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Rooney - The Chelsea Truth

With the internet alive with the inference that Chelsea had made a bid for Wayne Rooney and that United had also been offered either David Luiz or Juan Mata in part exchange, the club have issued a statement.

The statement reads;

'Chelsea Football Club can confirm that yesterday it made a written offer to Manchester United for the transfer of Wayne Rooney."

'Although the terms of the offer are confidential, for avoidance of doubt and contrary to what is apparently being briefed to the press in Sydney, the proposed purchase price does not include the transfer or loan of any players from Chelsea to Manchester United.'

So now we know!

Also, the BBC are now reporting that United`s CEO, Ed Woodward, has left their Australian tour to conduct some urgent transfer business!

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The Journalist

Writer: Merlin Mail feedback, articles or suggestions

Date:Wednesday July 17 2013

Time: 3:48PM

Your Comments

Yes open war now!! We are doing things little different this window, to say the least!! LOLL! But it has got messy now!
We certainly know now. Kudos to the board for coming out to claring the issue (for the 1st time if I'm not wrong). This goes to show how Mata and if not Luiz are important to the 'project'.
Nothing surprising, is there? Jose was always going to bid for Rooney. “We” knew all along. lol... How nice he opened his bid with £10m!!! Golden! Epic!! ...I'm lovin' it ;) *music*wine*pizza*
HGH Magic
why oh why in the hell do we want Wayne Rooney!!!! Why FFS??!! Must we always be that club that takes an unhappy player out of the other club's hands and end up paying an extreme amount of cash in tranfer and wages. I'm so sick of chelsea ALWAYS going for the big names!!! and why premier league players from big clubs??? Will we EVER produce our OWN dam superstars FFS this big name big spending has to end now!!
Slippy G-19
I don't think ManUre will sell to a rival, especially having first hand experience what happened when they bought RVP from the Ar$es...
^^^stranger things have happened so...
lol zz.. Slippy -- mate bleary-eyed sleepy or the plot “Slipping” out of ya hands? Why not ask manure how not to buy the Van Persies, the Andrew Coles, the Van Nisterooys, the Rio Ferdinands, the Ashley Youngs, the Eric Cantonas, the Roy Keanes, the Peter Smeichels, the Van dar Saars, Wayne Rooneys, Patrice Evras, Gabriel Heinze, Valencia, Kagawa and the David De Geas of this world huh? lol zz.. ;)
HGH Magic
Jose just confirmed they have not bid for anyone else. It's either Rooney or no one. .De Laurentiis came out and said Chelsea never bid for Cavani!!!! Unbelievable considering we have dragged through the Cavani saga and we haven't bid at all!! smh!! How many articles were spent on him here at VC for cavani!! loll!
Hulk going to Monaco for 60 mill euros!!! Lord have mercy!! PSG buying 18 yr old Marquinhos from Roma for 35 mill euros after buying Lucas Digne for 16 mill euros earlier plus Cavani for 70 mill euros. These two are out of control now!! lolll
CONFIRMED-- Jose says Rooney is Chelsea's ONLY transfer target. If we don't get him, then no one else comes!!........... So De Rossi coming, Mikel going, other strikers like Suarez etc, all now mostly not happening!
This is a game of causing unrest guys and am loving it! Jose started it all and it got to ManU when moyes claim rooney was second choice to RVP and jose replied to the situation by saying rooney as a second choice would affect the England National team. That really unrest in the ManU camp and they are trying to get back with this and our board was smart enough to come out and deny it (meaning they are the one an unhappy player and not us)
Jose"s comment after the match makes me think chelsea might actually get Rooney....I hope we dont do something stupid and we actually know what we are doing...Lawd have mercy!
^^ IN a way you could say our transfer business is done!!
I will never forgive Arsenal for selling RVP to manure if they (manure) refuse to sell Rooney to us and for the BBC's report of cash plus player deal which has been refutted by chelsea, which other player do you think the media will mention to test chelsea fans nerves if not Mata, luiz, Hazard and Oscar? Let the war continue............
munich Glory
I know the media attach our names to every transfer but to know we were never in the running for cavani, am awestrucked. Rooney our only target? Am just waiting to see just how we will get him without paying top money to ManU. Does rooney has a release clause in his contract anybody?
Yes mostly crazy @syed, the French shenanigans, though u must agree, 'tis a rather very subtle, polite and sublime way to give “their” platininininininii the necessary fAT middle-finger with his FFP gospel. Lovely summer!! lol zz..
HGH Magic
Hulk can go ahead and sign for 100mil euros to join the singha all star team for all I care. So far its not us, am all smiles
