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Well the deed is done. In a matter of 2 days what had hitherto looked like a decent January transfer window for us has just become an absolute nightmare.

Let me be clear..just a few days back I had penned an article indicating why in my opinion we should sell Juan Mata this winter transfer window so my total disgust with this recent turn of events has nothing to do with the reality that he has been sold. My beef is with who we sold him to and when in the transfer window.

For the first time in over a decade the self righteous Red Devils were in turmoil and literally facing down the possibility of a next season without champions league footie. They reportedly had close to 200million in funds for transfer yet every target they were linked with Koke, Gundogan, Reus, Herrerra, Garay, Contreao, Dante etc etc etc was telling them the same thing..' thanks but no thanks'. Someone like Daniele De Rossi was publicly thanking his lucky stars for not making the mistake of joining ManU and as the January transfer window was drawing to it final third it became very possible that despite their multiple needs No marguee players were interested in risking their careers by coming to Manu and that they would thus have to make do with what they had. The rumblings of Wayne Rooney planning to jump ship to Real come summer were growing and there was the talk of RVP possibly even feigning injury to avoid playing.We topped that of with a comprehensive beating handed to them at the bridge and this was literal nirvana. The old nemesis were truly on the ropes.

Then what happened next…our so called brain trust decided to extend the hand of fellowship to a club that gave us the middle finger in the summer when we sought one of their 4 strikers. Honestly I don`t blame them for doing it..that is how it should be. Spurs did the same to us and Liverpool have given us so many kicks and hits to sensitive areas in the transfer window business that you would think that we would have learnt our lessons by now. But oh no. Jose, Mike and Roman decided that we should play the ultimate Santa Clause and gift ManU with exactly what they needed in their hour of need; a marquee player who addresses one of their critical points of weakness. A player whose profile as a person is sure to lift morale for a club that was down in the pits and a player whose arrival may then spur others to now suddenly take interest and decide to join David Moye's project.

Some people will say he is just one player..he wont make much of an impact..excuse me, did these guys see what impact Ozil has had with the gunners (not just the goals and assists he brings to the table but the tremendous morale and confidence boost his arrival brought)? Do these people forget what impact Suarez has had at Liverpool, How RVP virtually singlehandedly secured the BPL title for ManU last year?

Guys the so called demise of ManU has been greatly exaggerated. As bad as ManU have been at this very moment they are only 6 points of 4th place..that is just two wins for them and two loses for current 4th place occupier; Liverpool. Let no one be surprised when at Season`s end ManU are again among the top 4 and when it happens we will be able to thank Uncle Jose and company for their great call on this. Mata will have a big impact for them and we will look like the absolute mugs we are for sanctioning this deal and doing it in such rapid fire pace so he can integrate quickly for them and at the miserable quoted price.

Seriously, am I supposed to believe that Mata had no takers in all of continental Europe that we had to sell to ManU? Seriously am I to believe that had we hawked him to Napoli, Juve, PSG , Monaco etc that we would have got not takers even if for 5-10 mill less than what ManU offered? Am I to believe that suddenly We have become the beggar club that just accepts what ManU offers and hands over one of our most prized assets within 2-3 days of their asking?

People, let us not forget before we get ahead of ourselves, this BPL season is barely half way ..we have no basis for any sense of entitlement or accomplishment. We are not first or second..we are currently 3rd in the BPL..occupying the last guaranteed champions league slot..we are just 6 points (that magic number 6 again) above 4th placed Liverpool..that means as simple as two misplaced losses for us and two wins for them and suddenly we are back in the dangerous pack of 5 teams separated by just 6-7 points all battling tooth and nail for that final spot.

The smart, wise thing to do would have been to do everything in our power to sabotage ManU even more so they would fall further down in that group of 5 teams vying for position 4..instead we gave them heavy ammunition to clamber back up and only a fool does favors to the devil because rest assured when the time comes he will repay your "kindness" with a knife in your back.

If we end up winning the BPL or finishing second and still managing to win the FA cup or even better the Champions league and if ManU still finishes out of the top 4 and preferably in a Europa league spot where that tournament can further sap their strength and resources then at seasons end I will come here on VC to give my full mea culpa and take my well deserved flagellations from the VC community like a man. If on the other hand at season`s end we end up with no trophies, still stuck on third or worse and ManU manage to secure a top 4 finish or even God forbid finish above us just remember this rant…remember I called this deal with ManU even worse than the debacle that saw us sign El nino from Liverpool for 50mill when Sergio Arguero was available from Atletico Madrid for substantively less.

