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SOTN - Faith

You won't have missed the nonsense this morning about Rooney and swapping him for Mata or Luiz and a lot of money.

Twitter almost spontaneously combusted with Chelsea fans spitting out their cornflakes in rage over the sheer lunacy of the deal, and of United fans creaming their jockeysocks in unison at the thought of one of the world's finest number tens playing for them.

How can Chelsea be so stupid?

Come to think of it, how stupid would United be to turn it down?

As some of us tried to tell you at the time, it was the biggest load of nonsense since the last Katie Price book. It is just meaningless words concocted by someone who has had a huge wind-up at everyone's expense. It was telling those of the established journos (yes, Ben Smith, Ollie Holt, Matt Lawton - we mean you) we're trying to stand by whoever wrote the story, whereas others (Sam Wallace, Martin Samuel and the excellent Rory Smith - we mean you) did not believe it for one second and could scarcely hide their amazement and disappointment that the Daily Mail chose to run the story, suggesting in one case that 'some journalists should concentrate on what is actually happening than what they wish was happening'.


What actually happened of course was Chelsea made a cash bid of GBP27m, and United turned us down, but chose to leak to media sources that the deal was the ten million plus Mata or Luiz. Why they chose to do this can only be for PR reasons - United would rather have the rags talking about Chelsea wanting to get rid of two their best players (Mata and Luiz) than the rags talking about United having to get rid of one of their best players in Rooney.

It probably seemed like clever PR at the time of course, but whoever it was did not think far enough ahead - one wonders what in fact they thought would happen when the Daily Mail ran with it? Shock horror. Chelsea clarify the situation with a press release saying it how it is, and of course now leaving United looking rather pathetic.

I applaud Chelsea for being smart enough to see what was happening and sorting it out.

But the point I'd like to make for this SOTN here is tangential - bear with me.

I was a little alarmed at the vitriol leveled at the club, particularly Gourlay and Emenalo and (unbelievably!) Jose himself, as the reports came out. Huge swathes of our fanbase were seething with resentment and sarcasm, slating all three to high heaven on Twitter. Now lets discount for a second the character trait of believing what you read in the notoriously mendacious UK agenda-driven media, or what miserable and tragic indictment that passes on you as a person. Leaving that aside - what in the world has the club done, transfer wise, that deserves such derision?

I'd contend we have a very, very savvy operation going here now.

When did we start doing silly business like the press were trying to suggest? Not even the giddy days of immediately post-Roman were that daft. We used to buy badly. We used to get mugged left right and centre.

Not any more.

We have a smart, very well considered transfer policy and are nobody's mugs any more. Just ask Porto and Napoli - they try every summer for the flavour of the month and every summer we walk away because they are taking the piss. We buy top class younger players and kids and we develop them.

You only have to look at the players playing for us against Singha Allstars this afternoon to realise how good our transfer policy is.

Wallace - looks a class signing.
Azpilicueta - one of the best young RBs in the world, Spanish international, signed for 8m.
De Bruyne - the definition of money well spent. Absolutely class.
Luiz - paid 22m, is worth 10m more than that now.
Ramires - quality buy.
Van Ginkel - already looks a quality buy and we got him on the cheap.
Schurrle - see above. Both have potential to be world class.
Cahill - 7m. Nuff said.
Ba - 7m paid and we'd get more than that to sell him on. Profit.
Lukaku - people scoffed at us paying 18m for him, they dont anymore.

Then you've got Mata for 23m and Oscar for 20m, and Hazard arguably the best player in the Prem now and a steal at 32m.

When was the last dodgy buy we had? Marin - fair enough, but he was only 8m and we'd likely recoup that when we sell him.

I can really only think of Benayoun and Torres in the last few years. And even in Torres' case you can probably make a case for him having recouped a lot of his value in terms of shirtsales and the small matter of key goals vs Barca away and THAT night in Amsterdam. He scored 23 goals last season. We'd probably get 15m for him if we sold him, so he isnt a total unmitigated catastrophe.

My point is made.

We do not get mugged off in the transfer market any more. We pay fair value or we walk away, and we have easily the best 'hit rate' for new players coming in of any top team - Liverpool, United or Arsenal would absolutely kill to have as many resounding hits in the transfer market as we get and keep on getting.