hmmm....Shrekky in a blue shirt?
Lolz @HGH platinis face already looks funny but I would still pay any amount to see just how his face looks with the fat middle finger showned him by the french shenanigans
i am ashtonished to see that some of us here at VC have there "GARY NEVILLE GLASSES" on while throwing a judgement on david luiz. everyone starts behaving like being controlled by 14 year old playstation boy. actually us behaving like this makes only one person look like a winner and thats gary neville. he is the man who played with injury in champions league final. and some of us might be ok if we give luiz to man u in exchange for rooney.
*luiz is the man
@HGH-- Platini probably has a share of transfer fee!! lollll!
If Jose wants him i will support this transaction and it looks like Rooney will be leaving Manure....its just a matter of where he ends up imo....Cfc tend not to do their business in public but had to issue the Mata/Luiz rebuttal that manure had intentionally started to cause some and games...releasing those false rumours about Mata is going to come back to bite em where it hurts....I hope we dont pay shrekky more than £ be honest, if Juan is on £90k pw and i dont see why rooney should be paid more...but therein lies the quandary that a premium be paid for the best English players
I'd take Wayne over Fernando any time of the day, any day of the week...
besides. it looks like we will now definately get rooney since we have gone public. and deal might be closed in next few days. i just hope his head is in it's place if he comes to chelsea
The BBC has lost all credibility...
Honestly,I very much doubt we will be getting anyone else...doubt Manchester United will sell to us,its up to them now.
I'm quite upset we are not signing De Rossi. I still feel he would add immense quality to a midfield that IMO needs improving if we want to challenge on all fronts next season
Also the Rooney bid is one time. We won't be increasing the bid as per Jose. SO it looks like we made a sizeable cash offer!
Jose has said we won't be increasing our bid, so we might have reached an impasse here
The De Rossi and Cavani links were utter *****. Lol
@syed--that's a plausible explanation to the French crazy spending[and platininini looking the other way even when he hastily albeit controversially punished Malaga of Spain!!! Criminal and unfair shifting of goalposts? God help us!], though sounds improbable on face-value. Never mind @Carefree -- might well be part of the grand scheme. Jose knows...has a plan. lol zz.. @BluesInMe ;)
HGH Magic
Don't be so quick to write off other links!!! How are you sure it doesn't mean its either "Rooney or Bust" for the striking position alone?...
give me de rossi !!!
Blue Krusaders
man u re trying everytin 2 fustrate us in our bid 2 buy Rooney, remember d Gabriel heize 2 lpool saga; they ended up selling him 2 madrid. They re doing every thing 2 disrupt our team 2 force us 2 drop our interest. Hope Jose puts a call thru 2 d guys mentioned, Luiz n Mata 2nyt 2 clear up man u's mischief.
The last transfer saga we ended up signing mereiles instead of modric....thank God mou has said "rooney or bust",so we wouldn't end up signing a less proven striker...
@Hazard11-- I am just posting Jose's direct comments, you want to decode something in between the lines, go right ahead!!
Hope Manu dont sell us Shrek.we dont need him.Madrid do us fav.
@syed LOL! There was no way I was referring to you,I just thought it could mean the striker issue as the subject matter was concerning a bid for rooney....
@mzee69...have you had any personal encounter with rooney before?how come you hate the lad this much?
Am afraid how long this deal will drag. That said I guess the board and jose would have sat down over list of probable strikers to sign and decided rooney is the one. If this were the case, then it must have been a very daring decision
I will say this..DiRossi is a much more important acquisition than Wayne Rooney as Chelsea lacks a player with DiRossi's skill set. We can get by without Rooney. But we must get DeRossi. As to the Rooney saga, Chelsea should slow play this and watch Rooney explode. He wants out so bad he will implode and we should just sit back and watch the circus unfold in front of us. After the Rooney implosion, we should rebid at a slightly higher value and watch again for another implosion. Repeat until August 31st. This should be fun to watch Rooney and Man U destroy each other.
yesssss... buy Rooney and De Rossi, and maybe Bruma for the future... \m/
The Persian
I will gladly welcome Shrek to Chelsea. Following Mou's comments, it seems the club hasn't bid for De Rossi. This simply means we have our trust on Essien, Mikel & Challobah to play the DM position this season. In Jose I trust.
we don't need the likes of Torres and Mikel... we can't "wait for them to go back to their best form bla bla bla...".... replace the two with De Rossi and Rooney, and the title is ours, GUARANTEED !
