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A Specialist in Failure!

I guess that Jose doesn`t do boring, mundane press conferences any more then!

The Special One, or Happy One, at his press conference ahead of the FA Cup tie with Manchester City, on Saturday evening, came out with a cutting replay after Arsene Wenger has intimated the Premier League title was Chelsea`s to lose and that the continual bleating from Jose about not being in the title race was an indication of being afraid of being a failure.

In front of a packed press conference audience full of journalist just praying for Jose to say something controversial, Jose remarked as cool as a cucumber,

'The champion is Man United, they are the title owner until the moment they mathematically lose the title, the title belongs to them. If Man United are not the champion and we all agree that is almost impossible. They lose the title."

'If supposedly he (Arsene Wenger) is right and I am afraid of failure it is because I don't fail many time. He is specialist because eight years without silverware is very long. If I do that with Chelsea, I leave and I don't come back.'

I guess the mellow Jose of earlier this season has just upped the mind games to another level, but what are your thoughts on his comments?

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The Journalist

Writer: Merlin Mail feedback, articles or suggestions

Date:Friday February 14 2014

Time: 2:54PM

Your Comments

Mourinho must the easiest manager in the PL for the press to wind up - he takes the bait every time. A journalist asked Wenger a question at his press conference as to why so many managers (not specifically Mourinho) were ruling themselves out as title contenders. Wenger said that is 'a fear to fail' - you can't lose a race if you rule yourself out of it. A general observation that's all. The press nip round to Mourinho and tell him 'Wenger says you're afraid of failure' (he didn't of course) and in true hurt little boy style he has to lash out in indignant retaliation. The man has no class at all and the press are just playing games with his mind.
Well he is.... After 8 years he build a team that is worse then what he had before. that's a failure....
Chelsea Footballclub
Hahaha - I love Jose's reply; whether Arsene's comment was directed to him or not, he was just being honest. Can anyone blame Jose for being honest?
I wonder if Arsenal will lose 5-1 again this weekend in the FA Cup.
Hope this retort doesn't come back to bite him in the bum in March. Mind games are ok but you don't want to wind-up the opposition so they up their game to prove you wrong.
Amos you're just a shameless deluded butthurt arse fanboy. And yes, arse wenger is a specialist in failure after all these years and has even taken the art of failing to a whole new level; what with building an embarrassingly weak, funny, nondescript, inept and far inferior assemblage of plonkers and bell-ends worse than what he had before - a ludicrous 'team' that loses at such "failure specialists" margins as 8-2, 6-3, 5-1 and 4-0 under 20 minutes of a football match! So, kid you scums suck and you know it though I understand your arse lowlife pride won't let you accept the fact on here. You gooning lot know how to cry, *****, bitch, wail, fail, and are led by a serial loser and failure personified in the voyeur and vulture lookalike, Arse Wenger. So there you have it kiddo; time to get your toys back in your little pram and bugger off to Vital arse! And while you're at it - getting ready to be mauled, blitzed and *****ing trounced by the Scousers again like some school kids aspiring to non-league Sunday football - goggle the phrase "serial winner" and see the first name in world football that pops at your gooning pokerface. Yeah, please don't hesitate to show that to @Rocky7, your deluder-in-chief too lol
HGH Magic
You display a searing intellect in your response use your favoured
Since1963, mate I'll eat my blue flag if Arse wenger ever wins any match-up with The Special One. Their head-to-head speaks volumes! Even the legend of our beautiful sport, Alex Fergie, suffered enough miserable nights facing up to Mourinho, let alone the rapidly aging vulture-faced failure specialist. Carefree & KTBFFH.
HGH Magic
Since1963, mate I'll eat my blue flag if Arse wenger ever wins any match-up with The Special One. Their head-to-head speaks volumes! Even the legend of our beautiful sport, Alex Fergie, suffered enough miserable nights facing up to Mourinho, let alone the rapidly aging vulture-faced failure specialist. Carefree & KTBFFH.
HGH Magic
Yes, deal with it ******** gooner lolol
HGH Magic
LOlll !! "Specialist in failure" is the trending topic online and in media right now. Glad Jose is back!! LOlll :D
What do people expect?If you're going to come at Mou with "Afraid of failure", you expect him to snap back.
Lmaooooo @ "Specialist in Failure" Lmaoo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
since1963 has a fair point, why wind up arsene when we have to play them in march and possibly in the fa cup, mourinho overreacted which was what arsene wanted, just leave the Arses and concentrate on our games, how we can improve as a team
When you rattle a snake, what do u expect?
