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Squad depth; Who should be recalled?

It is incredible but at the opening of the transfer window we had a squad bursting at the seams with depth and multiple options at virtually every position (albeit you could argue with the quality of some of those options). The point was that we had a full 25 man squad on the ground. We now have 7 more days left in the transfer window and suddenly everything has changed.

In the span of the window so far we have transferred out Ryan Bertrand and sold Mata and KDB, allowed Michael Essien go permanently and brought in only Nemanja Matic and Mohammed Salah pending his medical and agreeing to personal terms. This means a net loss of 2 players but lest one be fooled it is actually worse than that because both Salah and Matic are cup tied and so wont be available for the Champions league campaign. Furthermore the new 25 man squad we can list now hides some important deficits ; it includes Marko Van Ginkel who will probably not be available till late in the season if we are lucky and then there is El Nino who is out for at least a month (and we must pray it is not longer and that he does not sustain any further injuries before season`s end).

Added to this our present 25 man list includes 4 goal keepers rather than the typical 3. In case people forgot Hilario is still on our books and occupying one of those positions. In addition let us not forget too that the present 25 man list includes two players; Nathan Ake and Tomas Kalas who have virtually nil BPL minutes thus far this season and very limited high level competition experience anyway.

The point is that in a puff of smoke our once vaunted squad depth has evaporated. Let us not forget that from an injury perspective thus far this season we have actually been very lucky. Dr Carniero and her Sports medicine group have a big thanks for that but in addition we must be thankful for Divine providence that has been kind to us thus far. Compare our situation injury wise with the situation some like ManU and even the Gunners have faced and you will realize that with a few injuries we could quickly be in very bad shape.

I am particularly concerned with our full back situation where we really have just three experienced tested and tried bodies for those two positions. One of those Cesar is probably our best available option right now for both the right back and left back positions..should he get injured it is best not to imagine where that will leave us.

The question I have for the group is this; it is unlikely we are signing anyone else in the 7 days we have left in this window despite the never ending rumors linking us to this player and that. What options do we then have? We must not forget as has been said time and again that we have the equivalent of over two teams worth of players out on loan..many are locked into season long loans and cannot be recalled but that does not apply to all. If you could make the call which 1-2 players currently out on loan would you recall before the window closes to ensure we have enough competent options to ensure that our strength in depth is not compromised as we head into the business end of the season? Your views will be much appreciated. I will give my own two cents; if it were left to me I would recall PVA from Vitesse and Victor Moses from Liverpool. Your opinions and views on this issue are much appreciated. KTBFFH.