The Persian
there's just one more thing missing for this transfer to happen... and that's Rooney handing in an official transfer request... come on ROONEY
The Persian
and by the way, I think Jose meant Rooney is the only striker we're in for... not the only player...
The Persian
@Lamarochs...meeen i was laffing hard mate...that has to be the post of the day for me...hopefully manure and rooney implode and destroy themselves, now that should be some reaally good
@mzwee - dude, pretty darn belated rant. Chillax! lol zz.
HGH Magic
Remember this time last year? United fans claimed that they were a bigger club than arsenal and that's why V persie opted to join them...1 year later,rooney wants to join us from united.....which means we are a bigger club than united
It doesn't matter how much we offer for Rooney, ManUre won't sell. A transfer request isn't even a guarantee. that ManUre will comply
FOOTBALL SUICIDE 101 ...what a candid read:
HGH Magic
wallace going on loan...........i was excited to see him
Wrong @traykidd - considering his high wages, a formal transfer request should suffice & do the magic!!! Or do ya reckon manure can afford to do him “a Malouda” for two seasons?
HGH Magic
with rooney coming in and if gets 250k a week.. terry will also be have to paid that much. isn't there a clause which will keep him highest paid chelsea player during his contract?? we will pay terry 5 million more this season.
thank god mou has said "no juan mata, no david luiz"
They could do that for a season then send him abroad or if push comes to shove they could just say hey Chelsea you want Rooney? Excellent how would you like to make history by beating the Current EPL player sales record by buying Rooney for an ego boosting record ooooof wait for it..... A cool 100mill pound sterling. With Christiano as a precedent are you willing to bet Rooney won't be next HGH?
So some said V.persie wasn't going to join united that he would prefer a move abroad(juventus)...where did he end up?....the transfer market its still open,anything can happen let's see how it goes
We actually might end up buying Bruma in the coming days,which is really good piece of news.The kid (he is my peer actually) is the most exciting young player of his generation and as long as he keeps working hard he may become a legend of Chelsea.On Rooney's link,if we get him it will be the transfer of the summer,forget about Neymars,Goetzes and Cavanis,Rooney can make us champions. Although his coming will certainly mark the end of Torres's or Ba's careers at the Bridge.
If you arent prepared to give up Mata, then this saga has already ended. Rooney will not hand in a transfer request bcuz he knows it will be rejected, he will stay and he'll be in for some abuse. I'm not sure how the press get all these things about Rooney being angry and confused. There have been no quotes from Rooney yet everyday, the press seem to find something else to write about him. But Chelsea should just forget it. Everyone is already saying Chelsea are title favorites so the idea that we will sell Rooney to Chelsea is beyond laughable. Its like we would like to help you win trophies and we'll just sit and watch you. We aren't Arsenal. We actually have trophy ambitions
I dont think rooney will be a bad signing if the fee is £25m or less. If we could get 4 good years out of him that fee will be ok. anything more will be bad business considering what we will be paying him
but is it jut me or should central midfield be our main priority. I still think we're weak in that position. I'd much rather spend £25m on fabregas. Him and ramieres in the middle with 3 from mata/hazard/shurrle/oscar/moses in front of them with ba/lukaku/ torres (the torres of the last 5 games of last season) and i think we're sorted.
^^^lol zz.. manure fanboy, there's no point pleading, indirectly begging, sounding fecking beat-up, all blue in the face and sorry, and going all dainty, soft and mellow as that manure “Mark Clattenburg-esque” gimmick won't cut it with us. We are bigger and mightier than you pathetic lot such, we're coming to get our be ready, just as ORN used your fading might to snap RVP from the scums. So, beat it boy, ok? Nice sorry attempt though. But won't work. lol zz.. manure #Debased
HGH Magic
Mirror reporting United to make £60m bif for Gareth Bale.... reason for Woodwards departure ...more than likely . I just hope RM make a counter bid
Wazza maybe Shrek in disguise or a wally in his spare time but he sure knows a club “bigger” than debased manure when he sees one. Welcome to Chelsea FC Wazza ...where your lofty lifelong dreams are our annual realities ;)
HGH Magic
as roma has been added to our friendly list,a strong hint that de rossi is coming..
Chelsea n Torres Fan
If manure put in a bid for Bale, Mourinho should bid them up.
HGH - Sure come get him. You all seem 100% sure he's already a Chelsea player. I dont know which club you think you're dealing with. Its funny. Come get him, he's all yours
