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Why Chelsea May not Win the League

Manchester City were always favourites according to bookmakers, pundits and Mourinho, and their strikers score goals and they're out of the Champions League and on Saturday Chris Foy happened, again!...

The Premier League has a tradition, a rich history of highs and lows, from a high of Kenny Dalglish piping Ferguson to the title in '94/'95 to a low of Alan Pardew headbuttgate; a history replete with intrigues, twists and turns, from the sublime to the downright ridiculous, but only a handful of clubs have ever tasted what it means to win the Barclays Premier League; and not a single one of the five winners - Manchester United, Blackburn Rovers, Arsenal, Chelsea and Manchester City - won it without their top goal scorer being amongst the league topscorers!

Whereas I don't see a need to bore you with a recital of famous names like Alan Shearer, Andrew Cole, Eric Cantona, Teddy Sherringham, Ole Gunnar Solskjaer, Thiery Henry, Ruud van Nisterooy, Nicolas Anelka, Didier Drogba, Carlos Tevez, Cristiano Ronaldo, Sergio Aguero or Robin van Persie who all won it for their respective clubs in their various epochs.

I do however think it is worth raising the alarm that the alarmingly criminal profligacy of Mourinho's three supposed strikers in the face of the devastatingly prolific double-acts of Aguero and Edin Dzeko or Luis Suarez and Daniel Sturridge might well prevent us from winning the league this year, which will see our league losing streak extend into the fourth year after we last tasted league glory in 2010 when we incidentally ran riot with goals under Signor Carlo Ancelotti, setting and smashing Premier League records in the process with an unprecedented 103 goals (2.7 per game in 38) with 68 or 61.2% (3.6 per game in 19) of those scored at home which in itself is a record still standing and unsurpassed!

If my greying memory serves correctly this is about the third time I'll be penning this truism in an article, but I'll reiterate anyway; no team has won the Premier League with the kind of return our 'strikers' have brought to the table.

No. Just no way! No way is Samuel Eto'o's meager return of 7 goals in 18 games at this stage of the season enough for any title talk, neither is Fernando Torres' and Demba Ba's embarrassingly abysmal combined total of 7 goals (4 and 3 in 22 and 14 games respectively) anywhere near enough to begin to insinuate nor hope for a title challenge; a total of 14 goals from 3 fat overfed over-the-hill and overpaid undeserving cats.

There's only so far the magic of Eden Hazard can take you!

Don't get me wrong. I want us to win the league by all means just so, if nothing, my little 'hypothesis' would be seen to have been nothing but pure unfounded baloney, proven absolutely wrong and consequently thrown to the dogs, as I know there's always a first time.

I want Jose to win his third English title and our fifth, but the problem is that I just fail to see it happening this term unless, of course, our three toothless (or blunt-toothed depending on your tastes) strikers from now on start setting the league ablaze - start getting their Didier Drogba or Nicolas Anelka impressions right, that's if not that of the swashbuckling Luis Suarez - because right now as far as this writer is concerned, the likes of Torres at our dear club are nothing short of expensive cosmetic strikers!

Blimey, hasn't one Romelu Lukaku 'fluked' in more goals than these overpaid cosmetic striking dummies?

Maybe the Special One has special powers to curb the norm and win this league in spite of, not because of, his chosen corps of strikers. Maybe he knew all along what we thought was a well documented striker malaise post-Drogba was not a malaise at all but undue apprehensions on our part as the novices of the game that we all are; maybe the unfunny joke El Nino has made of the most part of his Chelsea career long before and after we flogged Sturridge to the Scousers was nothing to lose sleep about; maybe long before making his comeback from Real Madrid the Special One had a plan, including that of attempting to sign Shrek before finally settling for the aging Samuel Eto'o as 'Plan B' which sadly doesn't seem to be working in this moment.

But one thing is certain, blessed with the league's meanest defence and a midfield that made Yaya Toure look like Charlie Adam at a FIFA Ballon d'Or ceremony, twice, if we don't win this league it will be down to the wastefulness of Torres, Ba and Eto'o!

And what a shame that will be to the £50m man, who being in a last chance salon, might never stand a chance of winning the Premier League again.

Be honest but don't you, like me, sometimes wish you could reach out and punch each of our strikers square in the face each time they miss a sitter or, perhaps, knock some sense into the Special One in the summer if he fails to flush these cosmetic flops and buy strikers who actually score goals?

