Chelsea - Lukaku is good enough.
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Lukaku is good enough.

I've seen a lot of people on here in the last few days saying that Lukaku isn't good enough to play for us, it's something I strongly disagree with.

He's only 20 and in my opinion has a very good scoring record so far.

Last year playing for West Brom he scored 17 goals in 38 games, I'd say that's pretty impressive for an 18/19 year old. This season he's scored 9 goals in 20 appearances for Everton, so he's averaging almost a goal every 2 games which in my opinion is pretty good.

A lot of world class strikers have come over here much later in their careers and haven't settled in anywhere near as quickly. A lot of people say he's not as good as Drogba. Didier Drogba was 26 when he joined Chelsea over 5 years older than Lukaku is now.

He is nowhere near as good as Drogba is, his passing needs improving as does his overall game, but by the time he's 26 he could be as good as Drogba if not better. He needs time to develop and he will improve when he comes back to us, training with the best manager and world class player`s day in day out will improve his game greatly and we will see a much improved Lukaku.

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The Journalist

Writer: Matty Maldini Mail feedback, articles or suggestions

Date:Tuesday February 25 2014

Time: 7:09PM

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Lukaku's good enough for the bench at the moment, we need a world class striker to win us big trophies for now.
don delsy
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25/02/2014 20:02:00

I just chuckle when i read some of the negative comments regarding Lukaku. Well done to the author for reminding folks just how young this young lad is and also what he has achieved already. Thanks for stating the obvious that he has a huge growth potential and that his ceiling is really anyone's guess especially if well mentored by a top quality manager/coach. Need i also remind people that this has a Deja Vu feel to it. This was the same sort of back lash the fan base and our board habored regarding a certain Daniel Sturridge who cannot now stop scoring for Liverpool after we essentially gifted him to them for a measly 12 million (for a full english International no 9)!!! Can Chelsea FC please for once show some patience and show that we learn from our past mistakes. Let this talk of selling Lukaku to fund a move for a professional mercenary whether he be called Cavani or Falcao stop immediately please. At the very least Lukaku should be shown the same degree of good will and patience, and given the same degree of benefit of the doubt that has been accorded El Nino for like 3 years now while he has earned monster wages for doing close to didley squat. Lukaku needs to be given a fair chance and some patience to compete as a striker for us. I might also remind all those who denigrate his worth that for all his faults and all his shortcomings as a player in the one stat that counts for a striker (number of goals scored and assists given) despite his being out injured now for some time he has been more productive than any of our three strikers. Give this lad a fair chance before crucifying him or using that annoying perjorative of "Not Chelsea quality" Give me a break, Lukaku is not chelsea quality but Ba and El Nino are? Please can we be real with each other. Yes he is not no 1 striker material at the moment but he certainly merits inclusion in our band of three for next season at the very least after his two productive years out on loan.
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25/02/2014 21:50:00

Lukaku as is Sturridge will never be good enough to play for Chelsea.These strikers are great at running onto through balls,behind a defence.Teams that play against us sit deep,leaving little or no space behind them. Lukaku could perhaps be used as a bit part in signing a top CF.Most of DS goals are like his two against Everton and Sunday against Swansea,running on to a through ball.He would never get those chances in a blue shirt.He had plenty opportunities for us but usually made the wrong decision.
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25/02/2014 23:05:00

Sturridge WAS good enough. The problem with Sturridge was that it was HIM vs THE WORLD. I will give him the benefit of the doubt, as he wasn't really appreciated in a club that didn't value any sort of stability or managerial longevity. It's hard to work with players in that sort of environment. They either need to be ready to go, or they have to get their development on loan. However, if he had played under Mourinho, you'd see him running riot for us right now, I believe. His immaturity and greed on the pitch couldn't be solved under our past regimes. But that lad was head and shoulders above Lukaku, in my humble opinion. Lukaku is a clumsy donkey. Sturridge always had a touch of finesse, and showed signs of being imminently world class. He just didn't play with the team. Very unfortunate situation. I was one of those who wished him away...
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26/02/2014 01:48:00

