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Do You Think He Saw This Coming?

Picture the scene. You've just delivered the corner from which the winning goal in the Europa League final was scored. You're celebrating at the final whistle with your team-mates, another monumental victory in which you played an intrinsic part. You've had another superb season at the club you love and are responsible for a decent chunk of their success. You're hotly tipped to retain Chelsea's player of the year despite the plethora of team-mates who could also argue a strong case for winning the coveted title.

This probably epitomizes Juan Mata's sentiment at the end of last season. Oh, how his fall from grace has been profound. His imminent departure from Chelsea will be felt throughout the club but do you think he was wary of this fate when the Blues were poised to re-enter into one of the most famous love affairs football has ever witnessed?

The Special Juan never really hit it off with Jose did he? Despite active attempts to 'adapt', Mata has failed to impress this season and looked, during his infrequent performances, a shadow of the creative genius who orchestrated successive European titles in the two years before.

Obviously, it has been well documented as to why Mata fell out of favour. He isn't a Mourinho player, fair enough. But I really don't think even he saw this coming. From hero to zero and in such a brutal fashion.

I promise this is the last piece I'll write on this whole sorry state of affairs as I feel like the horse I'm flogging has seen its best days. I'd like to hear what you guys think and whether or not you believe Mata had any idea he'd be playing for United 8 months after winning the Europa League with Chelsea.

As an intriguing transfer deal draws to a bitter-sweet close, I leave you with a little thought. When a player moves to another club, the reception he gets from his former fans usually depends upon which club he's moved to. Manchester United is an unwritten taboo and we don't take too kindly to traitors. But Mata, despite the acrimonious circumstances of the deal, doesn't deserve any such label. He's a gent, a true professional who deserves respect. He's immortalized himself in CFC folklore for that magical moment in Munich and I hope he succeeds at United [Just not too much]. The way he's conducted himself throughout this season should be an example to all the want-away, over-hyped teenagers who serialize a fabricated struggle for a wage increase. If, and when, he plays against us next season, I, for one, will stand up and applaud the guy. I hope you do too.

Up the Blues!