Whilst it may be generally accepted, albeit painfully that Rafa Benitez fortuitously got us playing the better football with a leaner squad, with such score-lines as 8-0 to Jose's bogey team Aston Villa and so on, do you think Mourinho's magic alone can win us the league?

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The Journalist

Writer: HGH Magic Mail feedback, articles or suggestions

Date:Monday March 17 2014

Time: 1:20PM

Your Comments

forget striker...the way we set our attacking third... does not suit strikers at all...there are too many predictable midfielders in the team..only aiming for personal glory...we have no midfielder who possess the quick incisive the little we had, we sold it...although our stirkers might be lagging behind.. but that does not make them score a return of goals ad little as that...let's sort out midfield first...when you have an athleth like Ramirez..who is not known to be a good passer? or even control a match tempo..why won't strikers starve?
yep there's always a first time to discount conventional theories. but the villa debacle, i fear, has probably cost us the title. we'll require citeh to lose at least two, maybe three (not gonna happen), because it seems improbable we'll put it across both arsenal and pool - and draws will not do any longer. might there then be a case for switching focus to CL, even if that's the tougher proposition? methinks we'll run it close in both cases, but will end up being a case of nearly there.
johnny come lately
agree somewhat, jayb. the man who held it all together best... a true #10, we sold. sometimes we are our own worst enemy.
johnny come lately
As i read this i swore that the author had to be HGH and sure enough i was right. Yes there are some painful low blows here but to be brutally honest there is a whole bunch of truth to this. With our defense , the demise of ManU and the fact that city have literally done everything to ensure they dont run away with this title (when based on their talent level and squad depth they really should have) if we dont win this BPL title we need look no further than our strikers (or the lack thereof) and we will need blame no one else but ourselves because we had two transfer windows this season to at least get better if not permanent solutions and we fluffed both opportunities. Time will tell but since i never really expected to us to win the BPL this year anyway to begin with i am not in a tizzy about this. Next year though Jose needs to really get this straightened out both for Chelsea's and for his sake. Let us not forget who the boss is and what is record is like when we dont win trophies.
To win titles this year, we need our play to be unpredictable...But, right now we are very much predictable...
Pool vs City match at Anfield will decide the title, but City are the best bet for it. I hope chelsea dont drop to 4th...
Arsenal parked the bus effectively against spurs this week, expect no less next week...We should find a way to break them (I doubt it, bcos we couldn't even break the villa defense)
Torres should never play for Chelsea football club again and Oscar needs to be benched for the rest of the season. Bring back Lampard and start playing Schurlle to give us some pace. Unfortunately as much as I love Jose, our game is based on a game of chess and not a game of football. That`s ok until the other team scores first.
Hazard needs to be our number 10.
Pavel Permiachkin
...but the thing is;Torres isn't going anywhere. No team can afford him and those who can afford him don't need him. I don't know how we plan on leaving him but it'll be quite funny to have a 0„550million striker as a third choice next season. We must find a way out. This one is tough. Very.
@ Blueheart9 - Do your research ; How many times has Chelsea won after opponent scored first ? It might suprise you. And btw, football is chess.
Strapping Blue
We haven't got striker ever time we take to the field we are a man down I'm fed up after villa,problem is after our run which has at times been unconvincing we have all got our hopes up and we aren't a team looking like champs,I am hoping for the last eight games to be wins and I think to win it that is what is needed
It's hard to disagree with the article. Two steps forward, one step back.I sad at the beginning that it's going to be a rollercoaster of a season and we need to hang on. It's been that kind of a season. Both transfer windows have been baffling for us. Hope Jose fills in the blanks this coming summer. And we go for it in our remaining 8 games, one at a time and let's see what happens. #upthechels
The title is ours to lose after beating Manchester City home and away. Someone should just rise up and defend our strikers. First it was torress, sturidge, ba, eto, I actually think we have not found dead root cause of the goal drought.
For two matches in a row we wia actually crap in d first half against fulham and spurs. It was only a matter of time we paid for those performances then came villa. I also want to agree with you some of lukakus goals r fluke.
If the striker's are the problem, how come sturidge is banging in goals every match. Why on earth did we sell that player that is so hungry for goals. I think part of our problem is pride.
