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The Mind Games Continue!

He's barely shaken off the criticism received as a result of his comments about Arsene Wenger but it seems Mourinho is not resting on his laurels.

When asked about tonight's mouthwatering clash between Manchester City and Barcelona, Mourinho responded with these comments-

'Of course by history Barcelona is the favourite, but this Barcelona, this season, is showing that it is not the same in previous years.

'Of course, they have [Lionel] Messi - he is special - and they have more than him. But I think this is the worst Barcelona of many, many years.'

More mind games from the master or just a petty dig at his old rivals? In a recent interview with the Sunday Telegraph, Barcelona's midfield maestro Xavi, who is a vocal critic of Mourinho, wasted no time in admitting that he'd rather play City than Chelsea.

He said, when asked about THAT night in the Nou Camp, 'Chelsea won the Champions League but by my reckoning, without playing good football... They did it legitimately, but I think they were very lucky.'

Is Mourinho just responding in kin to Xavi or trying to unsettle a team that are just looking a little more fragile among Europe's elite?

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The Journalist

Writer: Tom Mail feedback, articles or suggestions

Date:Tuesday February 18 2014

Time: 11:57AM

Your Comments

Just like your good fortune in having Ovrebo being paid by Platini when you beat us in 2009 Signor Hernandez...Cabron
yes this barca's is the worst even if they scored more than 5goals in every match
Hope Jose has a plan for Galatasaray and Didier instead. I think he just should avoid making comments on other teams, and giving english media journos headlines to jerk on! Enough! #Ktbffh
What wrong has Jose done or said he simply said his mind and the truth we all know that this Barca isnt the same as 2years ago. So whats the fuss or Title mind games?
Victor Hamadziripi
I reckon there is also some reverse logic going on here with Jose's comments. He is also saying that Citeh should give it everything they have got (not that they wouldn't anyhow) and just a little pressure on them to prove themselves as worthy of playing amongst the big boys in Europe. As in this is not the best Barca side, so Citeh, what have you got?
If Citeh go beyond the Barca game, Jose knows very well that the pressure and games will pile up on them. Which could be good for the PL and our chances.
*Barca games* as in progress through to the next round
Why does it always have to be interpreted as "mind games"? He is just giving an honest opinion when asked for goodness sake! Something I have always enjoyed about him.
Fergie played mind games for over quarter of a century, so why can`t Jose play his little games, as and when he wishes.
not everything is mind games Tom. I could have said that; and you too lol. It's pretty obvious they're weaker now for anyone who know their football - the 7-0 total obliteration by FC Bayern...and all last term! Good question @Victor Ha....
HGH Magic
And at any rate, their perceived "weakness" is mainly in Europe, as they have a way of blitzing past most of the other 19 teams in the La Liga; and it is hardly surprising after all we'd have trounced them in 2009 semi final if not for Tom Ovrebo! In 180 minutes, I think City can maul them.
HGH Magic
Why is everyone taking every words spoken by Jose as mind games? He was asked and he gave an honest answer, if he didnt say anything he will be labeled as rude and disrespectful to the press. This is not MIND GAME, it is the truth, people interpreting him and getting into his head to say what he isnt thinking are very wrong. Maybe he should stop attending Presser ... wow it is hard being Jose Mourinho
Come on guys, you should all know that when Jose talks in public, there is a reason behind what he says. Call it mind games, whatever, some of it is definitely choreographed for effect, but even when it appears off the cuff, he has already worked out his thinking in what he says or is about to say. He's a very clever guy. Love him or hate him, still a very, very smart man.
Most managers come out with football cliche after cliche when publicly speaking. OTOH, like it or not, believe it or not, Jose speaks (his) Mourinho truth, you might not agree with him, but it ALWAYS carries weight and quite often a hidden meaning.
Well Jose needs to think about the truth which is,we didn't have one shot on target against City on Sat.That's what he really needs to worry about. That's the second game that it's happened to us this season,why?What was the other game?
JM hates Barca...understand it...enough said...
I can see Man City man-handling Barca has a lot of "small-ticky tacky" players...I were the Man City manager I would have City "man-up" and run over the much small Barca and take them out of their game. Win the midfield. Moreover Barca has a WEAK defense. I can easily see Man City wining this game.
Jose knows his onions?I'm afraid if he think's this Barca side are poor,what does it say about us.
