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Why we lost and why I worry;

We are now out of the FA cup which in my opinion had been our best chance of getting a trophy this season. While as with every other blue fan I hold out hope for an unlikely BPL title at seasons end and an even less likely but yet possible Champions league double the realist in me has now come to peace that this will likely be a trophyless season for Chelsea FC.

The question that needs to be asked is why did we lose and should we be concerned and I offer my humble thoughts on both these burning questions.

Why did we lose? Jose took the easy way out in his post match conference by stating the obvious that City were the better team and had far more time of rest than us. That however glosses over several important points and gets him out of jail without him acknowledging his part in the debacle we saw yesterday.

Let me be clear..i love Jose and anyone who knows me and has been following what I have had to say regarding our managers knows this but I have been around enough to know that no man however much of a genius he is is without faults. Also any good student of history knows that history is littered with many examples of great men who made the fatal mistake of surrounding themselves with syncophants who only told them what they wanted to hear and not what they needed to hear and such men invariably ended up falling prey to believing their own hubris to be gospel truth.

The hard truth as to why we lost so comprehensively yesterday is that Manuel Pellegrini took Jose to school and thoroughly outcoached him. Jose was the main reason we won the prior tie against City ~ 2 weeks ago and he needs to fess up with himself that he (and not the players) is the main reason that we lost so woefully this time around.

Most of us realists knew the moment we drew City in the next round of the FA cup and had to play them at the Etihad that our chances of progression were slim. What the average fan however hoped for and expected was that we would at least show up and give a decent account of ourselves and that did not happen. The final scoreline said 2-0 but anyone who actually watched the match will acknowledge that the score line severely flattered us. The reality was that lady luck kept us from losing in the realms of 4 to 5 zero. Unless I am mistaken I don`t think we had one shot on goal that Pantimillion needed to save. That was the degree of domination we faced in the match. The whole performance was dull and limp.

Those who remember the article I had penned a few days before offering the there options available to Jose for the match line ups will realize that of the three Jose decided to go with option 3 which virtually no—one in the comments following the article chose. It proved to be a disastrous choice.

So why did we lose and why were we so poor? We lost because we ran into a side that has greater quality , greater depth and who were coached by a man who understands the need for squad rotation and implements it while our manager stubbornly persists with playing his perceived "first 11" no matter what.

That city top to bottom have better quality than we do is not subject to argument for those who are objective and we cant do anything about this at this point in the season so there is no point whining about it. That they have greater depth is also not arguable and we have ourselves to blame by thinning our own depth rather than enhancing it in the January window. What we should be concerned about and what I desperately hope that Jose`s advisers are telling him in private is that this stubborn persistence with no squad rotation unless forced by injury or total exhaustion is a recipe for disaster that may see us exit the champions league prematurely and may well scupper any chances we may have of stealing the BPL title.

Let us look at the respective line ups between us and city yesterday; Jose despite knowing full well that his preferred first team 11 played poorly against the Brommies just 3 days earlier (with many showing clear signs of fatigue) brought out the exact same line up except that since he decided to move Luiz to CB for the injured JT he then brought Mikel to replace him in midfield with matic. Other than these changes this was exactly the same team that flopped against the Brommies and yet approximately 2 weeks earlier had done marvelously against this same City squad at the Etihad.

Now contrast that with City. Pellegrini knew his team has a coming date with Barca and with that in mind he named a strong squad but with changes to ensure adequate rotation and to ensure his squad remained fresh. Most importantly the Engineer showed he is a man who learns from past mistakes.

In goal he kept faith with his designated Cup goalie Pantimillion while Jose decided to field the error prone Cech and deny Schwarzer the little game time he has so richly deserved. Go back and look at all the games Schwarzer played for us in the Capitol one and FA cup ..not one goal conceded was his fault. He is not spectacular but he is a very good goalie and most important to me, is not error prone. He deserved to start this match for us.

Pellegrini could see that Demichelles was a major weak link for them in their last match against us where he was in the mid field. He made sure the guy didn`t even see the pitch this time. He paired Kompany with Lescott (remember people understand why I applauded Pellegrini for insisting that Lescott not be sold or loaned out this January window despite multiple interested parties)..that is what depth in a squad does when it is used gives you different options and looks. Pellegrini used his, Jose refused to use his.

At left back Pellegrini saw from the last game that as good as Kolarov is going forward he was a liability defensively allowing Ivanovic have fun going forward and eventually scoring our winning goal. So what did he do, he rotated his squad and instead started the far more defensively competent Clichy and the effect was literally like magic. Ivanovic was largely pinned in his half with nothing to speak of achieved going forward.

Seeing that Yaya toure was over powered by Matic and Luiz in the last game and that Demichelles was essentially AWOL he brought in Garcia instead. Garcia wasn`t spectacular but was a major upgrade from Dimechelles allowing Toure to once more boss the midfield and that was where this last game was won and lost.

Finally on the right flank rather than tire out Jesus Navas (whose speed he will need against Barca on Tuesday) he started the hard working James Milner who while not being spectacular kept Cesar busy and did his assigned job very well.

