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The Liverpool agenda

As the season now draws to a close i find myself largely uninterested in what is going on in the BPL and far more enthralled with the La Liga run in which for the first time in about a decade has true drama to speak of.

The purpose of this piece however is to reiterate for those who happen to be living under a rock somewhere or otherwise who are delusional the shameless open campaign of the FA and its cohorts to try and install Liverpool FC as champions of the BPL this year by any means neccesary. There is no point rehashing the eye catching number of penalties they have been awarded this season..many in game and point saving situations this season. Let us not bother mentioning some of the curious decisions when stone wall penalties that should have been awarded against Liverpool somehow mysteriously never get called. Let us also ignore the curious decisions of some referees like Chris Foy and Michael Dean in matches involving direct liverpool competitors to ensure that such competitiors drop points by any means neccesary. Let us also for the moment ignore the obvious conflict of interest involved (which the FA conviniently ignores) in appointing refs and line men with clear mersey side and liverpool history and roots to officiate in matches involving teams directly competing against Liverpool for the said title. Let us also for the moment also ignore the sickening media love fest for all things liverpool in the last few months.

The way Suarez is now made to look like a saint and his continuing diving and simulation is ignored and thrown out of sight under the carpet. Let us try and ignore the diefication of Steven Gerrard as though this guy has never done any wrong and so should be bestowed a BPL title because after all 'he deserves it'. Let us also forget the consistent exagerration of all things liverpool with Brendan Rodgers and several of his players winning player of the month and manager of the month while other deserving candidates were consistently rebuffed.

Ignore all this and yet you are left with the rotten developments of the last two weeks as the final act of this years BPL was being written;

1. A player from Aston Villa speaking to the media (I forget who it was and honestly I could care less as to his identity) and assuring Liverpool that the title race was not over. This guy was more concerned about Liverpool winning the BPL than the actual fortunes of his own club. No word of rebuke was forthcoming from his manager nor the FA,

2. Prior to the final matches today Sam Allardyce again shamelessly indicated that he wished Liverpool won the title and that Stevie G won his long deserved PL title. Look I have no problems with him having these views in private ..we all know at least half of the BPL coaches, FA officials and refs are Liverpool groupies but this is ridiculous and frankly rebuke worthy. This is the second time in the last few weeks he has audibly said this publicly. Advocating for another club when he is the manager of another club. The media took this madness to another level reporting that Kevin Nolan a well documented Liverpool boyhood fan and Andy Carroll a recent liverpool reject were all fully charged to give an extra special effort to pull of the miracle shocker win against City to ensure the 'will of the people and the FA' that liverpool win the title would come to pass. Thankfully the sky blues would have none of it and roundly hammered the Hammers 2-0 to nail the finalnail to the Liverpool love fest. Once again the FA had no words of rebuke for a manager of another club in his prematch comments canvassing for a different club. You can imagine the uproar that would have followed if such comments were made by some other manager regarding Chelsea FC..fines would likely have been levied with that typical phraseology of ' bringing the game into disrepute'.

3.Not to be outdone though the very Chairman of the FA who is supposed to be an impartial arbiter went on record to say before the final round of matches that he was dissapointed that city had so few English players. Imagine these comments coming from
the very chief of the FA coming on the day of the final matches of the season. Does that striker anyone as the voice of an impartial fair arbiter? Does anyone here see just how inapproropriate those comments are coming from the FA chief? He is speaking here of the defacto BPL champs who won the title by a clear superiority in both points and goal difference. They did not break any rules to do it.They had the requisite number of association trained players required by the rules the FA wrote {never mind that other than Joe Hart and James Milner all their other english players were barely bit part names on the total 25 man list}. Is it their fault that on the whole English players simply dont match up with their international competitors and so City have gone for value for their money since they are in this business to win?

Make no mistake about it, if we were on the verge of winning the BPL his statements would have been transposed to us as well. It is so interesting the perception that has been painted of Liverpool being the last remaining hope of British players in the BPL when in fact even that team has essentially been propped up by the sheer excellence and brilliance of one foriegner; the previously much maligned Luis Suarez.

