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More Mata Interest

Rumours are rife in the Sunday press that Juan Mata could be leaving for pastures new come January.

The Chelsea midfielder maestro is keen to ensure that he makes the Spanish World Cup squad for the 2014 tournament, in Brazil.

Mata knows that his place is in danger if he cannot get regular first team football and if, like last night, he`s stuck on the bench.

Already, with a possible loan spell in the offing, two sides have, reportedly, stepped forward to enquire about his services with Juventus and Atletico Madrid both keen on giving the 25 year-old gifted Spaniard a platform to showcase his skills.

Worrying times for all Mata`s Chelsea fans I`d suggest.

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The Journalist

Writer: Merlin Mail feedback, articles or suggestions

Date:Sunday November 24 2013

Time: 2:26PM

Your Comments

I think the best thing for him is to hand in a transfer request, this is a very bad treatment which I believe is more than football reasons. Unfortunately to someone that sacrificed a lot for us. Mata is not that bad to always sit on the bench without playing time. I must confess, this is one of the reasons I never wanted Jose near chelsea. Next luiz will ask for transfer, by the time you know it all our exciting players would all be gone.
Mata to stay!!
Mata to stay!!
sometimes its a curse to have wealth of options. Oscar is doing great. Mata is my favorite chelsea player.
Blue Krusaders
I have to agree with Killerpass, Mata is class pure and simple and must play most games as 1st team player. He is a lot more creative than Oscar (my opinion) who is also class. Him not tracking back is an excuse at best. He has been our player of the year for past 2 seasons. No way to treat such a great player like that. Lamps is getting to much game time if you ask me
Killerpass and Taimur: You want to drop Oscar and play Mata? (Him not tracking back is an excuse at best) -> Did you see Oscar's performance yesterday? The way he won possession His all around game was Top Notch.
Well situation doesn't look good for Mata or for that matter Luiz.
Mata and luiz may hand in transfer request come January if they continued been named on the bench i think Jose should start rotating those players
This argument/excuse that Mata shouldn't play because he doesn't defend well or because Oscar defends better is just pure lame... I was watching ChelseaTV yesterday and Jason and some callers expressed the same concern that we need to find a way to make Mata be part of the team.... Agreed, he may not be playing every game but sitting on the bench repeatedly and continuously is not good... I just can't accept that playing Mata is enough reason to make us lose the match yesterday... If Mata can't be involved in a game against a relegation bound Westham team then what's left?
Stamford how many chances has Oscar been given especially considering the fact he hasn't looked to good in the last few games and how many has Mata???
Pavel Permiachkin
We can argue about mata starting ahead oscar all day,all wouldn't change anything..Mou has said before that he wants to build with Oscar as his no 10...and if mata can't accept it that way or force himself back into the 1st 11,then when a big money offer comes I will advice he leaves and we strengthen other areas of the squad besides Ozil left madrid when he had to compete with isco and madrid got part of the money they spent on bale from ozil's sale and yet madrid's still doing well and ozil is doing well....all I'm saying is whatever decision the club takes in relation to mata,I want to hope its for the best for CFC and mata
lets hope mata plays against basel . And we know mata is sure to start in coc. then see if the situation changes. lets hope it improves for our juan and only mata!
Blue Krusaders
Good to see Piazon and Kakuta getting goals for Vitesse...
Mata I like him very much but when you look at oscar its just too hard to drop him. His type of player fits into most tactics. I can only beg mata to make it harder for the coach. As for luiz I won't forgive him and will believe he was only too stubborn to try harder if he can't find his way back into the first team.
One thing's for sure Mata & Luiz won't hand in an official transfer request. It costs the player too much money. Mata is a good player and obviously a regular in the Spain squad but Oscar is the No. "10" for Brazil, the favorites to win the World Cup, and has the potential to be one of the best players in the world over the next 5 years. If Chelsea really need to strengthen DM & CF then they should cash in on Mata & Luiz to free up money and squad space. They should definitely sign Suarez. I really don't know why we wasted time trying to get Rooney, which in retrospect never looked on, whereas Liverpool's American owners would definitely have sold Suarez for the right money i.e. 50+ Million. Luiz is different to Mata because he is one of the best defenders in the world but is just too lazy and plays like he can't be bothered in regular league games - in big Cup Finals etc he is great but to win the league you need to focus and perform at a top level nearly every week and Luiz just doesn't seem to be able to focus. It must drive Jose mad because he knows how good Luiz can be.