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The Journalist

Writer: Tom Mail feedback, articles or suggestions

Date:Saturday January 25 2014

Time: 7:11PM

Your Comments

JM is a Legend for me, Although he'll be playing for manu nw, looking on the bright side, he jst abt help in taking points off our rivals for the title. Wish him all the best though cos he does deserve the best.
Jose sees our players almost every day of the week, and Mata has had quite some time now to change/impress his boss without success.. He is just not good enough to play in our current formation where every player have to do their part. Matas idiotic outburst on the bench after being subbed was an eye opener for me, he basically lost all of my respect there and then. This is great business by CFC, it's a lot of money for someone who's not even a bit-part player. I will not boo Mata, neither will I cheer for him. He is no Chelsea legend compared to Essien, who I will miss a lot more.
Vegard Remen Furu
Sure I will applaud him when he returns against us next season! Thank you and Goodbye juan!I hope you succeed very well as a player up north...
Gutted he's going but what can you do
janner blue
funny how the herd blindly follow the bandwagon, in this virtual world, just to appear to be cool and in conformity with the popular sentiment even if it's not what some of them truly want deep inside - a fact I can safely bet my left nut on. LMAO.. But definitely not me, as I'll have to have gone absolutely nuts to wish a fecking manure well, let alone applaud or cheer. Wait a sec @Tom, are you kidding me even?? LOL.. Anyway, do whatever you want with your hands or mouth matey, you own 'em; I own mine. So for the records, feck manure, feck their players[including Juan], feck their fans and whatever it is they stand for! Chelsea legend my black ass!!!
HGH Magic
as long as a segment of the gooning lot still boo and jeer Ashley Cole, 8 trophy-laden seasons after leaving the trophyless N5, I'll be gobsmacked if some of our gutted fans don't boo and jeer the traitor out of Mata if he ever happens to become a top player for manure, or score against us!
HGH Magic
Mata was great for us in the last 2 seasons. But, things do change in this world. He was not even a super-sub this season. I don't get how some claim to be Chelsea fan and abuse Jose on this matter. 1 thing I am sure of is Mourinho is many folds more important to Chelsea than Mata ever would be. Mata would go down as a great player for the club, but certainly not a legend. Essien is more of legend and no one is even mentioning his departure.
Keyser Soze
Granted Jose is to blame for his departure, so the 'experts' and sentimentalists would have us all believe, but why manure of all 'clubs'?? Why oh why Mata? Why become a fecking manure, huh? What manner of a Chelsea 'legend' becomes a fecking manure? Unheard of! Hmmm....
HGH Magic
GOD BLESS YOU TRUE LEGEND MICHAEL ESSIEN, AND YOUR KNEES, FOR NOT BACKSTABBING THE TRUE BLUE FRATERNITY AND INSULTING YOUR ROYAL "BLUENESS". YOU'RE THE PERFECT DEFINITION OF THE CLICHED TERM "CHELSEA LEGEND", by going abroad. But by all means feck a fecking manure that Juan has shamefully become! Feck all traitors everywhere! Feck 'em all. Carefree.
HGH Magic
Thinking of it still make me mad, fok Mata, fok manure, fok them all.
Cant forgive him.
He betrayed our love and trust, he BETRAYED us!!!!!!
Mata is too decent a person for me to wish him anything but goodwill personally but i will be real here..just like HGH said, in my book he is no Chelsea want to see a Chelsea legend..look at the Bison, Michael Essien..Look at someone like the Drogs or the immortal Gianfranco Zola. My honest sentiment is to hope that maybe his arrival to ManU helps them take points of the gunners and city purely for obvious selfish reasons but beyond that i will not mourn if he flops there and has to quickly be shipped of to PSG for all i care. I am still hoping and praying for ManU to finish out of top 4 and squarely in a Europa league spot where that tournament can sap them dry next season. That is just me..i will be straight up about it. I cannot wish ManU any goodwill and that includes all their players and management. Anyone who thinks that because we sold Mata to them means ManU will show us some gratitude or respect is living in a bad dream world. Guys need to go to the Manu chat rooms and see what they are saying about us, our manager and our owner regarding even sanctioning this is far from complimentary to the great degree. They would immediately give us the middle finger if we asked regarding any of their players who could concievably help us such as for example Chicarito hernandez and honestly i cannot blame them for that attitude and sentiment..that is the way it is and has been. We are the ones who broke from that standard Modus operandi and hopefully we are not made to look like absolute mugs for it in the next year or two the way the Gunners were regarding their RVP sale to the same ManU. Let it be clear our questionable generosity in this matagate business will certainly not be reciprocated if and when the shoe is on the other foot.
I don't think he's trying to wish Man U well I think he's trying to say good luck for mata, You'd be mad to wish manure well
