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Jose and 'Favoritism'

Favouritism for old players?

When JosÚ came back, there were fears from some fans on VC saying the old guard would be reinstated back to the line up, which has definitely been the case. Terry has returned, Cole too and with the look of things one or maybe even two of them might be offered new contracts.

Now Terry, Ramires and Cech have played the most league games and even cup games with Lampard and Hazard coming close behind them, so the focus will be on the older players and Cole.

Cole: Well he started out as first team left back but then it seemed too much game time actually became a problem for him, so he has been on the bench for a while and he has not been so favoured so far and his persistent rib injury seems to be affected him quite a lot, so I am assuming Jose is giving him a rest for the ribs to heal and give Dave game time and with the looks of things he is going to have that position for a while so his case is settled.

Cech : Well he is better than Mark and since we don't have Thibaut around so it is only fair he gets the highest amount of game time which has been a norm for a few years, but this year is a little different because I wouldn't have my hands on my head should we need to use our back up keeper.

Terry: Well he had a torrid time with Benitez and it seemed he was clearly past it but then this season came along and Terry has looked a totally different player. He has been consistent for us and although a few mistakes he has been generally a very good CB who we can rely on, now with any pairing at CB you decided to use it is probably Terry - and someone else, so his playing time is justified.

Now the issue of Luiz playing ahead of Cahill is quite a debate due to Luiz's ball playing abilities, but then his ball watching for Everton's only goal, his howler against Cardiff and also the terrible performance against Newcastle (I didn't watch it but I heard it literally everywhere, the radio, this website, and my friends who watched the match (non Chelsea fans and other articles online and with Cahill's quite consistent performances, it is understandable that he has a permanent seat on the bench, but then when you look at his performances for Brazil, you can question his commitment to the club and if he still wants to be here or not, because the Luiz with the Brazilian squad is not what we have on our bench disappointing though as he is supposed to be our future.

Lampard : this is the player with the most controversy, now people seem to be peeved with the inclusion in the team most times but then again let`s look at the other options available to Jose, we play 4-3-3 or 4-2-3-1, he is the best in his role for the former so that is no cause for argument for the latter, Ginkel was the heir to this position and was injured for the season which was not foreseeable him coming back again is a different topic. As we have not gotten any replacement we have Essien , Mikel, Ramires, Lampard , and Ake.

As a DLP let`s remove Ramires for various reasons (even though he could ever play that position, his position beside this role seems as important), Mikel has never been tried for various reasons for our last 3 managers so I don't see it working and he seems to be so out of place forward and that leaves Essien and Lampard, now Lampard has been adjusting to that role since we have seen various combinations so far and we have seen the catastrophic moments we have had on the pitch so the final question, who would you rather pick for the role as a manager knowing a lot depends on that position ???????

P.S : If you are going to answer the question don't bring up a change of topics as it won`t suit other players and notice I didn't mention Josh or Ake because I don't think any manager in their right senses will bench Lampard for any of them