20 year old, Belgian international, Lukaku is a "donkey". A goal scoring donkey. If he were English would he still be a "donkey"?
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26/02/2014 03:24:00

I am with GabeU. I rate Lukaku. Look at Sturridge right now. We need patience with young strikers. By the way FV you are a tool.
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26/02/2014 03:54:00

if Lukaku was good enough he would be here now! End of story!!!!
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26/02/2014 04:35:00

Nobody is good enough for Chelsea.
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26/02/2014 04:48:00

"...By the way FV you are a tool..." Did I call Lukaku a "clumsy donkey"
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26/02/2014 04:51:00

I don't understand why would anyone think that the Sturridge situation is anything like the Lukaku situation. I agree with solid7 with everything, but i don't think Lukaku is a donkey. He's clumsy though, and when players get to a certain age they don't magically improve. Just look at Ramires for instance, he didn't improve much on his weaknesses. Messi was already awesome at 21 years old, same as Cristiano. I didn't see Drogba at 20-21 so I can't comment on him. I believe Lukaku won't improve that much anymore. His first touch is horrible, he doesn't have the finesse Sturridge had. Sturridge was a CF who was played out of position. He was selfish but he had tons of quality and that was impossible to deny. He won't get anywhere near Drogba's quality either. I hope he makes me eat my words in the future but I don't have much faith...
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26/02/2014 06:16:00

Lukaku's first touch is not horrible. Where do these scouts get their information from? He's 20. He will only get better.
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26/02/2014 07:00:00

What you guys fail to recognise is that Lukaku has already blotted his copy book with Jose. You also fail to recognise that he has a big mouth. You also fail to recognise that, even when he is clearly not the no.1 striker, he expects to be the first name on the team sheet. For me, I really do not expect to see Lukaku pull on a Chelsea shirt in anger, in a competitive match. Maybe in pre-season. But he will go the same way as KDB.
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26/02/2014 07:03:00

Lukaku will play for a top club if he leaves. He'll be a CL regular.
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26/02/2014 07:06:00

And Jose will have a huge part to play in it, just as he did with KDB and Mata.
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26/02/2014 07:09:00

I was one who never wanted sturridge to go. People tell me his was selfish, i said let it be he was literally our top goal scorer during AVB's reign playing outside right (even for bolton on loan). Who does that without having loads of talent. One could see the raw talent, finesse and hunger in him back then. it was just an unfortunate situation he was there when we were not ready to give up on our torres' experiment nor did he had the patience. Lukaku in the same way is also showing the raw talent, with perhaps lesser finesse but with hunger that has seen him now excelled on two loans away from parent club scoring loads of goals at 19-20yrs and some are still here saying he isn't good enough?? Remind me when rooney started playing for ManU please? Let's imagine our board had pampered the little boy sturridge then rather than using forceful hands he would have still been on our books for jose to use now (i would be surprised if you think jose won't play him over these goalless ones we have now). like we were mostly in youth, we were very ambitious being and we always needed someone to tell us to be patient atimes and that's is exactly what we should do with lukaku and courtois in this case. pamper them and tell to be a little patient even though they might be second choice in their departments.
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26/02/2014 07:43:00

Torres has been given time,lukaku too need to be given time.
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26/02/2014 07:45:00

@BlueAbs, 'blotted his copy', 'has a big mouth', 'expects to be the first name on the sheet'... hellooo he is a kid have you forgotten? and you should be thankful that he has a big ego to go with it. He would understand better with age. How many kids are that patient this days?? and mou needs to understand this and not be so forceful. Fergie still regrets his tough gestures on young pogba.
Report Abuse
26/02/2014 07:53:00

you can't deny that he has a big mouth and for me he is not as good as he thinks he is! He has potential but he is nowhere near the finished article.
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26/02/2014 08:02:00

