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Jose is Marmite

Hey guys I don`t often write articles but something baffles me.

Some of our fans don`t like Jose and his 'style' of football.

I have been a Chelsea fan since the days Glenn Hoddle was feeding Mark Stein through balls, I have seen the sexy football and my god let me tell you I love JOSE.

Yes sometimes he can be an idiot and make mistakes but what football manager hasn`t?

People on here bash Jose when we lose but when we win they congratulate the players! Jose hasnt lost to any of the top 4 this season yet doesn`t get full on recognition from some of our fans.

Yes we have had slip-ups at vital times but as a whole I have enjoyed this season for the last 2 seasons we have had a struggle in the league, and looked quite crappy at points Jose has steadied that ship and players like Hazard and Shurrle have benefitted from the way Jose has dealt with them.

We slate Jose for playing Dave at left back, yet he has been fantastic there this season. I just think many have short memories when it comes to Mourinho, the same short memories when it came to Lampard.

If someone is at our club and producing results no matter how it`s done they should be given love by us all. Our manager has us 2nd in the league and 1 foot into the Champions League Final and I believe next year, with a striker, we will dominate the Premier League with Jose in charge.

Yes he has made errors this season but when I see some fans bash him over these errors it makes me wish I could be some of these fans who have never made a wrong move in their life.

Jose is Chelsea, he loves the club and he loves his players. I have a friend who I can`t name for obvious reasons but he`s a youth player at Man United and do you know what he said. 'I can see why Jose got rid of Mata' and that`s coming from someone who sees a lot more than we do.

Sometimes it`s to easy to judge people just by a game or what`s read in the paper!

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The Journalist

Writer: Marcel Mail feedback, articles or suggestions

Date:Wednesday April 23 2014

Time: 1:59PM

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The Chelsea bus goes round and round, round and round! round and round! Right to Lisbon..... Bahahahaa!!!
Eskemo Chels
Report Abuse
23/04/2014 14:26:00

This a season where Jose will have learned more about the team and the premier league as a whole. It's his first season back, and overall you have to say up till this point it's been decent. It could have been much more (and still can by the way with some luck) but for obvious squad shortcomings and certain tactical inflexibility on Jose's part. Also it took him quite a long while right up until mid December to find a settled XI. But there are still more tweaks to be performed on this......... Players in their debut seasons with us and in PL such as the unlucky MVG, Schurrle, Willian, Matic, Salah and even a 34 year old Eto'o (if he stays) will get much better next season after a full preseason with Jose. We just need to learn from the mistakes and rectify them this summer. And we'll be a more stronger unit. #UPTHECHELS
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23/04/2014 15:17:00

lol...what a joke. i don't care if a youth kid at man utd thinks its wise to get rid of mata... i guess he also thought it was wise to loan out lukaku also. to weaken a side in a title hunt mid season by selling mata and de bruyne and bringing in two players who were cup tied for the CL. also, i sure hope you weren't one of the many fan who's blasted rafa last he was a manager of chelsea doing his job and getting results...i sure hope you gave him the unwavering support that you think we should all give to jose. hopefully you did the same for grant, scholari, ancellotti and AVB. if not...sad. say what you want, anyone with eyes can see that oscar is not on mata's level. as for jose, it's his antics and his childish tempers that drive me nuts. he blast big sam for 19th century football...then does the same. it's just sad. now he's moaning about the fixture schedule. guess what jose, england doesn't want to ruin the competitiveness of the premier league in order to make it easier for you in the CL. who care's if spain does. we don't deserve special consideration for being in the CL. it's why we have one of the biggest, deepest we can cope with it. he should rotate more so taht players aren't exhausted and get injured. also they are in form when you need them. i feared when jose was being rumored with a return that he would do exactly what he's doing. he's gone out of his way to prove we can't play attacking football. he's done everything he can to get rid of the players we have in order to bring in his own type of players. make no mistake, this will end the same as it did before. roman will demand attacking, expansive football....jose will constantly blast his squad in the press and demand more and more money to spend....roman will sack him. i just hope we don't have to watch lukaku, luiz and several of our other players join mata and and de bruyne before it happens. I'll always appreciate what jose did in the past...but we were moving we've moved back. worse part is...i thought it would in the extreme majority on this view....because i thought jose would deliver a league and domestic cup this season. let's hope we can win the CL...otherwise...we might have to watch wenger lift a trophy while we go home empty handed....
Eric Clarkson
Report Abuse
23/04/2014 16:28:00