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The Journalist

Writer: Don capon  Mail feedback, articles or suggestions

Date:Tuesday December 3 2013

Time: 4:36PM

Your Comments

We could easily play Oscar instead of Lamps as a CM and put Mata back behind the striker, where he belongs and where he is frankly our best player. I am surprised that Mourinho has overlooked this option.
I don't want to start an argument, but Oscar has been really poor in the last few games and when I compare his season so far as the #10 with Mata's last season, then Mata wins by a mile. Oscar works a lot, but often he finds himself just running after the ball without getting it, and when he gets it, he can't quite produce the stuff Mata does.
Well I have to say that I don't see any "Favoritism" in Jose's selections. Some people will go off only some of the facts in place and say that Jose is playing Cech, Terry and then Lampard and Cole when fitness allows; but surely that is only part of the reality? As the OP clearly states, Cech and Terry are the best options we have; quite rightly so. No other player is currently CONSISTENT enough to replace either of these players. Schwarzer, Cahill, Luiz or Ivanovic are all world class players on their day, when they play to the best of their abilities. In fact if you gave me one of them on their best day with Cech/Terry on their worst day then only a fool wouldn't drop Cech or Terry. However, those two consistently out perform the other options. I would also argue the case for Cole. He is still the best LB we have on his day, and more so the most consistent LB we have. When he's fit he rightly so should be first choice in that position. My concerns exist when he is not fit. Bertrand just doesn't seem to have bridged that gap in ability that he once showed promise to do. I once used to think that he and PvA had bright futures at this club, but now I leave myself wondering if both are destined to either leave or play a reserve roll. Now Azpi is a different story. I've been VERY impressed with his performances given that LB is not his natural position. As a stop gap I'm happy that Jose is giving him the match time, but concerned that there is no natural choice after Cole (who seems to be getting injured more and more as he gets older). Should we be thinking of a new recruit? I think maybe so. Finally Lampard.... Here's a guy who on his day is still one of the best there is. I'm not necessarily talking about his footballing ability, but on his impact to the team. Some matches he plays awful... Too slow. Doesn't track back enough. Mis-placed passes. Not supporting his pivot man. HOWEVER.... I still feel he's the best player we have at what he does. On a good day he can make the difference between a win and a loss. Those calling for him to be replaced/dropped/forcefully retired need to think carefully, as I do not believe we have another player to take his role. The closest IMHO is Oscar or Luiz. We need a player who can run, tackle, make crucial passes and still be a goal threat both on the break and in late runs into the box. I feel that Oscar and Luiz both have the work rate and skills to perform this role. Are they naturally suited to this role? Maybe not, but again I think they are the best "CM" players we have based on their playing skills, workrate, pace, passing, goal threat. Not meaning to disrespect our other lads, but MvG is crocked, Ramires struggles with passing consistency (and staying on his feet apparently), Essien used to be the BISON, but his days of consistent performances have been hurt by severe injuries and finally we come to Mikel.... Mikel for me is the talent we never truly harnessed. He's a great player that we never got up to his potential. Some blame Jose's first run in trying to recreate Maka, but when I look at Mikel now I only see "enforcer" and not "play maker". He's as strong as an ox and can hold the ball amazing with the occasional great pass, but he's not fast enough and has a very poor goal threat. He's not got all the tools to make a world class midfielder to replace Lampard. So there's my 2p worth on the subject. Happy to be agreed with / disagreed with / ignored. Carefree!
''Too slow. Doesn't track back enough. Mis-placed passes. Not supporting his pivot man. HOWEVER.... I still feel he's the best player we have at what he does.'' Erm...and that is?
''Here's a guy who on his day is still one of the best there is. I'm not necessarily talking about his footballing ability, but on his impact to the team.'' of the best there is without football abilities? Sounds reasonable. On a slightly different note - did you have a pint or two before you wrote this up?
Not an issue with our old guard again... SMH. as for me am fine with them. i don't see any favoritism as i believe jose is very professional. But seriosly if some of us don't trust jose against favoritism, which other manager would you give your trust then?? Am puzzled!
Did Luiz play in the recent loss against Basel?
what does that have to do with this article , your love for that dude cannot be justified and right now youre making me even more critical of him whenever he plays
Don capon
what does that have to do with this article , your love for that dude cannot be justified and right now youre making me even more critical of him whenever he plays
Don capon
Has the Terry and Cahill partnership conceeded goals this season?
The Newcastle game was lost in midfield.