While I can understand what may have driven Jose to do this (undervaluing Mata, his misplaced friendship and loyalty with SAF, misplaced confidence and arrogance that ManU is so wounded that they are no longer a threat etc) what baffles me is that Emenalo and Roman went along with this, with absolutely no sign of dissent. This is part of what I was saying in my prior article as to why our board structure is so poor. A DOF should have enough clout, experience and confidence to call out a manager when he is making a wrong personnel decision. Emenalo sadly I suspect has never told Roman no on anything the big boss wanted and I suspect he is unable to stand up to Jose either. If we had someone like Heynckes or Hiddink there instead I doubt this sort of joke of a deal would have transpired without some major fireworks. There is a reason no such nonsensical deals are done by clubs like Bayern and City…hint they have guys of clout and vast experience on their boards who can tell their high profile managers when they have got it wrong!!!

To add further salt to this festering open wound, I am now reading that we are sounding out Mohammed Sallah (from FC Basel) as a potential replacement and being quoted 12-15 mill Euros. If true the hilarity of this would be the stuff of comedy central. We sold Mata and KDB and are now contemplating bringing in Sallah as a replacement (trying to hijack the deal Liverpool is trying to make with the guy..ala the Willian situation?) How childish is this? How about we save the money, recall our own home grown winger (Moses) who is just warming the bench at Liverpool while Brendan Rodgers gives preference to his player .; Raheem Sterling . (This is another case of our never seeming to learn our lessons..we have seen this movie before when we sent Josh to Brendan at Swansea with the same ending..lots of bench time and sight seeing with little actual playing time while Brendan appropriately priortitizes developing his own players). Before the detractors get in an uproar and try to undervalue Moses, yes this guy is not willian quality but last season in his debut with us as a 21 yr old he scored 10 goals with 3 assists in all competitions in mostly sub appearances. Can he really be much worse than what we see from Schurrrle who we have retained? Why spend money ..especially the reported 12-15 mill reported on Sallah while Moses would cost us nothing to recall and instead should we not be trying to get a striker in this window since Jose and co seemed to be so much in need of ManUs cash that they couldnt wait to get Mata sent to them quick enough?

Between the funds from the KDB and now Mata purchases we can activate the release clauses of either Jackson Martinez or Diego Costa and address an actual need we have right now. Are we seriously going to wait, instead get another AM after selling two who are arguably better quality and then wait till summer to address our striker needs when these very guys availability and prices may evaporate if they happen to have decent to great world cup showings? Someone please help me here. How do these sort of decisions even make sense?

In one fail swoop the joy of our steady team improvement and the signing of Nemenja Matic have vanished. Unless Jose, Mike and Roman get it together really quick (only 9 days left) this January transfer window may end up being more shrouded in infamy than that sorry one from 2011.

On a positive note thank goodness for Gus Poyet and his Sunderland boys for helping his extended Blue nation family out by sending the red devils packing out of the Capitol one cup right there at Old Trafford. It is the one positive bit of news i have heard today that has any ramifications to Chelsea FC.

Okay Rant over..i am sorry of this has such a dark ambience to it. I am really struggling to see what rational thinking and judgment went into the decisions our brain trust have made in the last few days on this mata transfer. I hope I am wrong and just being myopic..time will tell.