I agree with Blueheart9. Torres is like trying to swim with a weight around your ankle. Do a Malouda to him.
@Strapping Blue, we have the quality of footballer to take the game to the majority of teams, not just to keep possesion for an hour, keeping it tight and then trying to win the game in the last half hour. We lost at Newcastle, Everton, Stoke and now at Villa and all the games were almost the same. We were in total control in all thes games, without breaking into a sweat and then suddenly they score and we are chasing the game. For the players that we have this approach is not always the only way. But it seems to be Jose`s favoured way. We played the same against Fulham and managed to score and went on to win the game, we wasted 45 minutes against West Ham, then they put 10 men behind the ball and defended what they had. Look at the teams at the bottom of the table and look at the points that we have lost, quite frankly the tactics adopted for those games have been very unproductive.
We sold our only creativity source in Mata because we had a better all round No 10 in Oscar, Oscar can defense better bla bla bla... But where was he when Villa scored? Oh he was on the bench LOLLLLLLLLLLL
Rip The Reds Apart
^Couldn't you be qny happier "your team" lost?
Pavel Permiachkin
i cant believe when people are saying that we are not expecting pl trophy from jose in his first season...some are saying top four would be a good for us...they are saying its a transition period...and jose doesnt had a good squad blah blah etc...what a lame.excuse people.are giving to defend him...cant believe some people talk too much crap here...i think apart from mancity we had the second good squad in pl...we had the best midfilders in the world....good defenders...we just needed a good dm and a striker...but apart from that we had a good squad to win the pl...if jose cant deliver any trophy this season then the hell we bought him...i think rafa did very well with the squad he had last season and that also with no depth and all odds against him...he gave us top 4 and won us europa cup also....jose had a good squad to win pl...but he messed in jan when he sold mata and kdb...and when you keep on favoritising some.player instead of using other players also then i think you are bringing on more.problem rather than finding out the solution..
Big mistake, should have got rid of Oscar not Mata. Oscar has been poor since November. A few flicks and tackling back now and then does not make a quality number 10. Sell him in the summer along with Ramires and Torres.
Why did Mourinho sign Salah. That's a major downgrade compared to De Bruyne and Mata. The squad is now thin. Why would a manager do that? It's like 2006/2007 all over again. Lots of money spent but still something is missing.
shlok27, Even if we win nothing and finish 4 this has been a better league season than last season because this year we are actually challenging for the title. Something we haven't done for years. This is being done with the dead weight of Torres being our No.1 striker. It is a tremendous achievement. Man City & Liverpool's campaign has been based on strikers that are on fire, Arsenal's has been more like ours but Giroud has been much more effective than Torres. It is almost impossible to succeed with someone as bad as Torres up top. Torres has nearly destroyed Chelsea, without him we might well have won the title in 2011 and this year. As it is I think the title is gone now. Even if we win all our remaining games - unlikely - Man City would have to drop 4 points and to be honest I can't see that happening now. In fact if we don't beat Arsenal I think we'll finish 4th.
Is it just me ?,i am not impressed with Willian ,i know its his first season but 32 mil has netted one goal and two assists .He just seems to be full of endless running, lots of tricks and no end product .
Michael Reid
For a long time there has not been any rhyme or reason to our attacking forces, and I include the AM's here as well as the strikers. How often have we said that the strikers get no service from the AM's? Has this actually changed? I think not. When it has clicked we look good, sometimes very good, but it's not clicking on a regular basis. Why is that? Does it depend on whether Hazard is up for it? Or when Oscar turns up? Shurrle gets so little time, when he does, often he is over eager to impress. Same with Ba. Eto'o has a semblance of former class, but seems to coast a lot of the time. And as for Torres, well he just is baffling. We had short periods where we felt he was on his way back, MOTM performances, or almost, then gets injured or red-carded. Otherwise he just makes you want to pull your hair out when he tries to beat 3 defenders in a schoolboy kick-and-run, when a simple pass would be more effective. The strikers come in for a lot of finger-pointing with their abysmal return of, not only goals, but actually, attempts on target, but actually when you scratch a little deeper, what have how AM's actually done in linking up with these guys, providing decent, direct and effective passes or through balls that really hurt defences. Instead, more often than not they either try to dribble to score themselves or in the absence of that, they will supply a completely predictable pass that is easy to defend. Sometimes you will see a semblance of it all gelling to produce a decent performance (or very decent in the case of Citeh away, Loserpool at home) but when a team comes to defend and confound, we seem at a loss as how to truly break the team down. Counter-attacking is great when it works, but it requires an opposition to come to win, or at least have some attacking intent. When they pack their half, we are lost. But hasn't it been like this for a long time?
