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New contract on the horizon for Lampard?

It was a good win at West Ham yesterday, one highlighted by Frank Lampard who ended something that seemed a goal drought by his own high standards with a brace in the 3-0 away win which, undoubtedly, must be the direct consequence of a more 'advanced' role Mourinho gave him - with the assured protection of Mikel and Ramires allowed to do his box-to-box thing!

It goes without saying the Chelsea legend, amidst boos from the home fans, proved again what a potent unforgiving force he can be in the opposition penalty box, and how he is not a "deep-lying" player; enough to have Jose in a post-match statement say,

"I think he's in a moment when he has nothing to prove,"

"He has only to enjoy the last years of his career. To score is part of his DNA as a player.

"I think I was his manager in the best period of his career and I come back to enjoy with him the last moments of his career. He has to enjoy what he likes to do and that is to play football."

The Happy One continued:

"Lamps played very well. I think he was another one very comfortable on the pitch. It was different to how he was playing before.

"We gave him the protection of Mikel to let him go forward a little bit more. After that, Lamps felt a bit more freedom to go into shooting areas.

"He played well, but to be fair, when the team plays so well, it's easier for players to have good individual performances."

"I've no idea how long he can go on. Depends on individual players. Sometimes they just stop. They have to enjoy when they don't enjoy so much, they decide it's time to stop."

Very well said Jose, you'd say. And suffice it to say we all trust Mourinho as a master at working the press, and fans alike ... talking the talk and walking the talk; but knowing Lampard who'll relish a chance to keep playing on till he reaches a Ryan Giggs-esque threshold, and how Mourinho will be favourably disposed to gifting one of his original untouchables - before the advent of the Oscars and the Ivanovic's - most if not all his Chelsea wishes, fantasies and dreams especially if the Chelsea all-time highest goalscorer keeps putting up such MOTM performances all-season [away from the dreaded pivot and free to prowl the attacking third], one wonders if all Chelsea fans think Super Frankie would then deserve a new contract!