4. To put the final icing on the cake of the whole liverpool agenda of the FA and their cohorts the whole machinery was so desperate to ensure this narrative that with Liverpool down 1-0 to Newcastle at St James Park the refs once again got in on the game and sent of not one but two NewCastle players in their own stadium on the very last day of the PL to 'even up' the odds and so ensure Liverpool nowplaying 12 v 9 could then score two goals to secure the 3 points. Thankfully City simply would not cooperate and made the whole travesty at St James park immaterial. Rest assured folks we will see this again next hear it already in the desprate pleas from the media for manu to find a british coach and to maintain a british core . You hear it in pundits openly mandating that if Louis van Gaal is appointed (as seems likely) that he retain old hands like Rio and Ryan Giggs in some shape or form. Liverpool and Man U continue to be seen as the hope and standrard bearers for British players and the fortunes of the English game meaning clubs like us and City will continue to be viewed as the enemy and the Evil empires. I could frankly care less. For this single day I rejoice with the sky blue moon folks and am absolutely enjoying the agony of Liverpool and all the players and participants in this hedious charade called the Liverpool agenda. I am hopeful that come next season the blue reign over the PL will continue just this time in a deeper shade..the royal blue of Chelsea. KTBFF

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The Journalist

Writer: GabeU Mail feedback, articles or suggestions

Date:Sunday May 11 2014

Time: 8:59PM

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And I thought I had the monopoly on conspiracy theories!
Report Abuse
11/05/2014 21:22:00

Sorry guys i made one big error in the article above..Liverpool's final game was at Anfield..for some reason i had thought they were playing in St James's park. I guess they ended up playing 13 vs 9 rather than the 12 v 9 i thought it was.
Report Abuse
11/05/2014 21:29:00

Chris Foy and Michael Dean Stole 3 points from us, at Norwich and today there was a penalty for Chelsea that's another 3 points,9 in total. that's the crown! Shame and disgust by the FA! and we can't say a thing! no one must say a word otherwise Jose gets fined... Did you see their game against new Castle? they were 1 goal down and whats happen? 2 red cards for New Castle....
Zarvoon Soon
Report Abuse
11/05/2014 21:35:00

Chelsea victory over Liverpool was probably the highlight of the season and really showed how much the media hates Chelsea. It is disappointing to get this close and fail to win the league but at least losing to Man City you can live with. Losing to Liverpool would have been hell on earth.
Report Abuse
11/05/2014 22:10:00

sorry lads but I came across the article on news now which reports anything on Liverpool so I wasnt looking for it.the level of conspiracy theory here is serious paranoia.cant be bothered tearing all the points you make to pieces so will just stick to today.BOTH sendings off came AFTER we scored the two goals so please get the facts right.
Mal Campbell
Report Abuse
11/05/2014 22:15:00

@Mal...before or after - what difference does it make ?
Report Abuse
11/05/2014 22:21:00

the difference being that the decision wasn't made in order to help us gain the lead disproves the whole theory if your writer cant be trusted to report accurately but instead provides a factually incorrect article just to back up their case.
Mal Campbell
Report Abuse
11/05/2014 22:27:00

I'm not worried about other clubs.All I know is we handed City the title because our coaching staff couldn't devise systems to break down inferior teams,even though we had 11 top international attack minded players. City used their overlapping full backs to great effect to help achieve this but I can't help thinking we've missed a glorious change of the league and would like better answers than the usual smokescreen,transition or top striker.
Report Abuse
11/05/2014 22:48:00

@mal really must be clueless or deliberately refusing to acknowledge reality if you dont realize that sending of 2 players for the opposition team when you lot were 2-1 up at Anfield essentially ended the contest and ensured you escaped with three undeserved points..again. Anyway believe what you may. Two undisputable facts; first even with two strikers scoring over 20 goals each in the BPL campaign and with you lot having no european commitments you still could not win the BPL. Secondly despite our having no striker to speak of this entire season we still took all 6 points from you lot. let us see how well you lot fare next season when you face campaigns in Europe in addition to the BPL like the other big boys.
Report Abuse
11/05/2014 22:48:00

