Chelsea - Flamini?
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An Inexpensive look at the Pivot/Defensive Midfield

With the news today that the released AC Milan midfielder Mathieu Flamini is eyeing a return to England, it occurred to me that maybe we can actually do a 'Arsenal' in the transfer market for once since the Roman Era i.e. spend far less than we budget for.

The former Arsenal midfielder is out of contract and who is yet to sign a new deal at AC Milan has been discussing his plans and made it plain that he would consider an offer to return to the Premier League in pursuit of some silverware which effectively rules out his former club.

Flameni, is quoted in the tabloid press as having remarked,

'Milan offered me a contract for two years but I need to take my time and make the right decision.

'I've been in Italy for five years, I've had a great time and learnt a lot. 'But I miss England and I want to win the Premier League.

'It has a special place in my heart. I like the pace and the physicality of English football and I like that every game is very open.

While people will say that Flamini is very injury prone, I would like to remind such people that so was Torres before he joined us but our medical team which has worked wonders with him, can and would be able to cotton wrap Flamini too.

Besides and most importantly, he would be coming for FREE and I doubt that he would command as such as De Rossi. I think with rumours of Mikel leaving for £18m ( good for both club, Nigeria and Mikel), Flamini would be a very cheap but effective fit into the DM role with Essien and Chalobah as back-up and Ramires as an emergency last man standing option.

What do you think folks?

Fancy a Flamini in blue?

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The Journalist

Writer:  Dwonder  Mail feedback, articles or suggestions

Date:Wednesday July 10 2013

Time: 4:38PM

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Not needed....wouldn't have left milan for free if he was still important to them
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10/07/2013 16:54:00

I know he's a free agent. But we are not that desperate or short of funds. If we are to bring in a DM. it would be someone good, so far the club have done a decent job in the market.
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10/07/2013 17:06:00

I would say no 2 him.if he was that good,he would be attracting all teams in Europe,even Arsenal.
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10/07/2013 17:23:00

I would say no 2 him.if he was that good,he would be attracting all teams in Europe,even Arsenal.
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10/07/2013 17:23:00

I would say no 2 him.if he was that good,he would be attracting all teams in Europe,even Arsenal.
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10/07/2013 17:24:00

De Rossi/Gustavo.....I dunno what shape Flamini is in terms of football...but he will be a distance third choice for me.....
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10/07/2013 17:30:00

Its a no no.
don delsy
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10/07/2013 17:35:00

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10/07/2013 17:36:00

By no measure close to our other target, e.g. de Rossi. Didn't excel at Arsenal. Simply not our class and as such not an improvement. The lower expense isn't enough.
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10/07/2013 17:39:00

What if he comes for free and we use the 18m we get from Mikel and add to our final offer for Cavani. He is still out there. lololol. now pple will be really up for this
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10/07/2013 17:43:00

He's a better player than many on here give him credit for, has suffered from being very versatile & yes, has had a couple of bad injuries. He'd be decent for us on a free but I'm sure his heart's set on Arsenal
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10/07/2013 17:44:00

Flamini? What for? Please let us be objective about this, what have flamini done exceptionally that made him a standout player? When we still have essien and romeu in the fold, we can't add flamini as he doesn't offer us anything that we lack. His form have not been that encouraging imo, so no to him for me
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10/07/2013 18:31:00

A no-brainer, this one. No no to any retiring or aging Scum ffs! Flamini to SW6? Not needed. An abuse of our royal blue shirt. Flagged!!! Next?
HGH Magic
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10/07/2013 19:17:00

I'd already told dwonder that this is a no brainer in another article that he mentioned it. I heard someone say he's a distant third, for me he's not even in the running at all. Whew
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10/07/2013 19:40:00

Rather give romeu a chance. I don't see flamoni as an upgrade on anyone.
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10/07/2013 20:24:00

....."to the premier league in search of some silverware, which effectively rules out his former club". "...we are not short of funds...". Hmmmm. Some pretty arrogant comments on here today, especially seeing as you didn't even try to compete for Falcao, Cavani, but have rather been in for bargain players. Think about it, lads. Meanwhile, Arsenal wouldn't entertain a return for Flamini so it is understandable if your lot don't, either.
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10/07/2013 21:24:00

lol why would we take him.. if he's being let go on a free by milan he's obviously not that good!
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10/07/2013 21:27:00

^Alas, he's an upgrade from Arteta, Diaby or Ramsey! lol
HGH Magic
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10/07/2013 22:41:00

@Naija-- LOLLL!!! SO we missed on 53 mill pound and 54 mill pound players both and we don't have funds??!!! They were bought by 2 french clubs !! Not Real Madrid either!! And how are u sure we were not competing for them?? We can go in a for a good DM if needed at 15-25 mill pound range. Schurrle and Van Ginkel are bargain players!! LOLLLL Good people think that for a change!! lollll
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10/07/2013 23:00:00

^^But doesn't by any means come close in quality to our young Chalobah or Ake let alone our swashbuckling guys like De Bruyne, Van Ginkel, Ramires, Oscar, Romeu, Mikel, Lampard or The Bison! Deal with it Naija Scum ;(
HGH Magic
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10/07/2013 23:17:00