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The Journalist

Writer: HGH Magic Mail feedback, articles or suggestions

Date:Sunday November 24 2013

Time: 11:17AM

Your Comments

I think he does.
As long as he keep his playing level high he deserves.but if he cant,well we may say giggs case is an isolated one.
Delighted for Lamps. A fine brace. He was suited to the 4-3-3 employed yesterday, he always was and rolled back the years last night. But new contract will have to be earned like last year. We'll have to wait and see. .........
Nope.. Not at this stage, have too wait till may to decide that..
If he keeps doing the business then why wouldn't we want to keep him? It doesn't mean he'll play 90 minutes every match, he doesn't now & game time will surely decrease with the advance of age. But Frank has that one thing you can't coach into a player; the ability to be where the ball is going to drop, coupled with the skill (honed by hours of practice) to put it in the net with either foot or his head. In fact I'm sure I've even seen him chest a couple in. Imagine if Hazard/ Oscar & all our young players decide to copy his work ethic, surely that can only improve them?
WHAT?? new contract ? nah bro its way too early , first of all he has not been so good and also he is 35 for crying out loud , with the first team he has , he should move on , let someone younger although not better take his place so they can improve
Don capon
Some comments here amaze me. Well I have said throughout the season that lamps shouldn't be given a new contract and I will stand by my word regardless of how many goals he scores this season. Our future stars chalobah, loftus cheek, de bruyne.....can all play better than lamps in that dlp position if given the chance to impress. He has done his best for us and we appreciate him but its time to let the younger generation shine. If mourinho still wants him around then it MUST be as a coach. End of.
don delsy
We thank lampard for his years of service rendered to the club but its time to step aside for the younger ones to take up the mantle,we cant keep signing up a soon to be 36yrs old playing out of position just to keep him happy or involved and end up hindering the progress of our youngsters..
If dennis wise or gus poyet kept playing for us till the cant move their legs,lamps would never get his chance in the 1st place
What a joke of an 'article'. The man scores two goals and instantly he goes from downright crap to good enough for a new deal. That's a silly as it gets!
drop him for chalobah. lamps has done us more good. i think its time to let him retire frm chelsea's starting XI.
Sms Jtn
14 seconds n mancity scores!!
Spurs again easly beaten
3 goals in 40mins,it will take a miracle 4 spurs 2 get a point
Yaya toure is such strong,end of the game
5 nil,i feel for wkend for spurs,man u!
It would be a very big mistake to renew his contract. Abramovic must not allow it happen whether Jose likes it or not.
Abra-rinho please if you guys love chelsea don't renew his contract please
Abra-rinho please if you guys love chelsea don't renew his contract please
NO even if he gets 25 goals this season let he go nice one @ ken4cfc
Classy,rampant n dominant city,ouchhh!!!!spurs were so so poor.
I see the priest is out trying to recruit more followers for his church. As said before not even if he gets 25 goals should he be offered a new contract. It should not be entertained or allowed to happen. His goals yesterday came as usual from the hard work of others who will not get credit for their contributions. I personally shouted for Hazard to take the penalty yesterday...but the dude is always ready to profit in such situations and presented himself. As soon as he scores all English media are ready to heap praise on him dedicating chunks of time commenting on it but find others to blame when fails in his midfield duties . His exit is looong overdue and should be hastened .....not delayed.
Some comments here are purely n essentially funny.
Let this 4-3-3 with Lampard work out well against a formidable team before we jump.... Our probability of beating this Westham team was 95%, with or without Lampard and irrespective of the formation...
Hahaha! Even if he scores 25 goals? Hahaha! So what's the logic then,if he scores that much then surely he deserves another year. Ofcourse he doesn't have to play every game,as we know MVG is the future of the pivot,but when we alter formations like we did yesterday,Lamps becomes handy. Not sure why Lamps generates so much hate among some CFC fans,class is permanent like they say.
@Lat. Really? Our probability of beating West Ham was 95%,with or without Lamps or formation. Wow! Would have been believable if I didn't read the comments here,including yours before the game,after the run of games we had in the league. Credit where its due mate. If the approach is wrong no matter the opposition,u'll get ***** on,like we were against Newcastle and Brom.
@Nely,thanks u spotted that comment.
@nely... which of my comments before the game did you read that expressed worry over beating Westham?... Please remind me... And do you honestly feel Lamp in or out is a singular factor that can decide our fate in that match? Of course I know a wrong approach could result into a loss but my main point is that Westham is not a reliable reflection of the strength of the 4-3-3 with or even without Lamp... therefore, the question of a new contract for Lamp should be left till towards the end of season... I have nothing against Lamp, he is a great player and I respect him and his contribution to the team....
When I read comments that if the Dennis wise and gus poyet of this world didn't retire that lamps wouldn't have gotten his chance too it just crack me up really. The truth is they couldn't just stick to the top level at their advanced ages enough as lamps has done. Players like lamps you don't see often, let him enjoy his final years as he deserves it all. Its not his fault that his coach continues to play him. If he continues to churn out good performances till may, then why not give him his deserved contract. Its left to the young lads to show they can displace him