Well said @Tom, I'm really glad a true fan like you have come up with a piece like this despite Mata's departure to Manutd... I really appreciate how you reason.... Arrogance is not what makes one a real fan of CFC.... I don't know of other clubs where miscreants, hooligans and hoodlums are paraded as true fans, but for CFC, true fans have healthy sane heads... You described Mata's experience perfectly well "From hero to zero and in such a brutal fashion." People fail to understand that the sudden change was enough shock to destabilize Mata and affect his morale... People can say he's not good enough for Chelsea today, useless, etc... I can do with all that but the very painful thing is to read comments of so called fans of CFC who were jubilant when we won the CL, when we won Europa cup and when we secured top 3 finish last season... to now call Mata nasty and degrading names, it's just a big shame.... We can't blame him for deciding to go to Manutd, it's an opportunity for him to revive his career, I don't think any of the self acclaimed "true fans" would have acted differently... Calling Mata a traitor is just too extreme....
To those of you calling mata a traitor,if you have been working at a place for over 15years with so much dedication and passion then all of a sudden,your boss tells you,you aren't important as you are used does that sound? Even when you tried to work harder but nothing changed,a top rival company comes for your services and your boss is happy to let you leave,won't you jump at the opportunity to become a happy worker that you were?? Mata did all he could,jose told us mata had no future in CFC as a no 10 by stating he wants to build with oscar as his no 10,Mata worked harder to get into the team irrespective of where he was going to play,he did his work defensively and offensively when he was on the pitch and was always bundled out after the hour mark..Mata didn't leave chelsea because he wanted to win trophies,he didn't leave because he wanted a pay rise,he left because he needed to be happy,he needed to play football,even when he wasn't playing he was calm,he was earing 70k a week,he didn't push for an increased salary,juan was happy with us..then why call him a traitor when the club was willing to let him leave to a rival also..last summer there were reports that the club was already discussing an improved contract for mata,all of a sudden we heard nothing about it anymore,instead there were talks of renewing the contracts of terry,lamps and cole(Mou's kinda players),that first gave me the doubt about mata's future at chelsea,then when mourinho said the door was open for mata to leave at the beginning of this window,I knew mata's days at CFC were numbered...jose wanted to sell him!jose sold our fan favourite!!! Leave mata alone,leave a united player and former chelsea fan's favourite alone...All the best juan! Thank you very much and goodbye :(
You can read Mata's Open letter to Chelsea fans on here.
Wrong and misplaced analysis point debating this anyways,he's a top professional,and we say our byes and move on. He was influential,became less influential,and became less happy. It's normal in this sports of ours,while you were influential,some other players spot you took became less influential. Only 11 can play its difficult to keep everyone happy.
Exactly @Wizacar, that's the message... It's not Mata's fault that the deal was sanctioned, the board and Mata have absolutely no other option but to sanction the move, Manutd would have sold Rooney to us had Moyes showed little to no interest in retaining him... or decided to bench him. Talking about Club legend, it depends on how we define that individually... Mata may not have spent so many years here but he is a part of our important historical moments, in fact, a very active part...
Well said @lat and hazard11, legend or no legend no one can take his achievements away from him while he was a chelsea player. Cl winner, europa cup winner, fa cup winner and 2 times player of the year. Am so happy for him because he is a fine gentle man and a good lad. For those that said he won't make no difference in that man United team just watch the space very soon we will start seeing the goals hit the net, exquisite passes, incredible free kicks and those deft touches but unfortunately in a man United shirt.
Now its wrong and misplace analysis,but let it be another manager at the edge of this ridiculous transfer and the same person(s) would have posted an article-esque comment of a thousand way the manager is to be blamed for the transfer
It was widely reported last season that sir alex was monitoring lampard's contract situation at chelsea and he's ready to offer him one at old trafford incase chelsea dont.lampard too was reported to be open to the move since the england coach has told him he need to stay in europe if he still want to be considered for call ups..chelsea suddenly made a u-turn and offer lamps a contract extension{that was when i first thought the happy one might be coming back afterall}..Now to all calling mata names ,would you lot have done the same to lampard if chelsea didnt offer him an extension and he moves to manutd?..
Ige Bosun
Why manure of all clubs? Tell me how you will feel seeing you wife divorce you for your worst enemy fellas, how will you feel?
Wellsaid@hazard11,i know how much you defended jose in the past and am impressed you've not allowed that cloud your sense of judgement unlike some who prefer to call black "white"..however,it is the same jose who blocked ba's move to arsenal because it would strenghten them even when the player and management wanted it,but when it comes to the mata move,the jose loyalists want us to believe he is powerless and instead decide to heap the blame on mata and even call him a traitor when its obvious that jose forced him out!!
Great that you brought that up @Ige... not to condemn Lampard but just to remind us that footballers are humans....
If he truly love us like he claim to, he you wont have demand the move to manure, he could have waited for Atletico or PSG.
