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So what does Jose really know?

We need a striker, not just any striker but one that can link well with our super talented midfield, maybe someone like Wayne Rooney.

It is a given that one big deal depends on another deal being done, then another and......, well you know the rest, it's a bit like a housing market chain. I honestly think Jose invested so much time chasing Rooney in the summer because be really believed Manure would let him go. And the reason he believed that? - I am certain he thought Ronaldo wanted to go back to Old Trafford, in fact the player probably told him just that when they were both at Real.

Antonio Valencia gave up the United number 7 shirt because (he said) it came with too much pressure! Really? More like CR was coming to take it. It would also explain why Moyes delayed any real business till the last minute, bringing in only Fellani and why we were reduced to signing Eto'o.

It might also have led Old Red Nose to believe that Moyes couldn't fail; after all one of the two best players in the world was on the way. So maybe Jose is not bluffing, maybe he really will wait till the summer when Wayne will have only one year left and could even buy himself out of his contract.

Or am I adding 2 + 2 and getting 5?

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The Journalist

Writer: analooish Mail feedback, articles or suggestions

Date:Tuesday January 7 2014

Time: 5:01PM

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A player of Rooney,s age is allowed by the regs to buy himself out of his contract when it has 2 yrs or less left to expiration. In essence if Rooney really wants to leave he can buy himself out of his contract right now. However he will not. As i mentioned this summer Rooney and his agents are a wily bunch. They will put ManU through the ringer and they are doing it already by not sitting down with ManU to do a new contract. He is waiting for two things; to see if ManU is even in the Champions league positions by seasons end and to see his stock rise even more after a hopefully decent showing at the World Cup. Rooney will keep this drama going till after the world cup and those thinking we will get him forget it. The guy will either get an increased deal with ManU (he already earns over 250k/week!!!) or he will bolt to one of the major players with really big money for one huge final pay day; namely locations like Real or PSG. We would be well advised to have learnt from how he used us last summer and look elsewhere.
I dunno about your arithmetic mate, but believe Real Madrid could ever have sold CR7 in his prime to Manure, another club of their size, clout and ambitions; and you'll believe anything in the world!
HGH Magic
Assumptions! Assumptions!! Assumptions!!!
We just need to stay away from the white pele. Rooney's ship has sailed away. I don't want any player in our squad who demands 250000 or over per week while signing a contract.
Don't agree. CR7 signed a new contract recently. And Man U wants to extend Rooney's contract. Whether Rooney wants to extend or not is a different matter. For us we need more options besides Rooney unlike last summer.
Rooney has the potential to be a great signing but there are risks. Over the last few years Rooney has sprinkled phenomenal seasons with extremely poor seasons. Also his age and the fact he has been playing Premier League football since he was 16 means there may be a sudden drop off after he reaches 30 which is only 2 years away. If we are going to sign him we should do it now but can't see ManU selling.
I'll rather trigger Diego Costa's release clause and give him 100k per week than sign Rooney, reason being costa is more younger but you can say Rooney is more proven