gabe you wrote the inaccurate article not me so to accuse me of being clueless or refusing to acknowledge reality is a bit of a joke. we were in front not behind so sorry if it doesn't fit in with your paranoid world.cant disagree with you on the fact that we failed to win the won it so city deserve it. you took all 6 points against us yes.but again I notice that you don't mention things that don't fit i.e Samuel eto'o not getting a red card in the first minute at Stamford bridge for a horror tackle or the penalty when he blatantly checked suarez in the box- as for next season -well we will just have to wait and see but we are happy to be back in the champions league and look forward to it.
Mal Campbell
Report Abuse
11/05/2014 23:01:00

horror tackle? are the referees feeding you that much breasts milk that your that spoil and stupid? he barely touched him and Suarez started flying like a bird like he was hit by a bullet,and the ex-Liverpool player/pundits made everything they could out of that touch! The fact that jamie redknapp is still there after he ridicule Jose just shows how much the Media ARE LIVERPOOL! Gerrard will probably be a pundit after he retires.
Zarvoon Soon
Report Abuse
11/05/2014 23:35:00

All I can say is ' I HATE LIVERPOOL…"
Report Abuse
11/05/2014 23:55:00

Mal Campbell checking someone in the box isn't a penalty anymore as Chelsea discovered when Ramires was absolutely flattened as he was about to head the ball into an empty net against Sunderland. Alan Hansen called it a great tackle.
Report Abuse
11/05/2014 23:56:00

Uhmm Gabe, I really couldn't care less about Liverpooo(and their hooligans and glory hunters such as Mal C, same way I couldn' afford to cry myself hoarse that there is "match fixing" in the English game) as long as we STOPPED 'em from winning, after 24 long years and counting ;)
HGH Magic
Report Abuse
12/05/2014 01:48:00

@mal Campbell. - the scouse victimisation shines all too brightly here. Oh did Eto'o deserve to get sent off against you lot? Well, how about we call it revenge for both Suarez and Sturridge staying on the field last season against us to score both your goals. Sturridge committed a studs up horror tackle on Bertrand and Suarez bit Ivanovic. But of course, you're still complaining about Eto'o body checking Suarez, who deserves zero sympathy from anyone at this point with his track record. If he stayed on his feet a little more, he might've got the decision, so you've only yourselves to blame.
Report Abuse
12/05/2014 01:51:00

I'm just so happy that Liverpool and particular Gerrard didn't win the league despite all the media willing Brendan and his 'brave little souls' on to do it every step of the way. Why the neutrals "HAD" to be behind Liverpool I'll never quite understand, but the media love-in has been vomit-worthy. After all is said and done though, Gerrard gave a silly team talk on the pitch which blew up in his face, and the Liverpool fans celebrated the title (literally) in April, which blew up in their faces too. As far as I'm concerned, Liverpool deserved exactly what they got.
Report Abuse
12/05/2014 01:55:00

And the fans can't complain about all the abuse. They should've shown some fecking humility. Sadly Liverpool fans are the worst winners on the planet, worse for them though is that they won feck all! HAHAHA
Report Abuse
12/05/2014 01:58:00

Why was Mike Dean,a Liverpool fan,born in the Wirral and still living there, put in charge of Chelsea v Sunderland,when we're challenging for the title together,with four games to go?
Report Abuse
12/05/2014 06:16:00

If this article wasn't so hilarious I would actually be offended. Even though this was clearly written by someone who's dummy has been thrown very far from the pram and is just using a forum to express a hatred for Liverpool rather than speak actual facts I would just like to point out a few key points. Firstly we scored 101 goals this season only 10 of which were from the spot, that's still 20 above you. Also we have several clear penalty shouts which have not been given (as you well know) but that is football. You talk about us being helped, shall we ignore the decisions against us in the 2 games against yourselves and City that in hindsight now could have been not game changing but season changing? Also as shown by Dowd yesterday when there is clear time wasting a cheeky yellow sorts it out, you got away with it for 45 minutes and got a goal because of it so moaning about us is laughable. You are whining because peers have outwardly spoken of us in a positive way, why? Why do you care? It's not your concern what people think of us. We have been undeniably brilliant this season and people have given us something you clearly lack, respect! Maybe if your manager would be more graceful instead of talking absolute twaddle people would respect you more. Maybe if, just once your fans could observe a minutes silence honourably, people would respect you more. As for Steven Gerrard, the captain of your country, yes he does deserve silverware. I don't need to go into why because any REAL football fan with half a brain cell can answer that. And Luis Suarez, well, this time last year he was the most hated man on the pitch. Now he has picked up 2 awards from peers and writers.....say no more. I think you should stop obsessing over Liverpool and worry about your own club, be more graceful and less petty, it's just so tragic. Be a Chelsea supporter instead of a Liverpool hater, wave your plastic flags and you will feel much better for it. Good luck next season
Report Abuse
12/05/2014 09:05:00

