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Franks New Contract...

Firstly, congratulations to Frank on his new contract. He deserves it!

The club certainly made him sweat for it. You almost get the feeling that the club was holding it back on purpose, just to keep him hungry and motivated.

This particular article is about what I think Frank`s contract extension tells us about where the clubs mind-set is going forward.

Much of the article is based on assuming Mourinho will be our manager next season.

1) We will never know why the discussions took as long as they did but you get the feeling that the club has had a bit of a dramatic turnaround in thinking to award frank a new deal.

2) Could that turn around have been triggered by Mourinho? As far as I am aware, the clubs decision to release Frank was based around reducing the wage bill and giving younger more dynamic players a chance. Now, a new deal has been signed and in my opinion it was upon request from the new manager.

3) Frank is in the latest in England squad and it has been well documented that he would like to be involved in the World Cup in 2014. The only way that would happen is through consistent performances week in / week out at club level. So for those who think that Frank has signed to warm the bench for half the year, well you are sorely mistaken. Yes he loves the club, but he would not off signed if it didn't suit his own personal goals. He will play plenty.

4) Baring the above in mind, what does that mean for a player like Josh? If Lamps were to have been left out, you get the feeling some of our younger players (Josh, Chalobah, De Bruyne in a deeper role) would have had a look-in during pre-season to try and impress. It will be another year of loans for some of our brightest talent.

5) The extension of Frank`s contract reeks of a new manager who will desire instant success rather than developing a side with the use of a few youngsters ie Mourinho. We all know Mourinho won`t want to waste time and would therefore stick with an old experienced head rather than trying to mould a new one. Mourinho doesn't hang around for long and we can expect this to reflect in the type of signings he makes (26 or older, players in their prime).

6) I think most will agree that despite the goals that Lamps has contributed this season, his overall performances haven't been his best. The reason for this I think is two-fold, firstly he isn't getting any younger and therefore his performances are naturally deteriorating and secondly 4-2-3-1 doesn't exactly compliment him. If Lamps is to play 35 games next season it would surely have to be in a 4-3-3 as I don't think he has the ability anymore to play in a two man midfield.

7) Mourinho loved the 4-3-3 and it is looking increasingly likely that he will return. I fully expect us to return to some form of 4-3-3/4-5-1 next season.

In conclusion, I am delighted that Lamps is staying as I feel he deserves it. I just think it shows more short term thinking from the board which of course suits the 'Special One'. All signs point to Jose.

Thanks for reading if you made it this far.

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The Journalist

Writer: JuniorCFC21 Mail feedback, articles or suggestions

Date:Thursday May 16 2013

Time: 5:07PM

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Your 4th and 5th points got me thinking very deep about what we actually desire to achieve as a football club with the next few yes. Perhaps 3,4-5 years. If Mourinho whom we all know to be a coach who doesn't care about developing youngsters is truely chelsea bound as being speculated, then chelsea as a football club remains in the dark.
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16/05/2013 17:22:00

Whilst it certainly looks possible, maybe even likely that Jose will be out next Manager, I fail to see this connection that everyone is making between Lamps' contract extension and Jose's return. Surely any Manager would want to keep Frank on account of the fact he's still a top player with a great deal to offer Chelsea, not just Jose? It doesn't mean a thing in that sense!
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16/05/2013 17:28:00

It is also nonsense to suggest that Jose isn't interested in developing youth, complete rubbish!
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16/05/2013 17:30:00

Nor does keeping Frank mean we are ignoring the future, of course it is better to have quality, experienced players like Frank around who live and breath chelsea to pass on their attributes to the next generation. Sorry but you might have guessed that I don't really agree with any of the article!
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16/05/2013 17:32:00

Congrats....not entirely happy but won't my lose either :)
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16/05/2013 17:45:00

Pogba & Fryers (if I remember the name well) left ManUre because of the lack of game time and Fergie reverting to Scholes & Giggs instead of trustingthem....Hmmm
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16/05/2013 17:48:00 need to be sorry. Regarding the Frank and Jose connection..the AVB fiasco taught us that not every manager has a vision of keeping the likes of Frank forever. I would venture to say that if our new manager were Klopp or Simeone they would have a different view on keeping Lamps around. Mourinho is familiar with Lamps and will know how to use him wisely, hence the connection. As far as youth goes, Jose has never had a great record of bringing youth through and letting them showcase themselves on the big stage. It takes a manager with not much to loose and full backing from the club to do that. Jose has always put an emphasis on winning above all else.
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16/05/2013 17:50:00

