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Delicious Humble Pie!

It's obvious that Lampard is not the same old consistent top player, but he's still a big threat for our opponents. Last season, I was one of those that always said we have to sell him. In AVB's season, I was furious about Lampard's deeds on and off the pitch.

I was one of those, as some might say, 'Lampard haters' (though I never hated him!). I remember arguing with SpanishBlue, RadioactiveD, etc about this. But Lamps proved me wrong ever since AVB got fired.

He started slowly, but bit by bit, his form improved. He contributed to the team massively this season, having 19 goals and 8 assists to his name (club only). It's a huge achievement for a 35 year old midfielder who has not played regularly.

Yes he's slower nowadays, but he has scored goals when it mattered. Tap-ins or not, you have to be there to stick it in. I read some comments about him being 'greedy' for scoring goals, that 'he cares too much about breaking the club's goal-scoring record'.

Saying such things is not fair at all. He has passed the ball when his team-mates were in better positions to score (Oscar's goal against Swansea for example). He shoots from long distances because he has proved that he still can score them not because he's 'greedy'.
His goal away at Newcastle, or the free-kick against Spurs last season to name a couple.

Last night again he came close twice to score those trademark shots. He's a saviour and a leader. Not only that but he's a role model for our youngsters. Lampard deserves the contract extension and I'm more than happy to see him signing it.

I believe the board has seen these things in him and that's the reason they offered him an extension. It's not necessarily Jose's influence or that 'he's a legend so let's offer him a new contract'.

He still has more to offer. I congratulate Super Frank for his achievements and a contract he more than deservedly signed, and I apologize for my rants about him last season. I wish the players I have criticized prove me wrong in the future (Mikel, Bertrand, Cahill, etc). I will happily eat humble pie again!

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The Journalist

Writer: The Persian Mail feedback, articles or suggestions

Date:Thursday May 16 2013

Time: 7:07PM

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Now let's see him beat Henry's PL goal tally.
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16/05/2013 19:22:00

Nice dessert mate, enjoy the full course next term when The Special One takes over service!
The dope HGH
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16/05/2013 19:22:00

He is a role model to the young n i hope he will be with us for a long time.
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16/05/2013 19:23:00

@persian..this shows the sort of man you are..willing to own up when you get it wrong and one who is glad for the teams success even if it means your being wrong..we are kin spirits...this is how it should be for true fans. We may disagree but it is all driven by love and concern for the club and a true fan will always gladly be wrong if it means the club does well. Bravo sir..much respect!!!
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16/05/2013 19:40:00

I'll pass on the pie ;) but kudos to his achievements, he's been a great servant to/for the club...
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16/05/2013 19:49:00

We need him, he is the ideal role model for our club. And he is important to pass on this mentality and sheer determination to win titles on to the newer players in the team.
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16/05/2013 19:53:00

@gabeu my sentiments exactly
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16/05/2013 19:55:00

The huge problem we had with Lampard this season and last is not him it's the new formation we are now playing and where he is playing in it! 4-2-3-1 and him as one of the double pivot players does not work as he has lost the dynamic part of his game which is understandable because of his advancing years. Now if we didn't have mata,hazard or oscar who all play in the middle of the next band of 3 that is where we would see the best out of Lampard as he wouldn't have to worry as much as covering the whole of CM and tracking runners, and we would see the best of him making his runs into the box and his awesome spraying of through balls and first time releases over the top. Now under Jose Mourinho i would not be surprised to see CFC revert back to the 4-3-3 with Lamps/Oscar and a new CDM with Hazard and Mata as inverted wingers. If this is the case and Lamps is played in his favoured position and under his favourite manager don't be surprised if it looks like a masterstroke of management from Mourinho as we could see Lamps shining again. Then again it is the Vogue thing to do to play 4-2-3-1! Why i don't know.
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16/05/2013 20:22:00

Oscar wins goal of the season. The strike vs juventus
Report Abuse
16/05/2013 20:22:00

Respect to you man for owning up. Cheers!
Report Abuse
16/05/2013 20:45:00

FL has learnt few don'ts during these contract saga. compare to last year when he was frequently complaining about amount of game time he was getting. Having a reduced role at his age in the team was never going to harm but strengthen and prolong his career. Happy all is sorted. @Humza_96, Alan Shearer owns the record of PL highest goalscorer not Henry. FL need another 95 to beat Alan. That is longway to go mate.
jollyheart Torres
Report Abuse
16/05/2013 21:33:00