Guys of course he's not the finished article he's only 20, it'll take a few years before he's anywhere near the finished article. He's a young kid kid who's moved to a foreign country to play his football, he's played at 2 clubs and been a success. He's settled in as good as if not better then Eto'o and he's 32. Given his age and the fact he's playing away from home I think his record is phenomenal.
Matt Birkinshaw
Report Abuse
26/02/2014 08:38:00

solid7 clumsy donkey, huh? Are there smart or deft donkeys anywhere? Can I have some of what you're smoking?
HGH Magic
Report Abuse
26/02/2014 08:58:00

lukaku is not good enough??he is better than everything we have upfront with a "striker" tag strapped to their forehead
Report Abuse
26/02/2014 10:50:00

if u ask me id prefer a world class striker and use lukaku as rotation n cup games. I like strikes with quick feet , lukaku seems a lil slow in that regard but lets see if he can improve.
Blue Krusaders
Report Abuse
26/02/2014 14:48:00

Lukaku is faster than everyone at Chelsea.
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26/02/2014 15:22:00

TheBreeze hit it spot on. We don't score sending the ball up the pitch to players who get behind the defenders. No one plays their defenders high enough to get behind them. We almost always face 8-10 players behind the ball. We need a striker with touch, technical skills and some vision to be able to work through the defence. Neither DS or Lukaku can provide that at this point in their development. Hunger and desire are admirable qualities. Running your mouth is not. He needs to mature in more ways than one.
Report Abuse
26/02/2014 16:42:00

Lol.. now I see why foreign_v is the necessary evil we all need on this blog. Give it to them foreign_v. Lmao
HGH Magic
Report Abuse
26/02/2014 17:18:00

With only slightly above average ability.
Report Abuse
26/02/2014 18:43:00

@kola - because he is young is no excuse. He has already rubbed up Jose the wrong way, and Jose is ruthless enough to ensure Lukaku knows his place when part of our squad. If he doesn't comply, it will be goodbye, and moreover this is what I believe will happen. He goes on about Drogba being his idol, well he should maybe learn some humility from the great man. Comes across as an impatient brat to me.
Report Abuse
26/02/2014 18:43:00

Lukaku should never have been loaned out. He could have come off the bench and started cup games. By now he would be the starter. He has more goals at Everton than any of our current strikers, end of story.
Report Abuse
26/02/2014 18:50:00

The saying 'bull in a china shop' is what he reminds me of. The super teams will neutralise him easily, i don't expect him to be much of a hit at the WC, can see Benteke heading up Belgium. Now that boy has real potential.
Report Abuse
26/02/2014 18:50:00

Why do people ignore the fact that his ego is so big that he will not sit on the bench?
Report Abuse
26/02/2014 18:53:00

Everton have learnt how to implement him to effect, for the reasons other people have already stated, that won't work at Chelsea.
Report Abuse
26/02/2014 18:54:00

it is Wold Cup year and I guess a place on the bench is not the place to gate-crash the party!
Report Abuse
26/02/2014 18:54:00

True merlin, but effectively, he has put his WC aspirations before CFC, Jose wanted him as one of his strikers but couldn't promise him no.1, so what does he do? He walks into he Everton team, that would not be the case in any Chelsea squad.
Report Abuse
26/02/2014 19:05:00

HGH - I'm not smoking anything. Lukaku at Chelsea? OK... He's likely coming back, so we'll see. In diddling on the details, however, you missed the bigger point - and that was, Sturridge was better. Always was, always will be. He was a selfish sort, but he had mad skills. Lukaku is not in that league, and he's at the same age as Sturridge was when he was ours. Comparing Sturridge to Lukaku is ridiculous, and anyone who has ever watched either of them play should know as much.
Report Abuse
27/02/2014 03:39:00

you and you alone did the pointless job of comparing and contrasting them yourself mate. My point is that The Kraken is no "clumsy donkey"! Simples. Also, saying Sturridge is more skillful than Lukaku I'm afraid is redundancy at its funniest, as knowledge of such fact is readily available even to a basketball, rugby or cricket fan. QED
HGH Magic
Report Abuse
28/02/2014 06:57:00


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