Up top Pellegrini stayed true to his aggressive two striker formations but he learnt his lesson from our last encounter where our two CBs has Alvaro Negredo in their pockets and did not start him. Jovetic their 4th level striker in their depth chart paired with Dzeko and it is telling that without their top striker (Arguero) their 4th choice striker has far greater quality than any of our three. That is how dismal and depressing our striker situation is.

Going beyond the starting 11 for both sides though one only needs to look at the subs made to see again who was by far the superior manager on the day; Nasri for Jovetic (and the sub scored the second goal), Navas for Silva (thus giving Silva some rest after his man of the match performance) and Negredo for Dzeko (meaning Negredo will be well rested for Barca and yet ensuring that throughout the game they maintain a two striker front to keep us pegged in our half virtually all game).

Now compare that with Jose`s subs; Salah for Eto o ( a real head scratcher because with that for a period we didn`t even have one striker out there and we were down 1-0 at the time . Salah was virtually anonymous all game with no impact to speak of while at least Eto had been keeping Kompany and Lescott honest), El nino for Ramires (El nino was lively but had no service..Ramires was so knackered that Silva was out running and out hustling him..He should never have started this game in the first place) and finally Oscar for Willian (neither had any impact of note).

I go to this painful detail to make it clear just how much Pellegrini out did Jose by in this game. Honestly rather than Jose blaming fatigue I would have respected him more if he just owned up and gave props to Pellegrini while acknowledging that he totally bottled this.

My concern is that our holiday period is over; the champions league is back, we are now in the business end of the BPL season, having to play two games a week will now be the norm going forward till season`s end. Unless jose sees the error of his ways and starts using the entire 25 man squad at his disposal rest assured we will be dumped out of the Champions league post hence and can kiss any BPL title aspirations goodbye because continuing to play the same 14 or so players for every game unless injury or total exhaustion forces reactive (rather than proactive change) will mean many more performances like we have just seen against West Brom and now against City.

The question we also need to ask ourselves is how wise were some of the decisions we made this January transfer window? We gutted our squads depth and the only player we brought in who has been a clear plus has been Matic. It is true we have seen very little of Salah but that is on jose and honestly what I have seen so far has been very underwhelming..seriously why did we buy this guy and keep Moses rooted to the bench at Liverpool. Just go back and look at Moses`s stats from last year playing as a super sub for us. They are way better than Salah and Willian and that is the unalloyed objective truth. If Jose does not trust his second 11 squad of players we have major problems and it means contrary to what he has said come summer time we better be buying far more than just the "maximum of two players" he mentioned.

Left to me I am fed up with our one anemic striker formations and excess CAMS who just seem to be going round in circles rather than scoring or facilitating goals (Any wonder that Liverpool and City who lead the league in scoring both spot two striker formations predominantly?) and would like us to begin playing two striker formations more often.

Thus, I for one hope these rumors I am hearing of plans to sell Lukaku to partly fund a possible move for Cavani are nothing but drivel. Our side needs three at a minimum (and in my mind ideally 4) marquee goal scorers. We have no business selling our best young striker prospect. Did no one learn from the Danny Sturridge debacle? Isnt there anyone right now wondering whether the decisions to let go of KDB, Mata and Essien all mid season may have been unwise. The floor is yours Blue Nation but I beg Jose to stop being stubborn and be a little more willing to change his tactics because he needs to remember who his boss is.

This is Roman we are talking about, i am not sure how he will react if at season`s end we are trophyless while a team in our own league manages a domestic triple crown and maybe even an unprecedented quadruple. Jose, please for your sake and ours don`t push your luck too far, don`t tempt fate!!!