Gabeu nowhere did I suggest we were getting him this window, after all why would he rule himself out of playing in the knock out stages of the Champions League? I am aware of the "Webster ruling" regarding a player buying out their contract, as you will know he could not do so last summer as article 17 allows a player, aged under 28 when he signs, to buy out of his contract if he is at least three years into the deal & Rooney, d.o.b.24 October 1985, signed for five-and-a-half-years on October 22nd 2010. Had he stalled until the 25th then he could have activated the buy out after 2 years so maybe his advisers weren't all that wily. I agree 100% he is holding out for a big last contract, hopefully inflated by a successful world cup, (+ Champions League as mentioned) who that is with is open to question but I certainly won't slate a player for wanting to maximize his last big pay day. HGH, I'm sure you're correct, Real wouldn't have wanted to sell him but can any club really keep a superstar who doesn't want to be there? There really is a price for everyone, in my opinion, after all we have bought a couple of "SUPERSTAR STRIKERS" for big money. And yes, I am being sarcastic with hindsight, but the fans of the clubs we got them from really believed that, Roman too.
Rooney is still a very fine player but the thrash he and his agent tried with us in the summer can only end there. If at all he wants to come now, let him make all the move while we just have to deal with dropping the moola.
Do we really need a new striker? After all John Obi Mikel has scored more goals than Lionel Messi this year!
Good one CobhamBlue! Sack Nando & give Obi the 9 shirt!
Cristiano Ronaldo is not on Messi's level.
analooish, after Jose left Madrid I don't think there was any rationale or evidence to think Ronaldo wanted to leave, for Manure! Btw, do you seriously think the Glazers want him back @Manure with all his wages and baggages? You think those Yanks wanna blow over a hundred million bucks on a single player transfer? All those Benjamins with debts to service? You gotta be kidding me ;) @f_v, stale talk matey; c'mon snap out of it! Has Messi scored 400 career goals yet? Lol
HGH Magic
Fv - how many headers did messi score? And free kicks? Oh right..
If Rooney wants to come then fine but he needs to come out with it and buy himself out but if it don't happen before next season kick off it Never will I myself can't see it we wouldn't sell our players to them and in return they wouldn't sell there best player to us
Jose said they will look at it at the end of the season no striker is coming this January window
the whole rooney or bust thing last summer made me vomit. so it's bust is it jose? or eto'o equals bust. you couldn't make up some of the errors we are making in the transfer market. hard to believe that a club paying such good wages as us could be making so many mistakes. as eto'o is surely that.
yeah, gotta agree with that @tb44. But mate, Jose aint God or some infallible deity who knows the future! Tell me, did you (or any pundit for that matter) categorically predict Eto'o will turn out an abysmal 'mistake'? Thus, I guess he was Plan B in the summer but now, bust. Simple
HGH Magic
Drogba scores freekicks and headers.
When Ronaldo learns how to dribbles 5 opponents away he'll be up there with Messi.
I love having you around fv. Always a good laugh.
Add Ronaldo's lack of passing ability and vision to that. Not forgetting Ronaldo tried his best but still couldn't score 91 goals.
I love you.
Oh,, and messi scored 329 goals in 396 games during 10 seasons and cr scored 230 goals in 221 games. just provoking you. trolling. you know. what you do all the time...
oh... in 5 seasons. love you...
Why are you leaving out Ronaldo's time at Sporting Lisbon and Manure?
"@MessiStats: Since Cristiano Ronaldo joined Real Madrid in the summer of 2009, Messi has scored 249 goals in 235 official games for Barcelona"
Someone is saying Cristiano is better because he can score headers and freekicks. #Troll In simple terms, if you take the goals away from both, CR7 would be a 25 million player at best. Messi would still be at least a 60 million player. That's the gulf in class between them, apart from the goals. Messi has got the vision, can pass, can get others involved, can find space for others, find others in space, it goes on. But then, those who can't see the difference between them yet and those who just look at the numbers to analyse players, won't ever get the difference. :)
Uhmm, so Gareth Bale would be how much if CR7 becomes "a 25 million player at best", huh genius? Anyways, good luck taking the goals away; you'll need it. Lol
HGH Magic