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The Journalist

Writer: GabeU Mail feedback, articles or suggestions

Date:Thursday January 23 2014

Time: 3:43AM

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I must say am totally gutted.were we so desperate for money?
Our demise this season has been based solely on injuries. It is worth noting this season that when both RVP and Rooney have played together, we havent lost. Unfortunately they have both played together this year only about 6 or 7 times! Only top team we've played this year with both RVP AND Rooney was Arsenal and we won. It is very clear that with all our problems in midfield, we'd have won way more games and we'd be in contention for the title if we had those two for the majority of the season. This coupled with the fact that, we didnt really strengthen in the summer and that means any injuries we got, left us with no able replacements. Trust me, we wont make that same mistake again. Moyes will be settled before the summer window opens and he'll know exactly what we need. We conceded a lot of goals last season but we always had Rooney and RVP to help us score more than the opponents. This season we're conceding but are lacking their firepower to give us the goals. Thats the big difference between last season and this one. Moyes has just been unlucky with the injuries. But people who think we are on the decline or we're done challenging for titles or attracting top players are truly deluded and clutching at imaginary straws. We'll be back waaay stronger next season and I know you all already know that.
Gabe U's article sums it up ,if he had to go ,why them of all clubs ? .Now i know how Arsenal fans felt when RVP took a trip up the M6 . Jose is always talking up United and backing Moyes ,now this .I am just gutted on this one .This could really come back to haunt us in seasons to come .
Michael Reid
As far as I know Abramovich didn't want Mourinho. Is Mourinho's sole responsibility what happened with Mata. Chelsea fans at the Bridge supported his stupid desisitions. So are they to blame also? I am fedup with Mourinho, Terry and Lampard. They saw Chelsea as the place to make money forever. I never though to support ManU, but now I will see their games and if I like what I see I will support them. Hope flop Mourinho is out of Chelsea ASAP
Joseph Porto
As much as I like Mata I must regretfully admit that there is no place in the team for him right now.A player of his caliber should definitely be a starter in whichever club he plays ,but that is not the case in Jose's Chelsea.Obviously,Jose's favourite players are the tough,fast and hardworking players and there is no place for a little magician like Mata,who despite his undeniable skills doesn't fit the current role model for a Chelsea player.However,I should admit that I like what Mourinho is doing and a potential Salah in Mata out player flow will benefit us once financially and twice that Mourinho will have a player he likes to work with,which supposedly should be good.I like the idea of Salah joining,because he has some tremendous pace,he is left footed and can exchange sides with Hazard and give the oppositions all kinds of problems.Moreover Salah is at mere 21 years of age and his peak will be in the royal blue jersey.Also imagine Chelsea with Hazard,Oscar and Salah on a counter - I really feel sorry for the defenders who have the heavy task of halting them.Also I would like to point out that Mata goes missing in big games.Remember out Champions league winning campaign - of all the knockout stages Mata's presence was only noticed during the Napoli away fixture and it was purely for the goal he scored out of Canavaro's dreadful mistake.In both fixtures against Barca and in the final vs Bayern Mata was non existent on the pitch.The story was the same one year later when in the absence of Hazard Mata was supposed to pull the strings and he couldn't keep hold of the ball for more than 2 seconds before getting dispossessed.If that is not enough for you take games against Man City,which don't really give him the space and time he thrives on,take the confederations cup final where he started and I couldn't hear his name on the commentary. Don't get me wrong,I really like him both as a player and as a person,you rarely see such a humble and positive person,but the truth is he has his flaws and these flaws are exactly in the same category that Jose despises most in his players.What I don't like about a potential transfer is not the very fact that he leaves,I am massively against him going to United,firstly because they acted as ****s when we wanted to buy Rooney,secondly he has the potential to turn their horrendous season into an OK one and thirdly he is just what Man Utd need right now - a playmaker. You don't have creativity from the center - play Mata with Rooney and Januzaj on the wings in wide positions,provide him with Fellainy and Carrick behind him to seal the defense and compensate for his lack of defensive awareness.Sometimes a single jigsaw piece can be enough for the completion of the whole picture and I see United getting another 1 or 2 world class players in the summer.And all of the sudden the Man Utd team which is a laughing stock now could turn into a title contender next year,just because we had a dissatisfied player,which wants more playing time before the WC.For selling Mata to United is viable from business point of view,but absolutely ludicrous from footballing point of view with vision to what his acquisition could bring to our long-hated bloody rival ,which is currently in knockdown.
