Chelsea - Is Cavani back on the Market?
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Is Cavani back on the Market?

Has the resignation of Paris St Germain`s Leornado opened the door for a renewed Chelsea bid ofr Edinson Cavani?

The reason we ask is that quotes are forthcoming from PSG, quotes which state,

'We regret his choice but respect his decision and wish him all the best for his future career choice.'

Probing further, we find that BBC sport are suggesting that Leornardo`s main responsibility at PSG was dealing with the transfers and that his 'shock` impending resignation has put a big dent in the chase for Cavani.

Furthermore, it is now being suggested that Chelsea may be biding their time and trying to force Napoli`s hand by making an eleventh hour bid, of £40 million, on the eve of his contract release clause expiring on August 10th.

Us mere plebs can but wait and see!

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The Journalist

Writer: Lennon23 Mail feedback, articles or suggestions

Date:Thursday July 11 2013

Time: 7:37AM

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we shall see
Report Abuse
11/07/2013 07:52:00

Lol!! It's clutching at straws situation. Not sure why they didn't announce. But it should go through, as Napoli have already started spending the money. They got a GK and Callejon from Madrid. Plus they are bidding for Damiao. .........
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11/07/2013 07:58:00

Cavani is already a psg player IMO, leonardo's last buisness for the club was signing cavani...our striker options have been further depleted to just rooney and higuain.
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11/07/2013 08:24:00

We could move in for Jovetic
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11/07/2013 08:31:00

The Cavani ship sailed days back.
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11/07/2013 08:33:00

We could just go on with what we have if everyone is overpricing their strikers
Report Abuse
11/07/2013 08:38:00

@bluekid Mancity are almost done with signing Jovetic,unless we move now. Cavani? I never liked the idea of spending over £35m for him. I think we should do all the possibles and bring in Jovetic or Suarez.
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11/07/2013 08:39:00

Cavani is long gone. Lets move on.
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11/07/2013 08:56:00

I think this is done and dusted. It will be announced once Napoli gets Damiao
Rip The Reds Apart
Report Abuse
11/07/2013 09:04:00

Cavani to psg is definitely gonna happen I think we should just concentrate on getting rooney and by the way why isn't anyone talking about fred?
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11/07/2013 09:18:00

Funny how some "mere plebs" still think we can still get Cavani let alone a certain Luis Suarez! Wtf? Does it mean all the info published on this site daily are seeds planted on fallow land?!? I'll be damned! Folks should disregard PSG's feigning of ignorance and take that with a pinch of salt; Cavani will be a PSG player before August 31! After all, wasn't Leonardo's resignation impending... expected, soon after he was handed that 6-month suspension? lol
HGH Magic
Report Abuse
11/07/2013 09:23:00

The only way Cavani wont go to PSG is if Chelsea come up with an outrageous fee which I dont think the hierachy is ready to sanction but you never know with transfers. Moreover I think Ba is getting far more stick than he deserves.
Report Abuse
11/07/2013 09:35:00

Rip the red, I dont know why you sound so confident that Napoli will get Damiao but from the comments of Intercional president they are not willing to sell him on the cheap, methinks they are taking their till after the world cup where his price will soar. I dont think Napoli can get him.
Report Abuse
11/07/2013 09:40:00

Rip the red, I dont know why you sound so confident that Napoli will get Damiao but from the comments of Intercional president they are not willing to sell him on the cheap, methinks they are taking their till after the world cup where his price will soar. I dont think Napoli can get him.
Report Abuse
11/07/2013 09:40:00

@Desmonddaonis, would you listen to yourself for a minute "let's go with what we have", I think science should come up with a plan to implant micro-chips in the heads of every human, so when someone says something stupid, it explodes. Desmond, you just lost one micro-chip #in Dr. Sheldon Cooper's voice#
Report Abuse
11/07/2013 09:42:00

@Tugay08. I'll presume you do not rate what we have? Then would be nice if you stated that with reasons and not belittle someone else's reasoning thereby causing insults back and forth.
Report Abuse
11/07/2013 10:04:00

@Dannism: I think Damiao will be after Fred in the pecking order so his price will not soar. Napolo has bidded 18M for him and no other top elite European club wants him, Internacional is just holding for a few million more so it is just a matter of time
Rip The Reds Apart
Report Abuse
11/07/2013 10:05:00

lol @Tugay08 @micro-chips and stuff. You're wicked man, ease off will ya? #in AVButthead's voice# @Dannismology ;) [Leandro?] Damiao is injury-prone and has stagnated in his development over the last 1 and half years. Same reason erstwhile suitors like Spuds have let his boat sail unperturbed this summer. Benitez or De Laurentis are only but gambling...and to suggest or hope "his price will soar" after the World Cup I'm afraid is moot point, if not delusional, seeing as he'll never become Brazil's nor Big Phil's preferred No.9!!! For whatever it is worth btw, isn't he third in the pecking order behind Fred and Jo?
HGH Magic
Report Abuse
11/07/2013 10:25:00