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The Journalist

Writer: GabeU Mail feedback, articles or suggestions

Date:Saturday January 25 2014

Time: 5:46AM

Your Comments

Victor moses for me should come,i dont think liverpools bench is warmer than ours.pva s decent call but i dont think he'l be recalled,jose has stated that ake can play @ left back.for me just get moses back.
ESSIEN:was it a free transfer deal?
We have lost 2 ACM's in Mata and KdB, so for me that would be Lucas Piazon. Though it is better for him to stay with Vitesse. And in dreamland we sell Torres and Ba, and bring back Lukaku, lmao.
promote patric vanaholt and promote feruz and issiah brown
Yes Blue5, The Bison left on a free transfer to AC Milan.
call van..*
I would prefer Thorgan Hazard first, then after that come Lucas Piazon (assuming that they can be recalled)...
Chelsea n Torres Fan
Thnks @Gabeu.
There is no need to recall anyone this window...the squad is okay in my opinion..As GK we have Cech,schwarzer and blackman already,as defenders we have azpi,iva,cahill,terry,luiz,cole,kalas and ake(as reports claims he has been promoted to the first team) in CM we have matic,ramires,mikel,Lamps and MVG(pending when he returns from injury,in AMF we have Hazard,willian,schurlle,oscar and salah in CF we have eto'o ba and torres..for me,torres injury will give other players opportunity to show their worth,and for MVG he will be back in about 2months or so...for me,we are very okay!...before this window we had about 25 senior players in our squad where players like KDB,Bertrand and to some extent essien suffered a lot for game time,there is no need to recall players to replace these ones,the academy player should take those places
It always makes me wonder when players are sent out on loan, whether they are being show-cased for potential transfer, having failed to break into the first team on a permanent basis. Has someone assessed that they may be just not good enough or not fit into our main squad? Why hang onto players like Kakuta, Moses, even Josh, PVA and Ryan etc when it's patently obvious that they will not quite cut the mustard to push the first choice players in their respective positions? We have a 25 man first team squad (slightly depleted) and we have a youth & reserve academy that is now the envy of most clubs, yet we have, what, 20+ guys out on loan?!?
Recall Mata and De Bruyne.
Doen't help though, when a player out on loan can't even get first team action at the loanee club!?! That must tell you it's time to off-load the player from our books.
LOL @FV, now that was funny!
no need to recall anyone..just play jose in the no 10 position if any one our am get he got rid of two no 10 players...
I still believe that the club needs to still go for Guarin. Especially with the sale of Essien to Ac Milan, we need squad depth in the midfield. A versatile player who can play in a number of roles and he fits the bill superbly. We have been lucky with injuries so far but we need to be prepared for it. I believed he is not cup tied for the CL thus giving us a more dynamic option than Mikel if we need it.
No youth player will play under jose.
No youth player will play under jose.
No youth player will play under jose.
I think we are okay. We can play a 4-4-1-1 in some EPL games with Eto'o behind Schurlle upfront, Salah & Hazard on the flanks, Matic-Lamps in the pivot and Cech Azpi Luiz-Terry Cole in defence. For the UCL games, we can revert back to our 4-2-3-1 system with Willian-Oscar-Hazard behind Torres, Mikel/Lamps-Rami/Luiz in the pivot and Cech Iva-Cahill-Terry-Azpi in defence. Kalas and Ake can cover for the fullbacks and CBs if needed, play Luiz in the Pivot in some games & rest Terry/Cahill by playing Iva in some FaCup & EPL games in Central defence. If Jose rotates well and rest our fullbacks in some games by bringing on Ake(LB) and Kalas(RB) we will be okay.
Question (relating to GabeU's worry about FB position), if we are willing to pay 21m for Luke Shaw, why not pay 20m for Fabio Coentrao? Manure are still chasing him to replace an ageing Evra, why not us to replace Ashley, especially as Ryan has been deemed not suitable.
It seems Manure may be trying to gazump us for Shaw now? There's gratitude for you!!!
Shaw is English and young . Not opposed to Coentrao , but Shaw would be my preference. IMHO , I think we MUST get him. especially to stick one over United ...LONG OVERDUE!
And what would it LUKE like if a Chelsea fan played for United?
I cant wait to say "Luke , the FORCE is with you"when he signs for Chelsea
@oscar rethink well or get one to slap you to think well
Yeah, but Shaw isn't a patch on Coentrao
It's been a surreal last week or so in the transfer window for us. I don't know what to expect from Jose to be honest. He said initially there would be no business in Jan but then look at what's happened. Even BA's deal was almost done with a turkish team till Torres' injury forced a rethink. That's 4 first team squad players plus BA almost going out!!!........ About recalling players, the situation in CL squad is a worry where we'll need the first choice players to be fit. Both Matic and salah are cup tied!! So we are in a bind there. Let's see what happens.
Coentrao is not that good. I wouldn't want him at Chelsea.
I don't really watch foreign football but Lucas Piazon seems to be on fire. However, if we recall him he'll spend virtually the whole of the second half of the season sitting on the sidelines. It's a risk if we get injuries, but in the long term it is probably best he continues to play every week in Holland.
BlueABS, the prices being quoted for Luke Shaw seem high but the main benefit - apart from ability - is he is English. With Frank & Ash coming to the end of their contracts we need some English players to pad out the squad.
