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To be frank, this article is an impromptu one, but when I came to my senses, I realised it needed to be voiced out and relates to De Bruyne, and probably other peripheral players that we considered to be.

As a matter of fact, am very disappointed in people judging De Bruyne just after few starts. Okay, we all know there's competition here and there, but let's think of it, this is a very good player we are about to lose, just because as some said, he lack speed, work rate blah blah, but why can't we use his major strength intertwined with our weakness?(DLP).

For example, we lack a very good passer from the midfield, who will dictate play, spread ball to our dangerous AMs, probably just because we signed De Bruyne on a cheap fee, we quickly gave up on him. Is never done, Ramires as we all know can't pass to save his life, but he has a very good work-rate, does that make him a complete player? NO! So why are people locking up on KDB to be complete?

To succeed in Chelsea is an immense uphill task for an established player, let's ask Willian, Torres, talk less of young players, who is still developing as a footballer, this kind of players need security, trust from their clubs, manager before they can succeed. If we think any young player will walk into our starting 11 without being given proper minutes is mistaken. This does not include KDB alone, even some people are calling for the return of Piazon, Chalobah, don't be surprised if they end up even worse than KDB.

In a nutshell, I'd think it will be ideal if we give KDB 2 season with enough matches to check his capability, instead of wrapping up verdicts on him a few months to his Chelsea career. The circumstances of MATIC should have thought us lesson, but hell NO, or do we think if Matic had not left Chelsea, he will be highly rated as now? Let's think deep, let's learn how to give players time, don't let price tag influence our decision on new players. Let's try and be objective than being subjective.