Big fat fluky Frank should stay stay for another ten years so he can get really fat, even more so than he is now. I propose a pie should be eaten every time he scores with a deflection, and a badge with Abramovic's face should be kissed every time. He can sit on the side lines guzzling sweets until the moment when he can roll on and belly flop in front of all the blue ******** day trippers. INCOMMING!!!!
Henry Baker Brown
Report Abuse
16/05/2013 21:44:00

did you chew your way through the leather straps again henry? never mind, the nurse will be around shortly to give you your night night medicine.
Report Abuse
16/05/2013 21:59:00

"Incomming", really? Wow. Before you go trolling around again I suggest you pick up a dictionary so people will take you a little bit more seriously. LOL. dumbphuck.
Report Abuse
16/05/2013 22:06:00

Hope nobody to complain about youth chances as the old legs would be first teamers in mou era.oh the pivot would be masterd by a legend under mou,what a season to enjoy the chilly pie.Like Becks what has done,after proving his game around diff league as some choose to cling on 1yr dear afraid to go to other clubs to be benched..Thats why Drogba is a respected legend than Mr Media we have these days.
Report Abuse
16/05/2013 22:26:00

Mata wins player of the year and players player of the year. Lampard wins the recognition award and Ake wins the young player of the year.
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16/05/2013 22:30:00

The only reason I'll agree with the extension is the possibility of beating Henri's record next season. I suspect this gesture is a cunning way of placating the Lamps worshipers so Abramovic will do what he wants namely hiring who he wants as manager (not Mourinho).
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16/05/2013 22:44:00

One thing I've learned over the years supporting Chelsea is that in the end of it all, Frank Lampard has ALWAYS proved his critics wrong!!!
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16/05/2013 22:52:00

well frank has done well this season but i still maintain that he is not the right man for our pivot(except we are changin formation in accordance with the philosophy of the new manager),but if we are sticking with the pivot,then we will be needing a fresh leg.
Report Abuse
16/05/2013 22:53:00

thanks... that's true, in the end, it's all about Chelsea :)
The Persian
Report Abuse
16/05/2013 22:56:00

Lamps is not fat ! his height is 183cm (6 feet) and his weight is only 78kg...
The Persian
Report Abuse
16/05/2013 23:05:00

@ mzee69 - give us a break mate, Mr Media? Has Lampard come out and disrespected CFC in any way in the media? Absolutly not. What is wrong by player saying he would like to be on the pitch more to contribute more? lol. Out of the current first team, there is very little of the 'old legs' left and last I saw, most of the CFC team now are actually very young.. (Azpi?, Mata?, Oscar?, Moses?, Hazard?, Bertrand?, Luiz?). The only old legs left is Lamps who doesnt start or even play in every game, Terry who has featured even less, Cole who is still class, as with Cech. We have maybe 2x guaranteed starters in our best 11 over 30 years of age....... I personally think loyal players to a club are rare commodity, and should be valued.. He could have and almost did go to Inter some years ago, but hasnt and instead has been one of the best players we have ever had and in the time after has helped the team to multiple more trophies (1x prem, 1x League cup, 2x FA cup, 1x champs league, 1x Europa)..
Report Abuse
16/05/2013 23:08:00

Lol @trakidd, I'm afraid but it seems u watch too many Hollywood films than footie, no?
The dope HGH
Report Abuse
16/05/2013 23:08:00

Nice article @ The Persian - I dont think Lampard should play every game or start every game but we cant ignore his contributions. Im happy too for a 1 year extension. Let the legend retire here I say.
Report Abuse
16/05/2013 23:10:00

@Henry Baker Brown - wow life has hit all time lows has it? Using spare time to troll a Chelsea fan forum lol. If you actually have nothing better to do with yourself your a really sad individual and I pity you.
Report Abuse
16/05/2013 23:17:00

@henrybakerbrownbeansmuppert&wally, u're just a brown fart with poorly baked blocks for brains, u know that? So phuck off idiot punk!
The dope HGH
Report Abuse
16/05/2013 23:23:00

I remember those duals well TP! I also respect you greatly for being big enough to not only change your mind but to stand up and hold up your hands! I knew you'd see sense eventually! ;-)
Report Abuse
16/05/2013 23:56:00

the number of trolls from other clubs getting in here is baffling! Just their own clubs are so boring, and they have no life and are a bunch of sour losers!!! I believe in the matchday thread there was even a troll supporting Benfica openly LMAO
Report Abuse
17/05/2013 06:38:00