SUFFERING OF THE COCKERELS Off topic I know but I've just spent a happy 1/2 hour on the Spurs site reading their responses to the hiding City gave them. I know some of you have already been on there & FrLamp in particular put up a good post. So if you've not already, have a read, great entertainment.
@cobhamBlue, we are almost on the same page with your comment mate. On luiz tho I really don't think its him being lazy, I think its more about being stubborn and nonchalant to do what the coach wants. He can be focussed and he can be restrained if he wants, which was an epitome of his display in the Confed. If he can be focus and disciplined for Brazil then why not for chelsea?? Does he pride one over the other?? There are questions to be asked mate.
Never thought I will say this about a manager, but thank God Frank Lampard and co sacked AVB. Totally would have destroyed us that season and could have ended up buying a bunch of scabies for his "project".
If indeed Oscar is Chelsea's number 10 going forward, I really can't see Mata staying back at Chelsea with the plethora of attacking players Chelsea have on the flanks - Willian, Schurrle, and KDB (if he stays). Mata is way too talented to be wasted on Chelsea's bench.
My advice to Mata is, go where your talent will be appreciated. Cos you don't deserve the kind of treatment you are receiving.
chelsea in abuja
Morinho ur pride an arrogance will soon cause u tears
Let's be totally objective. Mata is creative and technical, but slow, with a lower workrate and doesn't defend well. Mata is not a winger and doesn't track back well. So Mata is limited to the #10 role. Basically Mata has tremendous creativity but is offset by defensive liabilities. Oscar has a better work rate can defend and is almost as creative. I really don't see the confusion. Oscar is clearly the better all around player. Mata will be sold.
kolagold25, you are probably correct, stubborn and nonchalant is probably a better way to describe Luiz. I remember a couple of years ago after he made yet another blunder he said he wasn't going to change. He was right, he hasn't. It is certainly ironic that he isn't good enough for Chelsea, so he'll probably have to make do with Barcelona! It's not much of an incentive to change your behavior when that's your punishment.
dont seem to understand why we keep debating over oscar and mata...can someone on this platform confirm to me that oscar has been a flop playing the no. 10 position ? we all love mata but he just needs to work his way back into the team, period...whoever plays the no. 10 role, it still the team not players.....up BLUES
Nice comment @banzy
No brainer speaking about transfers right now,everything could change within the next few games...Just a few months ago when peeps were moaning about Mata,and dancing to the media tune,he played 3-4 games on the bounce. As usual we are dancing to the media tune again.
Good comment Banzy.
As the saying goes: "you will never know the value of what you have until you lose it" it will be very stupid of chelsea to sell luiz and Mata just because Jose does not like them. If all our past managers liked them why is Jose so different? He must guarantee us at least champion league or the league trophy with the problem he is causing these players, if not so, it would be better to lose him than losing our talented and exciting players. Let the truth be said I have never enjoyed our football ever since he took charge, sometimes I even fell asleep while watching our match. This is the same team that made me lose my girlfriend because I chose to skip a date with her just to watch our boys doing magic with the ball last season. He has single handedly turned our skillful players to unskillful defenders yet we still lose and draw and struggle to win matches. Exciting players everywhere yet we still play bored football.
@Killerpass. Hahahaha! We never chose to support CFC,it chose us,we are part and parcel of the club and everything it entails. If it gets a little too boring for you,no one will stop you from moving on mate,and the club wouldn't seize to exist either. Mata has been a professional,and it would be nice if you act more of a professional fan as well. Lol
Killerpass Boring? Struggling to win matches? If you fell asleep I hope you woke up in time for Torres's winner against Man City, or the 6-0 aggregate thrashing of Schalke, or beating Arsenal 2-0 at the Emirates. What about holding the "world's greatest team" to a 2-2 draw? 21 league goals this season and above Man Utd & Man City, things could be better - we are still handicap by not have a truly top class striker - but we are well positioned to challenge for trophies on all fronts which is all you can ask. No club can say they had a poor season just because they didn't win the Champions League. On that basis Chelsea have only ever had one good season!