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The Journalist

Writer: jayblhoss Mail feedback, articles or suggestions

Date:Saturday December 21 2013

Time: 4:07PM

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Chelsea fans are the *****test on earth. Sturridge, before his injury, was demolishing defences week in week out but we supposedly shouldn't regret letting him leave because "he was selfish in a position he never played before and isn't his". Yeah right, I'd give all three donkeys we have now in attack just to get Sturridge back. We are linked with a multi cash deal for Matic. Needless to say that the lad was a player of our academy 3 years ago. Why can't we just shut our ******** mouths up for once and wait for someone to develop? KDB's was by a mile our best player in pre-season, even with his injury that almost destroyed his knee ligaments. First game of the season against Hull he wins the MOTM award, followed by an average performance against United where, frankly, nobody played well. Against Arsenal he wasn't good and against Swindon he had an okay game. Against Sunderland last week I thought he had a decent game as well. Yes he looked rusty, so what, the guy's last start before that was against Swindon two months ago, in between that he got 5-10 minutes cameos on 4 occasions only. He still created the goal from which Lamps scored from against Sunderland with a good vertical ball (something we are missing thus ready to shell out no less than 40 millions on Matic and Guarin) and overall had very good moments as well. What do you want him to do? To rot on the bench for 2 months and then have a Suarez vs Norwich? The supporters' expectations are so unrealistic it's not even funny. Try to understand that : we are a week and a half away from January and his chances have been 3 starts in the League Cup and 1 in the league. Seriously? Is this what we have come to, such spoilt brats that we are judging a player on this thin record of playing time? Alright, sell him. I swear we'll regret it and that we'll be the first ones to break the bank to get him back. I'll be absolutely livid if we do.
2* in the league
We should play him in central middle.
It's very pathetic how fans here bash our young players... Last season, most people here were shouting bring back KDB, now he's here, and people are saying we should sell him, he's useless, not good enough, lacks pace, can't defend, etc.... And the more annoying thing is that people expect him to produce an exceptional performance after so many weeks on the bench... We need to build his confidence and get the best out of him...
Young good player such a pity that some can't see the talent this boy possess.
Haaaaaa...I love it. The teeth knashing and the hand wringing has started...Let me first state that I am a supporter of CFC...I am not a worshiper of any one players...I am trying to be objective and if you don't agree...that is your opinion. I have mine. KDB is a good player. I have stated that. The problem is that Oscar and Mata both play the ACM or #10 role and both are better. Hazard can play both the attacking wing and #10 and he is better. Willian a better winger. IMO, KDB lacks the pace and the defensive ability to play the wing. Schurrle has much more pace and is more responsible defensively. Schurrle is good at taking on defenders. THERE IS NOTHING WRONG with KDB but he is the third string ACM. PERIOD. You can't play everyone. He is surplus to requirements. KDB would be perfect for the pivot. Perfect, if he could defend. BUT HE CANT DEFEND. So no need to cry about it. I just dont see the reason to keep a third string ACM when this team needs a CF, a DM and a passing playmaking creative CM that can defend. This team has holes to fill. Lets take the money from surplus players and use it to purchase players for positions of need. Is that NOT the way organizations are suppose to work? If you want to keep KDB on your FIFA 14 team go ahead. I want CFC to win the EPL not challenge for 4th place. For those stating CFC doesn't give young players a change...IMO that is the organizations fault and not that managers. Roman continually sacks managers at a what manager is going to stick his head out and play young inexperienced players? Think about that. I would love to see some younger players getting opportunities. WHy we still have Lampard and Essien is beyond me. THey are taking up spots that I would have filled with younger players. If anyone read my old posts I would set up the team to have younger players always as backups to the first string players. You need that mix to have a profitable organization. But you don't need to keep a player like KDB that is third string when there are far more pressing needs.
Piazon scored again today. I would rather have Piazon than KDB. Piazon is a goal scorer. IMO KDB is more of a playmaker. Now I want to find a place for Piazon on this team.
right! N next seasn when piazon sits on d bench,he'l suddenly nt b cfc quality anymre n ul all say sell him! If we sel kevin,we'l regret it
right! N next seasn when piazon sits on d bench,he'l suddenly nt b cfc quality anymre n ul all say sell him! If we sel kevin,we'l regret it
Lamaroch, am sure you would be among those clamouring for the return of KDB. Now you've turned your attention to PIAZON....SMH
Oscar,mata,haz,willian,schurrle are all above KDB,the mistake was buying willian n schurrle knowning KDB was out there,but we'v them and they look better than him in my opinion.i wish we try him in pivot o for i believe he has talent but with all those players ahead of him,he wll definately find it hard to play.