Rubbish 'article' if u ask me. Conjecture, half-truths and nonsensical conclusions all based on flawed premises and apparent dislike for Jose Mourinhho? Whoever told u @Junior Mourinho isn't interested in developing youth? Do u know how old Salomon Kalou was when he bought him? Well, 19! How old was Thiago Mendes he brought with from Portugal, 19! How old was Varane when he blooded him for Madrid? Find out! Care to know which Madrid coach gave Jose Callejon his first-team debut and has since continually use him as impact-sub? Check! How old was Cech when Jose blooded him and made him no.1 in spite of veteran Cudicini? 22! Care to know who made a 22-year-old Joe Cole become a cult hero overnight here? Jose Mourinho, u joker! So if u ain't got any sensible think to write, just phuck off and beat it mate! Ha
The dope HGH
Report Abuse
16/05/2013 18:01:00

Firstly, let it be known that I do not dislike Mourinho! Secondly, there is no need to so openly treat another fan with such disrespect over an "opinion piece".
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16/05/2013 18:14:00

Lots of speculation and guesswork. We have to wait only a few more days and the picture will be clearer.
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16/05/2013 18:25:00

Yes, the article has a somewhat negative slant on all the points make. Hardly balanced, but like the man said, it's about opinions. Move on.
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16/05/2013 18:35:00

I'm really glad to see Lampard get a new contract. He's been outstanding ever since he joined back in 2001.
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16/05/2013 18:36:00

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16/05/2013 18:37:00

Already moved on. Just was wishing @Junior could counter any of the counter-facts I gave. To me that will be when I'd trust his football brain and nous, otherwise I'll just flag anything else.
The dope HGH
Report Abuse
16/05/2013 18:42:00

@Junior, hope u don't take it personal though. Just hat it irks my ears and makes nonsense of peoples' sense of history when I hear the "Mourinho doesn't work with youth stuff"! Heck, he does! Check, how old was Mesut Ozil when he bought him? Check, di Maria? Check, Ferreira at Porto? Check, Deco there? Robben here? Check, Lass Diara both with us and Madrid? And it goes on! So guys should just give it a brake already!!!! Wtf do they have against JM? Or should we all take what the Spanish press choose to feed us hook, line, sinker and all? Not me man
The dope HGH
Report Abuse
16/05/2013 18:49:00

@Mq...for the 5th time Pogba went cos of money u dick.... that was well publicised at the time. And how many games do giggs and scholes start....not very many!
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16/05/2013 18:50:00

@the dope...didn't realise that you were seeking a response. Seen as though you are, my response is that clearly you and I have a different interpretation of youth. When I say promoting youth I don't mean paying 10-15mil for the brightest 19 year olds out there. Many of those names you mentioned were bought, and bought for a fair amount. When I refer to youth I am referring to the academy that is producing youngsters. Again I say I do not dislike Mourinho, I guess I just yearn for someone to come in and at least acknowledge the outstanding efforts of our academy. The one thing that Dortmund, Munich and Barca all have in common is that they have at least 4 or 5 players that have grown up through the club. In summary I do not believe Jose will change much and will spend to fill the gaps instead of looking internally. For the record my piece was not meant to be negative it was just meant to inspire thought about whats going on. My apologies for the lack of clarity.
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16/05/2013 19:06:00

@Mq...for the 5th time Pogba went cos of money u dick------that's not what he said ESS and even if that were true, had ManUre not have Giggs & Scholes in their wage bill could they not have kept him?? As for Friars?? Surely Spurs not paying him more than ManUre, or are they :)
Report Abuse
16/05/2013 19:52:00