banzy - I support the team. I am also objective as CFC has a quality player in Mata that is not being utilized. If Mata and Luiz for that mater, can't play the JM system then he/they need to be sold and then use that money to purchase players that are needed (like a passing playmaking CM and another DM). How is that not being supportive? I don't get it. JM has a system and if players don't fit in the system why let them rot on the bench? They need to be sold that money needs to be properly utilized to improve the team. That is good business. IMO JM is the best in the world. If you can't fit in his system then there is no need to sit on the bench especially if the player is valuable and can be sold to better the team. Now I do have particular heartache for Luiz as he is my favorite player. However, I also understand that at some point he has to mature and be consistent. Luiz is world class, a leader and has just about the best technical skill for a CB that you can have. However, he is immature and lackadaisical at times. So, while I would prefer that Luiz stays (as he will be world class for someone else then) I also understand if he is sold. I guess it would be that he just doesn't listen and focus and that JM is tired of his brain farts. But between Mata and Luiz I could see Mata easily being sold and Luiz...50/50.
Sell Mata till his valuation is high. Good for him, otherwise his career will go downwards under Mourinho. Mou has made choice and it is Oscar.
No one is saying Oscar is a flop or has flopped as No.10... and there are times when he actually didn't do much in a game... Even the ChelseaTV crew and some of our legends continue to discuss Mata's exclusion.... I think it's easy for any Chelsea fan to understand why Mata's exclusion will continue to generate debates.... come on,... it's not as simple as just dropping Mata and oh! we've found Oscar... let everyone forget about Mata... @banzy, you said support the team not players... come to think of it, Mata is still a Chelsea player and also part of the team.... Fans love Mata as a person and as a player... we appreciate his football and contribution to the team, so he's not a player fans will just easily write off or stay mute about...
Oscar is a far more complete player than Mata and I understand why Mourinho prefers him. If Mourinho doesn't plan to use Mata then the best option is for us to sell him to PSG for 40m-45m.
Drog of War
Oscar is a far more complete player than Mata and I understand why Mourinho prefers him ------ drink less and think more lad, Oscar "far more complete" like really?? Far More?? *smh*
There is NO football reason why Mata is being's just personal
I love mata so well but if the coach thinks mata is not capable I think he knows football better than I do so he should let him go on loan to juve or atletico till mourinho see his usefulness
I think lampard need to move it for hazard ASAP
Sorry for mata
Sorry *for mata*
So what happens if Mata starts against Basel? I'm positive Mata won't be sold in the winter transfer,but we don't know what's in store from now till the summer. Its a long way,and so much could still happen,and going by Steve's words,we'll have almost a completely different team in the 2nd half of the season. Carefree.
you know i can understand people defending mata and all i understand BUT defending LUIZ ? for what ??? i said at the beginning of the season when arguing with foreignviewer that luiz is not good enough and is not the future unless he buckles up and he argued , yes cahill is less flashy and doesnt attempt long range passes but he does is PRIMARY job first and that keeps him in the side and also most of luiz's passes dont get their target worse when he is frustrated and he plays well for brazil so i think its just him mentally as maybe he wants to leave
Don capon
And off topic , who were the people wanting AVB over Jose ? should i mention names , i will rather play defensive football than get 6 from another team and call myself a " title Contender ". also he seems to be repeating thesame mistakes , which i feel bad for him for now spurs fans who thanked us for paying his release clause are now saying stuff like " i always thought bla bla bla 2
Don capon
mata should go somewhere if he has to play football same goes to kdb also....they are superb talented player and wherever they will play they will defently leave their mark they have been handled completly wrong by get players like lamps a chance we have been sacrificing young talented player like mata and kdb...any wise coach can play oscar mata in one team if they want with different strategy...but if your kneen on playing lamps no matter what just beacuse he is your favourite then the chance of mata and other player to get chance in first team is long term it will be a big loss if we loose mata and kdb...
mata is our best player was that the last 2 seasons and still is..this argument about him not tracking back is pathetic btw there is a difference between tracking back and pressuring high up the pitch and with jose back in the dugout we will hear all abt out parking the bus tactics and they will be true cuz jose plays the most boring brand of football..we have the best young creative talents that can set the world alight but we brought in a manager who is all but known for being a defensive coach before anythn else..our matches havent been pretty to watch..just watch city arsenal liverpool or southhampton or even swansea they play fast attacking high pressure football every game with the same style..we lack that we approach a game thinking that we shldnt concede a goal and maybe snatch one when we have the chance..with our kind of players we shld be able to outplay in europe let alone the EPL but jose is a coward..and the united game proved that...and as for the mata issue again i bet no body of u complained that mata didn track back to cech last 2 yrs when he was being our best player and scoring and assiting mr than 40+ goals last ur argument is **** plain and simple..jose just wants the whole team to defend outside our penalty area i.e park the bus..dont let one match against west ham let u take ur eyes of our shortcomings..oscar before the match wasnt that gd and hazard wasnt either and he still suffers from was a mistake getting jose back i opposed that ever since it was rumored he will come and i hope he doesnt stay for long and roman starts testing him