Yet people (and our own fans) continue to think that just because someone writes it, it is true. Written by some idiot with attention issues and no personality who needs to do a wind up in the papers to gain some twitter followers and make a name for himself at the gutter rags. How does this prideless nobody deserve credibility and credence over our own transfer team who - and I deliberately repeat myself here - have proven themselves over and over and over again recently.

Just a thought here people.

How about we give Emenalo, Jose and Gourlay and the backroom people who handle this business for us a little more respect and recognition in what they do?

And next time the papers need to sell more chip paper in the north of England and so make up nonsense that the unwashed millions up there will want to read to mollify their fears of the rising Chelsea juggernaut - next time they deliberately try to destabilise the club and our players - just bear in mind this piece.

Trust in Jose. And Emenalo. And yes: even in Gourlay (about transfers at least!)


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The Journalist

Writer: OLASAL Mail feedback, articles or suggestions

Date:Wednesday July 17 2013

Time: 5:12PM

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OLASAL great piece yet again, may I just say I need at least 4 articles from you every week else I get withdrawal symptoms...I was irate at the idiocy of this whole situation...that someone would believe enough to print (or at least think that others would believe) the story of CFC offering Mata/Luiz plus 10 million for Rooney...then also believing that if said offer was made would be refused by Manure (Were we to make such an offer, out of respect, united would offer to call Old Trafford Chelsea's house). Then the mugs came outta the closet, saw em on twitter "Oh BBC said it therefore it must be true" and "Jose's a fool" the smarter ones who believed it were questioning Manure's refusal. No way Jose would be that stupid. He has proven time and time again that he will no longer be taken for a ride...But I do have a problem with our desperation to sign Shrek...although if Jose sez so, then it is good enough for me. I actually hope that this does not go any further for the insolence shown by Manure for trying to make us look like Muggs through their Media houses.
Fine piece OLASAL. Agreed we are improving our transfer dealings year after year and working to a plan now. Also beats me why some jump out and call Jose names when these rumors start. They have all been false so far!! We are on the right path! #KTBFFH #COYB
Agree with your thoughts sir....too much "bandwagoning" sometimes from our own fans, at the most ridiculous stories - does my head in lol...I was concerned when i read the news this morning but knew they had to be false...The rebuttal was quick and emphatic...Well done chelsea management....and thats another thing we're so quick to blame management when things dont go well, we should also be quick to praise them when they do good things like today ;)...COYB
Woah! An ABSOLUTE masterclass! Soon as I woke up to the ridiculous headlines, I knew straight away it was maliciously misleading and blatantly false. It does seem rather sad that a great many ardent supporters still fell for the gambit. Oh well! Stranger things do happen, dont they? #InJoseWeTrust
Stmichael Stmikhailz
I didn't believe it for a second but chuckled when I realised that the Daily Mail actually made United look more stupid than us - because they rejected Mata + 10m for Rooney. Who on earth would do that? Especially as Rooney wants out?!
Now we have to convince Rooney to announce his desire to leave United in public. Wearing a Chelsea shirt. That will be our revenge ;)
Feck it, let us just put in a bid for Suarez and watch Manure come back begging for the 20 mill...And it is smart for Mourinho to stipulate that Rooney was always their target...
loolllll long and loudest at *spitting in their cornflakes and creaming in their jockey socks...........
I've always disliked United for sporting reasons as much as cultural ones. What they're up to now w the Mata/David Luiz story is petty, desperate *****. Both lads are on holiday trying, I'm sure, to relax. And now the Mancs leak a nonsense story in an effort to deflect Moyes' utterly stupid, bullheaded comments about Rooney. More than that, they're trying to unsettle two really special CFC players. This isn't an eye for an eye situation either. Rooney wants out of his club. We've not it for months, if not years. And CFC is well within its right to bid for him, just as Utd can reject it. But they crossed a line with this one--don't feck w our Mata; don't feck w our David Luiz. And don't feck with JOSE MOURINHO!
typo: we've *heard* [Rooney's desire to leave] for months, if not years...
Regardless of all this, and despite the fact that I do not like Rooney's alleged (emphasis on alleged) lifestyle, he is still a class player and now that I think of it, he is exactly the sort of player who could link up with Mata and Hazard in their passing and roaming because Rooney is technically good - unlike Torres or Ba. So if we can get him for something like 25m, I'd welcome this signing.