1)Do u know how old Salomon Kalou was when he bought him? Well, 19----and how much did Kalou develop THE DOPE??......2) How old was Thiago Mendes he brought with from Portugal, 19! ------and where is he??.....3) How old was Varane when he blooded him for Madrid? Find out!------Varane was already playing first team footie, not from academy level.....4) Care to know which Madrid coach gave Jose Callejon his first-team debut and has since continually use him as impact-sub-----how many games has he played, has he improved?? It's 1 thing to give some1 5 minutes here and there, we talking full development till the player is part of the core of the team.....5) How old was Cech when Jose blooded him and made him no.1 in spite of veteran Cudicini? 22------funny you mention half truths and conjecture, did we develop Cech?? How much did we buy him for......6) Care to know who made a 22-year-old Joe Cole become a cult hero overnight here?------how much did we pay for him, and did we develop him under Jose?? summary, before you call some1 a "Joker" and accuse them of having nothing sensible to write, make sure your own comments make sense and are thought through (all factors considered) because your comment lacks subjectivity and instead makes a strong exhibit of the illusion of knowledge
Report Abuse
16/05/2013 20:08:00

@JuniorCFC21..i personally think this a good article..i dont agree with all you have said but i appreciate your effort in putting your thoughts down in black and white and sharing them with us. That take courage..the VC audience can be brutal. Now that it is confirmed that Lamps has been offered a new contract i for one would bet a months stipend (and i am not wealthy nor profligate with my hard earned money)that this is the work of Jose and he is our next manager QED. Where i disagree with you is this popular mantra out there that Jose does not develop youth players and has no interest in it. The Dope has provided you with some hard data to shoot that right out of the water though i would have preferred he be more gentle in getting his points across. The biggest determinant regarding this whole desire for youth development is the owners agenda and priorities. This is often reflected in past history and the sort of contract the manager is offered. David Moyes contract with ManU speaks to a system and team that has youth development as a says that they will give him time and be patient. Jurgen Klopps contract speaks to that as well. From what i have read Manuel Pellegrini is being offered a 2yr contract to join City..knowing their history with that sort of contract the man will be crazy to go on a "youth development" mission..remember Mancini got sacked while finishing second..just like Carlo did with us..Pellegrini will be under pressure from day 1 to win and win now..youth development which he had the luxury and neccesity of at Malaga will go straight out the window. Jose from all i have seen and read is probably getting a 3 yr contract. That is the longest contract anyone has been offered at Chelsea since he was last with us..that he even gets a contract that long speaks to the respect Roman has for him but make no mistake about it knowing the history of our club, knowing Roman's lust for instant success which is largely shared by our fan base Jose when he comes will be under no illusions. He has no time for a big youth rebuild project. He is being brought in to bring us back to the forefront of the BPL and Europe and to do that pronto. If and when he does that he may then earn a contract extension(and that would make him the first manager in the Roman era to achieve that at Chelsea FC). If he can get there then he can make the academy products development more of a priority but let us be real..any manager coming to chelsea now especially where we find ourselves at this time knows the clock it ticking the moment they get on the job and the expectation is win baby..and win big..right now!!!
Report Abuse
16/05/2013 20:09:00

@Gabeu Once again agree with your thoughts. But we need to be careful. Even with Jose or any top manager coming into this Chelsea team, expecting him to win PL and CL next season will be a mistake. Yes we have to improve in the PL where we have regressed in the last 3 years. We finished 2nd 8 points off Man U in Carlo's 2nd season. Then last season we finished in 6th a whole 25 points off the Manchester clubs. This season if both Man U and us win our games on sunday then we would finish 3rd and 16 points behind. SO we would have improved by 9 points from last season, but 16 points is still a massive gap. And CL is no picnic as we already know. So the mandate to win NOW and win big could be a very tough ask. Here is where I hope Roman has learnt from the fiascos of last couple of years and becomes more flexible.
Report Abuse
16/05/2013 20:28:00

Better put @Gabe, and thanks for being ur usual objective self and pointing out my flaw. I already gave @Junior my apologies. Apologies again mate.
The dope HGH
Report Abuse
16/05/2013 20:36:00