zarvoon soon :- he comes in studs showing and catches henderson just below the knee.its a potential leg breaker and a red card and blatantly body checked suarez in the box = penalty Cobham blue :- is that the same Ramirez that was given a last minute penalty against west brom for NOT being touched ? hazzabee :- no victimisation on my fact it was your writers paranoid wails of victimisation that prompted me to point out that things are given both ways. hgh magic:- hooligan ? glory hunter ? I'm a 56 yr old granddad whos been going the match since I was EIGHT you little tosser !
Mal Campbell
Report Abuse
12/05/2014 09:06:00

Sour grapes. Why don't we focus on the fact that this season has been an uninspiring event for CFC and look to the future. Besides who's to say the Scousers won't win the league next season?
Report Abuse
12/05/2014 09:16:00

Mal Campbell
Report Abuse
12/05/2014 09:19:00

Mal Campbell. It is the same Ramires. Although he was touched in the WBA game it is just a question of whether he went looking to be touched. I'd say he did but he is certainly not the only player to have done that this season although he is the only one the media are still going on about constantly.
Report Abuse
12/05/2014 09:42:00

caz121212 we care because you got fug all and we beat you twice. Other than it is brilliant that a couple of you were daft enough to actually come here and act like mindless fish chasing a worm on a hook ;)
Report Abuse
12/05/2014 09:49:00

so Cobham the point is some you win some you lose for ALL teams. the writer of this article seems to think everyone conspired to give Liverpool every decision possible. we've had some good and bad this season-same as everyone else.
Mal Campbell
Report Abuse
12/05/2014 09:51:00

Hooligan. 56? Blimey, 56-year-old plastic kid you mean with most of your sad toys thrown outta your pram littering our site, huh? How about growing up a little and dumping your crap on Vital Liverpoooo, huh? Probably beyond you, as a Scouse hooligan, but how about coming to terms with the FACT that your grandchild needs to make 32(same age you were when you last saw Liverpoooooo hoist the First Division gong) before he/she can/may be able to witness what Chelsea and now, City, often make lightwork of in this 21st century, huh? Will Gerrard ever win the Barclays Premier League with The Special One(little Brendan's teacher and master) and The Engineer in town? Not likely from where I stand, and if you and your mates - the c121212s of your little Scouse scum bin-dipping world weren't as deluded as you lot have proven this term - you'll be certain there ain't a hope in hell The Slipping Gerrard will last the next 3 years in your joke of a one-man first team. Carefree & KTBFFH
HGH Magic
Report Abuse
12/05/2014 10:58:00

Mal Campbell. I agree the article isn't very impressive but from a Chelsea point of view Chelsea supporters felt over the last couple of months of the season we were getting no decisions from referees whatsoever and Liverpool seemed to be getting penalty after penalty. The penalties may have been justified but it was he'll of annoying. Ironically Chelsea's only piece of luck over the last 4 weeks was probably your darkest moment.
Report Abuse
12/05/2014 11:49:00

@ the breeze.. unfortunately we don't have fullbacks in the mold of Citys' so the fault is not wholy the coaching staff. i would swap Kolarov and Zabaleta for Ivanovic and Cole in a jiffy. they are far better in their overlapping duties than we can ever hope to see from ours... facts. @ Gabe U even if the article has one or two errors that those scousers have picked on gleefully, i can't but help chuckle at the memory of the game at Anfield. One of the reasons Mourinho is so much hated by the establishment is his total refusal to play by the unspoken rules and long may that continue. The opprobrium that we got after defeating liverpool at home from the press was massive.. It was as if we fielded 15 players. We refused to dance to the media speculations and FA shenanigans and sabotaged the liverpool express of its tracks. the subsequent derailment cost them the cup and like a dark force of evil.... we did it.. Although don't excactly dislike Liverpool, I couldn't resist the need to rub it in some scoucsers' faces cos they believed winning the club was their birthright...
Report Abuse
12/05/2014 12:20:00