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The Journalist

Writer: GabeU Mail feedback, articles or suggestions

Date:Sunday February 16 2014

Time: 7:56PM

Your Comments

I have to commend your well structured article, like you said rotation is the key right now at this crucial stage of the season. The brom game most of the boys looked really tired I was expecting atleast some changes why was shurrle, lamps, salah, oscar on the bench, if we had started this players and lost the match atleast some of the boys would have gained a well deserve rest but we never know we might have drawn the game with the changes some of them would have tried to prove a point. Trust and rotation is the key now because damn they looked tired and exhausted.
I just don't like the way oscar is playing right now he looks lost and short of ideas, he seems like he's not enjoying his football and willian is another rami runs all day but little creative work.
I just don't like the way oscar is playing right now he looks lost and short of ideas, he seems like he's not enjoying his football and willian is another rami runs all day but little creative work.
I feel we simply lost because they had a week to prepare for that match and has less to do with rotation , if we rotated we would have had less quality on the pitch and we played mid week so that was a minus and i can confidently say NO TEAM IN ENGLAND can have a mid week fixture and play us at home with a week to prepare and win , it is simply not possible and i think if they still played sunderland things might have been different because those guys are giving everyone a run for their money
Don capon
Very well said Gabeu...roman and emenalo had the team well set up in terms of quality and depth in all department but some mourinho{dont have anything against him} loyalysts here will rather rubbish their work and slate them at every given opportunity.
Ige Bosun
Now our team suddenly look very thin,knackered and exhausted..
Ige Bosun
And as for the people already playing down salah's quality , now this dude was on break from about second week of december , now that is not an excuse but he has been us for a month , we gave torres 3 years , least we can give him is till end of next season , not saying he is good or will be as good as mata but i am sure he is better than what we have seen so far
Don capon
@don, he should have rotated the team with the likes of ashley, lamps, oscar, shurrle, ba. No one gave us a chance when we took our second string team to the emirate in the carling cup but we won the game.
Well we have played alot lately , i dont think our team looks thin , maybe tired thats all , i think this week of no football ( 5 days or thereabout ) will really help them and lampard has not played alot lately , we needed him to start against west ham and i am happy i am not the only one who has witnessed oscar drastic loss of form since when his " competition " left
Don capon
@ige we don't look thin jose is just not ready to gamble with his second string team.
Now yes he should have rotated no doubt but i didnt think playing ba and lampard would have helped , because Ba does not seem to have any chemistry with the midfield and they lump the ball to him everytime which doesnt help , and lampard could not offer the work rate oscar or ramires could have offered , however i wish cole had started im beginning to miss him
Don capon
Losing wasn't really my biggest problem, if we had rotated and lost all good atleast the first 11 would have had a well deserved rest for the league and cl but starting almost the same 11 and lost was my biggest problem but will see how far they go I still thing with the right rotation and a bit of luck we can still win the league.
However i feel we are making it worse than it seems , yes our form against teams that park the bus worries me and our set pieces too , but we are still in contention and we played city , who have the best team in the league , having a week to prepare , we might not have won even if we rotated but some players need to question their own performances
Don capon
pelegrini has much tactics of modern football than our mr is clear that he doesnt want lukaku and cortoise back bcoz they cant stay on bench 4 oldies.what a shame.
@pila12 if jose isnt ready to gamble with his second string team, how will the affected players{lacking match fitness} be able to deliever if injuries{God forbids} comes and jose is compelled by the situation to field them?
Ige Bosun
Lmao this guy is back , so jose wants to sell lukaku to keep torres and eto'o HAHAHA . go to bed
Don capon
Well we can't say we didn't see the defeat coming. As you've said above, I thought the fa cup was our real chance of silverware but we bottled it due to jose's inability to trust his (other) players. A trophyless season though won't result in mourinho losing his job as we all knew before the season (except for the optimists) that to win the league would be very hard. One other thing I've noticed is that we've gone back to the way we played at the start of the season, our football is so predictable and we're needing hazard to save us. There have also been some poor performances from ramires, oscar and willian (forget his work rate) which may be due to fatigue so I hope this whole week's rest would serve them well. Going forward I thing the matic-luiz combo should be our 1st choice pivot when everyone is fit, ramires should be demoted to the bench, a quality CAM should be bought at the end of the season as oscar isn't a "playmaker" (he doesn't create enough chances as his role states) just a box to box midfielder (toure esque). Quality article btw.
don delsy
@ige, right can't really remember earn shurrle started a game and he started pretty well at the beginning the season, oscar has list form don't know what yh at us down to, lamps will always put in a shift to be honest just don't know why squad rotation is a problem.
Sorry for the wrong typo
Man City are the best team in the country. We don't need to play them again in the Premier League. We will be favorites to win every remaining game except Liverpool away. If we play at, or near, our best every week we will win the league. It all depends how much the players want it.
That's the kind of manager JM is, sellls one of the few creative talented player's Chelsea have because he doesn't track back, funny that, nor did that crock of sh.. Mikel which led to their 2nd goal. Why he persists with him beggar believe. Oh and another thing, JM should learn to keep his "north & south" shut. Its not big or clever, some of the stuff he spouts on about is bordering on moronic.
