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Chelsea has started to show Jose's signature

It was a great win for us against United, and I simply loved the game.

I love the impact Jose's influence and managerial ability is leaving on the team. I would want to share certain points with the VC fraternity here.

1. I simply loved the way we were handling pressure. The Chelsea of the previous times would normally crumble against such pressure and pressing, but we weathered the storm and hit back magnificently.

2. We managed decent possession in this high paced game, so even though I won't give a 10 on 10 to our lads for possession but still it was vastly improved.

3. We don't give up now. Every game that we win or draw or lose, our boys fight till the end. This attitude went missing from our team quite a while back and I can date this back to the Ancelotti's time when the team would just lay bare while the likes of Sunderland would hit three against us and we won't respond. [That game still hurts]

4. As I have been saying this for many seasons that we cannot have Mikel/Lampard and Ramires in the same team, as these three are not compatible to one another so only one should play at a time. It`s nice to see that from the moment we have had one of the three playing, with someone else alongside in the pivot the midfield looks totally different. Even though Luiz isn't world class in his performances but still is showing the point that I had been making for quite some time. I so want to give an 'I told you so speech' since I have had debates upon debates on this issue but not many were agreeing but it`s the happy hour and no point rubbing it in.

5. I have always advocated here that strikers weren't our problem. I have written many articles here on the subject, so no need to explain why. But guess what? Our strikers are scoring in every game now since we changed the pivot and the point 4 of the article which i think was the main issue our strikers weren't scoring.

6. The three amigos behind the strikers were very unpredictable for the opposition for the first time this season. They weren't cutting in every time. This is what caused the biggest problem to the United defense. All three were excellent in their work rate and penetrative. They also provided to each other and weren't shooting on first sight at goal.

7. Very strong signs that the players are gelling in as a 'team' playing for one another as well as for themselves and not going for personal glory every time.

8. We aren't there yet, but we are getting there. The team is looking more and more solid and difficult to beat every game.

I say Jose has done a magnificent job. Well, I guess the KING's team is finally showing his signature.

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The Journalist

Writer: Chelsea-fan Mail feedback, articles or suggestions

Date:Monday January 20 2014

Time: 7:38AM

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touche sir....the key game is the Man city game in a couple of weeks! we will know how far the team has come then
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20/01/2014 08:19:00

Thumb's up
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20/01/2014 08:30:00

The Happy Special One … He is 1 of Us
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20/01/2014 08:52:00

I agree with what you say about the pivot but I still think we need a striker and hopefully Lukaku can step up next season. We dont have a striker that can link up well with the 3 amigos as Eto'o takes too many touches when he should release and torres has the touch of a rapist most of the time. Fair play to eto'o mind great hat trick. #InJosewetrust
janner blue
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20/01/2014 09:05:00

Yes to most points. Good article. I see this as the beginning of something special.
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20/01/2014 09:55:00

Hail Jose!
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20/01/2014 09:56:00

Sky news reporting JM has had elbow surgery in paris!
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20/01/2014 10:49:00

But some here made it seem like the Rami/Mikel combo is destined for greatness...
Pavel Permiachkin
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20/01/2014 11:57:00

Agree with almost all points.
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20/01/2014 12:55:00

I feel trying oscar n matic pivot is worth trying. Oscar can work hard and is a hard tackler plus better in possession than ramires. Mata as no. 10 for me . This makes our team solid and creative at the same time. Anyways just my view.
Blue Krusaders
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20/01/2014 13:04:00

@Blue Krusaders I'd love to see that too mate but can't see Jose doing it to behonest
janner blue
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20/01/2014 14:05:00

Nice article but i beg to disagree on the striker issue and i am certain it will be sorted out in the summer. Great work by Eto o' yesterday but let us not kid ourselves we need one top notch finisher in this side and if we had one we would be leading the BPL with a decent gap. As i see it the pieces this team still needs; 1. a true central midfield playmaker...despite all the suggestions of trying Oscar in that role, i doubt it will happen and OScar does not have the passing range and accuracy to play the role well, 2. A top notch striker t
Report Abuse
20/01/2014 14:28:00