@Ken. If you want to direct a comment at me,then pick me out and be direct about it. "Misplaced analysis" based on the fact that you can't keep everyone happy,the lad was unhappy because he became less influential. Many top players go through such situations and handle them differently,Mata confirmed in his letter it was a new situation for him and a difficult situation for him to handle. So what's the sense of talking about it being a manager at the edge of the transfer,the player himself said "Chelsea is a top club and I have many friends there but you cannot turn down the chance to join Manchester United" So what's the sense of throwing a blame game,a mutual understanding from both parties,move on.
@Ige. Proper bull*****! Lamp was considering a move to America and to LA Galaxy to be precise,not to Manchester United,and I have that on good authority.
Most Chelsea fans have paid total respect to Mata,ofcourse you have a few who have totally misplaced their emotions,which is a major lack of respect for a gent like Mata. He's a top lad,asked for a move,and its hard to force a stay on a chap like Mata,who was doing his possible best,but just wasn't enough. For his sake and to see him happy,it was best to let him go.
destanj...are you kidding me??so you want mata to keep waiting for psg or atletico,for how long??and what if they never come up with anything concrete??what if his family dont wanna leave england?? are just being selfish,put yourself in mata' shoe
@Ige. Just to rubbish those statements,here: Manchester United were strongly linked with a move to sign Lampard if he were to leave Chelsea, yet any notion of him joining another top-flight English club was quickly dismissed by the player himself. "I can't imagine being anywhere else after playing for 12 years at Chelsea. I have a lot of respect for other clubs, particularly the top ones, but I couldn't do it," Lampard told talkSPORT. "I have always been very comfortable at Chelsea. At 27, they were offering me new contracts when I still had three years left on my contract, but they are looking to the future now. I understand that. I was caught in a bit of a transitional period and they were looking to the future and I had to convince the club I could be a part of it. "From January to March/April of this year, I thought it would have been my last season, but I never wanted to leave and I'm delighted we got the contract done because I love being at Chelsea and if I did leave, where could I go if I left Chelsea? It would either be a step down in quality or stay at Chelsea and that has happened in the end."
hazard11's analysis wasnt misplaced,it was spot on..who made mata less influential??jose!!
@nely, we can't really compare the emotional ties lampard and terry have for chelsea to Juan Mata. Mata has only been at Chelsea for over 2 years compared to 12 Years and terry almost all his life. Still terry and lamps have always been comfortable at Chelsea and gave also used other clubs interest in them to get a pay rise. City's interest in terry and inter's interest in lamps, to an extent footballers have an attachment but it comes with them been comfortable with the situation they are in.
Well he is gone now time to focus on tomorrow's game.
How influential has Dzeko been for Citeh for the last 5 months before Aguero's injury? He hardly got start and made quite a number of sub appearances. How influential has Carzola been for Arsenal since Ozil's arrival,until Ramseys injury? This things happen,players handle them differently...If Mata becomes influential one of Oscar,Hazard,or Willian becomes less influential,that's how the game works. Nothing against Mata,nothing against Jose or the board,a mutual understanding and respect shown by both parties. Mata's decision was purely professional,and less of his heart involved. Chose what was best for his career at this point in time. I've moved on from this,so no point talking about it.
@Pila. Wasn't comparing,not at all mate. Totally understand the huge gap in commitment...Ige made the comparism,and i made it clear it was nothing to compare,and far from what he proclaimed.
Ken4CFC - of course if it was "another manager", he'd be hung out to dry. Mourinho proved to this club once that he could do what he says he can do. So he's acting on reputation. If and when he is wrong, you should be expected to call him on it, and he should be expected to admit it humbly. However, I agree with nelyanville - what separates professionals from hooligans, is that the hooligan treats the footballer completely like an object, rather than a real person. Mata didn't violate any sacred codes. He was completely within his rights (per his contract) to do as he did. And the board went along with it. He's not a traitor. He's just a man who wants to play football, and ManU was the only club willing to meet his valuation. Furthermore, Mata was a MODEL PROFESSIONAL while he was here, not some 2-bit troublemaker. On that account, if for no other reason, I will give him my utmost respect, no matter where he goes, or what he does. This wasn't a case of a prima donna moneyballer. For the life of me, I can't understand the rationale of people who take football so seriously. Perhaps it's because it's irrational, and I'm a rational person?
@Pila. I agree the lads moved on,we should as well. Love the chap,as a person and as a footballer. He's moved on and opened a new page in his career,we should do the same and focus on our bigger love CFC...Big game tomorrow...Cheers!
We all have our opinion, we should just respect each other and move on from this.
@solid7 for the sake of peace and us keeping a cool head, dont you think it will be better to keep your opinion about fellow fans civil and not call anyone a HOOLIGAN. I know calling him a traitor was extreme but if y'all want to clap and cheer for the guy cool, just never gonna be one of those.