Gabe I have nothing but respect for your opinions. But maybe you need to focus less on what this means for United and more on what it means for us. We stand to make a truckload of money on a player deemed surplus to requirements selling him to a club we do not play again this season. And in the process, we can bring someone in whom we'll actually be using. Surely that can't be all bad?
Mourinho what have u done! You are helping our rivals damn it.
Our attacking quartet, with Mata's transfer concluded, will be RVP, Rooney, Adnan and Mata. Better than anything Chelsea has to offer now. Eto'o, Hazard, Oscar and Willian are good but our four have more goals in them. Wow what are you doing Chelsea letting us have him?
Remember the season he signed for us? We finished sixth in the table nonetheless. United, sooner or later, would've come back up. It was too good to last, and I'm certain you know that too. If it wasn't Mata, they might've got Reus, or Draxler or somebody else in. This sale was an inevitability, but had we attempted to sell in summer, we wouldn't have got half this amount unless his playing time saw a significant increase, which barring the possibility of a serious injury to one of the preferred three had no reason whatsoever to.
We should go for barkley ASAP
Who will replace MATA?? Salah? Greizmann, barkley all are link to cfc
And why do you want to sell to MANU exactly...especially after the rooney fiasco..ARE YOU REALLY THAT may win a lot of games and lot of trophies but the way you dealt with MATA and KDB man...FECK YOU..this is how you treat a class act like MATA REALLY...ROT IN HELL MOU..ITS ALL ON YOU..FECK YOU MOFO
@Carefree..Simeon has summed up my pain about this. I was one of the first to indicate we needed to sell Mata in this window- the caveat outside the BPL..that is what city did with Balotelli and tevez. I understand it may make business sense (maybe we get a few mill more selling to ManU rather than a team like Napoli or Juve..or even PSG) but for footballing reasons this decision is nuts. There is a reason Barca and Real are Colossal giants in La Liga..they take no prisoners and make sure they cripple the oppoisiton as much as possible..they dont do each other or the other teams in the league any favors and they benefit from being vastly superior to their opposition. Bayern have taken that model to another level and gutted their only real competition in the bundesliga; Borussia dortmund. PSG and Monaco are proceeding to do this in ligue 1. this is the nature of the is an absolute high stakes venture where doing favors for the opposition is madness. This is how dynasties are built in pro footie and frankly in pro sports as a whole and ManU know this very well..they took RVP from Arsenal achieving two goals in one; strenghtening themselves and weakening a direct rival. They would rather go bankrupt than sell us any quality player that would improve us and they have shown that resoluteness with the whole Rooney deal and reportedly in time past when we were said to have inquired about Chicarito. We have now done the exact opposite. There is a reason Liverpool fought tooth and nail to ensure Suarez did not end up with arsenal and why spurs would rather take less money than sell us is time we got a clue because the supposed benefit of the money we get from ManU (which we really dont need anyway..we are FFP compliant for the first review cycle anyway and Roman did not suddenly become a pauper) because we supposedly arent facing them again this season is very short sighted. We will be facing them next season and it wont be this hobbled ManU we will face then..and we will then have that sinking feeling of knowing when they come back rejuvenated and punish us that we provided them a vital piece in their recovery and rebuilding process..a gesture they will never reciprocate and rightfully so too.
This is GUY MOU has no class all he want is ROBOTS in the team..a suggestion MOU..sign 4-5 from STOKE CITY..they are well versed with what you are trying to achieve..So Mr LONG BALL let a player of the caliber of ZOLA to go and join UTD ..WOW...I am glad ZOLA is no longer you would have SOLD him to ..well done MOU well done..
GabeU question is why sell to MANU.? you are better man than I am..and you can keep your cool better..WHY MANU WHY
Somebody sedate this guy 'kishaloy_nag_blue'. Comes across as suicidal.
@simeon23, go and rewatch the final u mentioned, mata assisted drogba equalizer that nite and drogba specifically mentioned mata's mental contribution to his own morale that nite..''he kept telling me you are going to score tonite''.he raised my spirit, he gave me hope..drogba said.
Ige Bosun
Will Mata be able to play FA and champion league for Man U this season. If no why will a player complain of playing time and go into a deal that will give him same results
Will Mata be able to play FA and champion league for Man U this season. If no why will a player complain of playing time and go into a deal that will give him same results