It's usually difficult in a big Club like Chelsea to have young players given hundreds of opportunity to prove themselves. You get one opportunity you try to make the most of it,defensively and offensively. It has nothing to do about KDB quality,we all know he's a great player,and am sure if he's sold or loaned,he'll put up a great performance in whatever club he goes to. The problem is you have loads of players trying to get a look into the first team,and if you get one shot at it,you have heavy demands to produce,yes its unfair,but that's how a club like ours have been run for the last decade. We clamour for youth to be given a chance,clamour for brilliant football,clamour for results but aren't patient enough to let any of those happen,with constant moans about one or the other. You can't have all at once,it all takes time to shape in,it takes stability and patience. First you have to create and identity,a philosophy,strategize on integration of youth,all this isn't a plan that happens immediately it takes time. Many of you talk about having KDB in the povot,but being in the pivot means you have to possess a great balance btw your defensive and offensive play,that's like taking a chunk out of his game.
I remember reading a stat last season that KDB covered more ground at Werder Bremen than any single Chelsea player of last season. Does that translate to him having no workrate? I believe KDB's case is a bit similar to Bale's early season form. Bale basically had no preseason,and in his recent interview he said how not going to trainings and preseason matches affected his body and his mind.When given ample playing time and getting the backing of the board,and teammates,we all see how that has panned out. What I think is wrong with KDB is match rustiness,and even when he's played he isn't played consecutively.Last season when he scored more goals than Hazard ,we all clamoured for him to be back.Now all of a sudden we consider him lacking of pace and workrate.One virtue this club seems to have is paitience.He is a young player compared to Torres,and as such can be moulded to play the way we want,or mould him to be a CM,in the pivot with a more defensive DM like Essien or Mikel. KDB can help speed up distribution that Mikel lacks if paired with him,while he(KDB) works on his tackling and stamina.His vision is like Mata's and he is perhaps closest to a potential DLP,among what we have.I believe it would work out if handled this way,with Lampard moving back to his prefered role as a CAM,though as back up to Oscar/Mata.
Samuel Chimezie
I remember Piiazon playing for us in preseason and some here were clamouring that he be sent out on loan,seemingly because he's not good enough for a big club like Chelsea,now I'm surprised seeing some asking for him to be brought back for KDB again.What happens if like KDB he becomes short of form,what would you do,ask that he be sold or loaned out again right?
Samuel Chimezie
Some say for him to be in the pivot he must be able to defend wel.....yeah,you may not be far from the truth ......but some also clamour for Gundogan,who to me is a more attack-minded pivot player than he is defensively.....many times he's been used as a CAM for Dortmund. Even Rakitic is more of an attack-minded CM than players like Matic. To buy someone like Matic should be to replace a player like Mikel or Essien or even Ramires,but to buy someone like Guarin to replace KDB ,to me is a like for like replacement.And KDB is even younger and perhaps faster,because I've watched Guarin a number of times.So I hardly see why we can't be paitient with KDB....
Samuel Chimezie
I have always said it,if we are having 3 strikers,we should have 5 AMF/wingers,if we are having 6 AMF/winger we should have 2 strikers,when I said before the season that jose will find it hard to rotate the squad and make all of them happy,some attacked me and said sir alex made united players happy,even now people claim we don't have a first 11 because jose rotates too much,in the band of 3 behind the striker for example,the 6players we have deserves to play,but jose have to keep them happy by rotating them and rotating 6 players isn't easy at all...if KDB is leaving permanently,there is no need replacing him with someone,the 5 others that we have currently can do the job conviniently,the game time kdb could have gotten should be given to one of the kids in the U21...
I agree with hazard17, 6 Am's is just 2much, a young prospect from the academy should be brought in to replace kdb if he leaves.
Gundogan does a great work defensively...he isn't deficient in that aspect at all...he is a more attack minded pivot player and he is also disciplined defensively to play in the pivot...I'm not saying KDB can't be a pivot player and I am not saying he can either.but the likes of gundogan has been playing there for majority of their career,so you can't compare kdb to gundogan in the Pivot..
That said, i don't see the logic in buying willian and schurlle when we had moses and kdb returned from his loan, we could and should have use the schurlle and willian money for falcao or cavani.
I dont think Chelsea would be 2nd/3rd in the league right now had we stuck with KdB and Moses instead of Schurrle and Willian. That should be pretty fcking obvious..
Ya right @Zg2000fs...schurlle and willian has added more quality to our squad..
Ofcourse if someone is not playing other players will look better than him. KDB is only behind Mata in his passing ability.
Totally agree with this article. Chelsea board will sell him as we did not pay more than 20m for him.
Although KDB may not be as good as Oscar or Hazard he seems to show more mental strength than them so I would use that...Oscar and Hazard appear to caught up in being our 'holy grail' and actually start putting in some consistent performances if they actually want to be true legends like lamps and terry (both who are not as talented). I really wish this WC would blow over becuz to me Oscar is still obsessed with being a Brazilian player. Nothing wrong with that but I would like to some of the same passion for cfc on a regular players. These foreign guys excite but they don't seem to show the same tough and grind passion of the British players, but then again this is the EPL.
Slippy G-19