We've made very terrible decisions in this club. we let anelka, kalou and sturridge; 3 very versatile forwards leave because of Torres. Each of those produced not less than 12 goals in the league in a season. how many goals have our current trio combined, chipped in for us in this campaign? Just 15 in 30 matches. how can we win the league with these underperformers. We let both mata and kdb leave intead of leaving one of these creative pair behind. Their replacements are simply incompetent for their jobs. Oscar will always play so deep with his head down. How can he make assist playing like that? willian will also run run and run with no proper end products. and he will never score. But he's keeping schurrle and mo salah on bench. Oscar and willian combined have 4 assist. hazard alone has 7. Why don't we play him in his natural #10 position? He will create and score a lot of goals from there. Iva, rami, willian ,oscar and our strikers don't deserve to play full 90 mins. they need to be subbed and rotated to keep some players happy. Salah, schurlle and ba also need more minites to be fit.and sharp. And lest i forget, how many free kick takers do we have in this new team that we are building? I guess iur team is far from complete.
It's funny. We were on a good 10-12 game run and nobody was complaining. We lose one game and Doomsday is about to fall upon the earth. Oscar, Schurrle, Ramires, and everyone and their grandma are being criticized. Just because we lose one game out of the last 13! The truth is, we had a good run but we were bound to hit a glitch here and there - especially with our striker situation. Many here have said that they were not hoping for the title at the beginning of the season. If so, then why is everyone getting so bent out of shape about it. We will finish top 4. Mourihno has instilled a good mentality on our players. We can't win ALL the games of the season. Mourihno has also made some mistakes - like selling Mata and KdB; but if they are not part of his vision, then so be it. What's the use on keep harping that Mourihno sold Mata and KdB; and bought Salah? Let's grow up a bit. We have the team that we have, we are a strong team - we are Title contenders, but I don't think we can win the Title nor CL. But we'll put on a good fight. And hopefully we'll accomplish our goals next season.
As for ramires, i think we should replace him with kroos or rakitic in the summer. he's proven beyond doubt that he will neither be a good passer nor tackler in our midfield. A good midfield need good passers and tacklers; not an athlete like ramires. Just 3 seasons and he's already competing with ramos, barton and diakité for the kings of red. We also need attackers with good VISION, passes completion rate and shots. Not the willians and oscar. IMO, Schurrle is better than willian; far pacey and direct than willian. But Jose prefers willian because he defends better. Oscar and willian are CM's who love to attack; just like inniesta, xavi and lampard. They will be ineffective in the role they currently play for us. Not that Oscar is out of form. But just that he can't be a #10.
Chelsea will win the league this season. Mark my words.
The complaints i've read here in the past has always been about the personels in the pivot delaying play, too slow, lacking passing ability and not passing we got the dynamic and ubiquitous matic and blame shift to the strikers..the question is have we now been witnessing the much talked about defence spliting passes from deep?.....The simple truth is the striking department has always been the main problem, but some folks here choose to ignore that and crucified the pivot, because they either hate a particular player or dont want a certain combination in that role.
Ige Bosun
samex God bless you for that statement, i earnestly pray and hope it comes to fruition.
Ige Bosun
@SameX i sincerely pray you are correct but the realist in me says that for this to happen all 3 teams we are competing with; Liverpool, City and the gunners will have to bottle it big time..they all have games on hand compared to us and neither of them thus far have been as profligate as us against lower table opposition. This is why the realist in me says it probably is not happening no matter how much i hope. That is all well an good but Jose must be aware that next season this kind of trophy drought will simply not be accepted by Roman..forget what the fans think..we only need to look at Romans record of patience even with managers who won something to know that Jose better fix this come summer unless by this time next season memories of what happened to RDM may resurface in another Chelsea nightmare scenario.
