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SOTN - Faith

SOTN - Faith

You won't have missed the nonsense this morning about Rooney and swapping him for Mata or Luiz and a lot of money.

Twitter almost spontaneously combusted with Chelsea fans spitting out their cornflakes in rage over the sheer lunacy of the deal, and of United fans creaming their jockeysocks in unison at the thought of one of the world's finest number tens playing for them.

How can Chelsea be so stupid?

Come to think of it, how stupid would United be to turn it down?

As some of us tried to tell you at the time, it was the biggest load of nonsense since the last Katie Price book. It is just meaningless words concocted by someone who has had a huge wind-up at everyone's expense. It was telling those of the established journos (yes, Ben Smith, Ollie Holt, Matt Lawton - we mean you) we're trying to stand by whoever wrote the story, whereas others (Sam Wallace, Martin Samuel and the excellent Rory Smith - we mean you) did not believe it for one second and could scarcely hide their amazement and disappointment that the Daily Mail chose to run the story, suggesting in one case that 'some journalists should concentrate on what is actually happening than what they wish was happening'.


What actually happened of course was Chelsea made a cash bid of GBP27m, and United turned us down, but chose to leak to media sources that the deal was the ten million plus Mata or Luiz. Why they chose to do this can only be for PR reasons - United would rather have the rags talking about Chelsea wanting to get rid of two their best players (Mata and Luiz) than the rags talking about United having to get rid of one of their best players in Rooney.

It probably seemed like clever PR at the time of course, but whoever it was did not think far enough ahead - one wonders what in fact they thought would happen when the Daily Mail ran with it? Shock horror. Chelsea clarify the situation with a press release saying it how it is, and of course now leaving United looking rather pathetic.

I applaud Chelsea for being smart enough to see what was happening and sorting it out.

But the point I'd like to make for this SOTN here is tangential - bear with me.

I was a little alarmed at the vitriol leveled at the club, particularly Gourlay and Emenalo and (unbelievably!) Jose himself, as the reports came out. Huge swathes of our fanbase were seething with resentment and sarcasm, slating all three to high heaven on Twitter. Now lets discount for a second the character trait of believing what you read in the notoriously mendacious UK agenda-driven media, or what miserable and tragic indictment that passes on you as a person. Leaving that aside - what in the world has the club done, transfer wise, that deserves such derision?

I'd contend we have a very, very savvy operation going here now.

When did we start doing silly business like the press were trying to suggest? Not even the giddy days of immediately post-Roman were that daft. We used to buy badly. We used to get mugged left right and centre.

Not any more.

We have a smart, very well considered transfer policy and are nobody's mugs any more. Just ask Porto and Napoli - they try every summer for the flavour of the month and every summer we walk away because they are taking the piss. We buy top class younger players and kids and we develop them.

You only have to look at the players playing for us against Singha Allstars this afternoon to realise how good our transfer policy is.

Wallace - looks a class signing.
Azpilicueta - one of the best young RBs in the world, Spanish international, signed for 8m.
De Bruyne - the definition of money well spent. Absolutely class.
Luiz - paid 22m, is worth 10m more than that now.
Ramires - quality buy.
Van Ginkel - already looks a quality buy and we got him on the cheap.
Schurrle - see above. Both have potential to be world class.
Cahill - 7m. Nuff said.
Ba - 7m paid and we'd get more than that to sell him on. Profit.
Lukaku - people scoffed at us paying 18m for him, they dont anymore.

Then you've got Mata for 23m and Oscar for 20m, and Hazard arguably the best player in the Prem now and a steal at 32m.

When was the last dodgy buy we had? Marin - fair enough, but he was only 8m and we'd likely recoup that when we sell him.

I can really only think of Benayoun and Torres in the last few years. And even in Torres' case you can probably make a case for him having recouped a lot of his value in terms of shirtsales and the small matter of key goals vs Barca away and THAT night in Amsterdam. He scored 23 goals last season. We'd probably get 15m for him if we sold him, so he isnt a total unmitigated catastrophe.