@desmond ''abeg no fall my hand bro''.you of all people should be the last persön to think arsenal can be a match for chelsea especially at the stamford bridge..Avb is long gone, this is the special cum happy one.
Ige Bosun
Hmmmmmm nice/harsh. They don't win mourinho with words just try next time on the pitch
lol serial winners like Mourinho or Guardiola are afraid of failing because it's alien to them, and the fear is the innate fuel that drives them to recurring success! Specialist failures, or the Arse Wengers of this world, on the other hand are so used to failing that they think it's cool and fashionable not to fear failing. ROTFLOLOL
HGH Magic
mourinho is just a cheque-book charlie,arsenal have gone down a fiscal route,mourinho wouldnt last 5 minutes at arsenal
Amos is factually correct in his reporting of what Wenger said but since when have the press let the truth get in the way of a good story? And Jose is correct to say that he (Wenger) is a specialist in failure, at least these days, although it was not always so, an indulgent board has allowed him the time to become one, & even if he wins something this season, would that really be a fair return in 8 years?
its not comparing like for like
your comparison should be citeh
Lol. What managers say in PCs is fluff. Pantomime stuff. Nice to see Arsenal fnas frothing at the mouth though:)))
^keep deluding yourself ghulam. Fiscal route? The one that leads to 8-2 and 5-1 maulings? Specialist in failure!
HGH Magic
After the f@*k up against WBA Mourinho is once again doing everything he can to take the spotlight and pressure off the players and on to him. After beating Man City he knows they CAN win the league and he spends all day at Cobham trying to get the players to believe it and play to their maximum in every game. He then goes out in public and puts the pressure on every other team basically saying they're buffoons if the fail to win it. Who knows if it will work but it is a joy to watch. No wonder all the Arsenal & Man City fans are going nuts!
With a moniker like this, "ghulamville", are you sure you ain't a wally in your spare times? What a
HGH Magic
spot on cobhamBlue
mourinho had a certain charm first time round,but this time round is a nasty bore
All Jose is trying to say is that Arsene Wenger is courageous because he is not afraid of failure - being so used to it for 8 years now.
I would still prefer him to bore me than you or your 8years throphyless manager brov
ddrogba - "courageous" huh? lol.. I think you were looking for one of these words: na飗e, senile or deluded!
HGH Magic
It's just Mourinho Versus Wenger war of words.
The SPECIAL one NEVER bores you.....
Lol.. 揑 don't know why Arsenal fans are angry at Mourinho. Wenger provoked him with 'fear to fail' jibe, and he retaliated with a knock-out fact. - Piers Morgan (@piersmorgan) Check out what other gooners are saying:
HGH Magic
LOOL. Specialist in failure. Wenger had no business in saying that. It was 100% directed at Jose and Jose just said what is on everybodys mind. Even Arsenal fans have agreed with Jose.
Jose cut out the crap and get on with winning football games,with a fantastic squad.There's no need for all the idiot talk,it had a good deal to do with him being sacked the last time.
Love it or hate it - This is part of the aura that Jose Mourinho is surrounded by. It is a sort of declaration of fearlessness, that he'll do or say anything. And quite frankly, it's contagious. If you're a young (or middle age, in a few of our cases) man, and you're chock full of testosterone, there is nothing more inspiring than knowing you've got a leader who is willing to tell the world to ***** off on your behalf. You'll do anything for a leader of that caliber. Nothing is sacred, nothing is scary. On the other hand, the polite and proper manager looks like a weakling. He appears to cower, and no honest player respects that, at either the conscious or subconscous level. When you fight a war, you get your hands bloody. This is one of the major reasons that we are able to get different results with the same players under a different manager.
solid7 THIS IS THE WORST ARTICLE I HAVE EVER READ. PLonker should be fired!!!!!!!!
KAKUfrank, Totally agree with you. They seem to forget that Mourinho won the Champions League with PORTO!!!! The only time the winners have come from outside the top 5 leagues since the UCL was expanded to include league runners-up nearly 20 years ago. He also won the Champions League with Inter Milan, who hadn't won the tournament since 1965, and dropped like a stone after he left them.
Inter Milan were an old team when Mourinho left. Just as Chelsea went from 2nd to 6th with all those old players.
foreign_viewer, Nice try! He won the Champions League & the Italian League & the Italian Cup. You can make excuses but he won the treble. And Chelsea dropped from 2nd to 6th partly because the team was aging but mainly because we sacked Ancelotti and replaced him with AVB.
I read the whole comments that he made , and the press definitely made ti worse than it was , yes its part of their war of words and wenger decided to reply about fear of failure and guess what once again no one is even talking about us being title contenders or how good hazard is , i dont know if this is a ploy but it seems to work
Don capon
the truth is bitter but still has to be told..MOU says it the way it with it..

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