No one said terry, cole or cech don't deserve to play or start matches. The only person that most people have beef with is lampard. The guy has had like only 3 good matches (out of about 20) this season so why the ***** does he still start? @bizarre blue stated some of his flaws (which won't get him into a team like arsenal) then went on to back him as a deserved starter which only goes to show the kind of hold he's got on some people (jose included). The only solution is to scrap the pivot, hence no need for lamps.
don delsy
Lamps second to Hazard this season as our most creative player.As the boss would say,facts.
Is Lamps our best passer? No. Is he our best runner? No. Is he our best tackling midfielder? No. Is he our biggest goal threat? No. What I mean by "other abilities" is things like tactical awareness, putting himself very often in the right position on the pitch to affect play. His leadership skills are second only to Terry and I'd say alongside Cech. You don't see teams like United slagging off Giggs or Scholes in the way that some of our fan base seems fit to slag off Lamps. Scholes was a liability in midfield when trying to tackle (or hack or wrestle) opponents. His other qualities made up for that downside to his game. Lampard is still a player who can command a rotation spot in our team. He can pass better than Ramires. He's a better all around player than Essien, He's a bigger goal threat than Mikel. He commands leadership in the midfield or attack area more than any other player. These are the "qualities" that I was alluding to in my post (without a few pints first EMN ;) ). We don't have a perfect fit team yet. We don't have players performing to a world class standard in every position in every match. Until we do, we need players who are good at many different tasks to maintain the structure in the team. This is why Lamps continues to hold down his team/squad place. I've been far from his biggest fan in the past, and I'm not his biggest fan now, I accept that the team needs to evolve forward (maybe changing tactic like Don Delsy suggests), but until that day does come, my answer to the original OP is that Lamps is very much a needed member of this club and deserves his playing time on the field (which is what the OP was questioning was it not?).
Lampard role is not to be as a goal threat, that he should get goals by all means is not his job but an added bonus if the opportunity presents itself, we have to understand that a player has to excel in his primary role first before moving on to the secondary, CBs should defend, if they can score like jt and cahill did, fine, but they should defend well first, same for the DM/CM, the CAM should create goals and make offensive passes, working as a unit, strikers should score as their primary job requires, when each of these players do not execute their job properly, why should other players be blamed for their ineptitude?
Sorry, maybe should have added "midfield goal threat". I was trying to show that although Lamps may no longer be the best at any one attribute, his combined abilities warrant his place in this team/squad, which is why Jose plays him.
Ah fair enough, it makes more sense now ;) I just noticed that my posts sounded inadvertently a bit rude, sorry for that
nothing to defend abt,,lampard doesnt add any flair to our game,,,he use to b completely lost,,yhu cnt see him 4 abt 20 to 30 mins of play,,,wt impact does dt add to d team wen d cameras cnt see him,,lampard shud b rested n b introduced in sm games as a substitute,,evn ryan giggs s nt a starter,,lampard days r gone,,
lampard hardly impact a game dis,season,,hardly win ball or gv killing passes bt he play offend,,bt mata,,onli few less performance got bench 4 abt 4 matches bt wen he hv d chance,he impress bt stil gt bench,,,dudes dnt b naive,,it s clear favourism,,JT deserve to b played,,cole deserv d bench if mous r reali true to his words on playing a player base on his performance
lampard hardly impact a game dis,season,,hardly win ball or gv killing passes bt he play offend,,bt mata,,onli few less performance got bench 4 abt 4 matches bt wen he hv d chance,he impress bt stil gt bench,,,dudes dnt b naive,,it s clear favourism,,JT deserve to b played,,cole deserv d bench if mous r reali true to his words on playing a player base on his performance
Jose mourinho and favouritism can surely be mentioned in the same sentence...maybe thats his hidden name!
as a manager, you continue to play a player when he excels in the primary duties of the specific position assigned to him. the primary duty of a #10 is to create chances for team mates and make assists. how many times has oscar done that in his numerous appearances? mata has done that a lot of times in his fewer appearance. so why does jose rate oscar as a better #10 than mata? because oscar defends better than mata. how many clearances and interceptions has ozil made in his entire career? he is played because he knows how to perform his primary duties. oscar can perform better in lampard's role than any other cfc player but jose won't even try. ivanovic made more baloon and useless crosses than any other epl wingback so far but he's still rated over cesar. why? because iva can defend and score better in set pieces. but cesar is currently a better wingback than iva. jose always has favourite players in every club.period.
All the debate over Lampard and he shows us all why he should be in the team last night. Can we put this argument to bed now please? Lampard may not play brilliantly every match, but when he does play well it gives us a huge boost. We lack consistency all over the park, and if we manage to keep up our levels then we have the blueprints for a great team.

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