erik clarkson - this is joses first season back with us and you say we have moved back ?! we are second in the league and on our way to cl final. we also have numerous players playing their first season in the epl. lets see what you say after the end of the season, when we might be champions of europe again and after next season, when we will win the epl and again fight for the cl trophy. youre cluelesss !
Strapping Blue
Report Abuse
23/04/2014 17:07:00

thumbs up @marcel mate. you totally understand the game. If moyes had gotten close the result jose had this seasom he will still be at his post. I don't know when people will come to grasp that football most especially nowadays is a game of result. #UpJose #Ktbffh
Report Abuse
23/04/2014 17:10:00

lool @eric from the way you talk, am sure if its you jose speak about at press conferences you definitely would have ran under your bed and weep your platelet out instead to toughening up and show what you are made of. Not everyone is a cry baby like you bro, come to grip ok.
Report Abuse
23/04/2014 17:14:00

Troll - make a deliberately offensive or provocative online posting with the aim of upsetting someone or eliciting an angry response from them.
Report Abuse
23/04/2014 17:18:00

@Eric Clarkson,I must agree you have hit the nail on the head with most of your comments,even if we don't want to believe them.We have the second best squad in the league but our football is terribly poor to watch.I wonder what Roberto Martinez could have done with the caliber of player we have.
Report Abuse
23/04/2014 17:52:00

I'm not a troll and I didn't in anyway try to upset anyone but I guess defending the manager of the club I love makes me a bad person but those who bash out manager are great people? How have chelsea gone backwards we are finally in title hunt after being absent! Last season we didn't make it out our champs group and now we in semi? What part of that is backwards? Martinez would of done with this squad? If Martinez had of signed Barry for chelsea like he did for Everton you'd of all gone crazy! Do you think Martinez would rather sexy football and finish 5th or a bit boring and finish 2nd and champs league! His sexy footie at Wigan won them an fa cup and got them relegated which financially unless come back up will be harmful! I think as fans we forget what's important I'd rather boring and trophies and hard to beat than sexy and leaking goals and empty cabinets!
Report Abuse
23/04/2014 18:47:00

Lol at Erik....sounds like a goner!
Report Abuse
23/04/2014 19:03:00

@Marcel.If Martinez was at Chelsea he wouldn't buy Barry.Our players are of a higher caliber than Everton.You can't in any shape or form compare Wigan with us.I just think we should be playing far better with what we've got and have the league rapped up already.The standard of teams in the Premiership must be the lowest ever.
Report Abuse
23/04/2014 19:42:00

@the breeze I totally hear that but let's look at it inter under mourinho with players ha had broke goal scoring records, so did Real Madrid and so did chelsea at the time! I think maybe he thinks this season we need a bit more before we can fully be a chelsea we will all love to watch! Have faith! After all if we don't have faith what do we have
Report Abuse
23/04/2014 19:51:00

Good comment Marcel,we all want Chelsea to be the best.
Report Abuse
24/04/2014 00:29:00

he wasnt referring to you as a troll Marcel, you made sense to me...we all know who he was referring least we know one very positive Clarkson - jeremy ;)
Report Abuse
24/04/2014 00:50:00

playing beautiful footie demands that many times than not you need the outscore your opponents with scores like 3-2, 4-3, 4-1 heck even 5's and 6's, where will these goals come from at chelsea???? We tried at the begining of the season and it didn't work...
Report Abuse
24/04/2014 07:23:00