Wow....Someone doesnt rate our striker at all!!! Some fans wld replace the whole team if they could!! Deluded!!
Report Abuse
11/07/2013 10:26:00

@Nelyvanile, I'm cool with Desmonddadonis, he knows that I'm sure. Right, among our strikers, I rate Ba and Lukaku only, but the thing is, they are not on the level of Man U and City strikers, the supposed teams we are directly challenging for the title, unless we are comfortable with fighting for third spot like we did last season, then we go with them. Many of you here think Mourinho to be a Magician (Gandalf the white) that his coming would make us automatic champions, well let me put it this way, if we fail to plan, we plan to fail, if we fail to correct/fortify our problems from last season, then 3rd place and the Europa league is as good as it gets for us, and the striking role was one of our biggest problems from last season, or do you think Lukaku, Ba and Torres can hold their own in Europe (CL)? We need a top class striker, let's not be blinded by sentiments cos our only chance now of a top finisher/striker is Wayne Rooney and Luis Suarez. KTBFFH
Report Abuse
11/07/2013 10:36:00

@3nity, take out the log from your eye before you attempt to take out the straw from mine, you don't rate players like Mikel and Torres, so don't bother me dude, Capiche!!! Its called Hypocrisy........
Report Abuse
11/07/2013 10:49:00

He who has never underrated any of Chelsea FC player, should cast the first nike ball, with all the chants I see here of "Sell Mikel, he's useless" and "Torres is a total Flop, El Floppo", you'll do well not to bother about me and any player i don't rate, you smell me?
Report Abuse
11/07/2013 10:55:00

@Tugay. Let us start by identifying exactly what our problem was last season? A striker,Midfielder,Defender or a certain balance that was missing in transition play? RDM spoke so much about the balance in the team,Rafa was quick to identify the team lacked a certain balance between attacking and defending. So what exactly was our problem? Well I believe we didn't have the right balance and the midfield needed an addition or a certain tweak. We were obviously short in numbers in attack and Torres didn't guarantee us goals,so we went for the 2nd/3rd best striker in the league based on goals scored as at January. Arrival of Ba looked to guarantee us goals but he seemed to struggle to find his feet as well,we obviously didn't play to his strength and he looked too eager to prove a point sometimes. Don't get me wrong,I'm not saying an addition of a Striker is not needed but that's not the main issue. If we get a striker,all well and good,but if we don't,ill gladly stick with what we have...Torres,Ba,and Lukaku got pretty decent amount of goals last season,and if we have to stick to them,we have to balance the team to play to their strengths and improve our transitional play. Like I always say,a world class player is as good as his team mates,team work brings out the class in a player.
Report Abuse
11/07/2013 11:17:00

i dont think we need a strike at all...torres scored 20 goals last season even though he was in bad form...lukaku scored 16 goals with west brom midfield ba can score in double figure...we have so many am like mata hazz lamps oscar and now kdb schrulle who can score goals and help us win the game...the best thing about chelsea that we are not a one man team unlike other team who depends on one player for their win...our defenders scores and i would happy having a team contributing in goals rather than depending on one striker for the whole season..
Report Abuse
11/07/2013 13:00:00

i also believe Cavani is gone.And resignation of Leornado doesn't mean PSG will not be signing players.
Report Abuse
11/07/2013 13:23:00

Please we need a striker, even if Tugay might have insulted some friends,for the sake of peace I am apologising on his behalf just for us to have a healthy discussions but I stick with his argument on this,we need a sharp striker,lukaku can be good in the league but let's be honest will U trust him on big continental match if Torres is doing his usual invisible when he can't breeze past a Dm not to talk of 2 CD,I've always use the word 'be careful what U wish' in this forum,do U think we can afford to have a bad European night next season again,pls for me hell no,when a striker is non existing as Torres seems to do often,then the whole team is in trouble,and don't expect our midfield to lead us to at least semi in champions league with invisible striker,if it is only for league,I don't mind only Torres and BA self,lukaku is an upgrade but for the big stage,we need a quality CF
Report Abuse
11/07/2013 14:04:00

Hmmmm..... all of a sudden, from we need a new prolific goal scorer, one of the likes of Cavani, Falcao, Lewadonski, Rooney, Benteke, Gomez and Ibrahimovic (just a few of the names mentioned here).... it has suddenly become we don't need any striker.... Wouldn't you love VC!.... how time changes and mood switches in the twinkling of an eye....
Report Abuse
11/07/2013 14:11:00