So sick of stupid Barca and their cheating, come on City pull a Chelasea on those cheating ********s.
Pavel Permiachkin
I hope Jose brings out his best smack talk and brings up pathetic Barca.
Pavel Permiachkin
Xavi, Iniesta, Busquets, Fabregas,any one these players would walk into our midfield.
@HGH,I think City can maul them.Was that before or after the match.Ha,ha.
Let's see that was before the penalty, before the red card, before Messi was on goal, you know when the ref should have called foul for fouling a city player. City were looking like more dangerous one all game before that BS. Wonder why you are never this happy or supportive of Chelsea.
Pavel Permiachkin
Apparently all managers have moments of madness..I nearly vomited when i saw Pellegrini had the temerity to play Demichelles in the match against Barca..what was the guy thinking..he should be smarter than that and sure enough Demichelles pays his trust back..with a bone head play that essentially ended this tie. Once again Barca gets the sort of match they love when they meet an opponent of any quality..get someone sent of and play 12 vs 10. I hope the city fans now know how it feels. That tie is done..there is no way in this world city will score 3 goals at Camp Nou and if there are not careful they could absolutely get embarrased there with another possible sending of. Why Pellegrin did not field Lescott or even nastasic only him knows but that one decision decided this tie.
It was men against boys from start to finish and Barca also had a good goal disalowed. Terrific control of the football,joy to watch.
Eh, remind me again what Barcelona did so significant in the first half besides play their cute little possession game? Also I see you are ignoring how the ref was responsible for the 1st goal to happen. Don't expose yourself as F_V 2.0 with random blurt outs, respond to points and questions directed to you.
Pavel Permiachkin
The possession game is hard. If Chelsea players had the technique to do it they would.
He could be FV himself in another moniker. Who cares, trolls will come and go. If we meet Barca, we would give them the usual bullet. They would have thought they would rather face *****ty than us. Another English club will come close to going out tonight. It will again be left to us to fly the English flag in UCL.
Keyser Soze
City were just chasing shadows which in fact wore them down.It was only a matter of time before gaps would appear.Naves wasn't fouled for the first goal, he went down when he lost possession.
Bayern have more technique than Chelsea. The correct tools for the right jobs.
ManCity tried hard, they look more likely to score whenever they attacked Barca looked disjointed till Demichelis got sent off. I think Yaya is the problem they have against top teams, he gets tired easily and leaves the defensive duties to his pivot partner thereby exposing their defence all the more.
@SameX,Barca looked disjointed until he got sent off.They looked really disjointed at that stage,with 73% possession.
His mind games favoured barca. Give me some quantity of whatever you're smoking samex, barca disjointed? Yaya a problem?Lol.
Samex your analysis are always spot on but you are wrong about yesterday, city where defending with 10 men even before the red, infact they played better after the red card. And just like graeme sounes said yesterday this barca may not be the all conquering side of 2011, but they are still the best at pressing and stopping their opponents from playing.yaya cannot engage in his trademark lung bursting runs without the ball.
Cmon GabeU et.Al...... I ******** hate Barca or UEFALona (LOL), but I cant bliv I'm gonna agree with the "trolls" here..... Navas wasnt fouled abeg, he lost the ball- then fell to ground in the hope of getting a FK. How GabeU can even question the red card is beyond me!!! Are u saying it wasnt a RED???? LOoooooL!!! The only questionable call was the penalty, it looked on the edge of the box (after seeing the replay over and over)...... Did anyone really KNOW it wasnt a penalty before seeing the replays?????? These oficials do a difficult job guys, I would have given a pen too if I were the ref. Enough said (Guuuush, cant bliv I'm agreeing wiv FV and co. )
Lets not have selective amnesia guys, Barca had a legitimate goal ruled out..... Of course the game woulda been much more different (maybe 1-0 to City or Barca or a draw) without a red, but please wasnt Demichelis the ******** last man there??? Or are my eyes seeing "double" (LOL).
Now lets go over this again Foul on Navas??? Never------ Demichelis red card??? YES, very Correct (Double red if possible) Penalty???? NO, Never!!! It was right on the edge, but even I didnt know that until I saw the replays!!!! Barca goal??? Twas a superb goal there, dont know the "offside" seen by the linesman on the far side! So there you have it guys..... An unbiased analysis of the key points last night!!!