^^yea,the comments were made to crack you up..hope you are having fun now,dude??
First..If JM goes permanently to the 4-3-3 and he plays his correct position of b2b and if he continues to play well in that role and in that formation..then another year is ok with me with the understanding that he has no playing time guarantees and that the younger players in his position need to start first. However, if JM says with the 4-2-3-1 then NO thank you. Lamps you can retire.
ElMagico - you mean you couldn't read and comprehend the article as a logical "question" generated from Mourinho's quotes vis-a-vis his body language and disposition to his old favourite players? Oh well, sorry I can't help you then! Goodbye. Lol
HGH Magic
please no new contract....give him a legend trophy and say bye bye to 10 match he plays good in one match only and in the rest he just jogs on from side to another...playing him means loosing talented player from our team...the guys has lost it..he is no more the same...enough of this f##kng legend comes first not players....just a waste of space and blocking young player to get chance...go away lamps we dont need have done enough...its tym to say good bye...
@HGH, I saw what you did there. I'm sure u just posted this article just to stir some Lampard rage, then u sat in a corner LOLing.
Phackin Haters...most of you so called Blues were brought here by Lampard and now you turn your back on him based on what your own untrained eyes' observations...Mourinho's toes know more about football than all your friends and all your family...he picks him, and guess what we win most matches when he is playing. He is the heart and soul of this club and a little more respect is warranted when discussing such a legend...and we wonder why they call us plastic...a lot of our fans have zero substance.
PS Poyet+Wise(whom I adore)
*PS Poyet+Wise(whom I adore)
Gian-franco/luca,we know you love lampard so much but do you really have to involve our families??
My man Ken4CFC...I include my family there as well...point is he who gets paid 200 000 pounds a week knows more about football than anyone we know combined. that's all...tryna bate me to insult is not gonna get me banned, tryna make my words to be construed as an insult is a low move intellectually my son...nice try...for a five year old.
wow, just wow. All these because people holds šifferent views about Lampard? And whose family you managed to know among we vc members mr.? Why is it so hard to accept that Lampard is no more influential in the team as he used to be in the past? Yes i agree he's one of us, done so well for the club and i afford to disrespect or disregard him for this reason. But the truth is the šifference between Lampard and Malouda(towards his last season with chelsea) is Lampard is playing despite been consistently poor while Malouda was relegated to the reserves in the same form as Lampard.
*i can't afford to disrespect or disregard him*
valachi I ask for is respect for the one with whom we've won so stating that Lampard does not deserve to play you're by defn questioning the ability of Mourinho coz he picks him...and by that I state that we do not know anyone in our own personal lives with even an iota of the footballing mind of mourinho...thus my statement.
i thought is only God that shouldn't be questioned, now Mourinho too.that's fine by me. Like everyone of us, Mourinho is a human being and nothing is wrong in criticising him constructively. Sincerely i have no particular issue with that. Not long ago he admitted making 11 mistakes in just single game. Now that's what makes him a human by nature. Meaning there's a fat chance of correcting them subsequently. And i won't dare withdraw my support for him as long as he remain the gaffer.
Gian-franco/luca my man...Like valachi said,whose family do you know??..the fact that jose gets paid 200,000 per week does not make him perfect and we have every right to question some decision which each and everyone feel is not right.he is not God neither is he Omnipotent or Omniscience..back to the family issh,it all has to do with opportunity and exposure,their certainly are great footballing brains amongst some of our family members whom if afforded the same opportunity life has given to jose would equal or even surpass his achievements.if jose was from my part of the world i doubt if he would ever be recognised as much as he is now..however,this is a piece about opinions and you mr man decides to stretch your defence of lampard/jose down to our families like you know any of them,thats so unwise and unnecessary for oldie...poor try...
For a man rocking his late 90s
"their certainly are great footballing brains amongst some of our family members whom if afforded the same opportunity life has given to jose would equal or even surpass his achievements..." I am sorry, but with the utmost respect, I must call "Delusions of Grandeur" on that statement. I know we can philosophically hide behind the Nature vs Nurture debate here but I can easily then say, given the same opportunities, I would have been Sir Stirling Moss's greatest rival lol. Mourinho is not God, I know, but are you even coaching your children's soccer team, do you volunteer coaching the girl's side...part of one's greatness is creating your own opportunities Have you heard that Mourinho was a translator at Barca before coaching? This opportunity did not fall on his lap, he seized it. Be honest and you will see the voracity of my statement. I'll take it even further and say that I doubt that anyone here at VC knows personally anyone that is as good at anything as Mourinho is at coaching...don't knock age my boy...with it comes the ability to think laterally and seek truth first and the truth is when it comes to football matters who would you choose to coach for your life Mourinho or those aforementioned persons with great footballing minds that never got the chance.