ManU are actually jealous of our new found cloak and dagger reputation and wants to expose us to the public. Chelsea however have responded emphatically and made it known that Manu can take 20m or ***** off..... we would rather go for Suarez than add another penny to the offer on the table. Love the way our board has evolved this season. we have to give them the credit for such astute work.
In all likelihood, I doubt United will sell Rooney to Chelsea, but I've said all along that I think he's a terrific player and one who would elevate the quality of the squad. His salary is a severe problem, though, one which would surely need to be addressed. And I could see CFC going up to maybe 25m; beyond that, they really ought to walk away.
To OLASAL's observations about the new talent: YES! Wallace really surprised me. De Bruyne's passing distribution is outstanding. Van Ginkel, a player I barely know, was precise, intelligent, a hard worker. And Lukaku, well, he's a big talent who'll only get better. Schurrle is someone I've liked for a long time, so I have high expectations for him. Great stuff from the young talent and so many good buys. Can't recall the last time I was so excited about a CFC squad. We're young but we are VERY talented.
how about we offer 18m + torres to liverpool for suarez ........ surely d poop fans have forgiven torres by now
We didn't exactly get Schurrle on the cheap.Other than that, good article.
I won't argue the legitimacy of any deal, but I still question the logic behind a Rooney bid. A good bit of smart business has been done under Emanalo, but doesn't make him bulletproof. Marina Granovskaia joined the board of directors this summer, and was reported to have personally overseen the transfers of Luiz, Torres, Lukaku and De Bruyne while acting as Roman's PA. And those are only reports of her traveling to meet other teams officials, there is no telling what actually goes on when you account for correspondence. The fact that the club has admitted to making an offer for Rooney makes his possible transfer a subject of conversation. Personally, I'm not sure about the logic behind bid- even a simple cash offer.
You are so #Radioactive when you realise NO ONE, and I mean no one, can feck with our Mata nor feck with our Luiz. #KTBFFH
Stmichael Stmikhailz
You are so #Radioactive when you realise NO ONE, and I mean no one, can feck with our Mata nor feck with our Luiz. #KTBFFH
Stmichael Stmikhailz
Great Article OLASAL; say it on anoda article that man u re only trying 2 disrupt our team with dat rubbish rumour. When I saw d rumour, I never believed it, only said I ws nt gona be happy with Jose if it were 2 b true bt alas, they re man u n dats wat dey do best: Disrupt oda teams.
Not much to add tbh,top piece as usual Olasal. Sad any of our fans even believed the garbage that was put out there by Ben Smith and the likes who kept banging on the news on twitter. Big credit to Chelsea FC PR for how swiftly the rumour was dismissed...I also have to point out that,this window has made me a little more relaxed and increased my believe in the boards handling of our transfer activities...its been nothing short of class. I do feel Chelsea realize Manchester United won't sell to us,but Jose is playing his psychological cards of causing more unrest within the Manchester United camp(like I said on some other thread),in turn Manchester Utd tried to use the media to kill 2 cards in (Luiz and Mata),which absolutely back fired. All in all I believe Jose is fine with what we have and won't be shocked if we start the season with the current bunch.
rslack: not entirely sure what you mean by "logic," though my assumption is you're questioning how Rooney would fit, the cost to employ him, and the effects of his inclusion on the rest of the squad? I don't want to misrepresent my feelings about Rooney's quality: he's a player I really like, but he's by no means my first choice striker. I'd much prefer Lewandowski or Suarez. The problem w Lew is he's staying put and then headed for Bayern. Suarez is a brilliant talent but a maniac and a cheat. Rooney has his flaws too. He's moody and his fitness may be a problem--and yeah, he's overpriced. It's not a perfect solution, but on sporting terms, I do believe he'd work well with our midfield and he's a proven goalscorer. Too bad Torres won't go. If Rooney did arrive, I can only assume that means the end of Demba Ba.
Guardian now saying Man U interested in Luiz!!! What idiots!! Lolllll smh
Manchester United fans have low confidence in Moyes,one unhappy player,a divided fan base...loving it.
OLASAL - Right on brother. Media disgusting..Where is the ethics in this profession? Only politics has less ethics than journalism.
Well said Olasal, it's fecking awful how some of our more spoilt fans can just turn against our fine club just by reading some snippet in a *****e rag, they just don't realise what we've got.
ten men
Radio-its been a while. I posted this on the subject in the forum- My point- the offer, even if it is just cash, doesn't really make sense unless Chelsea want Rooney. Outside of the potential marketing arrangements (and assuming Rooney will retain his economic rights), I don't see the logic in this move. Maybe I'm wrong, and all we really need is the 2013/2014 Wayne Rooney to make this team able to compete with the Bayern's and Barca's of the world. But it doesn't seem reasonable.