Gabeu the most disheartening aspect of all these is that the spanish press were right in all their reports and speculations all along ,while we chelsea faithfuls keep supporting Jose blindly.
Ige Bosun
So if mata leaves, who will get the number 10 shirt?????
In that case, we'll just have to agree to disagree. If they hadn't got Mata, it would've been someone else. Next season they would have managed to put together a strong enough side anyway, and we would've been without Mata all the same. If we were offered a good 10-12m into the bargain, in my opinion it would be a tad daft not to seize the opportunity. But again that's my two cents and you Gabe, you always know what you're talking about. So it's just as possible that I'm looking at it the wrong way.
"Our attacking quartet, with Mata's transfer concluded, will be RVP, Rooney, Adnan and Mata. Better than anything Chelsea has to offer now. Eto'o, Hazard, Oscar and Willian are good but our four have more goals in them. Wow what are you doing Chelsea letting us have him?" ForeverUnited
Deluded manure fan lol
well kwesai at least in UTD he will be treated better
FV - I'd take Adnan over Willian any day of the week. But maybe we should ask some more unbiased fans.
LOL AD_blue.. I am feeling sucidal with rage allright
Forever united. Manurinated fan lol
ForeverUnited..from now on I expect MOU to be on your chistmas card list every year
kishaloy - Mou is already best friends with SAF and from the pictures at the Bridge last week, Roman is also a huge fan. I'm hoping they'll let us have Hazard as well next January.
haha...chelsea is turning out to be a joke...if this deal happen..selling our best player to manure...that is one of the dumbest decesion ever....mou should defenetly buy player from stoke becasue they are hardworking player....and they will defenetly fit into his lame stratergy....neither willian nor schrulle nor oscar are of mata quality when it creating oppurtunity for goals...i wanna see how much this lame startergy will go on becasue this stratergy wont last longer and when the time will come when we will need a creative player at that time we will come to.know what terrible mistake we had done by selling mata....
Mata deserve respect if he goes to untd....becasue it was one and only jose who made our genius look crap this season by not giving him a good run this season....he was the reason for mata going to manure and no one else....politics should be kept away from sports but jose always bring it whereevr he goes....jose politics destroyed mata...RESPECT MATA...your are best creative technical player after zola here at chelsea...great that jose was not the coach when zola was playing here or we wouldnt have seen the genius here becasue our great mr jose would had sold him also....
I never have commented on this site but due to the nature of this transfer felt I had to do so, never before have I been this gutted about a player leaving Chelsea, even Robben I was disappointed but he was injury prone so accepted it, truly awful, disgraceful decision from the club, im totally shocked that this could happen, Mata has been one of the true, real successful transfers of the roman era( mata carried our club for so many games in the past few years) and to think we'd sell him to Man Utd when flops like Fernando Torres are still at the club earning over double what Mata earned, disgrace, I trust Jose but feel he's made a massive f*****g cock up here, why jose? Why?
Smh if you all think jose is that stupid to sell mata to united.
don delsy
This can also send a wrong signal to the whole world of football..The likes of madrid, barca and bayern can start unsettling hazzard and oscar in few years time, then we become a selling club.
Ige Bosun
This can also send a wrong signal to the whole world of football..The likes of madrid, barca and bayern can start unsettling hazzard and oscar in few years time, then we become a selling club..The players too wont be scared to push for a transfer.
Ige Bosun
we are the next arsenal in the making....jose the new wegner of epl...
MATA a good player but those who despise MOU shame on you because he will always proves you wrong. To be honest here at VC you always question his team selection but guess what we in a better position than the last three seasons positive results coming our way week in week out. I in MOU i trust and wont let my hatred for MANURE cloud my thinking and affect my allegiance to MOU AND CHELSEA at large
Victor Hamadziripi
Sadly, Mourinho will wear the #10. He's been after after since the season started.
The only way Jose and the Board can make this right is if they use the money and surprise us with the announcement that Falcao or Costa have been signed. Anything else and this stinks. Jose, what are you doing man? This rests on your shoulders.
I just do not understand Jose, Ozil has just the same defensive frailties as Mata, yet he was the key playmaker under Jose at RM. From Day 1, Jose has looked to ostracise Mata, why is this?
GabeU - spot on with the title ..... Requiem is what it feels like at the moment. Thursday will be a black day.
Dark Days indeed. To sell to Manure when they need it most is just not the flavor, now all those failed signings I was anticipating for them will be made, Juan is an alpha, and he will attract other alphas to United. These alphas will be a threat to us and we will have done it to ourselves. The only reprise will be if Mourinho believes he will make us stronger going forward. He has just increased expectations on himself in terms of selling a fan darling he is saying he will make us better, so in his first two years, I am expecting 3 cups, two continental, one domestic. Anything less than that and he will have failed in my eyes. Terribly vexed.