Say whatever you like..the nature vs nature debate would always come in place here,their great footballing minds and players lithered around the continent but for lack of exposure,economic factors and other factors militate against their development which isnt same with their rivals in the european continent..thank God atlast you have come to your senses and acknowledge the fact that jose is no God and makes mistake here and there which are open to debates here..i dont have to coach my national team,local team or as you say a children soccer team to have an opinion on what i feel is poor or wrong neither do i need a coaching badge to comment on VC,if you cant stand the comments you read here just because we arent coaches or our families arent renowned coaches then you are better served looking elsewhere mr!!even a dumbest old man should know that....
It is not that I cannot stand, but to say that with the right opportunity you woyuld be what the greatest coach in the world is kinda childish if you ask me. I do not require that you have coaching badges to comment, but if you think even for a second that you're on the level of Mourinho, I gots to call BS on that. If you think you know better if he decides that Lamps should gots to call BS on that...why, coz Mourinho is a coach, if he came and tried to tell my doctor that a medical procedure should go a particular way contradicting my doctor, then I will call BS on him as he is not a doctor. I see you're getting flustered there my lad, common sense tends to do that to those of a scouser disposition. I'm out nice bantering wicthya, but debating and deductive thinking is requisite before you step to me boy.
we have lunatics here.if mou picks lamps that is a genius manager,what a lamps is better than mata willian n shurlla in Atm role.again azpi in leftback,mikel on bench for lamps in dlp role.keep legend worshiping as the season goes on.for me, I new it that fat lampard will always manipulate mou to play in attacking position ,and cheat funs with penalties ,tappings etc.its a shame 4 clueless mou to bench mata,de bryne, and willian who can play that no.10 role than heavy lamps.time will tell with that 433 sys used to help veterans go to wc brazil.
Yea you cant stand it.its not about me,remember??its about our family say that with the right opportunity no one can better jose is very silly if you ask me too.never said am at jose's level now,we have choosen different paths..whats difficult to comprehend here??that jose is no God and makes mistake like everyother human and every decision he makes is open to criticism and applauds alike...huh
What!!!!!!!! @mzee is that suppose to be sarcasm or you genuinely meant what you typed? Or your head mistakenly hit the keyboard/keypad? Some fans. Way too extreme.
valachi - neither extreme nor sarcasm mate; it's called Introduction to Keyboard Warfare and Delusions, KWD 101. Lol
HGH Magic
Lol @RomansArmy ;)
HGH Magic
Lolest!!! Lampard would always divide opinion, same with mikel.......if he contributes to a sucessful season, why not? No matter how old u are at ur respective place of work, don't u get bonus and salary increments in show of appreciation for bringing something to the company, so football can take the same approach, if he performs consistently, he should get it, if he doesn't do it, then he should look for greener pastures, the point Is how would you quantify his performance and consistency? It is the manager that would have the final say, if mou says he should stay, I wonder who would stand up to him and say no, for all its worth, mou even played a role in him getting a renewed contract when he was still under contract at real (debatable though)
In life, things are not handed to you on a silver platter, you have to carve you own destiny and stake your own claim. I do understand that some fall off the wayside, but there is a level of talent that transcends opportunity, and that is what we call elite talent, and in those cases, whether by crook or hook that talent comes to the fore, I believe Mourinho possesses that level of talent because he is arguably the best coach in the world, and defn in the top 5. So do not come to me with that argument Ken-doll, like your namesake your argument is weak with no substance, and as your namesake, you yourself are plastic too.
Most of us from this continent know that how difficult and almost impossible it would be for him to attain such height if he is from here,mr gian-flanco/ruca whether you claim ignorance or you are just dumb makes no difference to me..the article was about whether a new contract should be offered to lamps,and most of us say "No" or "not yet",deal with gian-flanco/ruca and quit the cowardice by bringing our families to the fray!!
If by this continent you're referring to my Home, the beloved Motherland:Africa, speak no more about my ignorance thereof coz it is my Home, and my people look not for hand me outs, they have no use for your condescending tone about their plight, I am talking about men like Anan and Mandela and Mogabe(before Grace got to him), men who seized not only their destinies but their freedom. These people, my people make no excuses, they stake their claim, and you making excuses for my poeple, a peole of pride and ability, a people who see themselves as the last hope of the world going in to the new millennium. The feck do you know about Biko, the feck do you know about the writings Onyeki, of Dambisa Moyo. I'm a proud African, and have scoured my land far and wide and who I have seen are not the fleeting rabbits who wait for hand me downs or handouts, we are a land of lions, of elephants. Do not speak to me about Africa boy. My heart and hers are the same.
