ......... when it comes to giving youth a chance, Chelsea is one of the worst, if not the worst in the world........ FECK EVEN MAN CITY GIVE THEIR YOUNGSTERS A CHANCE WITH ALL THE SUPERSTARS THEY GOT IN THEIR SQUAD.....
The Persian
Lukaku needs to be with us next season and getting plenty of game time. At his age and with his potential he coud really be our next drog for sure, and is far younger than the drog was when he came. I ca only hope hes not loaned out with his place being taken by an overated, over paid purchase of a guy likely in his late 20s and potentially already peaked.
how many of you watch liverpool games week in week out?why don't you com here and post how bad sturridge has been in some of his other games for liverpool?he does well in 1 game and becomes poor in 2 other games and peeps here won't let us here word when he does well,sturridge wasn't given the opportunity,no doubt about that,but no matter the opporTunity he is given,I think the best he can be will be as good as Bent or any other average striker,I don't think he will grow up to be a rooney/falcao(I might be wrong anyway) for me,I aint regretting chelsea letting him leave
@Desmond - Yup you sid it re: Sturridge, was foolish not to play him, and play him as a striker, and ultimatly sell him. His stats at Bolton and now at Liverpool are extremly good goals-games. Even with us playing wide under AVB he was very effective.. such a pity but still wish him all the best. I dont blame RDM @ Foreign Viewer, I think its more management/Roman who have helped him get moved with their preferance being trying to get a sub-par Torres firing and having RDM/Benetiz playhim every hance they get. Why else would they bring he waitor in?
@ Hazard11 - his goals speak volumes, hes a proven threat in front of goal, and when given consistant oppurtunity his growing record is poven.. Sturridge is better than any of Torres or Ba in my opinion. Selling him was a rubbish decision. Consistancy is key, and sturridge was consistantly not given oppurtunity with us. He had no more than a few games plying striker, though even when he did he was far more dangerous than any of our current striker. Sturridge will be way better than Bent LOL!
In 2010/2011 Ba scored 7 goals in 12 games,in 2011/2012 Ba scored 16 goals in 34 games and in 2012/2013 Ba scored 13 goals in 20games before joining chelsea in january and since joining chelsea in january Ba has scored 2goals in 13 games for chelsea,Now you see the difference when playing for a middle table team and playing for a Top side like lukaku has scored 14goals in 31 appearances which is almost the same goal per games ratio as Ba previous seasons(if not worse),I wouldn't be surprised if he returns back to chelsea and get 2 goals in his first 13 games too(and peeps here will start complaining again) for me,it will be best for chelsea and lukaku's development if he goes out on loan again for 1 more season....Lukaku is a talented Lad and will be one of europe finest strikers in the nearest future but he has to develop well...
I don't regret selling Sturridge.... I regret selling him cheap !...... Liverfool again did better than us in negotiations... they bought an average Henderson for 20m just for the potential he had and is English !.... but they stole a proven English goalscorer in Studge from us only for 12m....... we could have easily sold him for 20-25m when they wanted him in previous summer.......
The Persian
Ask liverpool fans...some and most will tell you they are frustrated with his poor first touch,poor decision makin, and average link up play...Sturridge is good striker,he would get you 15-20goals a season but he will never give you 30-35goals a season that I am sure of...did you watch liverpool's match today?how many chances did liverpool create?liverpool is a team that create lot of chances(as at december they were the team that has created the most chances in europe)so tell me why a CF won't score a good number of goals at LFC?
@Hazard11 - Are you suggesting its easier for a striker to play for a mid table club than one of the bigger ones? Why is it then ,if you look at every major league in the world year on year, you generally get the top goal scorer from one of the big teams, bar the odd exception. I dont see the logic in suggesting otherwise.
Bar Suarez, no other pool player has got into double digits, though Sturridge as 7 from 9 starts currently. Not bad for coming mid season. @ Bolton he had 8 from 11 starts. At Chelsea last season playing wide in over 95% of games he had 13 from 32 starts. Its simple for me, doesnt matter whether its a bottom or top club, play the guy and he will get you goals, and play him as a striker and he will be very productive in the column that matters - goals - and for a striker that is what counts isnt it?