Eric Clarkson, Chelsea are not an attacking team? Do you ever watch Chelsea? Obviously not. Chelsea have 94 goals this season so far. They are the third highest scorers in the Premier League. And our shots at goal is about the same as Liverpool. Mata's has failed to make any significant impact at Man Utd and there is now talk of him being dropped to the bench. Chelsea used the Mata money to sign Nemanja Matic who looks like he'll be a Chelsea regular for the next 8 years. The season's be a right disaster? Up until last Saturday we had a realistic chance of winning the Premier League and we are one win away from reaching the Champions League Final. When Chelsea failed to get out the group stage last season who would have thought we'd be this close to another final so soon? Not many. It would have been great to win the FA Cup but the Cup is a lottery and we got the hardest draw anyone could get - Man City away. The chances of beating them 3 times in one season was always going to be slim. Reaching the Champions League semi-final massively increases the profile of the club compared to the FA Cup. If we go 3 or 4 years without a trophy by all means complain but a season in which we have challenged for the title all season and reached the Champions League semi-final is NOT going backwards.
Report Abuse
24/04/2014 07:33:00

Marcel, totally agree anyone comparing Roberto Martinez & Jose Mourinho's achievements are crazy. Jose Mourinho won the Champions League with Porto. He's the only manager this century to win the Champions League with a club outside England, Germany, Spain & Italy. The 4 colossus leagues and he BEAT them. He has taken teams to 5 semi-finals in a row. Before he went to Real Madrid all their superstar players could not get past the Round of 16 for years. He arrived in Madrid and took on the "GREATEST TEAM THE WORLD HAS EVER SEEN" and beat them! He has us back in the Champions League semi-final when most of us thought it would be years before we got back there. So we parked the bus. Remember what happened the last time we played Atletico Madrid and played a wide open game? We got beat 4-1!!! And as for Martinez. He parked the bus against Chelsea.
Report Abuse
24/04/2014 07:45:00

Amen cobham
Report Abuse
24/04/2014 08:02:00

Pressure to win @ Everton is null when compared to Pressure @ United / Chelsea. Moyes understood it 2 days back. Martinez enjoying due to less pressure. No one predict what he can do at chelsea. May do better or do worse. But, right now, I guess we have done well, (could have done better as things were on our hands last week), and will do much better only with minor tweaks. Lukaku, Costa along with one new Modric type player will make us strong force. Jose has to consider new approach to beat bottom teams, otherwise, we will lose silly points again next season.
Report Abuse
24/04/2014 08:22:00

There's fungus among us...they like to criticize, say we've gone backwards but offer no proof or facts to verify their distasteful claims. But for Dean, we'd be fighting on two fronts for two very real cups that are major. Liverpool has become the refs favourite with the departure of Fergie and it shows with the oodles of dubious pens they got. Everything we've achieved at CFC we earned, parking the bus is not like getting free pens cause your resident cannibal has perfected the art of diving. I believe in victory, I do not watch Ice Skating, I watch football, and in footbal the ultimate judge is goals for and against, and in this paradigm, Jose's king. I love the article.
Report Abuse
24/04/2014 08:43:00

Another thing. We all know Chelsea have blown the title big time with defeats to Villa, Palace & Sunderland. But look at the great Roberto Martinez that some want as Chelsea manager. Everton beat Arsenal to have top 4 in their own hands. No sooner had they done that than Everton lost 3-1 at home to Crystal Palace. In that respect his team did exactly what Chelsea did. They blew it. So it is not like he has got the ice running through his players veins.
Report Abuse
24/04/2014 09:08:00

Mourinho is a villian, he is anti football, why would he be vying for the title where as we in the last season were 15 points behind league leaders, why on earth must He be in UCL semi final? Where as we would have won and defended our Europa conquest. Oh Ugly Jose. Why did you even congratulate Mike and dean after that HELL of a game
Report Abuse
24/04/2014 09:55:00

Mourinho is a villian, he is anti football, why would he be vying for the title where as we in the last season were 15 points behind league leaders, why on earth must He be in UCL semi final? Where as we would have won and defended our Europa conquest. Oh Ugly Jose. Why did you even congratulate Mike and dean after that HELL of a game
Report Abuse
24/04/2014 09:57:00