Nope. he's a dick for going to united, plain and simple. I dont care how 'nice' he is the fact that he gave up after 5 months is also annoying. I loved Mata before but now I don't give a ***** about him and hope that he flops at united. He'll be shoved to the wing to accommodate shrek and hopefully he ends up like Kagawa.
I didn't call anyone a hooligan. I said that certain ways of behaving are what mark the difference between a top man and a hooligan. Draw your own conclusion. I refuse to outright call anyone a name.
Juan Mata is no more a traitor for moving to another team than you or I would be for leaving our job, and working for the competition. Especially when you aren't being utilized by your current employer. This is a really nasty phenomena that football has built into the human psyche, and it makes people think, say, and do, some very stupid things...
@solid7 dont you think it will be better to keep the peace and cool heads and not call your fellow fans HOOLIGANS? I know calling him a traitor is extreme but that is the feeling right now and we are all entitled to our opinion in this case and if any one wanna cheer him on whenever he plays fine, i'm just never gonna cheer a manure player.
And you think you are any better than those you see as HOOLIGANS?
Mata tells Mourinho 'i am really happy to go to man united' Mata 'you dont turn down chance to join man united'
Dastanj - I don't know where you get this nonsense of anyone thinking themselves better than anyone else. I'm just pointing out exactly what I see. And what I see is primal behavior. However, history is full of examples of people whose hateful attitude towards sporting figures - people who have absolutely no impact, whatsoever, on their personal lives - cause them to behave like sub-humans. I'm not telling you that it makes me "better" than someone else, but it can be reasonably argued that it certainly puts me on the high road. Football is entertainment, not something worthy of malevolence. I'm sure that there are those who will debate that, but I've never seen a sensible argument. And we're only "fellow fans" until someone decides to segregate themselves through imbecilic behavior. Then, they're one of those "other" fans, and quite separate from the rest of us. I love my Chelsea, but I'm not fighting or hurting anyone for them, and certainly not wishing ill will upon a former player. That is disgusting.
Mata has been a class act since he arrived in England and has been superb for us,playing a major part in our success.The pressing tactics that Jose has implemented is just too physical for Juan's style and it was better for him to move on instead of him being a bit part player.Thank you for all the joy you have brought us with that sensational touch and vision and super left foot.All the best in the future,top man.
Well said @solid7.... That is exactly what baffles me here, how people seem to feel footballers live in a different world.... Most of us here have applied for jobs even while still working with one organization and we have at some point in our lives moved from one organization to the other when we feel the need to move.... why would anyone call Mata a traitor for moving, yet the same people agree that Mata doesn't fit in to Mourinho's plan and style/philosophy of football.... It simply means there is no future for him here anymore.... Dzeko's case is different, he was never the main man at Mancity and the coach is not making him unhappy...
people are calling him traitors and blah blah about him and they call us plastic..haha...mata future was decided when mr god jose mourinho arrived at chelsea.. it was in the news at that time but we all rubbished it that it wont be possible at all that chelsea will be selling their prize assest...but as everygood thing has come to an end our came very sooner....and that also is not due to his fault...he just got caught in the web of politics....mata would had fight for his place but when you know that the fight will be useless becasue no matter how much you try jose will never allow him to get back in his form...becasue if our manager has decided in his mind that he has to get rid of him no matter what and he will get it done and he has done...and mata realized it that he was fighting a lonely battle which was going nowhere....mata is a legend for me no doubt about i enjoyed him playing here and is sad to.see his departure...all the best mata
Silver lining United are so scared of losing Rooney they are going to give him a new deal at 300.000 a week ,considering his best days are behind him (29 in Oct),he is injury prone ,smokes and has a weight problem ,they are going to regret this deal . *****es me off they are bidding on Shaw and Zouma ,its like they are using us as their scouting dept .
Michael Reid
Michaiel Reid - Can't really complain about others using as their scouts, can we now? I mean, what about stealing Willian and Salah right out from under the noses of Tottenham and Liverpool? Wouldn't it be fair for others to point the same finger at us? I don't really believe that Man U is running up bids for players that they, themselves, wouldn't use... That's a game of chicken that has financial (fairplay) implications.