Teds Maybank Holiday
You must think football is playing snooker, darts or Sunday league football, have you seen these guys live playing, the pace at which they go at each other is crazy. No one is saying you can't play football every 3days but you need to recover well to be able to put in strong performances every week.
good article apart from the last paragraph about moses. He's nowhere near willian so don't compare them. also most of moses goals were scored against ***** teams in the cup competitions. I think the guy only had 1 goal and 2 assists in the PL last season. As for Salah, Iw as never a big fan of him and after seeing his poor cameo appearances it appears he's not much better than moses/marin. But you have to bear in mind that unlike moses he has no experience in the PL and also he's only made 3 sub appearances so it's far too early for anyone to judge Salah. My only problem with Mou is that he should have brought on schurrle not salah. And his reluctance to play Cole is annoying.
@kinky three things you fail to appreciate; 1. The BPL has the most competitive league in europe. No games are gimmes..take a night of and you will get beat. The luxury that Real, Barca and Bayern have of just strolling through most of the matches in their leagues we dont have. 2. Apart from ligue A no other major league in Europe has two separate cup tournaments to vie for in addition to the first division league and so the top BPL teams have a greater volume of games if they stay competitive on multiple fronts like chelsea FC does. Finally 3) The BPL is the only major footie league in europe that has no winter break. The import of that is not minor as Fabio Capello himself famously opined a few years ago. Last word; that Pro footie players can play every 3 days if required is not in dsipute but i would like you to provide for us all any link to any professional sports medicine publication that suggests pro footballers can perform at near 100% capacity on just 3 days rest in between games. The congestion of schedules is based on the money making desires of the FA, UEFA and FIFA and has nothing to do with optimal intervals for peak performance. I am eagerly waiting for that professional publication reference that informs your assertions regarding talk of fatigue being for "uneducated folk" because in my past life prior to starting to work for the govt i actually have a professional degree in biomedical science and i know a thing or two about these matters.
Agreed that besides a let down in picking the first 11 Jose chose, he did not do a favor to himself at all with the subs. Pretty much even the most hardcore of us Jose fans were let down by those decisions and honestly I am just let down in general with how predictable Jose is and how stubborn he is with some decisions when it seems so obvious to do otherwise. Like keep Luiz in mid, Iva cover at CB, and so on and so on.
Pavel Permiachkin
Man City controlled the midfield and dominated the game.Silva is a little genius and can always find space in tight areas.Toure used his power and strength but he get's away with so much fouling,in every game,it's unbelievable. Ramires looked lost and looked like an novice.Mikel did very little and we were really not in the game.JT was a big loss and I thought that only Azpi,Willian and Matic showed any fight.
oh dear..mzee.... did Mourinho go to bed with your missus or something??? Suppose Mourinho sold Lukaku and others in return for a Cavani.... Im betting you would say that would be a waste of money in FFP now wouldnt you ? Looks very much like you a troll to me
I can't see any justification for the continuos use of Ramires as a starter in our midfield. If running at high speed 90mins is all he offers, then he's better off at the Sochi Olympics, not a top football club. The dude reminds a lot of Kalou. He scores a few goals here and there, but clueless most of the times.
I stopped reading when I saw moses...nice article until that point though
@kinky point taken. You have me beat in the dept of first hand experience because i only played footie up to college level and wasnt that good anyway. I do get your point regarding the Mata example..some players handle post match fatigue far better than others..scientifically speaking it has to do with what types of muscle they have predominating either so called type 1 or type 2 muscles. There is a reason why most players dont have the career longevity at peak form that someone like Ibra does. Also i suspect that players like mata whose mode of play does not involve heavy pressing on both sides of the ball would fare far better with frequent games than someone like Ramires who is essentially a perpetual motion machine when he is on the pitch. If any one has the time and interest i would be interested in knowing who of our players this season has covered the most mileage on the pitch ( i am aware that that data is actually being collected; Maybe KAKU who seems to love stats may be interested in looking into this) and how this correlates with the degree of fatigue/ diminished productivity we are seeing now. I suspect names like Ramires and ivanovic may be high on that list.
I thought ramires didn't play against newcastle? We can't say it was fatigue that caused his poor performance,at least a whole week was enough rest for a player in his mid 20's..mikel also had been rested considerably well in my a city player said after the match,we didn't change,we didn't improve compared to the first game and city was more than ready for us this time,fine,they rotated and we don't rotate enough,but I don't see that as the major reason we lost
GabeU....I respect and value your insight but allow me to point to a few things. You say you love Jose but all your articles since he was hired were to criticize his every move. You then acknowledge that you knew our chances were slim the moment we were paired against City....yet you also claim we lost because of Jose. Why were our chances slim before Jose even picked the players and chose any tactics? If you saw how slim the chances were(bigger picture) then why dwell on the blow by blow commentary? We punched above our weight beating City last week and embarrassing them. The players talked about how they specifically trained the whole week for that game. For a young team....its mentally draining and impossible in less than 3 days. Its why African teams do well in the first game of WC but fail to repeat as the tournament goes on. Truth is Chelsea are not a better team than City right now. Just because West Brom managed a draw against us means they can do it again this Saturday. And its not because of their coach or anything he can do. Thats the bigger picture analysis I have come to accustom with you not the blow by blow account which is clearly below your usual standard. By this timelast year you were writing articles praising Rafa and his defensive and stabilizing impact. Well Jose is doing much better and yet here you are writing an article criticising him after our first loss in how many games again? By that, Jose would be on the firing line if you owned this team?