Nadim Damaj
mistake letting jose back ? chill out bro thats too extreme . i mean youre basing that on the fact that your favourite player is not on the pitch ????
Don capon
Just to recap for some, we finished in 6th place in PL 25 points off top place in 2011/12 and last season we were 14 points off top place sealing 3rd in last game of season. The old guard's especially Drogba's resilience got us our historic munich triumph as well as FA cup. And also Torres scoring form got us the Europa league win. We are always good in cups. The league not so much since Carlo's second season. Roman has deemed this unacceptable. He put Jose back in charge(Pep, Klopp, etc refused to come, so nothing can be done!!). Good or bad he is going about rectifying the issues and certain players are paying the price. Now some can make it all Jose's fault for ruining player's careers and our so called great playing style that got us the league finishes in last 2 years. But we can truly assess at the end of season how we have progressed from past 2 years esp. in the PL. The assumption that Jose has a vendetta against some is pretty ridiculous. He likes his teams to play a certain way and needs players to suit it. Right now we are not even halfway through the season. Almost all teams have been up and down and with mixed results apart from say Arsenal and Liverpool. Arsenal haven't changed apart from Ozil and Flamini. Pretty settled. Liverpool have Rodgers in his second full season. Even this weekend's results show how unpredictable the PL is this season. Right now we are trying to hang in, stay in the mix and not drift off too far. Beating Basel secures us CL knockout qualification and first place in the group. Then we have 2 full months to concentrate on PL and domestic cups. There is a long way to go and lots can happen between now and end of season. Just hang in there like most of us are. #KTBFFH
Luiz is better than Cahill and Terry. He will finish his career with more trophies than them if he leaves Chelsea.
Ahhhh my lil Chil'ren...listen to me kids...Mata has 4 and a half years left on his contract...he will stay or we get big money. IU believe in Mata. But Oscar is fully justifying his selection because he plays two way ball better than Mata...his deficiency to mata is the creative aspect which he will improve on, but where he beats mata hands down is when he doesn't have the ball. He is our number eleven for a reason. Mata will come good too and Mazacar will reign supreme again.
Luiz is going nowhere...he will be the greatest CB since Beckenbauer.
Sometimes,I read the comment section and it baffles me when some claim "we play defensive and boring football under Jose","they hate jose style of footie" and yet the love and want jurgen klop and his makes me wonder how much do this people know? which brings me to the question what is YOUR definition of defensive football?two things come to my mind...maybe they are complaining that we counter attack or we sit deep in our own half when the opposition has the ball...then I'll have to say counter attacking footie is not a defensive/boring style of footie as even jurgen klop that most of you crave for is a counter attacking master....talking about sitting deep,whose fault is it?the manager? Do you remember how we conceeded goals under andre villas boas when we tried to stay higher up the pitch and keep a highline?in our defence line,cole is not the fastest of Left backs,neither is ivanovic a fast right back,neither terry or cahill are fast CB's,we only have Luiz with a considerable amount of pace...when we defend higher up the pitch,don't you think its like shooting yourself on your foot?strikers are naturally pacey,if we do keep a high line like dortmund does,every wise striker will look to exploit the space left between our slow CB's and our GK,so the best thing for us is to defend closer to our GK,now we have to come to terms that we can't counter attack like dortmund by defending higher up the pitch and pressing the opponents closer to their goal post because dortmund has naturally faster Sidebacks with considerate/average pacey centre backs and whoever says counter attacking is boring should take a break from football...imo the style jose is implementing is good all will just need do is improve in our transition from defence to attack
Oscar has justified his selections,he deserves to be our playmaker..he suits our current style of football well and even with his physique,his off the ball performance is outstanding,he is the most hardworking player on the pitch.. Long may he continue to produce loads of wonderful performances for us...
Dortmund can pass the ball better than Chelsea. That's the difference. You press them high and risk leaving spaces in behind.
Great comment Syed.
@nely- thanks mate.