I actually think you're right, we were in a knife edge before the Villa game and this means City will overtake us if they win two more games. Lose to Arsenal and Liverpool and we'll be fourth.
Two positives from the Villa loss: 1) Mikel did not play: if he did, this article would have been about him and how we lost because of his backwards and sideways passing. 2) Ramires got a red card: means we will not witness his crap 1st touches, poor ball control and **** passing for at least 3 games.
LOL Roman... you couldn't be more WRONG mate, especially on your No. 1) point! Tell me, what has our well documented dearth of strikers got to do with Mikel?? Is this the first time you'll be reading an article like this decrying the Chelsea striker malaise? Seems you're hungry for a Mikel article, no? Lmao
HGH Magic
A big LOL to most of the things I read here. Mata is just doing great at ManU.....dictating play, assisting the two class strikers they've got and banging in goals. oh why the f did we sell him?
Oh put Oscar up for sale, the Brazil's no 10 is not good enough, all he can do is defend. Morinho is clueless....Rafa is better because he beat Villa 8-0. We should have hired him on permanent basis and remain league title hopefuls rather than title contenders. All kinda theories and hypothesis and wants to scatter your head (as sang by Femi.) Wosh! Someone please fire Jose and setup a democratic election of Club Manager on this forum.
mata doing crap at man u, they lost 3 nil and as one pundit said he has no leg . Hahaaa. Its impossible to be 100% always, so take it easy and support the team.
The only advice i'll give to Jose is "Put Andre as no 1 striker" and all our troubles will be gone. Eto, if he has to play should play in a 4-4-2 against some certain teams. Its just an advice from my own perspective, not a must do, as i believe the coach and his crew knows far better than I do.
Haha...funny comments all round that made me ROTFLOL elemzy. In your democratic election who'll you choose as your candidate? Elsewhere, former boss AVB lands Zenith St. Petersburg job in a two-year deal.
HGH Magic
avb again???waste of money
@HGH magic u wrote why chelsea may not win the league. Ok answer me if possible, can chelsea win always?
My choice will be Jose again and again!
My choice will be Jose again and again. He is the only coach around that have a the guts to challenge for everything while building at the same time. Other coaches will simply not last as Chelsea will not afford them the required incubating period.
@elemenzy good points regarding mata and rafa. how are we expected to win every match, its ridiculous.
Any striker would struggle to score goals If they have to solely relied on crumbs from the midfielders. Let analyse Torres mere 4 goals in PL. 3 from 4 goals were from rebound and the 4th was a solo. Where is the so called creativity in the midfield that drive strikers? Suarez, Sturridge, Aguero and Negredo have their midfielders to thank for their goals, the quality services from their midfielders are on a different level than us. With us the band of 3 + Ramirez are known to always prefer to have a go themselves. Until that change, I don't see any strikers flourishing.
jollyheart Torres
habbo - No. We can not always win; nobody can. I believe you know this, so Why did you ask? Meanwhile, re Mata; I guess Robbie Savage was figuratively spot on when he said the nimble Spaniard "has no legs"[as a midfielder]. @elemzy - cool choice, though it'll appear no election will be holding afterall, as Jose is incumbent and even his fiercest critics are now decided he's doing a fantastic job at Chelsea, both on the economic and sporting fronts, especially considering the two major deficiencies in the team - dearth of a real striker and a quality DLP.
HGH Magic
@HGH magic so why man city,arsenal,livepool will win the league?
Rodgers is having a better season considering where Liverpool were. He's payed less as well.
@foreign_viewer its easier said than done, man u need a coach are u ready?
dunno about Arseanal habbo, but I believe that from the spirit and letter of the article it is easy for the reader to infer that Liverpool and City stand the better chance of winning it because of their superior strikers - Sturridge and Suarez, and Aguero and Dzeko respectively!
HGH Magic
Managing Chelsea is easy. Look at what Avram Grant did. Look at what the Tinkerman achieved.
FV when will you stop being you? Liverpool have aLmost a week break before the next match. And if anyone should decieve you that we had the best midfielders at the season start. Mikel_Ramires_mata_Oscar_willian_Hazard_lamp_Kdb_shuerrle against Flamini_wilshere_Ozil_Ramsey_Ox_theo_Gnabry_Roscisky_Arteta. You need to applaud Mourinho
Making reference to Grant shows insufficient footie knowledge,lack of it or prejudice,it was a Mourinho team and not forgetting how our hopes crashed at Moscow
Making reference to Grant shows insufficient footie knowledge,lack of it or prejudice,it was a Mourinho team and not forgetting how our hopes crashed at Moscow
But first it was the Tinkerman's team.
Di Matteo won the CL. Mourinho couldn't. So your point is?

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