Where are this people when Chelsea is winning.
@OCblues you raise a fair question. As members of family will tell you the greatest demonstration of love is to be honest enough among brethren to tell ourselves the truth. To say that all my articles since Jose rejoined us have been to criticize him is for you to display selective amnesia. Just a few weeks ago i penned an article where i directly took on those calling for Joes's head when the season was barely half way in. I guess you missed that. You clearly also missed the article in which i praised the success he had against city at the Etihad and made it clear then that he had shown Pellegrini who was boss. I need not go further..just spend some time and go through the archives on my articles and my comments and you will see how skewed your view on the matter is. That said what i am not is a syncophant..i wont say something is black when it is white or vice versa and i love jose enough to tell him the truth even if it isnt what he would rather hear. If i was with him one on one in a room what i wrote above is exactly what i would tell him. That in my mind is the measure of a true friend and of true love. The fact that we punched above our level according to you last week (which in my book was down to Jose's superior tactical plan going into that game is no reason in my mind to put forth a sub par effort in the last game (as i made clear in my piece the issue here is not the result but the quality of the effort on display). Be that as it may if you feel i am just a blind hateful Jose critic who has no objectivety and just has an axe to grind against the man that is on you. I know what drives me and the facts i daresay dont support your opinion in this regard.
We'll see how we fare next week when we've got seven days rest. I do want to see rotation though, Salah and Schurrle starting for Hazard and Willian. Mikel and Lampard for Ramires and Matic. Let Oscar play or even play Ake. We have to go to Turkey and we'll need our players at their best to keep out Drogba and co.
One final point @OC blues. Maybe you misunderstood the last few lines of this article. Let me be clear i feel Jose is the right man to build a Chelsea FC dynasty. I think if given the time and resources he can turn us into something that brings back memories of what SAF did with ManU. The cause of my fear is that i dont think he has as much time as he may think. People seem to forget Roman's track record..i still remember Carlo Ancelloti who won us a double in his first year with us while scoring goals like crazy..his great crime in his second year was to come in second despite the injury ravaged season he endured. I remember RDM who won us the holy grail Champions league in the most unlikely of circumstances along with an FA cup all in his first year and we all know how his tenure ended barely 6mths later after that incredible double he achieved. My apprehension is for Jose and for continuity and stability for our dear club Chelsea FC because contrary to what many may think i fear that Roman is still Roman and Jose cannot afford to assume his 4 yr contract is guaranteed. I wish it were and we finally have a run of stability with a man of his caliber allowed to build a new juggernaut like the one he built us before but i fear if he does not have substantive results by seasons end and certainly if those results and trophies are not there in his second year Roman's famous itchy trigger finger may come into play again. While i live in hope i am above all a realist.
Rec'd @Gabeu. Really liked ur last comment. I wish @VC HQ would add the like button feature soon.
@GabeU...I honestly cannot say that all the questions you ask are not worth asking, but the part of me that has inherited a spirit of futurism ultimately re-surfaces. Listen, there is worry and disappointment in dropping out of the FA Cup and putting in a less-than-average performance, but try to see the bigger picture. I believe that the reason Jose is giving the same starting 11 all these games; and thereby the reason for our January DEPARTURES and summer loans; is that Mourinho is impressing upon THIS current starting 11 the pressure of knowing that they are the 11, most regular players for the team. That is, of course, without the fabled marquee striker. That is also why Eto'o's contract is so short. Mourinho's tone, is very futuristic in itself. The little horse puns, asking Wenger if his 'fear of failure' is within TWO years, or eight <--lol. But in all seriousness, I believe this season is more about raising the game of Eden Hazard, Oscar, Willian, Rama, Azpi while also giving the likes of Lampard, Terry, Torres, Ash and possibly Mikel the last audition they deserve. So for me, this season, my trophy shall be Eden Hazard hitting a (very possible) 20 goals this season, and seeing many other players raise their game, like Azpi, Cahill, Matic and the likes. You may argue that Jose has less time than he thinks, but trust me, the project is on course, and signing a striker Jose has clearly stated he needs in January wasn't out of sheer lack intelligence or reasoning, but out of futurism. See the big picture.
I have said this for a few seasons now, Lampard - Ramirez and Mikel. You play two out of them three in a game and is a disaster waiting to happen. That is exactly what happened. The main difference between this lineup and the team that beat City last week was that we had Luiz in the middle, and only one of the above three played. I don't understand why Jose isn't using Luiz in the midfield, since he is showing that he is the best we have available for this role at present. I only have one question at present, why are we playing with two defensive midfielders against relegation struggling teams. The game against City doesn't baffles me, but it confuses me to hell when we have the ideal players to have a full fledge go at the weaker teams and we play a two DM formation against them. Secondly, We sold MAta, i understand the reason, we were getting good money for him and he wasn't the kind of player Mourinho wanted, but why would you lose KDB along with him?? Why don't we want a player in the team who is a passer and can open up play with his passing? Which is why we have become very very uni-dimentional once again. No matter what changes you make in the squad, its only a fresh pair of legs coming on the pitch, nothing different. Maybe i don't understand what Mourinho is doing right now and things will unfold in the future. Which is why i am not going to be critical. However, i have shared my bit of confusion, maybe someone else can explain it to me.