Now lets go over this again Foul on Navas??? Never------ Demichelis red card??? YES, very Correct (Double red if possible) ------------- Penalty???? NO, Never!!! It was right on the edge, but even I didnt know that until I saw the replays!!!! ---------- Barca goal??? Twas a superb goal there, dont know the "offside" seen by the linesman on the far side! So there you have it guys..... An unbiased analysis of the key points last night!!!
That being said, I hope Barca get raped in the next round!!!!! I hate em soooooo much!!!!! But I had to be honest about last nights game....
HGH Magic
Yesterday I realized that my hatred of Barca is fueled by envy. I envy the way they pass the ball so good, it looks so simple. Chelsea is the only team that has consistently nullified the effectiveness of the tiki-taka game in the past, and deserves more respect. With our resilience in defence and counter attacking, we've proven that even with 10 men, we can defeat the UEFALona. However, I'm praying that I will live to see the day when my team will eventually learn how to pass the ball more, and retain possession better.
Die hard attitude + resilient Defending + purposeful attack + Mourinho = Result Oriented Football
But, Result Oriented Football + better ball retention + X = World Domination. I don't know what X is, but it could be luck, referees, UEFA, and under unforeseen circumstances.
That said, if Mancity are unable to beat the weakest Barca team in history, yet are the best team in the EPL, then it says a lot about the significant drop in quality of the EPL teams this season.
I think the penalty was legitimate after watching the highlights. Also initially City basically parked the bus, but started to grow as the game went on. Plus City went with a 4-5-1 for a counterattacking approach. Our best team that plays great football with Pellegrini as their coach, decided this was the way to go. Well go figure !! Jose and Chelsea are enemies of football when we do it!! Double standards!! ............ Referees mar Barca matches most times, and we are talking about that again after last nite. Well we have been through it and we know how it feels.
@foreing_viewer your best coach pelligrini needs help
Tunez Navas was fouled though... You are telling me if the roles were flipped and that was a Barca player the ref wouldn't have called it?
Pavel Permiachkin
Tunez where in my post did i even suggest that the red card and PK were not legitimate? Demichellis obliged Barca by handing them the exact advantage they always seek against decent opposition. If it had remained and 11 v 11 contest i am certain the final result would have been very different. How many times have we seen this script for barca in the champions league? The one time they met a decent side that didnt get a man sent of or concede a PK (legitimate or otherwise) that is the Bavarians we saw how that ended. Let us not also forget that last year as well they escaped PSG by the away goals rule based on a dubious PK given them in paris while the parisians were unlucky in that game to hit the post several times. The catalans just reward will yet come again this season but for City the game is up after just one of the two games of the series.
@Pavel, I get what you're saying; but that didnt happen, so we cant say!...! It wasnt a foul and that's what matters!!! When the incident happened, what I was concerned about was if Messi was offside and it being in or outside the penalty box...... What am I trying to say, I didnt even notice the supposed "foul" on Navas! There was no foul guys...... phew!
Gabe, there's no cheating if u do something worth a red card man! If Barca's opponents do things worth red cards (John Terry and last night), then we really have nothing to be suspicious about! Hell, Overbo even sent Abidal off on that fateful night!!! That wasnt a red card in a million years.
Also @GabeU, I know.Barca are UEFA's babies but people are just toooooo critical of everything!!!!!! (It could have been a PK against Clichy in the First half too..... I wouldnt have given it, though I've seen such given as Penalties)
Ppl are always critical because shady ***** always goes down with them. Why can't they ever just win a CL clean. Their defenders are even notorious for diving, that is pathetic.
Pavel Permiachkin
Mou should now shut up and focus on his ugly games inspite of all those expensive players.
@tunez there is no smoke without fire. I wish someone would go back in the last decade and just look at the stats regarding the number of PKs and sendings of in favor of barca in the Champions league and then just look at the video replay of each to determine how many were actually valid versus dubious/bogus. The thing is at this level of competition where there is so little difference in quality between the top 4-5 sides these recurrent "incidents" eventually decides who wins and who loses rather than fair play. I agree with you for example that JT essentially gave the ref in our game a perfect excuse to brandish a red card but the card handed to RVP in the gunners game..absolute hogwash and there are multiple examples of this sort of decisions. Finally i will freely admit i dont like the catalans. Their self righteous attitude of thinking that theirs is the only right way to play football and that possession should automatically mean they win and their legendary diving and simulations theatrics rub me the wrong way.