@Solid7. Unfortunately mate football isn't a rational sport,it involves a great deal of passion,and a huge amount of emotion. Some see it as entertainment,some see it as a way of life,rationality flies out the window when your emotions are involved. It's like being in love,you do,say and act in the most ridiculous way without thinking,some have a good sense of control due to experience,but unfortunately many don't. Saw a female fan crying after Mata's departure,saw some absolutely livid at Jose and the club,some absolutely livid at Mata,its an emotional sport that sucks you in. The most important thing is to learn to control your emotions,and for me that happened over the decades as a fan,but i still feel the odd resentment towards certain decision like the appointment of Rafa,which got under my skin...totally understandable based on our past. Mata is a good chap and loved by many if not all CFC fans,that's why most cfc fans have a good understanding with his move,a total mutual understanding. Time for us to move on,big game against Stoke today.
My absolute respects to you GabeU, you're obviously better at words and a better diplomat than I am, or may ever be. Very well said mate; I love me honest folks like you! I'm sure most ardent members here would recall I loved Mata -- "and always wished he improved....bulked up, become stronger and an all-rounder, and worked harder" -- WAY BEFORE MOURINHO CAME BACK HERE. But jeez, what Chelsea 'legend' defects to manure of all 'clubs'?? So not me, I can never wish Mata well whilst he's yet a fecking manure.
HGH Magic
Mourinho is ruining the squad.
Well said @Nelyvanile
yaya,silva,kompany and aguero were the main men at city not dzeko,dzeko has always been a squad player..before him was carlos tevez who was the main man and we all saw the chaos he caused when made less influential(thank God mata isnt a trouble maker) and at the end he left for the save his career..whichever you look at it,the main reason mata took this path is because of jose and his tactics,paint it anyhow you like the true image still remains
If you go to Chelsea's official website and go to the area tagged 'legends' you would find out that Robben IS being regarded and classified as a Chelsea legend,despite him having played about what Mata has played for us.Fact! Even Gus Poyet,who much to wide controversy left us for Spurs which was hard to swallow at the time,is placed there too as well as many others I can't remember.No doubt Mata would be soon placed among there too,despite him having played with us for a little above 2 seasons.Mata has perhaps achieved with us much more than even Bobby Tambling in terms of trophies yet Bobby is a know legend among us.
Samuel Chimezie have spoken well,using the "reputation" logic,jose has increased the burden of expectation at his doorstep,he should win atleast two trophies at the end of the season,afterall he is winner,isnt he??
mata achieved more than many legends in just two,he helped us make history..he is a cfc legend
people are funny the way they reason and think but for the sake of peace I'll just ignore those comments, if u were in mata's shoes would u rather stay benched and play once in a while? honest answer no u won't, if you are a manager like Jose who is a perfectionist and loves winning, would u jeopardize Ur reputation for a fan favourite? honest answer is no, I am gutted mata left but that won't make me think thru my Arse, Jose is not bigger than CFC, we coped well without him and mata is not bigger than CFC, we coped well before he came and we will cope well now that he left us for our rival, didn't we cope without arjen robben?
Jose can't work with mata, simples!! pep could not work with deco,ronaldinho and even shipped out a performing Eto, so Jose has no fault for not playing mata, what works for A does not work for B, let's see what Moyes can do with mata, and let's see what Jose mourinho can do with his preferred players, cone end of the season the end will absolutely justify the means
Jose can't work with mata, simples!! pep could not work with deco,ronaldinho and even shipped out a performing Eto, so Jose has no fault for not playing mata, what works for A does not work for B, let's see what Moyes can do with mata, and let's see what Jose mourinho can do with his preferred players, cone end of the season the end will absolutely justify the means
I doubt that Jose didn't influence Mata's leaving for Man Utd maybe indirectly(or should I say slyly) Despite his words on his letters,Mata seems not to be the type of person who likes being drawn to power tussles,arguements or controversies.It does seem that he will prefer to be either silent or appear to agree with the views of the club due to his person and affinity with the club in order not to cause a storm involving him or the club.And Jose kind of knows that and utilises it.I'm saying that because I know people who hve such disposition towards life.And am not hating on anybody.Just saying that I bet we haven't heard the whole truths from this transfer saga.With time more would be unravelled
Samuel Chimezie
If we always say Mata doesn't suit Jose's style then we are a bit of hypocritically justifying the fact for Mourinho that it is good to stick to one 'style' of play,while ourselves being usually guilty of laughing at Barca's constant use of tiki-taka and Dortmund's monotonous strong pressing counter-attack stlye of play,without having a plan B.Must we alway use the strong pressing tactic and attimes defensive or semi-defensive approach that Jose usually envisages.There has to be a plan B,and a testament to the fact that we are trying to only get similar type of players si our going after Salah.Mata ,and KDB too, to me examplified a different approach that could prove useful.A Plan B,orPlan A or whatever you call it.Our current style of play may not always work,and would soon be found out if we aren't careful.I like Jose's guts attimes because he likes taking huge risks that may pay off or not...but this..... I don't know
Samuel Chimezie