Mourinho is a villian, he is anti football, why would he be vying for the title where as we in the last season were 15 points behind league leaders, why on earth must He be in UCL semi final? Where as we would have won and defended our Europa conquest. Oh Ugly Jose. Why did you even congratulate Mike and dean after that HELL of a game
Report Abuse
24/04/2014 10:02:00

clarkson...well said...iagree with you..people here are bias when it comes to jose...they cant see beyond him...there are lot of yes man here...people here are saying we were worst last two season....yaa if winning Cl and Europa league is worst than i agree with them.its worst....and to add to it we won it with managerial change in those season..yaa than its worse...and to add to that one was chelsea fan enemy..i.e rafa...inspite of all the odd against him he delivered us europa cup and 4th place...and people here use to abuse him.....people here just find lame excuse how to defend jose...people are now blaming mata that inspite of his goals and assist we never were title challenger...but they forget that his goals and assist was the season to reach those accomplishment we achieved...otherwise we wouldnt no way near it...and they call us plastics...some of our pundits here dont use their brain they just simply blind follow jose...and its so funny when people here say we dont expect anything from jose this season because this is his first season...then why the hell he is here if you dont expect anything from him...we have the squad to challenge title..roman has done everything to make us a good squad...and if looserpool win pl...then it would be a shame for us that we couldnt win epl with the squad we have..
Report Abuse
24/04/2014 10:42:00

shlok27, Absolutely ludicrous to claim winning the Europa League is better than reaching the Champions League semi-final. A lot of clowns on here were screaming for Carlo Ancelotti to be sacked - the only truly pointless managerial change of the Roman era - and he's now on the verge of taking Real Madrid to the Champions League Final. We actually had some people on here that thought AVB shouldn't have been sacked when he was clearly out of his depth. The Chelsea team consists of League champions, Champions League winners and half the Brazil World Cup team. You need an incredibly astute manager to deal with all the egos and come up with the tactics to beat the richest football clubs in the world - Man City & PSG - and Mourinho did it. All without a world class forward. He's won 2 Champions League both with teams nobody would say were the best in Europe. Win it once might be a fluke (RDM) but win it twice and get to 8 semi-finals, with 4 different teams, you are one of the greatest managers ever. It is not even a debating point it is a cast iron FACT. Nobody in football disputes it. Even the people who don't like his personality.
Report Abuse
24/04/2014 12:41:00

@shlok winning Europa league is better than semi final of champions league ?? LMAO no comments
Don capon
Report Abuse
24/04/2014 15:04:00

don are behaving one of those arsenal fan...for whom 4th place is better than any trophy...:-)
Report Abuse
24/04/2014 17:37:00

shlok27, Not quite. If Chelsea go 3 or 4 years without winning anything we'd take the Capital One Cup seriously. But to imply Swansea winning the Capital One Cup is a greater football achievement than regularly reaching the Champions League semi-final is ludicrous. I think Arsene Wenger has let Arsenal supporters down by making no attempt to win the Capital One Cup most years even though Arsenal have won nothing for years. However, he has a point when he says it is better to play Champions League football every year than win the Cup once and continually finish 8th in the league. A team like Chelsea will do both but we have no divine right to win a trophy every year. And anyway the season's not over and we are one win away from the Champions League Final.
Report Abuse
24/04/2014 17:48:00

cobham....if you read my above post i have stated that..iam so surprise by the people attitude who say if jose doesnt win anything its ok for them...and the same people are one who are saying that we didnt achieved anything in last two years...i just wanna make that point clear by giving that you said the season is not over and i could believe that people here agree with jose that we should play weak team against looserpool....we still have the chance to win dont know what will happen in future why are we giving up so.easily...if some other manager would have stated it then i think everyone would have come out with their gun blazing at him...just because its jose everyone seems ok with him..
Report Abuse
24/04/2014 19:27:00

*I couldnt believe people*
Report Abuse
24/04/2014 19:28:00

Of course its okay. We've challenged for the league for the first time in 3 years and we're in the Champions League semi-final (maybe final).. What are we going to do send him off to Man Utd?
Report Abuse
24/04/2014 19:50:00

I'm thinking mourinho must of stole shloks girlfriend! Pure hatred for jose! Shlok I get some of your points some meaning 4 out if the 2000 you have made! The fact is we are in semi final of champs league, we have challenged for title, and yes had hiccups but have looked hard to beat! Rafa was praised for winning the Europa league yes was great to win a trophy but in a second rate comp is not where we should be praising our managers! Jose has made us look like a unit again and made us look like title material! You may hate hi style of football but the facts of his win rate etc this season speak for themselves!
Report Abuse
24/04/2014 20:19:00


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