@Gabeu...the difference of opinion is where the true value lies on a site like this. Else how do you learn and grow as a fan. Thank you for your kind words and the comments from everyone else(including the Dope).
Report Abuse
16/05/2013 20:37:00 and me share the same are speaking as realist who realizes how tough and ultracompetitive the BPL and the Champions league has become..i hope Roman and his board have realistic expectations because i know many of us fans dont. Way too many see Jose as a messiah who once installed will return us to the swashbuckling days when we won the BPL with a point haul record and were feared throughout the land. Go back and look at the expectations many of us here on VC had at season was incredible to me how many seriously expected that because we got Hazard and Oscar that we would win the BPL. That age and time when Chelsea strode through the BPL as a Colossus is past. I agree entirely with you it will be way more difficult now to achieve top level success both in the BPL and the Champions league and that it will take some time and patience. Hopefully Roman and the board realize this too and afford Jose the time to mould a new team that will eventually reach those lofty wont happen overnight as you have wisely warned.
Report Abuse
16/05/2013 20:42:00

@Mq busy body, which first team was Raphael Varane(former Lens youth team) playing for please? Where is Thiago and Kalou? Lmfao ...wondering what u know about "subjectivity", "illusions" and "knowledge". *smh :) lol
The dope HGH
Report Abuse
16/05/2013 21:00:00

So Oscar wins goal of the year-Juve one, and Ake is te young player of the year!
Report Abuse
16/05/2013 21:06:00

So many good goals to choose from this season..the Oscar goal was a peach though.
Report Abuse
16/05/2013 21:11:00

Lamps gets special recognition award from Bobby Tambling
Report Abuse
16/05/2013 21:13:00

@syed and Gabe, everyone else with a truly 'blue' heart shares the same fears and hope u guys have put across here. But can anyone genuinely claim Bayern's 40m capture of Javi Martinez(DM) last season and 34m of Gotze and the mooted pursuit of Lewandoski + the 'Pep coup' epitomize/embody/signify a very patient approach to attaining and sustaining success? I don't quite think so! On the contrary, I guess it smacks of 'killing off' competition especially in the short term! Check this, apart from Phillip Lahm, Scheini, Mueller and Toni Kroos(no longer a starter since Martinez arrive), the bulk of the Bayern squad were bought! Robben, Ribbery, Gustavo, Dante, Alaba, Gomez, Manzukic, Shaqiri, 'keeper Manuel Neuer, eh, name them! So, like someone above mentioned, this stuff is pretty much subjective and relative to the prospects, wishes and aspirations of the owner/board. And trust me, @Gabeu as u rightly observed, no cfc fan can stay without winning a trophy for three consecutive years! Same goes for the Rummineges, the Ulli Hoenesses, the Nerlingers and the Beckenbuers on the Bayern board, no? QED!
The dope HGH
Report Abuse
16/05/2013 21:23:00

i agree with both of you @GabeU and @Syed... but i don't agree with the lampard's playing time. guys i firmly think that the reason behind we not playing a fluidic footie is our midfield and lampard also. yesterday he didn't even do 1% of what matic and perez did apart from those 2 shoots. he sometimes looks lost amongst the players who are quit superior to him in terms of skills and vision. we need somebody like matic, modric or xabi to see what we want to see. and tell me, why we should shift to 4-3-3? just to take th best out of lamps??? lamps plays on left if mid 3. but oscar plays there for brazi in 4-3-3, isn't it? well mourinho.know better than me. but i personally think that more than replacing lampard, we should look to replace ballack and the old bison. we need somebody in the centre of the park who would put the striker on his way to one on one or who could at least initiate attack. in short dictate the game. and it seem to me that david luiz of all midfielders is the only one trying to do it. thats why i wanted lampard to leave. because rather than people saying "he should hv left last summer", people should say "he shouldn't have left". like now we say that we wish we still.had drogba. thats why i wanted him to leave on high. what do you guys think?
Report Abuse
16/05/2013 21:38:00

The dope HGH
Report Abuse
16/05/2013 22:45:00

I'm shocked and very disappointed in Chelsea. I recall that the dude was not to be offered a new contract under ANY circumstance and now I get home to hear this. Bullcrap !!! This is clearly not the wish of Roman because we know what he thinks. This smells of string pulling to get Jose here in the summer. It must be a means to an end as it would not make sense to me otherwise. The dude has got his record which he has been focused on all season, he's won the EL and now he's staying for another yr...jeez. I might be in the minority but I'm tired of seeing him. How much more glory does he want?...When will it be enough?..I want to see new players at Chelsea. Exciting youngsters who are dying to make their name while playing good football. Those who can stand up to the rugged schedule and do the work required in midfield. Yesterday was a reminder of how lucky we have been in some cases. Matic helped to boss a midfield that had the dude in it. Benfica failed to convert their chances which is the only reason we are celebrating right now. I can't see any good coming from this except to get Jose back and then call it a day...still disappointed..
Report Abuse
16/05/2013 22:48:00