For me, it's not just about KDB.., but that we may see another young talent leave due to lack of proper planning... We know KDB is behind Oscar and Mata for now, but I feel we can afford to give him a little more game time.. Also, making these young players have a sense of belonging and feel that they are an integral part of the team will help their confidence level.... I don't think giving KDB a little more game time will Jeopardize our chances of winning the league...
While I don't believe KDB would work in the pivot, because of his defensive inabilities, I would gives him a try to see what he could do. He can't be worse that Lampard defensively, and KDB is a good passer, so on second thought I would give him a test run to see what he could do. But I am not sure. Maybe he would rise to the occasion. Trying to be objective. But being in the pivot is not his traditional position. But I would be thrilled if it worked out because the lack of a playmaker/passer is the most important hole to fill at CFC (along with a CF).
who told u.jose develop player
Alsamin Ibrahim
If Schweinsteiger can play in the pivot so can KDB.
Modric....Schweinsteiger... Dembele.... Kdb? Oscar? It's possible
modric can play there, I believe he can. excel there if he wants to, Arteta now plays there , a 4-3-3 formation could av done wonders with our talents, if klopp or Diego simeone has access to these players, they'll be glad to try crazy things with them
@desmond, klopp or simeone? Hmmmmmmmmm.
I will try to be objective as I love KDB but also love CFC more. I was one of those clamouring for his return and I loved the way he performed in preseason. I feel his confidence has dropped due yo his not playing regularly. The hunger and drive that was there in preseason isn't there for now. Then, he would put in tackles, harass opponents and his crossing was superb. On current form he has 5 other AM in front of him not to mention Moses and Pia on to return. So from a management point of view, I'd loan him to a PL club where he has the opportunity of fighting for a starting berth and let him spend a year there before deciding on his future. Another option would be to sell him but insert a buy back clause. In 2 years max, Lamps, Terry, Cole and Essen won't be at the club ( at least not in a playing capacity) and we will have several spots open. KTBFFH!
Blah...Blah...Blah players come and go...we sold Robben, I won't mind the sale of KDB...we sold Matic, we even let Drogba go...this is the norm in football. Players come and go, only CFC remains.
GFC - very well said.. It's odd one here and there that we "let slip out and he comes biting back" but it shouldn't be a worry overall. Plenty of other players to choose from. That's why I don't think Matic will be coming back to Chelsea, as neither will Sturridge, and to be quite honest, right now, those are the only two that Chelsea missed on (in a way). I don't hear cries about Sinclair, Sahar, Stoch, Borini, Di Santo just to name a few. So don't cry about KdB if he goes either. Support him while he is here, whoever he is, and if he succeeds then all the better, if he is shipped out, so what..
blah blah,,,cn any of u handle d presure of managering a sacking club lik cfc,,,hw wil yhu guys react wen we play kdb n bench oscar n we loose bcos of kdb deficiency..and an important match lik today,,i guess ya al wil ofer mou an instnt sack,,,so let him do his wrk,,,i onli hv problem wit lampard hving much game time
You retard his progress and you except other prospects to come to our shores and ply their trade??? Cfc should continue to stick with old guards like terry, lamps etc and others are transitioning... What will happen when This players get injured? You call on luiz who has not seen enough match to be fit or kdb who is on a peripheral list? They can't do magic unless they are giving time atleast we gave torres enough time, while not kdb?
nwobi ebuka
good player but comes last in the list of Am's we have. he should get no loan, we should just sell him off perhaps. There will always be a fall guy and he is in this case.
It's so easy to say players come and go......while thw club remains....while that is a true paradox,I think we are loosing the main plot here. Every great club or successful one has always been found to have that 'family spirit' in it....that collective cohesion.....that quality of letting players express themselves freely though within limits according to the dictates of the manager. Mou had it in his first years with did Ancelotti in his first year,and so was RDM in our Champions League winning period. Despite periods of scandals there was this brotherly ethos felt among Drogba,Lampard,Terry and co. Even Barca's successful 2010-2011 season team had it. Now if you begin to alienate any player or restrict the ways players express themselves,I think it hurts the entire fabric of the team. Not giving a telented KDB playing time is an example of such ways.We sold Matic and see how we miss him,we sold Sturridge and yeah ,we still miss a player like that. So saying players come and go is in a way ignoring the main issue. We could give anything now to get those kind of players back.Can we all tell why we haven't won the league since Ancelotti?
Samuel Chimezie
You treat one single young player like that and it could affect other equally talented players from being eager to join us.....except ofcourse if we splash the cash.
Samuel Chimezie
You treat one single young player like that and it could affect other equally talented players from being eager to join us.....except ofcourse if we splash the cash.
Samuel Chimezie
why we haven't won the league since Ancelotti, huh? Well, can you tell why Arseanal haven't won the league in nine years? Or Liverpoo in aeons??
HGH Magic
or you think winning the league is Chelsea's birthright?
HGH Magic
wait a minute i could remember jose giving sinclair ample minutes in his first stint with us. So also did Carlo ancelloti gave josh some minutes. These are the two coaches who had been fortunate enough to use more than one season with us in almost a decade. So what is it you are complaining about with just four months into jose' second stint?? most complains i find on here usually comes prematurely.

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