I never said its easier,the pressure at a mid table team is easier to cope with compared to the pressure in a top team... Besides all top strikers,they all went from one stage to another except the likes of messi...look at falcao(from river plate to porto to athletico madrid and he will still go higher) look at mandzukic (from marsonia,to zagreb to wolfsburg and to munich) look at cavani (from danubio to parlemo,to napoli and will still go higher) even V.persie (from feyenord to arsenal to united) all takes stage by stage and Lukaku is at a stage that he needs to play games and having 3 strikers in our squad including lukaku will not give the lad the number of games required for his development at this stage
Point noted re: his development, though I dont think e should presume he would be an automatic third choice. Ba doesnt offer any more than Lukaku apart from maybe experiance. I would relegate Ba to third choice actually, if say we sold Torres and bought in someone new..
@Desmond, it was a shame that Sturridge didnt sign a extension with us....Also, hat trick in a match doesnt rate him very high...He is a good player, but highly inconsistent....Did you even saw the awareness he showed in the was pathetic...The goals he scored is largely due to the way liverpool played and chances they created....
Remove Coutinho from that liverpool side, 50% chances they create will be reduced....I still wonder why Inter sold such a talent, when they are struggling for Europa Spot????
Next year, lets see if Sturridge gets into First 11...IMO, Suarez, Coutinho, Borini will take the front 3 spots...If Suarez is sold, they will get a replacement....Borini, Coutinho & Suarez have good work rate than Sutrridge which ROdgers wants...
We cannot judge someone if we don't provide the right opportunities. Sturridge was never given a chance at CF. Lukaku has done well at West Brom. It's left to Emenalo and the new boss to sort this out.
This season, for both the fools & Chelsea, Sturridge has scored 13goals with 6 assists in 27games, so thats a goal contribution of 70.3%.....Romelu Lukaku, this season, has scored 14 goals and 7 assists in 37games, a goal contribution of 56.7% despite having more game time and more starts than Sturridge....and some "VC experts" who now praise Lukaku called Sturridge overrrated
It's a pity how hatred blinds reason
Especially when Sturridge is more versatile....
The way we mis-managed sturridge was typical Chelsea and I fear lukaku will also be mis-managed! Sturridge was never given a chance at Chelsea once AVB left. The reason sturridge became selfish was because he became desperate to prove himself when really no matter how many goals he would score it would never blood enough because useless Torres will always be number 1. The reason most VC member hate him is because they r fickle and bitter. As for lukaku he is ready to play for Chelsea cos like sturridge he is better then Torres our useless number 9!
Sturridge does create chances for himself? What a stupid thing to say. He is a striker. Chances have to be created for him.
Sturridge creates chances by himself most times, his problem is just that he can be selfish, but given his goal haul, I think he would have been useful for us, do u sincerely think liverpool would sell him for anything less than 21m if they decide to sell in the summer? A player's value never increase whilst on the bench, it increases with his football doing the talking on the pitch
Sturridge was greedy. That's his flaw.
Hes a striker he should be selfish. Hes not a damn play maker. When you can score as many as he can too when given oppurtunities then what is the issue. Drogba was very selfish too up until is final years. No one slates him for it, only because he was given opputunities and there for gave us the goals..
@hazard11... you were asking who watches sturridge week in and out... I do and at his time he has only had 2 bad games (and thats being overcritical). And liverpoo fans I talk to tell me they didn't realise how good he actually was and luv him. "the guys will score you 15-20 goals a season"-- yh when hes played out of position. And it doesn't matter what type of club u play for because everyone plays against the same teams you fool. You dont like studge well "see how that plans out for you in you living room".. fact is he is better than any of the strikers we have (please try disagreeing with that, it will show ppl just how good your footballing knowledge is). He will score 25-30 goals a season if given a whole season in his rightful position, and I'm sure of that. I mean he scored 13 in less than half a season in 2011, and that was out of position, and at a "top side".
@foreign_moron By that logic all top strikers are greedy, including messi and ronaldo!

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