Play Azpi at RB. Bench Ivanovic. Problem sorted.
Report Abuse
12/05/2014 13:27:00

Enjoyable as always @Gabeu. Let's just say I am in agreement for the most part. ........... The fact remains we dropped lots of unnecessary points against bottom sides. Since Villa loss we dropped 11 points in all. 5 less and we would be the champions. Still we have to learn, improve and come back stronger next season. #ktbffh
Report Abuse
12/05/2014 13:55:00

england squared make's laugh
Report Abuse
12/05/2014 15:22:00

All i can say is i am totally on sky 9 to have defeated liverpool and allowed citeh claim the title. That is so pleasureable. Thing is liverpool were very good this season but the media and all were almost making them look like they were the best thing around. Just for lack of strikers, 'pool team is not close to being as good as ours. But then as for chelsea, i think it will be best for us to unearth so good English players nonetheless. But in the case where we find none the FA shouldn't try to take it out on us nor citeh.
Report Abuse
12/05/2014 17:28:00

Cobham blue :- fair comment mate .nice talking to you mate. hgh magic :- yeah I'm a plastic.nearly 50 yrs around the country,hitching when I was a kid,driving as I grew up and then going abroad as often as I could afford to go.yeah scouse hooligan cos you know me don't really hurts me getting called names by a 12 yr it cheaper in the boys pen ?
Mal Campbell
Report Abuse
12/05/2014 20:44:00

LOL you ain't seen hurt yet, childish old man; let's just say I love it when an ageing scouse hooligan spouts "little tosser" on a Chelsea forum and ends up getting hurt. LMFAO
HGH Magic
Report Abuse
12/05/2014 23:33:00

There's HGH, doing his finest work. Can't imagine why/how they find their way in here. If you're not trolling your own, you leave the door open for the others. Why not just stick to talking football for the love of the game, and not whipping it up for the love of chaos? That way, you'll have every right to run off the mouthpieces that wander in, instead of being one. ;)
Report Abuse
13/05/2014 00:51:00

im glad if not chelsea its man city who won the title ... money splashing or not at least they had the integrity that manu n liverpool have lost coz of continuous fa n refree support ... chelsea thrashing of the big four was deserved n showed what we r capable of ... next time title will be ours from the beginning ;) as for english players topic ... fa should not be involved it should be team choice not theirs to make ... they should gop n redo their rule book n warm the benches
Report Abuse
13/05/2014 05:39:00

hgh magic -you think you hurt me ??? !!!! ha ha ha ! goodbye you little gob*****e-love to meet you in real life.
Mal Campbell
Report Abuse
13/05/2014 09:59:00

One more conspiracy theory...Gerrard was 1 yellow card away from 3 match ban with 3 matches before their city match...suprise, he didnt get 1 single yellow card after that....:-P
Report Abuse
13/05/2014 12:44:00

What is amazing is these idiots had a victory parade before the match with us ,than right before kickoff they parade Garcia and celebrate "the ghost goal ". We than killed their title hopes (with some help from Palace ).Such a meltdown yet the press is hardly mentioning how they bottled it .Instead they went ballistic calling us the enemy of football . Rogers owes his whole career to Chelsea ,he was scouted by Steve Clarke ,bought in ,learned everything he knows under Jose now the ingrate is bashing us in the papers every chance he gets ,hope we never send a player their way again .
Michael Reid
Report Abuse
14/05/2014 01:58:00

Victory Parade? That didn't happen. Rodgers managing career started in 95 and he caught Jose's eye so he must have had something. It is now 2014, he was with Chelsea for about 4/5 yrs, you do the Math!!! Every man and his dog slagged you off (mainly after the Atletico 1st leg) Morton Olsens being the most harsh but I suppose that doesn't matter as they're not involved with LFC huh? I think Mourinho annoyed people because he made such big deal about other teams so called 'parking the bus tactics' understandable no? All this tit for tat is very silly but if you insist on it, at least be fair and truthful!
Report Abuse
14/05/2014 21:29:00


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