Exactly Cobham. It's also one of the reasons why I wasn't happy Sturridge was sold. He is English, homegrown etc. Shaw over Coentrao in that respect as well, anyday. As for Piazon, I also think that it is better he gets as much game time as possible as nothing furthers development as being constantly challenged and playing against players that are better, tougher and older than yourself. At Chelsea, right now, he would gain a lot in training, but the games are where all that training has to show, and I don't think he would play as much for now. It will be interesting to see what will happen next season, as competition for places at Chelsea is really looking fierce again. I also think that people should understand that probably 90% or even more of the academy players and loanees will be sold, which is not a bad thing, because the ones that come through will most likely be class acts and the rest will bring in hefty profits or will be used in swap deals for sure which in modern football I have absolutely nothing against.
A whole load of contradictions there. Shaw may be English but that is not an urgent concern just yet, Terry & Lamps will be given 1 more year, not sure Ashley will, funny that, a few months ago it could have been the opposite. Coentrao gives us experience which Shaw does not have. And he is not as good as Coentrao, not in a million years. Shaw is average, over-priced, and at about Ryan level. Period.
Why can't some fans just think beyond buy, buy, buy and buy...... This article did not even say we should suggest players to buy, we have multitude of players wasting away on loan and in the youth team, why do we need to buy again after just buying Matic and Salah... We decided to sell Mata, KDB and Essien because, according to some of you, we have too many players... so why spend money to buy new bench warmers.... For me, if Mourinho will be ready to give some young players an iota of chance, we should bring back PVA and add Baker to the team.... I would have suggested we bring back one of Atsu, Traore, Piazon or Moses but the acquisition of Salah has nullified that..... If we bring back any of these guys they will just rot and decay on the bench....
I also don't get what we need Shaw for, do we just want him because he's English or because e want an upgrade in that position? If a higher quality than Bertrand and PVA is what we are looking for then Shaw is for sure the wrong candidate....
People have to realise we are now at a level where we need the best of the best. Currently we do not have that at LB to replace Ashley. PVA & Ryan are not seemed good enough (best of the best remember) and Shaw certainly ain't it either. We do have a promising Wallace at RB but he is out doing time to get his visa I believe. We need to buy a LB, Ashley is struggling to regain form, but he might. Azpi should be firmly installed at his rightful position, RB. Coentrao is a class act that will work for Jose.
Jose was clear on the stance that we want to graduate more of the youth players from here going in,hence the promotion of Ake. We are fine with the current bunch of lads,they can drag us to the end of the season,bring Piazon to play back in the summer to play back up to Oscar.
Mourinho is on record stating that one academy player will be reigned in next season. However, all of the points in this article have already been addressed by the club, generally Mourinho, specifically. Read all about it:
@shlok & foreign viewer. Could you two please grow up and stop being so bloody negative. I haven't been on this site for very long but all you two do is whinge. Maybe you would be better suited as Arsenal supporters. I understand that you have a right to your opinion, but could you please make your criticism constructive as sarcasm isn't helping. Anybody would think that we are struggling instead of doing better than we have done in a long time. Things are looking good so cheer up and enjoy!!!
Shaw will be the best LB in world football within two years.He has the lot, quick,strong,balance,pace,size,technique,control and a wand of a left foot. It is essential that we don't lose out on him,if saints decide to sell.
Let promote ake and baker as a english player but the best promiding left back is Ricardo Rodirigues.he is a very good defender,free kick specialist,he is also a goal threat
Am I the only one that remembers that Luiz also played at LB for Benfica? If need be, he can slot in there. We however need a LB to take A Coles place when we let him go. Not too sold on Shaw at that price and I would love to see what PVA has to offer. In my opinion, Lampard needs to be phased out in 18 months so I would bring in Ruben Loftus to gradually take over his role.
If Shaw,Rodrigues or any other LB comes,then I think that spells doom for Bertrand which I won't loose so much sleep over,but that means PVA would have to be recalled as back up,I'm also a bit *****ed off at Salah's purchase,and I wish it doesn't go through,as we've got Moses to deputise as RW,or move Schurle to RW and Moses to LW,and then recall one or both or Thorgan and/or Piazon as back up AM and LW respectively(that's if we're still unconviced about Moses).I don't see so much fuss about Salah,as he's mostly inconsistent and has political aversions.He's only performed very well in games against us ,and some other odd game here and there,but to me not much better that Moses. And playing is an inferior league to the EPL,no disrepect meant,is also a disadvantage.To me he's a gamble buy to me,while we have so many youngsters like him out there to give opportunities to
Samuel Chimezie
*then recall any of Thorgan or Piazon(next season I meant)
Samuel Chimezie
*then recall any of Thorgan or Piazon,if we aren't still convinced about Moses(next season I meant)
Samuel Chimezie
Samuel - what you wrote about Salah reminds me awful lot of what people were writing about Willian. Give the boy a chance..
Piazon if we must since KDB and Mata are gone.
@zg2000fs,it's a bit hypocritical,don't you think,when we keep accepting to give players bought from outside a chance to impress us but fail to do same to our own homegrown players from inside .....who,more often than not,tend to bear nearly or as much quality as those we bring from outside.Then the sad use for our academies is simply to cultivate profit in sales of our youngsters and nothing more
Samuel Chimezie
^how much of your money is ever involved in all these, mister? Smh
HGH Magic

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