My point is made.

We do not get mugged off in the transfer market any more. We pay fair value or we walk away, and we have easily the best 'hit rate' for new players coming in of any top team - Liverpool, United or Arsenal would absolutely kill to have as many resounding hits in the transfer market as we get and keep on getting.

Yet people (and our own fans) continue to think that just because someone writes it, it is true. Written by some idiot with attention issues and no personality who needs to do a wind up in the papers to gain some twitter followers and make a name for himself at the gutter rags. How does this prideless nobody deserve credibility and credence over our own transfer team who - and I deliberately repeat myself here - have proven themselves over and over and over again recently.

Just a thought here people.

How about we give Emenalo, Jose and Gourlay and the backroom people who handle this business for us a little more respect and recognition in what they do?

And next time the papers need to sell more chip paper in the north of England and so make up nonsense that the unwashed millions up there will want to read to mollify their fears of the rising Chelsea juggernaut - next time they deliberately try to destabilise the club and our players - just bear in mind this piece.

Trust in Jose. And Emenalo. And yes: even in Gourlay (about transfers at least!)


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Date:Wednesday July 17 2013
Time: 5:12PM


OLASAL great piece yet again, may I just say I need at least 4 articles from you every week else I get withdrawal symptoms...I was irate at the idiocy of this whole situation...that someone would believe enough to print (or at least think that others would believe) the story of CFC offering Mata/Luiz plus 10 million for Rooney...then also believing that if said offer was made would be refused by Manure (Were we to make such an offer, out of respect, united would offer to call Old Trafford Chelsea's house). Then the mugs came outta the closet, saw em on twitter "Oh BBC said it therefore it must be true" and "Jose's a fool" the smarter ones who believed it were questioning Manure's refusal. No way Jose would be that stupid. He has proven time and time again that he will no longer be taken for a ride...But I do have a problem with our desperation to sign Shrek...although if Jose sez so, then it is good enough for me. I actually hope that this does not go any further for the insolence shown by Manure for trying to make us look like Muggs through their Media houses.
17/07/2013 17:24:00
Fine piece OLASAL. Agreed we are improving our transfer dealings year after year and working to a plan now. Also beats me why some jump out and call Jose names when these rumors start. They have all been false so far!! We are on the right path! #KTBFFH #COYB
17/07/2013 17:25:00
Agree with your thoughts sir....too much "bandwagoning" sometimes from our own fans, at the most ridiculous stories - does my head in lol...I was concerned when i read the news this morning but knew they had to be false...The rebuttal was quick and emphatic...Well done chelsea management....and thats another thing we're so quick to blame management when things dont go well, we should also be quick to praise them when they do good things like today ;)...COYB
17/07/2013 17:37:00
Woah! An ABSOLUTE masterclass! Soon as I woke up to the ridiculous headlines, I knew straight away it was maliciously misleading and blatantly false. It does seem rather sad that a great many ardent supporters still fell for the gambit. Oh well! Stranger things do happen, dont they? #InJoseWeTrust
Stmichael Stmikhailz
17/07/2013 17:39:00
I didn't believe it for a second but chuckled when I realised that the Daily Mail actually made United look more stupid than us - because they rejected Mata + 10m for Rooney. Who on earth would do that? Especially as Rooney wants out?!
17/07/2013 17:43:00
Feck it, let us just put in a bid for Suarez and watch Manure come back begging for the 20 mill...And it is smart for Mourinho to stipulate that Rooney was always their target...
17/07/2013 17:45:00
Now we have to convince Rooney to announce his desire to leave United in public. Wearing a Chelsea shirt. That will be our revenge ;)
17/07/2013 17:45:00