We had to sell MAta, He wants to play the World Cup and is such a nice person to have in the squad.. for what hes done in the past .. and what we are doing to him.. im happy for the player.. he will get to play in d epl and the world cup post this... only time will tell whether this is a disaster.. i think the jose-ferguson equation is definitely coming into play.. jose is always been good to man utd in his press conferences as well.. We can only hope this doesnt come back to bite us !!
Adnan over Willian? Look at the log table. Deluded manure fan. Next, Ashley Young over Hazard.
am sorry to say Jose is killing the love we have for him by letting Mata leaves our beloved club, to be honest Jose hate some players naturally, how on earth selling kdb? shurrle should have gone to challenge Bolt for 100m runing!. I enterd in the market just now and all cfc fans i met were so gutted about the news on mata. I pray to God that this transfer will not happen.
Mourinho FC everywhere he goes.
willian over all man u players, exc rooney
@foreign_viewer - Mourinho wearing the #10 jersey ROTFLMAO
The Persian
The Persian
Guys enough of this negativity.... I loved, I repeat, loveD Mata... but not anymore...... read the fecking papers, he has personally asked Jose to let him join united.....
The Persian
Tko much unwaranted speculation in The article. You can't possibly know what the story behind the scenes is yet you play the Emenalo and Roman blame game insinuating emenalo is an ass li ker etc which is not OK to say the least. No one so far mentions Mata and his father who is his agent. Why not make up some stories about what they said or did or pushed for in this whole deal? To be quite honest, I don't think Mata will be that much of a boost to united at all, especially that they need reinforcements and strength in other positions a lot more than in any position that Mata plays..
Also, it is interesting to see how Mourinho keeps proving most of you wrong for years now, week in week out, yet your blindness and stuborness just doesn't allow for it. Have some faith ffs.
No one is to blame except jose, mata needs first team football jose is not ready to give him that assurance and it's glaring he doesn't fit into jose's plan. The only serious taker this window is Manchester United, mata is doing what's good for his career and chelsea are making a profit. If he ends up going I wish him the best of luck in his career.
@zg2000, we haven't won the league yet so I dont know how he has proven me wrong yet. When we win the league then come back and tell me he has proven me wrong.
He was never supposed to win the league in the first season, yet at this point he is only 2 points off the top, without Mata having any kind of significant role. How far off were we last two seasons when Mata was POTY?
2 points good with a far more superior squad, last season around the busy christmas schedule we couldn't rest players because we had no depth but jose this season was able to with a more stronger and better depth. The elements against Chelsea of last season is different from this season.
Liverpool have got suarez playing on top of his game probably going to win player of the season but they not going to win the league. Squad depth and quality will always win you the league 9 out of 10 times. Chelsea not winning the league twice when mata was poty is not down to mata but squad and more quality in the squad.
Let us not turn on each other. Losing Mata is painful, but we still need to support the blue, I give my life to this club, I will not stop now, but we are hurting and we should, change hurts, but we must all hope that it is for the better, I hated Roman last year for hiring the fat one, but he made it up to me by bringing back Jose. I will not fret with hate, I will hope that they make this up to us by buying a great player and winning the league and another piece of silverware. Any way, on the bright side, Juan will for the next six months murder our rivals...I mean I think his last goal for us was against Arsenal, may he continue to torment them.
At least try and get Kagawa as part of the deal.
Lol the last thing we need is Moses back. He's just about able to make Liverpools bench and you want him to replace Mata/KDB. All I can say is that Mourinho is switching us to a 4-3-3. Oscar will be part of the 3 CMs. And Salah can fek off, an inconsistent winger that takes 10 chances to score yh that's really what we need. At least get Di Maria or Lavezzi. The way this is going where going to end up overpaying for someone like Hulk/Draxler who are 40M. Hopefully Mata will fail his medical.