ForeverUnited-if u feels he will stay or move abroad then fine.don't worry about us then.i'm worried of your health for losing your sleep...
Chelsea n Torres Fan
honestly i'd prefer KDB to play on the RW in the expense of Oscar even before last night match...
Chelsea n Torres Fan
Sorry wrong thread regarding KDB
Chelsea n Torres Fan
United has leaked what they want for Rooney i.e Mata/Luiz + 10m...not its upto chelsea whether we need to pursue Rooney....
After all the permutation and combinations on why we shouldn't get rooney, cfc have gone ahead to make an official bid for the lad, are we saying mou,emenalo and the others involved in transfers don't know what they are doing? I believe this rooney piece will take a new twist in 2 weeks time and we might actually get him. If we do fine by me, if we don't I won't lose a wink. And btw I believe we are keeping mikel :-) get used to it boys
I thought Manu have Kagawa as their #10.why would they want Mata?cz Kagawa is not good than Mata!
@Chelsea n Torres fan,i think its no problem 2 state your point regarding KDB.i too will support that,he will offer more service than Oscar @ RW.
I guess Mata will have to man the RW guys...remember what Mou said recently about “wingers with wrong foot”? Oscar and KDB most likely will be played centrally as KDB's vision may be a bit “wasted” out wide.
HGH Magic
thanks blue5.Oscar is good but KDB is more natural as a winger because he play a lot in that position during his time at Genk.he is trickier than Oscar and has a deadly crosses.Oscar is better at #10 as a backup for Mata...
Chelsea n Torres Fan
HGH Magic-don't worry mate because they will interchange all the time during game.Mata,Hazard,and KDB they can play in all position in I think KDB has more pace than Mata to play on the wing...
Chelsea n Torres Fan
Hahaha! ForeverUnited - dude make that a 101%. Believe what u want but believe also that Wazza isn't “happy” with united, moyes, ORN, woolward(what's the new man's name?) and the whole manure crew ;( ...never mind Desmond, what's good for the goose is also good for the gander; the did it to Arseanal, we will also use our superior “might” to snap Rooney from 'em, use his talents “more appropriately” and show the world that he's the better all-round striker than his Dutch manure rival.
HGH Magic
Chelsea to Play Roma in friendly...will this be a part of DDR signing???? Any stories on that...
I guess Rooney wont be the single target for us this summer as Jose said...maybe he implied that rooney is the only STRIKER target for us....certainly we shd be looking to sign Bruma & DDR....
Well @Chelsea n Torres - for sure they'll interchange seamlessly but I'm kinda persuaded that Mou will[or will be made to] somehow make Mata, Hazard and KDB starters ~ we'll see...though this “dilemma”, u must agree, is a rather nice and comfy one to have, no? ;)
HGH Magic
Blu_run-mourinho said that just to attract all eyes on man utd and rooney to put the pressure on them.plain psychology.we should still looking for Bruma and DDR...
Chelsea n Torres Fan
I think you're spot on @Blu_run, as it seems talks for BOTH Bruma and DDR are already in “advanced” stages. Good and functional comprehension mate...that must have meant “only STRIKER target” and not necessarily only player target! Thought as much *winks* ;)
HGH Magic
Yes HGH,very nice one!
Chelsea n Torres Fan
A striker say Roo,DDR n Bruma n we are done for the intray.
Who remember the last two transfer saga? After we chased Aguero for two seasons we ended up getting torres,after we chased modric for a whole summer we ended up signing mereiles,thank God mou has said its "rooney or bust" so I am happy we won't be turning to liverpool this time....
Beg ur pardon, a little CORRECTION Hazard11: Chelsea would've finished better than 3rd on the log had we not sold Raul Meireles! And without him we most probably wouldn't have won the Champions League when, and how, we did! If in doubt or confused, please ask the winner himself, Roberto Di Matteo! Though I appreciate that our football tastes, knowledge depth...and stuff differ, I'd like we learn to put things in proper perspective for, if nothing, posterity! For me, Meireles made a load [2 Cups load in his only season actually] of sense and his partnership with Mikel was pure class. I still miss that. I still rue his sale ;(
HGH Magic
well,well mereiles neva had great technical abilities..sometimes or most times picking the wrong passes i jst loved his guts in front of goal and his defencive aspect to our game play(not in anyway underming his contribution to the blue course)
@HGH---For all his paint,Raul was actually a team mate!!!! Very reliable. Not much quality but man he never stops working for the team. And will never shy away from pulling the trigger if he sniffs a little opening. Immense contribution to our history. DOnt nobody disrespect Raul M.

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