Given the current scenario, we might be tempted to listen to offers from PSG for Mata, if around 40m...Munez will be leaving PSG this Jan or in Summer...Regarding Luiz, Jose just want to try in Pivot for 2-3 games. The position change will improve our game...I suggest we use Omerou in place of Luiz in CB...
You'll have to be an absolutely deluded numb-hearted glory hunting plastic fanboy, as a self-professed Chelsea fan, to suggest Mata and Luiz hand in transfer requests in January! I ask you lot, what will you gain if they both leave as you all suggest?!? Blimey, are they your brothers or blood relatives? Wouldn't you lot also be fecking moaning and bloody complaining had it been, say, Oscar and Cahill were the ones Jose was leaving out of his starting 11? Alas your rather loquacious though thankfully redundant hypocrisy! Lol
HGH Magic
@fv you just said luiz is better than terry and cahill . guess that is your opinion and it cannot be changed so i would not argue
Don capon
JM is d boss. He oversees d training. He knws wot he sees & is playing d players he bliv can play wot he want
No player plays football on the bench. They should leave so Mourinho can buy his type of player.
The situation is a rather sad one. it is true we all support this great team but some of us are just judging this matter based on sentiments.Suddenly, some folks here think Oscar is a better player than mata.are we judging them as defenders or as attacking midfielders? People come up with lame excuses like Mata can't defend.At least, he is beginning to pressure the opposition well.This same set of people didn't remember this 2 seasons ago.Mata is a better attacking midfielder than Oscar.His technical ability and creativity surpasses that of Oscars'.He makes things happen with his passes.His ability to carve out stubborn defences with his exquisite passing is just second to none.And pls don't come up with the excuse that Oscar has been better this season because we all know who has been seeing more game time.We all knew what Mata did against arsenal and when he was introduced in the 2nd half of the game against spurs . it is all up to jose to manage the situation very well as I know Mata is a top professional.
I swear why is a non chelsea fan and hater like F_V aloud to post and troll us here on a chelsea fan site? But let out a bit of foul language and everyone bleeds through their tampon.
Pavel Permiachkin
Lol Pavel - that's because he's a cyber wally; and his comical value apparently supersedes 'boring' intelligence and reasonableness, I guess ;)
HGH Magic
HGH I just can't believe how many "mature" moral high ground "men" here have their panties shoved so far up their crack due to a bit of language but stand to tolerate foreign idiots... I swear I just see him with a stupid face sitting there on his computer the only possession he owns worth anything sitting in his dark room because he is too stupid to have friends or even be let out of the house.
Pavel Permiachkin
Mata is awesome, Mata is great, We know you love him so do we! need i remind you that the same mata is rarely being used by DEl Bosque. I don't see yall slagging off Del Bosque because of that. Yall could say Del Bosque has better players which i can argue against to some extent but fact is he has a preferred way he wants to play and so does Jose. Oscar benching Mata weighs the same as Mata putting Oscar on bench as yall would have complained either way. i mean so many of you are still complaining about KDB. Hence stick with the coach decisions as he can't satisfy us all.
Mata is a better playmaker than Oscar and when he is in the middle, chelsea create more chances to score. Defensively Oscar is better, but there is no substitute to Mata's creativity. He was our best player for last two seasons, heck that should mean something. Like I said before, Lamps is getting too much games. Seems to me like favoritism.
Merlin, wherever you are I hope you can read High Magic insults clearly now. A snail can never leave its shell! Makes me wonder what kind of home he was brought up from.
killerpass you will never possess integrity like HGH.
Pavel Permiachkin
I have been an oscar as no.10 fan since last season even long before we dreamt of having jose back, layorh was the one I had that debate with, I still stand by ny comment and debates then that oscar is a better all round no.10 and would improve more as he grows, mata is 25, oscar 21, 4 years of development and I bet u oscar can be better than mata creative wise in that space of time, but to be fair guys, we can't just shove mata down the toilet, there are games where his assists and nimbleness gave us pure joy, in his own right mata is a worldclass player who contributes to the team even when he is not on form, yes, we support theclub and not the player, but that doesn't mean mourinho should not be playing mata at all, even if it is for 15 minutes, I am not saying he should start over oscar, if I was a manager I'll always pick oscar, but what mata have offered, and what he can still offer since he is about to peak deserves atleast 15 minutes in every of our game. And mou is not doing himself any favours by playing the likes of schurrle ahead of him when we are leading 3-0
Mou tinks hes god needs to be taken down a peg. So does xavi defend
@Desmond, i understand how you feel about the likes of schurrle playing ahead of matter but the truth is balance has to be strucked and jose is not ready to jeopardize that for mata atm

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