The problem is that we expect to win every game! Did you really thought that we would beat City 3 times in a row? If my memory is right not long back we were complaining about Mou not knowing his first eleven. Imagine he had used Cole, Schwazar, Schurrle, lAMPARD, Salah in the first 11 and like what happened we still went on to lose what would you be saying today? Like they say a fan,s team never lose and some of you VC members you are always right i wonder why you didnt take up the coaching job. Lets accept it City was better than us and it got its much needed revenge. We are not unbeatable simply because its Mou you are too critical. Was Mourinho the reason that Ramires, Willian, Obi MIKEL, Etto were awful????
Victor Hamadziripi
Matic didn't track back for Jovetic's goal. He's was strolling behind play.
Mzee is a swahili word for old... Just for your information. Let's stop complaining about the likes of Lukakus and Curtois who fear competition. Do you think Big Petr would be where he is if he feared competition from the goalkeeping legend in Cudicini?
Defensively we didn't do too badly. City have been averaging 4 goals a game at home all season. We conceded 2 in 180 minutes. And on Saturday there were not many near misses either, other than Jovetic just before he scored. It was our strikers that let us down again. Torres has regressed back to as bad as he has ever been.
Some good points raised, some very questionable ones too. Without delving into who did or did not outcoached each other, i recall me telling some dudes in a chelsea bbm group i was in on how i felt i loss was likely against city. My reasons for saying that was based on just very few details like; having played city just few days ago, figthing toe to toe and dishing them their very first loss at home (In a match most weren't expecting us to win), body pains and tiredness would have taken its toll for sure. Hence, to go back there and expect us to do the same means we have to muster the same motivation we had the last time so we can fight and compete. And truth is from the outset, not only did we not come up with the needed motivation but that city's motivation to win the match was far greater. I might not blame mou for not shuffling things up in this match but for against westham i do. But it's has clear as the daylight, mou has to rotate players and not until forced upon him by injuries. Perhaps it will further enhance harmony amongst players and coaching staff. #ktbffh
BOTUM - DON'T SAY WHAT YOU DON'T KNOW lad. Cudicini was injured when Cech made his debut...and later kept the No.1 shirt! Cech sustains an injury next pre-season and, bingo, Courtois becomes No.1! Simples. Quote me if you will. Spot on @Victor Hamad..., the problem is that we expect to win every game! lol.. Whereas the discerning will readily tell you Jose's body language throughout the City game didn't look like he wanted to win that game and go further in the FA Cup; seems he wants and prioritizes the BPL more as can be inferentially gleaned from him buying Matic and Salah, despite both being Champions League cup-tied, mid-season. In my mind, I think Mourinho knows he'd have cemented his eternal status, in England, if he won the league this term, with his “incomplete” and “not ready” team of little horses, which we all know would suit his ego just fine. QED.
HGH Magic
jose is taking this job for granted and he is treating the chelsea fans there as sick of fans chanting his name at every match every minute..what did he do to warrant such chants? other teams managers have done terrific and i dnt c tht happening..martinez and rodgers shld have their names chanted mr by their fans that jose by ours...jose needs to find tht he isnt above reproach and he must be held responsible for his mistakes..i mean he blames everyone and everythn but himself...he is arrogant and i hope Roman will tighten his leech around his had to play this game with barca in mind and still manager to humiliate us..oscar was supposed to be the center of this team according to jose but he sat out the 2 matches against city so what does tht tell us...mata is way mr better at the CAM role and its showing from the past lackluster performances of oscar...if he is gd at tracking back so y nt play ur main CAM in a big match...rami is a waste when he have the ball and he cant pick a decent pass and mikel well this match told it all really....matic and luiz shld be in midfield they offer power drive and directness ...jose says cole has a future but here he is not playing any match of note so who the heck is jose fooling by his antics....there is no one or no other reason to blame for this defeat but jose...he blabs all week about other managers while forgetting he has a team to manage himself....and yes he is playing down his title chances so he at the end wont be seen as the one who failed and no one shld deny tht....we were the biggest spenders in the summer and our squad apart from the strikers area is on par with to say city have better quality is an insult to our club really...we bought willian schurlle and brought back kdb...willian/andre werent needed both and we wasted money on one of them while we shldve bought a decent striker and eto for lukaku well thts the joke of the century really...jose talks about building long term but he isnt fooling anyone...buying young players for multi million dollars isnt building...we have 26 players on loan and at least 5 or 6 players are performing exceptionally well but will they get a chance ofcourse not....i blv if bamford was with a boro or wigan team and scored 20 plus goals we wld have bought him for 15 mill but he is with us and unfortunately we treat our youth like lowly players..12 yrs and no one has ever broke into the first team thts just pathetic and it cuz we have no quality youth no its just cuz we prefer to waste millions on ready made hyped players rather than trusting our own...i hope we get a transfer embargo so we will be forced to do use them..barca created the best team in history with their youth