We must not forget that Milan is not in the best financial situation an have been progressingly offloading the higher wage earners - though if you actually read the article you can see that Milan are not offloadng him and letting him walk on a free, he has actually turned down a two year contract! @Dwonder - good article and not a bad option, he was pretty good at Arsenal tbh, and wouldnt be a bad signing for DM though would be dependant on what happens to Mikel, Essien, Romeu, Chalobah too as they all play same role and nothing is set in stone as yet..
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11/07/2013 01:44:00

Just had a comprehensive look at our squad list and read and watched what the special one has had to say a couple of time's about the sqaud, and my conclusion at this point is that david luiz will probaly move into that DM position as a starter their, terry and cahill will be our starting CB's Tomas Kalas will be an important back up and something like a new signing so i don't see us buying another CB or DM cause looking at the numbers we are over stocked in those area's, which to me suggests that we can only expect one quality signing in the striking department so the flamini move is off the table unless Mikel and mybe Romeu leave.
pego sama
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11/07/2013 07:35:00

flamini isn't good.
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11/07/2013 11:52:00

not arrogant Naijagunner... just truthfully........ you people still bitching over 2m for Higuain and will never learn. the Mata episode ought to have taught le Professour a lesson. Linked with Rooney, Suarez, Higuain etc... player bought it date one. Sanogo who will be in your reserves for next season and as usual on free. not even small Grenier who has since move on was got....... If you honestly compare your team with the Mans or Us do you seriously think a title is around the corner anytime soon, I think not.
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11/07/2013 12:27:00

I will rather give Mikel and Essien life contract than give this slow poke one season wonder a day contract here, Dwonder please tell me one good season he've had since he left arsenal and that is over 5yrs,we are loaning out Romeu who is better and U want us to get this dude,common be serious,how can U sell a car to get a bicycle, I beg Ur pardon don't just start
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11/07/2013 13:05:00

@ Obinnio the guy has a misfortune with injuries but his a good player and milan actually offered him a 2 year extension. While i also believe that we would probably get De Rossi ( an excellent addition i must say) i pray we all have an open mind as our board in more ways than one has surprised us this season with some "dark arts" you "can't see us until we are gone" purchases. Out of the blue we got Marin ( not mentioned once anywhere), Schwarzer followed. Don't write the guy off. he is a good DM and more Mobile than either Mikel or Essien and would come free. I think if we sell Mikel as rumours have it around 16-18m, sign the guy on a free with Essien and chalobah all rotating that DM position. you know what, Mikel out = 16m( to be conservative), Flamini in = 0m + lets say 2 year deal with an extra after certain milestones have been met for like 3m. Profit 13m. What stops the board thinking that way bro.....
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11/07/2013 14:26:00

common guys , i know he is not as good as top dm's in the world but getting flamini for free CANNOT be a bad deal , we literally have nothing to loose and if he doesnt perform well we might get a decent fee for him and also people giving silly excuses , remember the pirlo situation ( obviously he is not that good ) but till now ac milan are still regretting letting him go for free , once again there is nothing wrong in getting him for free worst case scenerio we sell him in january for 2 million or more
Don capon
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11/07/2013 15:40:00

@ Don ....... Capiche..... well said. My sentitments exactly. He wants to come back to the EPL with a point to prove and trophies to win. I see ambition, experience, quality all on a FREE with the upside of making some small dough that would cover anything we pay for him if it doesn't work out... what is bad in that.... SMH
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11/07/2013 16:13:00

lol @Dwonder...what is bad in that is that he's a fecking scum! Now how hard can that be for you to understand mate? A scum who's not an upgrade from a Diaby, Arteta or Ramsey? C'mon mate, ya still dreaming? Let it go, will ya?...won't happen. Phewwwwwww! Next?
HGH Magic
Report Abuse
11/07/2013 17:24:00

Btw, May 1- May 31 (Higuain on his way to Arsenal); June 1 - June 30 (Higuain onhis way to Arsenal); July 1 - July 11 (Higuain still on his way to Arsenal) What's happening? Is he trekking to London ffs? =) lol
HGH Magic
Report Abuse
11/07/2013 17:27:00

ok. HGH i'll let it roll on... fingers crossed. already responded to your Higuian to Arsenal question on another article..... loollleest.... the guy is certainly crawling.. watch out for Wenger doing deadline day deals and claiming it is the dawn of a new era.
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11/07/2013 17:49:00

I still don't agree with Ur flamini theories,and to say he is better than Mikel is a criminal offence that won't go unpunished,come to think of it is Flamini Ur relation,someone who is not even up to Parker left boot that spurs are even releasing,common bro get off it
Report Abuse
11/07/2013 18:14:00

Lolest @ Obinnioo ..... (To say he is better than Mikel is a criminal offence that won't go unpunished) lolest ROFTL. How do u propose to dish out this punishment of yours......... Lololol. To tell u the truth I am much closer to Mikel than to any player in the squad. After all Jos, is like 4 - 5 hours to my state nut truth be told Mikel for all is hold up play, strenght is still not better than Flamini who is a more mobile, technical player.
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11/07/2013 22:04:00

sorry de rossi is a world class compare him with flamini is a disgrace.rather stick with essien who also cost nothing if u really want him.believe me if de rossi join us he will compete at least in PL's player of the year award next season...
Chelsea n Torres Fan
Report Abuse
12/07/2013 09:10:00


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