The position occupied, productivity (last season he started his fewest games since the transfer from Everton, not to mention the other stats), SAF has clearly stated that the issues had to do with Rooney's fitness, he turns 28 in less than one month, and even at a discount his price tag will far exceed a player of his talent compared to the rest of the market.
@Rslack. I've had my doubts about the Rooney transfer since it broke,based on his fitness(injury issues of late) and his decline in terms of consistency(performance). But if Jose wants him,he obviously feels Wayne can add a thing or two to the squad and we can't argue with that. Like i said earlier,I'm not entirely sure what Jose is up to,it could be a ploy to cause unrest within the Manutd camp,we obviously knew our bid will be turned down,so there's probably more to it that meets the eye. Not every time you see Manchester United being dragged with transfer debacle.
Wallace will go on loan as per Jose. Azpi and Iva are earmarked for RB slot. Also Wallace has visa issues since not being from EU country, and not being a full international either. SO he needs to go on loan in Europe.
Nely touches on a point I've made in the past: it would be exciting to see what JM could do with a player like Rooney. Call it the "what-if" factor.
So we have arranged another friendly in US against a certain AS Roma side on August 10th, 8 days before our PL opener. It was just announced after the match with Singha XI.... ........hmmmm
reslack -- i totally agree with you. and to add further to the point of not signing Rooney; We have two different set of strikers. 1.. Lukaku/BA, the type that would hold the ball up nicely, very physical and and will help create plenty of space by attracting the defenders towards them for our attacking midfield players and scoring goals by themselves as well. 2.. is Torres, i know the flavor of the month is to get rid of Torres but he is the type who uses the channels very nicely and has plenty of pace to burn. The reason why Torres isent performing is that we dont move the ball quickly enough and take too long to deliver the final ball making Torres and his skill set completely useless. The point i am trying to make is we have two completely contrasting styles of strikers available. Rooney doesnt add anything new to this. If at all we should sign someone, he should be in Aguero/Suarez mould. Someone who could create and finish. This is the kind of player we are missing. I am not saying we must sign someone like them two but i am suggesting, if at all we must sign anyone, he should have this attribute so that it ads variety to our existing squad, otherwise it won't be as valuable to the squad as we are anticipating. Lastly, i think a deep laying play maker is the only one that i see missing in the squad, otherwise we are ready to make a serious challenge to the PL title.
never believed this rooney debacle for even one sec. what disappointed me the most were the newspapers that did just run with it like some kids on crack!
TheKazG .
@ OLASAL -- excellent write up mate..
kdb was brilliant he is a totall class his first touch and his passing was superb...cant believe we bought him for 7 million he is a star in the happy that he will be playing for chelsea season...hope he get his chance to shine...wallace was great the next danny alves in the making...van ginkel schrulle played their part as this was their first game for chelsea...i personally feel this will be lukaku season the guy is hungry and this will be perfecr time to show his worth...still seems our dm needs to be sorted out....
Chelsea-fan- If Rooney doesn't have the pace and/or fitness to play up front, then that leaves him dropping into deeper territory- ie that of an attacking midfielder, of which we have anything but a lack of options. I see the logic in buying someone who can orchestrate play from a deeper position in the midfield, like Alonso or even a Cesc could provide. But Jose may already have plans for this, so we can only wait and see.
Radio- It would be interesting to see what Jose would make given the freedom to rebuild this squad as he sees fit. However, I am not sure that this sort of policy is currently in place. And I can't be sure that his preference would be to have Rooney as an option.
HGH Magic
I've said this before and I'll say this again, Jose & Emanalo will be a winning combination for years to come. We really should give credit to Emanalo, was very humble when he was interviewed by Gigi Salmon prematch...
Moyes WANTS to play RVP and Rooney together and thats why he said what he said. If Rooney goes down, RVP becomes important. If RVP goes down Rooney becomes important. Same as if Vidic goes down Rio becomes important and vice versa. I cant believe the extent the media has turned what Moyes said into. They conveniently left out the quotes that said he wanted to play them together as well.
OLASAL - excellent piece as well. TBH, Rory Smith has not run with the story but look at his twitter feed. Some quotes directly from his account