I have said my peace on Mata on another thread. I say here that i have to go with the sentiments of @Nely and the author. But I understand the position of @Gabeu, @HGH and the rest here. I think it's time to move on as far as this saga goes. A really sad and bitter parting. Rightly pointed out Essien has got overshadowed in all this. Hoping we show our appreciation to both today, yes even Mata and move on.
Some good sense comments, as of late. Cheers to you, my blue brothers and sisters.
I have the utmost respect for Mata he deserves to be playing Man United was the only club that bid so i wish him well, best player at the club 2 seasons running gave his all every time he put on the shirt. He would have been more than happy to stay if he was actually given more than one full game all season and he never moaned about his wages even though he was only earning 70K a week I for sure will not boo him he left to play football and go somewhere the manager appreciated his contributions
Think its a sad day when we sell a player to Manure, heartbreaking but I don't hate Mata for it I have too much respect for the guy. What I find more sickening is Jose cuddling up to Manure Have you noticed he never says a bad word about that club and now has helped them with their recruitment. I have a theory, we beat them last week, Jose and Rednose meet after for a glass of red, Rednose says to Jose, sell us Mata and in a couple of years, after my fall guy(Moyes) has failed you will be ManU manager! I tell you the ground is being laid for Jose to be their manager in a couple of years. Its blatantly obvious that what he wants, he sucks up to them all the time, its totally cringeworthy, he got way to much respect for that club and old rednose. Don't get me wrong, he loves Chelsea and will do his best for us but he wants that ManU job and I think one day he'll get it.
^and, with all due respect to you @sjlblues, you're a janitor, a butler or a nosy guest at the Mourinhos to 'know' that much?
HGH Magic
complete classless and juvenile abuse from so called fans. fanatics more likely (big difference from fans). mata = the class act these guys can never hope to be (and i'm not even talking football). and yes, like ken said, the expectations on mourinho to win the big ones now increase exponentially, because he's had his way. hopefully he delivers.
johnny come lately
cant say nothing. Except I'm ashamed to be supporting the same club as so many Chelsea 'fans'. What a shame!
I cannot believe some of us. Mourinho was here for three years and won all but the UCL. Mourinho's influence was felt till he came back. How else do you explain the number of trophies continuing while different coaches with different systems came and went. It was the mourinho dna...that is his influence...the Mourinho effect. Calling him a bad coach coz he hurt your feelings is nonsensical. Wishing him at another club is even worse...we have seen what he has done with just three years. We need him here for the long haul and I guarantee you he will make it silver...silver linings without the clouds...just BLUE. Juan was a great player for us and an even better ambassador. But so is Oscar...and I challenge anyone to go toe to toe with me on that. I am...based on Mourhino's observations...willing to bet that Oscar is the more likelier of the two to win ballon d'or the way he tracks back is one thing...but he scores...and not just tap ins...Mata had an eye for the spectacular and truthfully there is not one bad thing I can say about him from a footballing sense...but my eye is untrained. Mourinho's is not. So as I suspect is the case for most of us here we need to trust one who has done so much for us. We need to trust one who has done so much in the sport in so many important places. I trust Mourinho. This was for the best and we got money...Mata got to go to what he will soon proclaim was always his dream club...and we will have our Mourinho. The rainmaker.
I think Mourinho just made clear to Mata ,that he is not part of the 10-year-project the Portuguese always talks about.He obviously wants to build his team around Oscar and as Mata is unable to play on the wings he had to move on. United made an offer he couldn't refuse as he likes Premiership football, he will team up with players like Rooney and van Persie and most importantly he felt like he was going to be the nucleus of the new United.I understand him and as a professional I would do the same.His open letter is an evidence of his love for the club and the fans,somehow trying to mutedly say that he didn't want to leave the club,but he had no other choice.If we have to point the finger on someone for Mata ending up in MU it is the board,who accepted their offer.I love the little magician because he is a true gentleman and he brought me my most enjoyable night as a Chelsea fan in Munich.I wish him the best of luck once he quits United,before that I just hope he doesn't fulfill his true potential because that will affect us as a club and I certainly love Chelsea more than Mata.But the world doesn't end here. Just on the contrary,we just bought a potential world beater in Salah,we have a potential Balon d'Or winner in Hazard,a potential best midfielder in Oscar,a Ramires's-stamina-Terry's-determination-Hazard's-pace-and-brazilian-flair Willian as well as dozens of really talented on-loan youngsters like Piazon,the little Hazard,Traore and Boga and Musonda within the club academy who could give Oscar a challenge for his spot in 2-3 years. So even without Mata the future is bright and the club has been wise enough to acknowledge that in the face of MU's generous offer. In the end everybody is happy so the transfer was good.Off topic,I think the trollers found a new MOTM favourite in Schurrle.

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