@Mq - Jose gave opportunities to those who HGH mentioned... that's all he had to do... you can't expect every youngster to become a part of the first team... some are good enough and will play regularly (Cech, Varane) some will have to wait and will be a part of the future (Mikel), some will be loaned out, and some will be sold when the coaching staff realize that they're not at club's quality and are not good enough...... it's always like that in any club..... simple as that
The Persian
Report Abuse
16/05/2013 23:58:00

@championblue---- It was a bit painful watching Matic bulldoze us for almost 70 odd minutes considering he was one of our boys. Enzo Perez was immense as well. We had a makeshift pivot in an European final, Lamps- a CAM and Luiz- a CB. We have known the whole of this season our pivot is our biggest weakness, esp. after Romeu got injured.
Report Abuse
17/05/2013 06:54:00

Kroos is not a starter at Bayern because of 40m Martinez? This dope guy is clueless. Go do a simple google search. Kroos is injured.
Report Abuse
17/05/2013 10:32:00

@had2bg - If you are actually not joking, I am lost for words to you..
Report Abuse
17/05/2013 11:20:00

first of all congrats to lamps and a nice artice @junior,am really worried about your point 3),4),and 5)..maybe the academy should just be shut down because i fear for those boys and can categorically say they have no future here if he are gonna be givin out-of-position 35yr olds extensions and employ a manager who doesnt trust in academies..I think totallyl agree that despite the goals that Lamps has contributed this season, his overall performances haven't been his best.he is not pivot player but have been played their just to accomodate him,are we gonna be changing formation just for him?hmm..the new manager should probably have a better idea
Report Abuse
17/05/2013 11:26:00

what happens if he doesnt get as much gametime as he had expected to under the new man??rebel against him?..just as @championsblue said,i wanted him to leave on a high now because rather than people saying "he should hv left last summer", people should say "he shouldn't have left".
Report Abuse
17/05/2013 11:33:00

@Ken4CFC - "all those boys" are actually leverage and sweeteners for proved players now and in the future. As I already said somewhere, look at Matic+$ for Luiz and similar.
Report Abuse
17/05/2013 14:16:00

There's a difference between simply playing young players and developing them. I for one have never seen Jose actually really work with the youth structure of a club he's been at but neither am I going to dispute the fact that he can and will work with the youth if he has to. He is after all still a top football coach. @hd2bag, I'm going to have to be blunt and say you're an idiot for ranting on lamps. Clearly you don't understand the value of experience and loyalty for a club and your whole urge to see young, new players every year is rather silly as the club is not a classroom that completely changes each year. I hope we can all see the benifits of having someone like lamps around and support our youth and just STFU about big money buys as we clearly don't need to...we have all the talent in the world at cfc #ktbffh
Slippy G-19
Report Abuse
17/05/2013 14:51:00

@zg2000fs,i've thought of that too but could only come up with matic deal and no one else..however,the point is some of those boys are good enough for the 1st team while others just need a little harnessin and confidence from the manager to become great players.our academy has gotten to a stage where we should have no problem bring up 1 or 2 players for the 1st team every season but with deals such as this,the boys should just kiss any chelsea dream goodbye.
Report Abuse
17/05/2013 15:24:00

Slippy G-19, He did Develop Santon at inter. Santon was really great in 2008/09 season, joses first at inter. Unlucky santon was injured for most part of the next season and have now ended up at Newcastle.
Report Abuse
17/05/2013 16:07:00

Interesting fact coming out from the club today on Chelsea TV. Frank Lampard has found the net more times per minutes on the pitch, than Robin Van Persie has this season. Incredible that the certain critics on this site, don`t rate him.
Report Abuse
17/05/2013 20:36:00

Lampard is a striker then?
Report Abuse
17/05/2013 20:54:00


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