Nice article but i beg to disagree on the striker issue and i am certain it will be sorted out in the summer. Great work by Eto o' yesterday but let us not kid ourselves we need one top notch finisher in this side and if we had one we would be leading the BPL with a decent gap. As i see it the pieces this team still needs; 1. a true central midfield playmaker...despite all the suggestions of trying Oscar in that role, i doubt it will happen and OScar does not have the passing range and accuracy to play the role well, 2. A top notch striker t
Report Abuse
20/01/2014 14:28:00

to add to El Nino and Lukaku for next season and then 3. One utility player capable of playing multiple roles down the spine. These needs assume that Essien, and Lamps will exit the building at summers end, and that Ba and Eto o' will also join that exit group. As far as cole, he may leave too but i am still unconvinced that we need to buy a new LB. I saw Betrand play for Villa on saturday after months without a playing time and he essentially rendered Raheem Sterling the speedster toothless. I still feel that with Ryan and PVA we have the succesors to Cole available. One last point, as we seek reinforcements next summer we need to find at least one player who is a dead ball specialist..especially for Free kicks and also corners. Our set piece delivery this season has been atrocious. Mata is arguably our best set piece taker and barely sees the pitch now. We have only one goal this season from a free kick in all competitions (the belter that lamps hit against Hull) all subsequent attempts have generally been woeful with the vast majority either not scaling the wall or going into the stands not to mention even being on target enough to warrant a save. Compare that to critical goals scored by all the other top 6-7 teams in the BPL by freekicks where they all have at least one quality free kick taker (Yaya Toure, Rooney, Ross Barkley, Baines, Yohan Cabaye, Suarez etc etc). Dont even get me started on the quality of our corner kicks, and this is why despite the advantages of having some of the best goal scoring defenders in our ranks like JT, Cahill, Luiz and Brana our goal scoring from our defenders this season has been way of the usual pace. Just small things but if sorted it could take this team to stratospheric levels.
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20/01/2014 14:40:00

@gabeu . we need to get Mata on the pitch ;) . But yeah our dead ball situation is not good.
Blue Krusaders
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20/01/2014 15:20:00

on point, also not in agreement with the Striker part cos many a times the have squandered one-on-one opportunities which has nothing to do with pivot. The 3 behind the striker just got fed up with our strikers hence the "hunger" to also score attitude. Really want us to work on our ball possessions, cos this sort of play tends to frustrate opponents leading to fouls, red cards, confidence building etc We need to sort out the left back ASAP, the more Cole remains on the bench the more rusty he becomes, GOD forbid Azi injury/red card 30mins into a crucial game. GabeU, with you on the last point. Have wondered why we rarely score corner/free kicks nowadays plus how come none of our defenders get a good head on the ball any more. Seasons past, most of our defenders return average of 5 goals a season
jim shimfe
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20/01/2014 15:23:00

I truly don't understand how the pivot was responsible for Torres missing glorious chances against Sunderland or Eto against Stoke City and Everton. I also don't know how the Pivot helped Eto score his first and third goal yesterday!!!!!!!!!!
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20/01/2014 15:51:00

well pivot will rarely have a big hand in goal , their job is to bring the attackers into play. And yeah our strikers cant be trusted yet.
Blue Krusaders
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20/01/2014 16:20:00

we need a striker mate and not only a striker we also need to get back to the basics of football as it have been pointed out so far, brilliant with the way we beat man utd, but they are hardly a solid team right now and we shouldn't be deluded to think we will white wash other top European sides like that when we play them, we still have a long way to go but I love pur winning form so far
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20/01/2014 16:30:00

Dunno, I like how Willian is taking set pieces, although he didn't shoot at goal from them yet.
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20/01/2014 16:57:00

@ KAKUfrank. Lemme tell you how is the pivot responsible. They, for a change, have started to give forward balls. Press forward, and Luiz in particular takes on the opposition players trying to go pass them. These new diminution in our play engages their midfield opening up space for our forwards. Thats how those players got space to cross the ball. As long as your pivot players are taking on the opposition players, it will keep up opening space for our attacking threats. If its just going to be side ways or back ward passes from our pivot, then the opposition will remain positioned in front of our attacking four and penetrating ten players by four isn't easy. Its a brief of what i can say in this regard, but for record and stats, just check how many goals have our strikers scored with Luiz and Ramirez midfield and compare it to the previous pivot and you will also get the picture.
Report Abuse
20/01/2014 17:00:00

@ Gabe .. My point has always been that we need to establish the supply line for the striker before we sign a striker. and our team hasn't been a striker friendly team. Only Drogba has been the exception who suffered this as well for the first two seasons until he started creating and finishing most of his goals. A striker has to be amongst goals in order to remain sharp. Any striker will lose his cutting edge if he doesn't get service, and Chelsea history of the last decade has shown us exactly that.
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20/01/2014 17:04:00