loolllll long and loudest at *spitting in their cornflakes and creaming in their jockey socks...........
17/07/2013 17:48:00
I've always disliked United for sporting reasons as much as cultural ones. What they're up to now w the Mata/David Luiz story is petty, desperate *****. Both lads are on holiday trying, I'm sure, to relax. And now the Mancs leak a nonsense story in an effort to deflect Moyes' utterly stupid, bullheaded comments about Rooney. More than that, they're trying to unsettle two really special CFC players. This isn't an eye for an eye situation either. Rooney wants out of his club. We've not it for months, if not years. And CFC is well within its right to bid for him, just as Utd can reject it. But they crossed a line with this one--don't feck w our Mata; don't feck w our David Luiz. And don't feck with JOSE MOURINHO!
17/07/2013 17:54:00
typo: we've *heard* [Rooney's desire to leave] for months, if not years...
17/07/2013 17:55:00
Regardless of all this, and despite the fact that I do not like Rooney's alleged (emphasis on alleged) lifestyle, he is still a class player and now that I think of it, he is exactly the sort of player who could link up with Mata and Hazard in their passing and roaming because Rooney is technically good - unlike Torres or Ba. So if we can get him for something like 25m, I'd welcome this signing.
17/07/2013 17:55:00
ManU are actually jealous of our new found cloak and dagger reputation and wants to expose us to the public. Chelsea however have responded emphatically and made it known that Manu can take 20m or ***** off..... we would rather go for Suarez than add another penny to the offer on the table. Love the way our board has evolved this season. we have to give them the credit for such astute work.
17/07/2013 17:56:00
In all likelihood, I doubt United will sell Rooney to Chelsea, but I've said all along that I think he's a terrific player and one who would elevate the quality of the squad. His salary is a severe problem, though, one which would surely need to be addressed. And I could see CFC going up to maybe 25m; beyond that, they really ought to walk away.
17/07/2013 17:58:00
To OLASAL's observations about the new talent: YES! Wallace really surprised me. De Bruyne's passing distribution is outstanding. Van Ginkel, a player I barely know, was precise, intelligent, a hard worker. And Lukaku, well, he's a big talent who'll only get better. Schurrle is someone I've liked for a long time, so I have high expectations for him. Great stuff from the young talent and so many good buys. Can't recall the last time I was so excited about a CFC squad. We're young but we are VERY talented.
17/07/2013 18:04:00
how about we offer 18m + torres to liverpool for suarez ........ surely d poop fans have forgiven torres by now
17/07/2013 18:08:00
We didn't exactly get Schurrle on the cheap.Other than that, good article.
17/07/2013 18:12:00
I won't argue the legitimacy of any deal, but I still question the logic behind a Rooney bid. A good bit of smart business has been done under Emanalo, but doesn't make him bulletproof. Marina Granovskaia joined the board of directors this summer, and was reported to have personally overseen the transfers of Luiz, Torres, Lukaku and De Bruyne while acting as Roman's PA. And those are only reports of her traveling to meet other teams officials, there is no telling what actually goes on when you account for correspondence. The fact that the club has admitted to making an offer for Rooney makes his possible transfer a subject of conversation. Personally, I'm not sure about the logic behind bid- even a simple cash offer.
17/07/2013 18:17:00
You are so #Radioactive when you realise NO ONE, and I mean no one, can feck with our Mata nor feck with our Luiz. #KTBFFH
Stmichael Stmikhailz
17/07/2013 18:17:00
You are so #Radioactive when you realise NO ONE, and I mean no one, can feck with our Mata nor feck with our Luiz. #KTBFFH
Stmichael Stmikhailz
17/07/2013 18:17:00
Great Article OLASAL; say it on anoda article that man u re only trying 2 disrupt our team with dat rubbish rumour. When I saw d rumour, I never believed it, only said I ws nt gona be happy with Jose if it were 2 b true bt alas, they re man u n dats wat dey do best: Disrupt oda teams.
17/07/2013 18:24:00
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