Can't work out what's madder: Chelsea offering to swap Mata/Luiz and £10m for Rooney, or United rejecting it.

@andrewnoyce It's being taken seriously enough by enough serious people for me to believe it.

@AshleyConnick If everyone's running it, they're doing it with reason. Could be disinformation, but don't see it.

@SarthakDubey27 Nobody randomly made anything up.

OLASAL---nice piece of article...but let me add that marin was bought for 6.5m. Second i believe rooney is gonna take paycut to join hazard and terry @ 175000 inorder to escape the humiliation of man united board and the likes...
Nice and well written piece @OLASAL.... Great point and message.... I really don't understand why some of our fans choose to slate these guys unnecessarily. I have said it times without number, our management deserve some respect and it's time we begin to trust them more. Even on this site, it's funny so many people feel they know better than these guys and continue to call them incompetent.....
I don't want Rooney at Chelsea. I have Serious Questions about his 1) Attitude, 2) Form, 3) Fitness Level, 4) Lifestyle Choices, 5) High Wages. I am also not in favor of Rooney because I think that he is a Major Media Circus Magnet. But having said this, I will be Supporting him if we get him. He is still a Good Player, and Jose wants him. In Jose I trust.
Rooney is jumping out of the United Ship => 1) Frosty relationship with Moyes 2) Second Fiddle Treatment from United. If Rooney joins us, he will most likely sign a 3-4 years contract. He will most likely be the Highest Paid Chelsea Player Ever. I wonder what will happen with Torres? We might end up with 2 Strikers who earn Really High Wages. And what about Lukaku? Most Chelsea fans want him to be the Spearhead of our Attack this season or Most Definitely from Next Season. Imagine this Picture => Lukaku manages to seize the opportunities that Jose will give him this season and this season for him at Chelsea turns out to be an Outstanding One. Will Rooney make way for Lukaku and sit on the Bench without Creating Disharmony and Discord? These are Serious Questions I feel. I hope Jose and the Board have Good Answers for these questions. I hope if we get Rooney ... we are get a Rooney who is like a Wounded and Cornered Tiger. I hope we get a Hungry, Focused and Tenacious Rooney with a Point to Prove to United, United Fans, SAF, Moyes and RVP. For the sake of our dear club, I hope we don't end up with Rooney the Bigger Sulk than our Dear Anelka (no disrespect :) The pictures coming out of our preseason training sessions are Impressing me. I see that the lads are Happy, Motivated and Raring to Get a Run on the Pitch. I want this situation to remain or get better. Don't want the players to get sucked into a Circus and get Distracted. We are in for a Media Lashing mates. Imagine: Terry, Cole and Rooney in the same team. Lets see how this drama unfold. KTBFFH
I hope Jose has another Striker on his mind as an Option if this Rooney deal stalls.
The Board is Not Incompetent. Yes, they have made mistakes but they have also done really good things. I have been really impressed by our CIA, KGB style transfer dealings. The signing of Mark Schwarzer was like throwing Eggs on the Tabloids Face. They didn't see this Deal Coming while they were busy writing Hundreds/100s of articles about Mata to Spain, Jose doesn't rate Rammy, etc. We have purchased some really good young players at Bargain Prices. Players like Azpi and KDB. Azpi was a revelation Last Season. KDB will assume Azpi's role this season for Chelsea and show the fans why clubs in Germany want him. I applaud Chelsea for coming out with a Statement yesterday. United is looking like a Sinking Ship with a Divided Crew.
schwarzer is a free 3rd party involve that's why the signing is easier and media miss it..
Chelsea n Torres Fan
honestly i'd prefer KDB to play on RW in expense of oscar even before last night match...
Chelsea n Torres Fan