Mzee you are one of those that disappears after games like Man U in Man city in the bpl right?
Pavel Permiachkin
GabeU I also love in the same guys Barca players choking Arsenal players during arguments and nothing is even done about that. What year was it somewhere in the mid 2000s where Milan vs. Barca when Sheva goes in on goal beats Puyol and scores but Puyol dives and ref calls foul against Sheva.... ugh it is just cringe worthy.
Pavel Permiachkin
I acrually not only not like Barca I hate them too. I don't find there little possession game beauitful, I hate their cheating and baby like crying ways, also their self righteous propaganda is sickening as well. I mean we can get an all star team of spuds/man u/arsenal with Wenger as coach and I would still cheer against Barca if the 2 teams would play each other. ***** I would even buy the jersey if I was to attend the game live and sing "Arsene Wenger"
Pavel Permiachkin
jose' comment seems to have motivated barca than citeh though barca had no clear cut chances until the red card. I support jose that this barca team doen't look high-flying and a team like bayern, chelsea and madrid can fancy their chances at knocking them out of this competition. Why pellegrini had to revert to playing demichelles rather than stick with luis garcia left me very confused.
@Mzee69 are you serious? Man! you are something else
For all its worth, i look forward to playing barca in the champs league this year. Seeing all of neymar, hazard, oscar, messi, willian and iniesta go against themselves makes me drool. heck even our AutoMatic against Busquets and mourinho making the catalans come close to tears again lol.
@mzee, smh for you bro. i can understand you are looking for fame in the wrong way since you couldn't get it in real life or by being smart with your comment on here. Write stupid all you want, we know who you are. Sorry a** dude
Do you guys realize since FV has been told to shut it the other lil trolls have picked up the slack all of a sudden. Honestly going back to Mq I don't think it is surprising between all these trolls it is literally like 2 guys.
Pavel Permiachkin
@Kolagold, Matic is ineligible for the UCL this season.
Barcelona beat Manchester City hands down.......Stop going on and on about conspiracies. Foul was foul. Red card was red card. In other games, yes, but yesterday, they beat City hands down. Even Fabregas's run looked onside and should have counted as a goal.
oh yea i forgot that @Romans thanks!
@pavel, if i were you i will worry less about them. Slowly (who says it can't be fast) but surely we will get rid of them
Wenger is starting Sanogo over Giroud and the young Chamberlin out wide against the mighty Bayern, he is really brave
Ozil ?!!?!?! LOL!! deary me!
Well, Arsenal have taken it to Bayern. One penalty that Manuel Neur had to save . Excellent match to watch. And Sanogo looks a handful
That penalty has shaken Bayern out of their stupor .... now they are looking more like reigning champs
Why is Bastian on the bench?? Arsenal are doing well tbf
Bayern look vulnerable for sure
Sanogo will come good if he puts his injuries behind him
Arsenal throwing everything at bayern, tough to maintain this pace though! Ozil with a disaster of a penalty!!! For Bayern Pep has Schweini and Muller on the bench !!??!
We should release Lamps and Mikel and get Kroos
Boateng looks ripe for another yellow (which would be a sending off) & Dante's positioning is not impressive ..... however Bayern are looking good going forward....
That pass from Kroos... crazy!
2 penalties missed the same game ......crazy :-) .... but now the man advantage to Bayern
The pace at which Kroos transits the ball from defence to attack is amazing.. cant believe Bayern are willing to lose him
Boateng subbed :-)
Bayern want to keep their man advantage :-)
What a goal, Kroos is the complete package
Yup that goal was really good ... perhaps the GK positioning was not perfect though
So its looking more and more like an exit out of CL for City and Arsenal. Which is not good for us in terms of BPL.
Pavel Permiachkin
Muller kills it off ....deservedly so as Bayern were all over Arsenal this 2nd half & were also denied a 2nd penalty. They have used their man advantage well
When I saw the arsenal line-up to start against bayern, I shook my head. Absolute joke of players. They need more quality players arsenal. But their fans would rather wenger toy with their emotions with false hope.
Toni Kroos should be on our radar if he becomes available.
i doubt if ever bayern will make kroos available. Only if he wants to leave on his own will
The moment he comes to CFC, he will be on the bench coz he does not track back.
@derfmesh duuuuh!....! Silly comment! #FacT

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