If you know this much about africa and the test of time it has undergone and still have total confidence jose could have still remain what he is if he is from here,Then am afraid youare dumb!!just as you have allowed your undying love for our legends cloud your sense of judgement,you've done same with your love for motherland
Did you know you feckin' fool, that the first ever heart transplant was done in Africa? You are dumb, you know nothing of Africa and nothing of Chelsea, you are nothing, you shame all your ancestors with you continued stupidity, cease to speak you nihilist you confound me with your ignorance, you shame you ancestors with your lack of character and you shame Chelsea with your plasticity, your existence in and off itself causes the elements to regret their communion in the formation of you and energy cannot wait to cancel its contract with the elements in its complicit formation of you, everything right now, for your statements, is in a perpetual state of regret because everything played a part in making you, and the universe in all its wonder is not enough to justify the making of you. Peace.
Bla bla bla..are you through??dont stop loser!keep your garbage coming
Never said anything about africa that isnt true,never did i even insult africa but the big mouthed gullible old wag gian-flanco/ruca has succeeded in making a mess of a plain debate..well,those who know africa so well(unlike the fool above) and arent clouded by bias would attest to the fact that with all our natural endowments there are several factors(that i cant discuss here) which militates against our development,factors which over the years has taken us a step backward and still playing catch up to our european old fool,it pure foolishness painting me an enemy of the continent when your chelsea plots fails flatly....
Most profitable WC ever hosted outside the US = South Africa World Cup, Ghana has some of the best educated people in the world. Nigeria is one of the leading producers of oil and a Nigerian is in the top 500 of the richest people in the world and his fortunes is based on sugar lol. There are many stories of victory in Africa and they're getting more and more, we're the fastest economically growing continent, just passed Asia, and though we're coming off a low base...we're the growth area of the world. Then we get to your argument, if you're brilliant in Africa it doesn't matter coz you won't get the chance that europeans get, none of your family coaches Zamalek or Chiefs or Pirates or Al Ahly...none of them coach in the Kenyan league, where millions are there to be made. I am not as obtuse as you my friend, I know what you're trying to say and the opportunities here are here, and cannot be denied. The coach of the Nigerian U17 side that won those years ago, Ghanaians coach in the PSL as do South Africans, but none are your family or anyone you know. Brilliance can be rewarded in Africa, only a self pitying fool denies that, sure we have problems, but so did Bosnia, so did Russia, there are problems the world over and the people I know, the Africans I know, are ready willing and able to make the best of it to perform break through medical procedures (Check Tunisia, Mali etc), you want to categorize us in that light wherein we may feel that there is no hope, but true Africans can see the growth throughout our continent, From CAR to Ghana to Coite D' Voire there giants here, and you saying that there are not is an insult to the undeniable spirit of my people. And that to me makes you less than nothing, it makes you a regret, a are what nothing wishes to be when it grows up, which is a mere deletion, you attitude will mean that you will not get to partake in this growth and I pity you Ken4CFC. I know my land, my people...and they are better than your myopic ideas about them.
Whatever cause you lay i send back to you..its very clear you cant withstand the truth,say the truth about chelsea gian-flanco gets all worked up,say same about africa his manhood ejaculates..sure,aliko dangote is in the top 500 richest people in the world,now can you equally do us a favour and count how many other dangotes(richmen) are from europe in that list??a point of correction,his fortunes are not based only on sugar but flours,cements,spagghettis and noodles..its needless to mention names of my relations who have led their various teams to glory but am gonna ask you if the coaches of zamalek,al ahly,psl or kenyan league are renowned coaches around the world??..never said anyone should stop working hard,sit down and wait to be spoonfed except fools like you..neither have i said there is no hope,such non-existents can only be construed by fools like you to make me look an enemy of the continent.if saying the truth is an insult to you then gear yourself up for more insults...dont pity me,pity yourself and your miserable life
In you incoherence is my truth, do you know anyone that coaches, not in Europe, but "little old" Africa, do you know anyone that has won anything in Africa from coaching, no...therefore your earlier comments are baseless, if yes then I applaud them, but still say JM is the better coach. How many of those rich ppl are from portugal??? I'm not asking for renowned the world over, renowned in africa is good enough for one you know qualifies for being renowned in Africa, therefore they are not on the level of Mourinho in terms of a footballing mind...not you, not your child, not your uncle...I am even willing to bet that you know no-one that draws a check based on their footballing my point remains...when it comes to football you are but a speck of dust to the great knowledge of this game that would to you be a planet that is Mourinho.
Yet he keep putting square pegs in round holes..anyone with ounce of reasonability know that the probability of succeeding in europe is higher than in africa.expect a pot bellied old wag who is clouded by bias and does not have the stomache to accept the truth...

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