I really can't stop laughing here, most people would be jumping on hearsay and believing it since others are doing it, its such a shame, I don't want rooney at chelsea, he has injury concerns and fitness problem blah blah blah black sheeep or shrek, now that the chelsea board and management tabled an official bid, it is obvious that they must have done a better analysis and logistics to see how this would pan out before moving for a bid, I believe in mourinho and his decisions. I have one more thing for him to confirm so I can laugh my arse out at the pointless vitriol I have been forced to read in here since his appointment
Desmond: Laugh your arse out mate But no one is Forcing you to read posts out here
you can skip reading posts by certain members instead of complaining
I'm still laughing oh ;) ...wondering what folks like Saber, Humza and GabeU make of these developments ;)
HGH Magic
^^^And btw, where on earth is @SpanishBlue? Gone with fAT Tubby to Naples?? Miss ya man!
HGH Magic
I think today we should bid 10mill + a player to Man U for real!! Only it should be for RVP and player exchange with Torres!! :D
HGH: Roman, Jose and the Board are working to get Rooney. Looks like your wish might be granted soon. We had a Discussion about Rooney, Benteke, Torres, Lukaku and BA. So what do you think should happen to BA and Torres if we end up with Rooney? Rooney, Lukaku and BA for me. I think BA deserves a season with us.
Rooney is a great player, but i wouldn't want him here, we already have media magnet here, Terry, Cole, why would we add another one, rather save the money and make a cheeky bid for Giroud. I know he haven't been the brightest last season at Arsenal, but he is big, fast, and already have a PL experience, last season if i'm not mistaken he score around 14-15 goals in all competition and 10 assist, not bad, less risk and not media magnet
@chelsea44-- Giroud?? that lad said he snubbed us to move to Arsenal last year!!!! Giroud? Really???
Not everyone is on a laptop at all times, single column mobile reading
Rooney over Giroud for me. chelsea44 do you have another Striker (Option) on your mind?
Desmond: If I am not mistaken, you happen to be one of VC's most frequent/regular contributor and visitor. I commend you for participating. My bad if I am wrong but I think you spend a Fair amount of your time on a laptop looking at VC.
Not everyone is on a laptop at all times, single column mobile reading
Nah, I actually don't, I am on mobile and believe me, I spend not more than 2 hours put together on VC lol
Thanks for Validating my point with another post
Absolutely StamfordDLion - we're on the EXACT same page here as I wouldn't mind 'losing' Torres as well, if we get the “wish” granted ;) *winks* ...but alas, who gets Torres off our wage bill? Definitely none of the nouveau riche French juggernauts nor Atletico Madrid you'd presume, right? Anzhi Machahkalakala or maybe time to reconsider that Barca offer after all? But seriously, I think Mou wants to keep 'Nando not only as an ace up his sleeve but also as a statement to his Spanish detractors...if u get my drift. From the foregoing and available inferential evidence, and for all intents and purposes, Ba[if we get Rooney, remember] may have to be the “fall guy”, I'm afraid buddy... ;)
HGH Magic
and oh yeah, I believe you. I believe you don't spend more than 2 hours on VC ... lol
Its a pity But I think you are right. BA looks likely to be sacrificed
Now I just hope we will be able to sell him to a Good Club (club where he will enjoy playing) and at a Good Price
syed:yes that giroud, he has improve drastically, and i feel he can be EPL leading scorer this season, @stamford: well, another striker would be Mario Gomez, but he's gone cheaply to Fiorentina(still can't believe we didn't even bid for him), tbh we are running out of option, Cavani, Falcao,Bony,Dzeko, etc all gone, that's why i think bid for Giroud wouldn't be bad
Singha parked the bus and left it there. Hard to take anything away other than why would a side do that in a friendly? KDB, Schurrle and Wallace ran the match on the wings the first half. Hazard ran the second half. The Defence had nothing to do. Essien looked solid. Lukaku threatened a bit, Ba did nothing to note. All told, a relatively boring, tepid match that only gave glimpses of our youngsters against an uninspired to win foe. Like all pre-season matches, don't take too much out of this and keep well clear of the bandwagon that some of you can't wait to hop aboard. It's called 'PRE" season for a reason. How many second-coming of Pele players have been crowned in our previous pre-seasons only to find them in the Reserves two months later? Relax! On Rooney...fine player, bad human. Not worth the trouble...kinda like Suarez and Balletolli. Focus on a striker that can actually put the ball on frame more than 50% of the time.