Nadim Damaj
and Gabeu, I don't think Roman has any business demanding trophies this term, or even next, as I expect you to be aware(or at least conscious) of the fact that he must have bought the “stability” model Mourinho sold him, whilst the Special One's comeback four-year contract was signed! You think Abramovich wants to sack Jose and pay him off £20m+ in compensation, again, like in 2007 and you've got another think coming mate.
HGH Magic
To be honest, i had a feeling Jose wasn't keen on winning the match, especially with pelligrini gunning for revenge, so the set up.(that's my hunch). I have been worried with oscar's play of recent, appears disinterested, tracks back too much, contributes so little, seem to play more as our No.4 than No.10, his passes faulty. Is it him or what the coach demands of him? For Willian, have always wondered why we bought him. He isn't doing anything fantastic that Moses/ramires weren't doing in the past. We seem to have relapsed after that great performance against City. Support you, on that Cech instead of Schwarzer, then why didnt we use cole on the left, Azpi on the right while Iva&Cahill as defenders with Luiz in the mid. My consolation, hope that now that we are in only 2 competitions, we will up our tempo to win one of them? No more excuse of too many fixtures piled up
jim shimfe
We've got only the UCL & EPL to look forward to. It smells like another trophyless season is on the cards. If Roman retains the special one after a trophyless season, then is it safe to conclude that he has bought into the special one's long-term plan?
Oh my days. Can we forget about this loss please. Every team loses and we lost to the best team in the PL at the moment. Not forgetting the fact weve beaten them twice. Our two wins was NOT luck, a defender making an error is NOT luck on any part for Torres' goal at the Bridge and hitting the posts three time at City. Lets forget it and MOOOVE ON.
@Nadim, with your comment i'd be surprised if jose doesn't take you and only you for granted bro. How is it our business if fans of other clubs doesn't chant the name of their managers?? Do you want us to beg them to do it??
...and Moses??? How you can say anything bad about Willian is beyond me, when hes mainly been important for us in all our counter attacks and defensive contribution. And Salah, this guy has played near 30 minutes and your judging him as well is a joke too. This guy gave Chelsea headaches every time we played Basel. Everything before Moses was spot on. After Moses' name was mentioned was foolish.
@Jim shimfe,your having a laugh,you don't know why we bought Willian. Ramires and Moses wouldn't tie his laces.He's a superb player and has added so much to the team since he arrived.He would be even better if he's paired on the right with Azpi at RB.The only time we've really seen them together was when Iva got injured against Liverpool,Hull and Derby away and they were a very good combination,which has great potential. right.
I want to know what happened to schurrle he is definitely worth game time what's with salah playing he isn't ready yet he needs more work on the training field to get to know us and the way we play,the mad thing is we looked tired and thin on the ground when we have 25 odd players at other clubs
Really good article, agree with most of your points. I personally am more disappointed with the way the team played and their attitude rather than the actual loss. It was flat, toothless, passionless and frankly awful but I accept these things happen. Think there should have been some rotation and JM must take some stick for this performance. Ramires worries me a lot, to me he now is a liability and unless he gets his act together can't see what he brings to the team and also agree with other comments about Oscar, what has happened to that boy? Hopefully this week's break will give them the kick start to push on for the rest of the season. Still think will be difficult to win anything now but will always have faith that it can be posssible. One thing on JM, think she should perhaps concentrate on getting the best out of the squad and team tactics rather than all these spats with managers. Think his comments about Wenger were a little disrespectful and did embarrass Chelsea as a club even though they maybe true! Would really like to see us come really quickly out of blocks against Everton on Saturday and put the game to bed. Need those 3 points against a very good side - like to see them win the FA cup of all teams left.
One thing that is glaring and I cannot disagree with in this article is the point on squad rotation.... Our squad rotation is poor and Jose need to rectify that. The points raised in this article are not based on the City game alone... Look at Oscar for example, his form is dropping badly... Willian will follow same pattern if played too much. The style of football we play is highly physically demanding, especially on our 3 amigos, and as such does not afford us the liberty of depending too much on a selected group of player. We need to focus on EPL now and just forget about CL..
Yet again another over blown article from Gabu..... The world is ending ,dark clouds are rising, we're all going to die soon everybody is at fault , the club is being run disgracfully blah blah blah............This is how it is :It was a poor loss, the lads are looking tired and Jose should rotate some more. And the lads looked like they didnt care about the cup which is how I feel too. Now lets move on to the important stuff like 3 points against Everton on Saturday ....
THEBREEZE, lets see what happens between now and may, but he leaves me much to desire
jim shimfe
Why i enjoy GabeU's articles is that they always raise very interesting arguments, opinions and discussions. i was hurt to loose that match but wont dwell too much on it. we just need to move forward. the match exposed quite a few lapses which if attended to by jose would help in our title bid. we wont be playing city in the league again but its the remaining 12 matches that would tell. we are the only one that can stop them from winning the league and it is the next 12 opponents that would tell. Ramires has been off form for quite a few matches and need some time on the bench. there should be no preferential treatment. liuz is more effective in midfield and poor so far at the back.
Chelz Akamz