@Chelsea-fan, very theoritical indeed, but I don't think Pivot has anything to do with the misses Torres and Eto used to miss. In the United game in particular, the pivot had nothing to do with Eto's first goal and 3rd goal......He was simply clinical and knew where to be. Sure Luiz and Ramires might be the ones in the Pivot, but I am sorry, we are making things too complicated and just not accepting the fact that the strikers are more "clinical". I mean Torres vs Southampton. Wasted about 3 chances in the first 10 minutes and out of nowhere scores 1 goal and it was Mikel and Ramires in the pivot. I don't see how that is the Pivot is responsible for his misses and how Mikel helped him score the header. The strikers are simply clinical and better in positioning and has nothing to do with the pivot. At least not all of it as am I sure Ramires was the main guy behind the 2nd Eto goal. I simply in the life of me cannot understand how the pivot was responsible for the "chances" they were missing in the first half of the season.
Report Abuse
20/01/2014 17:56:00

We are going to need real quality play towards the business end of the season from Feb till the end of the season. Like des pointed out we need to start playing football, we need real quality play to go far in the champions league or win the league. We are efficient now but efficiency only won't win you the big price, we need serious quality as well as much as willian is hassling and running all the length of the pitch when the very big games come around we will need more than that to beat the very top team.
Report Abuse
20/01/2014 21:13:00

I totally disagree with our strikers are not the issue, even jose said that maybe eto'o is finding his old self again (that is because he wasn't before now). When you see what strikers like aguero, suarez, negredo and so on had done on their own this season then you would realise this is never a starter. As regards the pivot against manU, Luiz apart from his agressiveness was total crap (I dare you to go watch the match again). he was selected because he needed more aggressive body against manU. Winning with him in the team (against a manU side who'd never got going this season) should not nullify we'd also won with Lamps/mikel alongside rami several times this season. Every player for different strategy, simple! I think you are in too much haste to back up your points Imho.
Report Abuse
20/01/2014 23:08:00

I'm afraid your getting a bit carried away saying Jose has done a magnificent job.Yes we won yesterday but it's only a few weeks ago that we were getting beaten by Sunderland and Stoke.With the squad we have I believe we should be several points clear at the top.Things are looking better the last couple of games but it took him five months to link Azpi and Willian together on the right.The potential of these two together could turn into something special. We have been unable to control the ball in midfield and concede possession far too easily.Terry and especially Cahill have been superb at the back and hopefully Matic can be the player who links everything together and gives us the control we should have in midfield.I watched parts of the Everton game tonight and didn't realise Lukaku was playing until the 89th minute.He's very young and will improve but I just can't see him ever playing for us.City are the team to beat but with the second best squad in the league I don't want any repeats like travelling to Basle eight weeks ago and not having a shot on target.
Report Abuse
20/01/2014 23:50:00

@ Kaku -- mate its not just theoretical. Why are our strikers missing chances. The kind of service they were getting, or rather the scarcity of chances, any striker will lose his edge. and they also lost theirs. as Drogba was the only one to come out of this after two poor seasons with us, the rest all rotted. But all that is history, if my calculation and footballing analysis is correct, you will see our strikers scoring more and more goals every passing game. With goals they will get their confidence to strike at goal back and then they will also start attempting the spectacular. Bottom line, in my view, as long as Lampard/Ramirez/Mikel are paired with someone else, our strikers will keep on scoring. Its not like they are bad players, but they have similar weaknesses, which effect the pace of the game, the passing and the attacking players have to drop deep to collect the ball. The list of problems go on, but i will keep it at this.
Report Abuse
21/01/2014 04:28:00

THEBREEZE, "With the squad we have I believe we should be several points clear at the top." Really? By your logic Mancity should have won the league now with their squad. They have by far the superior squad to us still we are just 1 point behind, thanks to the brilliance of Jose. You want everything to be perfect from day 1, Jose is a great manager but not a magician. We are in the process of building a great squad and it takes time. Under Jose we are going in right direction.
Keyser Soze
Report Abuse
21/01/2014 06:43:00

In the same post you say we should be several points clear on top given our squad quality. Later on you say we have the 2nd best squad behind city. Interesting...
Keyser Soze
Report Abuse
21/01/2014 07:08:00

That's because we beat City mate and gained 3 points on them when Kompany was injured.Fortune favoured us that day with the late cockup after being outplayed most of the game.
Report Abuse
21/01/2014 07:32:00

Like I said, it is very theoritical indeed. Eto scored with his first shot, 2nd attempt and third attempt. And he hasn't scored in how many games and had only 4 shots against United!!!!! He was simply more clinically. Pivot is is just another excuse. I wonder how Torres starts the new year scoring with Mikel in the Pivot. While in the first half of the same game, he missed a million chances. Ah yes too, he didn't score an away goal in the whole of 2013 and the first away game in 2014, he scores a header with Mikel in the pivot!!!!!!!! STRIKERS GOT MORE CLINICALLY.
Report Abuse
21/01/2014 10:55:00


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