I was mostly kidding since I sincerely don't care who is better and if any one of those is better than the other, but now I am just laughing at what you wrote F9T. Won't even go into it since it doesn't matter, but oh boy, I am so glad that you wrote that piece. I might ask you how is Messi doing for mighty Argentina, or if he ever played anywhere else other than Barca etc. etc., but I won't.
What has Ronaldo won at national level?
I don't even know why people compare Ronaldo with Messi. Messi is out of this world and out of reach. You can only compare Ronaldo and Players like Bale, Hazard, Ibrahimovic etc.
zg2000fs - cue that mate, really doesn't matter; but believe me one has to be absolutely deluded or "extremely dumb" (like Joey Barton puts it) to mention Bale and Hazard in the same sentence as Ronaldo and Ibrahimovich (I suppose Zlatan?), whilst also hoping to "take away" his goals. Isn't football all about scoring goals?? LOLOL
HGH Magic
zg2000fs - cue that mate, really doesn't matter; and what a killjoy some of these posters can be?! But believe me one has to be absolutely deluded or "extremely dumb" (like Joey Barton puts it) to mention Bale and Hazard in the same sentence as Ronaldo and Ibrahimovich (I suppose Zlatan?), whilst also hoping to "take away" his goals. Isn't football all about scoring goals?? The irony is apparently lost on them, but I still wish them luck "taking away" these goals! LOLOL
HGH Magic
WTF is going on here????? Comparing Ronaldo to Messi?? LooooooooLest!!!! I agree with F_V for once here.... No one should even think of that cos Messi is out of this world!!!! Guuuuuuuuush!!!!
Ronaldo is a football god, no doubt about that..... But guys, Leo Messi is the GOD of Football!!!!! #fact
Ronaldo is a football god, no doubt about that..... But guys, Leo Messi is the GOD of Football!!!!! #fact
Messi dont do well for his nation, very true(though his recent form for them has been amazing; go check it out), but it's not like Ronaldo lights up the international stage too (Play-offs aside). All the hate against Messi on this site is mind boggling! *sighs*
Lastly, last time I checked its not written in any rule book that a player has to leave his club for another......
Messi does well for Argentina. He's a playmaker for them. Aguero, Tevez etc play up front.
messi 0 goals vs cfc , CR7 1 goal vs cfc. CR7 > Messi . LOL
Blue Krusaders
Ronaldo over Messi.
Pavel Permiachkin
Messi has superior technique and stats.
Kick and chase: Ronaldo. Dribbling in tight spaces: Messi.
foreign_viewer today we're on the same page!!!! I have no idea how some1 can even dispute the Messi > Ronaldo!!!! SMH
Ronaldo is the best.
Pavel Permiachkin
Stats say otherwise.
LOL following the thread for sometime, which has turned into Ronaldo vs Messi debate. I will also hop in here...Ronaldo over Messi anyday. Ronaldo is more complete and provides more to the team.
Keyser Soze
What is complete? Can Ronaldo play behind strikers? If you put in him in CM could he pass the ball well? Rooney is complete. Ronaldo is not. Messi can play almost anywhere. That's complete.
Ronaldo over Messi anyday. Deal with it. LOL
HGH Magic
Messi. The end.
Is it Messi's fault that he's short???? LOL. In my opinion, its just heading ability and pace Ronaldo beats Leo. If u watch Barca games well (I do), you'd notice Messi has improved in every deficient area (Yes Free-kicks too). Btw, this farce that Ronaldo is an "excellent" FK taker must stop. When some1 scores 1 in 7/8(he hits the wall, or blazes it wide or over), then thats not excellent!.. @Keyser Soze, Ronaldo provides more to the team?? Hahahahahahahahahahahahaha!!!!!! Thats why Ronaldo shoots many many many times more than Messi, & also has less assists....
Ronaldo over Messi everyday. Deal with it. LOL
HGH Magic
Saurez is better than Ronaldo.
Messi is clearly better than Ronaldo.
Ronaldo: diving - check, dribbling - check, Goals - check, wing play - check, pace - check, big mouth - check
Messi: dribbling - check, Goals - check, wing play - check, CM - check, false nine - check, pressing - check, trophies - check
this is hilarious
Very hilarious. Lmao
HGH Magic
ok what's going on in this thread?!!!? LOL!!!! ......................................... Drogba >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>Missy/Cristina
Jus passing time until the next game or until Abramovich gives up on Torres and signs a striker this January.
@Mq > foreign_troll ;)
HGH Magic

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