pila12 - I agree about Suarez and depth.. That was never an issue, but did you notice that as soon as Chelsea got depth, Mata didn't earn his starting place as often any more? Don't get me wrong, I love Mata a lot, but maybe the players Jose is using now are better for the team than Mata, and as weird as it sounds when looked at Mata's statistics of seasons past, it might also be true, as Chelsea of last season is not Chelsea of this season, and neither are players etc. It should all be taken into equation. I would love for Mata to stay, fight and play for Chelsea, but if he can't get in there and is not what is needed for Chelsea right now, I have nothing against selling him, making a hefty profit, and to be quite honest, not making our so called rivals (this season) stronger. Fact is, Mata will have to fight it out with Rooney, Januzaj and Kagawa for the nr.10 spot, otherwise he will be played on the wings as well as he has been played by Mou, and everybody knows and sees that ManU's weaknesses don't lie in positions Mata plays but in their pivot and defence. So, how much does ManU really gain by getting Mata? About as much as they got when they signed Fellaini, someone who a lot of people around here were crying for Chelsea to sign thinking he would solve Chelsea's middle of the park problems, which was to put it mildly, incorrect.
Sallah. Really? Sallah has 4 goals in his league please and that's a joke league. Replacing Mata with Sala is a joke.
I agree with you on the way jose sets his team up oscar and willian fit in perfectly but that doesn't mean mata is inferior to these 2 players. If Wenger had to choose between these 3 players am definitely sure mata would get the nod reason wenger's philosophy of football is different from jose. Rooney, januzaj and kagawa can't and won't stop mata from playing the no10 spot for United. Rooney is not a no 10 and kagawa and januzaj are not on mata's level right now.
I think all parties should be happy with the deal mata gets to play, chelsea make profit from the sale and jose gets to invest the money on the player he wants.
Bewildering decision!! We just like to shoot ourselves in the foot when things seem to be calming down. .............Or is the pressure of FFP compliance behind the deal?!?! Don't think so. I guess it's a one off in the case of Mata. He has been granted his wish to move to a club of his choice due to his exceptional class on and off the field since he came to us. He is too good to be on the bench. But still very strange considering we sold KDB too. Now we get left with 4 AM's when we play 3 in our system!!! smh!
Jose arrived,the end of mazacar was announced and soon we wont even find MA in a blue shirt anymore but in a fecking red manure shirt..please psg,monaco or atletico should come hijack the deal before its concluded(still praying)
The speculations we heard last summer were true,with mata almost gone,luiz might be the next in line
I remember a discussion from over a year or so ago when Kaku and some guys were adamant that Mata should be played as a RW. The thought process then was that we should bring another AM/2nd striker in with Neymar being the focus while Mata moves to RW where he excelled at Valencia. And a few of us were saying that we should use Mata as a number 10 because of the way he was playing. I also remember following up on that conversation with Radio pointing out that Mata was an excellent player but he could not be allowed to lead the team because he is fragile. In fact even before Jose came, some guys like Desmond pointed out that Mata might need to be left out of the team. Jose is the best rebuilder of football teams period! His legacy is there to see at Barca, Real, and here at Chelsea! This is the 2nd most points we have hauled since Carlo’s double winning season and we are on course to maybe the 4th most in Chelsea’s history. And with this team that didn’t have Mata. Above everything else, the reason is why some of us wanted Jose is because when faced with tough decisions, he makes them. Jose has come in, identified and isolated an issue that needed to be rectified. Blame him for selling to United, but it shows he is up for a challenge! As Niel Ashton pointed out, we had been a team that had come to depend on Mata so much that our performances had started to reflect on his performances….something which a strong team should never do!
It seems like most of you forget that for Mata to be sold elsewhere it would need for someone outside England to make an offer. None was made. The January transfer window is the best chance to get true value or even an inflated price for Mata. 2. Mata wanted to leave. He wants to play in the world cup period. Selling tto Manchester doesnt phase me. They r finished for this season so why not. 3. They have to play our direct opponents which are City and Arsenal. If Mata was loyal he would have said no to joining Man U. But its a job. All of you seem to forget that this is a job. And we cant deny Mata exit if he so wishes. Mata also doesnt have a starting place in the team right now. He doesnt work hard enough when tracking. I remember watching him over the last 2 years and thinking to myself that Mata doesnt work hard at all. So players come and go. Mata is good but not that great. So $37 million is a good fee we got for him. Lets stop this moaning and whining. I think it would have been petty and trivial for us to say we Cant guarantee you a starting spot but we will not let you leave. Get over yourselves people Mata is gone. And I frankly will not miss him that much. We have alot of talent at our disposal. So to Juan Mata, I say farewell brother. Thank you for the memories and I am just glad the League has not lost another star.

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