I was also intrigued by Gomez. I wonder why a lot of leading clubs were not bidding for him. I guess he is not that Rated. I like him though. The season when we won the Champions League, he was playing well.
Rotflmaoooooooooooooooooooolololololololololololmao Giroud? Oliver Giroud or some other Giroud?!? lolEst... Silly season indeed. Trust me, I'm lovin' it ;) ...keep 'em coming champ! Coolest scouting recommendation of the summer!!! And blimey @chelsea44, ain't you the coolest guy ever? zz.. zz.. zz
HGH Magic
Hazard, Mata, Oscar, have to love our midfield!
Watched Gomez at Bayern for the past 4 years and with the Mannschaftt. He never really impressed and seemed to be utterly reliant on his teammates doing all the work and finding him in precisely the correct position for him to convert. Yeah, he scored goals, but they were gifts from his teammate's work.
^^Correct @rockhead! Lazy though absolutely prolific[why mere stats are sometimes misleading], can't run for his life - would be “nowhere” without Ribery and Rooney within the last 3-4 years under review - low team ethic, er, precisely same sporting reasons we and, surprisingly[?], $hitty never “really” bid for him. And Cavani too. Pretty much explains why Mou was “overtly” interested in Lewandoski...and, all along, Rooney! Believe me when I say I'm loving the Happy One and Emenalo to bits now ;)
HGH Magic
^^...they know the difference between Ba[or Lukaku] and these two, Gomez and Cavani, isn't worth that much money - £17m, never mind £53m...and their massive wages!
HGH Magic
*Ribery and Robben!!, beg your pardon
HGH Magic
Its funny how the world goes around. Some times ago we were calling for defenders at the club, we signed azpi, promoted betrand, signed luiz and cahill; problem solved. Later we said d midfield lacks playmakers, we signed mata, hazard, oscar, and de bruyne;problem solved. Now we are calling for strikers;solution still a long way to go. I wonder what we will call for next. I just pray its not for mourinho's job.
don delsy
Would Man United even sell Wayne Rooney to #CFC? I very much doubt it,there's lots of drama still in this one,and Wayne hasn't come out to make a single statement regarding his situation...its been assumptions all the way. We've made our intentions clear with a bid,but at the end of the transfer window,Wayne could still very well be a Manchester United player. Carefree
^^^ say what, say what... anything can happen..... Chances are extremely slim, but it can happen.. One thing we must avoid though is paying crazy amount of money like the Torres deal....
THey might not sell us Rooney, but they can't do anything against the embarrassing situation they are in - they get none of the players they want and their most symbolic player wants to leave them for their main rivals. Amazing!
@desmond - jst 2 hours???? i dont believe u.....i spend 1 to 1 n half hour on VC after work and by the time i go thro the articles, comments n d forums i dont get d time to comment much.....
@chelsblr, are u calling me a liar then?

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They Played for Both (Stoke) - Alan Hudson (Saturday December 20 2014)

Name the Starting XI - Stoke (a) (Saturday December 20 2014)

Stoke (a) - A Mixed Bag! (Friday December 19 2014)

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Chelsea 2 - 0 Hull City
Newcastle 2 - 1 Chelsea
Chelsea 3 - 0 Spurs
Sunderland 0 - 0 Chelsea
Chelsea 2 - 0 WBA
Liverpool 1 - 2 Chelsea

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1. Chelsea 16 12 3 1 +23 39
2. Man City 17 12 3 2 +22 39
3. Man Utd 17 9 5 3 +12 32
4. West Ham 17 9 4 4 +10 31
5. Southampton 17 9 2 6 +15 29
6. Spurs 17 8 3 6 -1 27
7. Arsenal 16 7 5 4 +9 26

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