Agree with a few points especially on rotation and thinning our squad in January. Well we just didn't turn up at the etihad. We were tired but I also got the feeling this wasn't a priority. Now we have only PL and CL to concentrate on. Hope lads rest up well this 6-7 days and then let's get back on track! #upthechels #ktbffh
I am trying to be objective here..but I don't understand why in the world Ramires is a starter on this team. He can provide a good role for this team marking a dominate winger or coming on after a lead but for God's Sake, the guy lacks skill...As many of us have been saying..pairing Ramires on the pitch with Mikel (aka Mr. Slow) just reduces CFC's offensive chances. Ramires has a high work rate and is good on the counter attack but when CFC plays teams like WBA and they park the in the hell can you play Ramires or Mikel? This team needs skill, speed of play and creativity in the pivot. Luiz/Matic provides that. Otherwise change to the 4-3-3 formation with Oscar/Matic/Luiz in the midfield. PLEASE can we not see Ramires and Mikel on the pitch together?
I am trying to be objective here..but I don't understand why in the world Ramires is a starter on this team. He can provide a good role for this team marking a dominate winger or coming on after a lead but for God's Sake, the guy lacks skill...As many of us have been saying..pairing Ramires on the pitch with Mikel (aka Mr. Slow) just reduces CFC's offensive chances. Ramires has a high work rate and is good on the counter attack but when CFC plays teams like WBA and they park the in the hell can you play Ramires or Mikel? This team needs skill, speed of play and creativity in the pivot. Luiz/Matic provides that. Otherwise change to the 4-3-3 formation with Oscar/Matic/Luiz in the midfield. PLEASE can we not see Ramires and Mikel on the pitch together?
I was hoping to see Schurrle ,how is the man ever going to get confidence without games ?, at this point he cannot be worse than Oscar or Willian or can he ?.
Michael Reid
the oscar which wr saw in the first season is the same oscar we are seeing now....that oscar looked like a.proper brazillian player with lots of flair and tricks....this one under jose has turned into a scottish midfield player hardworking but with no flair...the same is going on with william....players like oscar and william are born with creative talent but they are now nowhere looking like a brazillian player they are having good work rate but when it comes to creating chance they are.lacking it.....its not that they cant but while concertaring more on defensive duties they have somewhere lost tbeir brazillian touch...and oscar seems what less interested he is not enjoying the game as he used to enjoy it in first season.....we are whole and sole depends on hazard for goals...oscar and willian should be the one who should have shared this responsibilites with hazard but i cant see they are doing it more...jose need to let this players play free and use their strength of creativeness to full use...rather than restrecting it...
*not the same oscar we are seeing now*
and why play two dm....when we have paid 21 million to buy matic...who can do that role.alone....and.please stop playing rami and mikel in the starting 11....they are not good enough...rami plays good in one or two match and he suks in the rest of would be better we sold him in summer he offers nothing in the midfield....and same.goes to mikel....i hope we go for kroos or any other top cm player so that they can get staright into that position to partner matic...
Smh at so many over the top comments here, they so called players you are all asking to be played were the same players that lost to Sunderland city would have dished out a moral damaging result against us let's say 9-0 and this article would have been the opposite about maintaining the same team.. Its not easy to be a manager
@Gabeu i like reading ur articles always but to say the truth moses is not better than salah and willian i think its totally wrong and try to accept ur mistake quickly and write a new article explaining why said so.
@Gabeu i like reading ur articles always but to say the truth moses is not better than salah and willian i think its totally wrong and try to accept ur mistake quickly and write a new article explaining why said so.
@Gabeu i like reading ur articles always but to say the truth moses is better than salah and willian i think its totally wrong and try to accept ur mistake quickly and write a new article explaining why said so.
moses is better than...*
judging salah for just 60mnts is bad.
well said@ the_blues.
@the _blues read what i wrote cerefully. I did not say Moses is better than Salah or Willian..i said his stats are better for us and they are. I have no doubt that willian is a better footballer than Mose that is obvious. I seriously doubt that Salah is actually an upgrade to Moses but time will tell on that. The point is that as an impact sub just like Kalou used to be Moses scored and provided more assists for us last year than Salah thus far and than Willian with more than 2/3 of the season done and with Willian now essentially a starter for us. Let us be objective here and not blinded by sentiment. We need decent quality impact subs who are satisfied with their sub roles and bring impact when they come on. Moses proved that last year and again people also seem to forget how young he is and that last year was his first season with us.
Well isn't that irony that Rogers wanted to buy Salah and play him AHEAD of the same Moses! When Kalou came here, Jose had already established a system and instilled his mentality into the players. Except for a drop in performance there was not really a change of tactics required when Kalou came on for whoever because the system was already set. This time round Jose took over Emanolo's team and started working on it player by player and that is there for all to see: we have the stingiest defense in the EPL and are on course to hauling the most points since the BULK of Jose's chosen players were last here. Its still too much work in progress for a newbies like Salah to jell. If Salha was coming into a system already with DD and co, it would be easier than coming into a system where alsmot everyone except JT and Frank are learning. As talented as Willian is, it took him a while. Mata has had more playing time with United (than Salah) and hasn't done as expected.....does that mean he has been a failure at United?
On Point @OCBlues........ Where's that like button Uncle Merlin???? :p :p
On Point @OCBlues........ Where's that like button Uncle Merlin???? :p :p

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