The only reason I'll agree with the extension is the possibility of beating Henri's record next season. I suspect this gesture is a cunning way of placating the Lamps worshipers so Abramovic will do what he wants namely hiring who he wants as manager (not Mourinho).
Report Abuse
17/05/2013 08:02:00

i'm just going to love coming on VC and just sit back and watch all the members on here who hate him cry and whinge when he starts every game under Jose Mourinho. Ah that will be a pleasure.
Report Abuse
17/05/2013 08:40:00

Lampard would only get games under the new manager for tactical reasons, he won't get more game time than he already has, showing loyalty to our players is something the youngones would appreciate and make them sweat harder for the club knowing that they'll be rewarded for their sacrifices when the time comes, no wonder mata and luiz have pledged their long term loyalty to the club!!!
Report Abuse
17/05/2013 09:28:00

when I saw the heading .. thought this article is abput RAFA
Report Abuse
17/05/2013 12:09:00

Strange isn`t it. You go to Amsterdam and stay in a hotel full of Benfica fans who all claim Frank Lampard as still being one of the best and most complete midfield players in World fooball. But some so called Chelsea fans on his site, still can`t recognise it. Obviously individuals who have never even been to a live Chelsea game. Says it all.
Report Abuse
17/05/2013 13:14:00

Hey, Henry Baker Brown...go phuck yourself you piece of kak
Slippy G-19
Report Abuse
17/05/2013 14:24:00

Excellent perspective Blueheart9!
Report Abuse
17/05/2013 14:53:00

It's great news that Frank has signed a new contract! He's soon 35 years old but he's our best scorer in the EPL this season and our best scorer of all time. How can anyone calling himself a true Chelsea fan question this player and claim that he should not be given a new contract? Shame on you! He has signed but no doubt wants to stay longer than one year. He should be allowed to do that as well. After his playing career, he should be offered a job as a coach. As Desmondadonis said: showing loyalty towards our best players is crucial and sends a message to the younger players that if they work hard, they will be rewarded and have a chance of finishing their careers at Chelsea, just as Lamps. Because if Roman and the board starts to treat players like they have the managers, then they will alienate the fans. The recognition factor is important, i.e. the club needs a core of players the fans can relate to over a longer period of time. Lamps is such a player, Terry another, Cech a third. Too bad Drogba left but I suppose it was his own choice. Now David Luiz and Eden Hazard are becoming favorites among a lot of Chelsea fans, including me, and I would love to see them stay on for a number years. The main criticism towards Lamps has been that he moaned to the media and got AVB fired (the first time during his then 11th season at Chelsea that had happened, clearly indicating that something was TRULY wrong as he did not speak out against such clowns as Grant and Scolari) ) and also that he slows down play - the latter also a criticism towards Mikel, emanating from the media hysteria and sympathy for Barcelona's style of play. I say, so what? We're not Barcelona and we will never be. Bloody hate them to be honest. And Bayern proved there are other styles of play which can be just as, or even more effective. Lamps and Mikel might slow down play but their passing is mostly accurate and thus it's up to others to make runs and provide pace so that they can find them with their passes. And Mikel does provide forward passes if there's such options! Lamps signed, Jose next! Then a strengthening of the squad but please, no Xabi Alonso. I've had enough of Liverpool associations.
Kent F
Report Abuse
17/05/2013 15:19:00

Absolutely spot on mate,@KentF though I have reservations on that ur yarn on Avram Grant. Please, be more respectful next time.
Bafa Couture
Report Abuse
17/05/2013 15:47:00

good news this that Roman and Frank finally see eye to eye regards Franks future contribution to cfc...without a doubt Frank chelseas most effective player of all time, bar none, and the history books generally do not lie... Look forward to seeing him work with the S1 next season and dont be surprised if Frank bags another 20 goals next season at age 36....everyones a winner! BTW - ignore the west ham fan called @henrybakerbrown....#whataloadoftoosh
Report Abuse
17/05/2013 16:50:00

@Spanish - thanks man... @Syed - LOL
The Persian
Report Abuse
17/05/2013 21:05:00

@Ken4, u and ur "pivot" palaver. Hmm... Smh
HGH Magic
Report Abuse
18/05/2013 07:05:00


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