Suarez is the best and better option we should go all out for, but our hatred will not allow us do what is right and get him,yes some have rightly say no more scousers cos the players we got from them flopped,but I will rightly say it is our boards fault for getting a washed up scouser,tell me a pool player we have bought at his peak or b4 he peaks,we bought Torres when he was on down spiral in football,of course I don't need to tell U his injury history and him loosing pace b4 and after world cup,how many goals did Torres score the half season we bought him,he wasn't even playing well,and I remember Gerrard offering him penalty against Fulham to boost his confidence coz he was not scoring,pls enough of Liverpool bashing we shot ourselves on the feet simple,and we bought finished benayoun to come supply Torres,I remember arguing with my friend that it is a bad buy and he doubted and which to this day he have eaten his words,mirra was ok for us but he is way past his prime at Porto and Liverpool don't need him then as a result of crowded midfield,and bought him as a last ditch attempt for midfield coz of modric failed bid,we are the one shooting ourselves simple,let's get Suarez now at his peak and see what he does,he is the best striker in premier league,better then Van Persie that benched Rooney,yes better U heard me right,he struck 30 for pool even with his 10 match ban for Evra and ban he started serving after Ivan bite,with other suspensions,he is way Under rated. We have good business link with pool seeing we have bought b4 from them and we sold sturridge who is gold to them now without hurdles, we have to exercise that options coz it is not an aggressive buy coz Suarez wants out and not us unsettling him like Torres case, Let's go all out and get him please,or else our dream of silver wear will be a fairytale. Stop hating him,he have apologised and accepted mistake,even Iva did not crucify him,if not for anything for the sake of the Team,we need striker and strikers are dried in the market,forget the media,expect Jose to take pressure of him in media,he is the master of that,takes sticks for his players,stop the media issue coz we will always make front page with or without him and Jose handle them and if we are to make front page,expect Jose face to be there every morning which even promotes his image.
Report Abuse
11/07/2013 14:37:00

What's all the fuss, Cavani wouldn't tie Falcao's shoelaces.
Report Abuse
11/07/2013 15:15:00

Lukaku, Torres, Ba, and with Schurrle as an emergency backup: we're OK. Let's all move on.
Report Abuse
11/07/2013 15:35:00

Get wazza offload torres n ba ASAP m tired of these striker rumours!
Report Abuse
11/07/2013 16:34:00

we should have snapped up bony! from what ive seen of him i was impressed. think swansea have got a bargain with him! 31 goals in 30games. hes build is perfect for the prem
Report Abuse
11/07/2013 16:49:00

Any one calling for fred is seriously jokin. I mean dat guy and torres are on the same page in terms of quality right now.
don delsy
Report Abuse
11/07/2013 18:58:00

If Cavani has any ambition he will choose Chelsea over PSG. The Premier League is the world’s best league, Mourinho is the world’s best manager, and Chelsea is looking for a first choice striker. But I fear that like many other South American footballers he will put money above career. Think of Falcao, Hulk, and Willian. They will be forgotten where they are playing now. And PSG may win their league, but the world won’t be watching. By contrast, if Cavani joined Chelsea the whole Premier League would buzz with excitement, he would set the world’s biggest stage alight. This summer, at age 26 he is about to make or break his career, let’s hope he makes a wiser choice than the others.
Report Abuse
11/07/2013 20:52:00

why do people keep saying we need world class strikers if we want to compete in Europe? I seem to remember man city had 4 world class strikers last season and they had a worse champions league campaign than us, Its times like these when we cant depend on getting a so called world class striker that the Lukaku's and the Ba's step up in europe and show they can be world class
Report Abuse
11/07/2013 20:57:00

I want to know who this big Den Tin is... And how much he's going for?
Report Abuse
11/07/2013 21:25:00

Rooney sent back home from Asia with an hamstring..... Am I the only seeing something else.
Report Abuse
11/07/2013 21:45:00

HGH Magic
Report Abuse
11/07/2013 22:41:00

Not u @Dwonder, obviously ;)
HGH Magic
Report Abuse
11/07/2013 22:43:00

Rather, the comment suggesting we should hope Ba becomes world class in lieu of buying an established star
HGH Magic
Report Abuse
11/07/2013 22:46:00

@HGH Magic and how exactly does a player become world class or even be considered world class if he has never been given the opportunity to perform on the world stage... ok I admit Ba has not been exceptional for us so far but there is no denying his two previous seasons at newcastle he was immense, It only takes one great champions league game to become a star remember Bale against Milan
Report Abuse
11/07/2013 23:17:00

Am afraid his move to psg is done and dusted
Report Abuse
12/07/2013 03:53:00

Am afraid his move to psg is done and dusted
Report Abuse
12/07/2013 03:54:00

@pnm--Ba will be out on loan anyways. Moot point, I'm afraid buddy ;)
HGH Magic
Report Abuse
12/07/2013 12:10:00

What about us signing Burak Yilmaz (from GALA) and Wayne Rooney and Hulk, then sell Ba and Torres. So we go in with Yilmaz, Rooney, Hulk and Lukaku......... What about our young defender Omeruo??? I think we shoul give him a chance.......
Report Abuse
12/07/2013 22:35:00


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