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Could there be Two Hazards Next Season?

The reason I ask is that I`ve stumbled across a couple of news sources that report that Jose Mourinho has visited Belgium on a spying mission.

The reason for his apparent mission has been to spy on the younger brother of Eden Hazard, Thorgen.

Signed by Chelsea last summer, 21 year-old Thorgen was sent to the Belgian club, Zulte Waregem, to get regular first team football and also demonstrate what he can do.

Thorgen has done that in some style and has been so impressive that the thought might be there that he could be a valuable asset to the first team squad next season, rather than being farmed out again to further aid his development.

As usual, we`ll endeavour to keep you informed!

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The Journalist

Writer: Merlin Mail feedback, articles or suggestions

Date:Friday May 16 2014

Time: 7:40AM

Your Comments

He plays at the Wing or the center?
Howdy Ho
any where he plays firmino is not better than him hope to see him playing for chelsea soon
Well it will be tough to fit him in. It could be interesting though!!
I think this guy should be competing with Oscar for his position. That should keep them both firing on all cylinders.
if he is good enough, we should stick him in the team. the fact that he would be playing beside his brother can only improve him. However if it is decided that he goes on loan, then Everton would be the best place for him since he would be replacing the departing Deufoleu and also because it might help us in getting Barkley which is a must for the no 10 role next season. the fact that Martinez is a good coach equally adept at developing attackers should also be considered. As far as i am concerned, we should not loan another player to Liverpool again.. Ever. They are arrogant and disrespectful group including their coach who is such a bad loser.
is He as defensively aware as Oscar or a replica of His Elder Brother wen it comes to defensive awareness?? This is Mourinho we're talking about here o
good point Ikdaniels.. with Mourinho, a player's defensive qualities is as important as his attacking ethos
Its too early for that, he should go to the BundesLiga on loan for a season first before coming to the Epl.
If Barkley was a Chelsea player,you'd all be sending him out on loan. Thorgan is same,if not better,than Januzaj. But United and the great SAF gave him a chance and he took it. He's now taken Thorgan's place for the WC. Can we ever do that? Give the kid a chance. Lukaku,Bamford,Piazon,Thorgan,Baker,Christensen,Atsu,RLC,Ake have the potential. Sterling,Barkley,Januzaj,Stones,Bentaleb aren't better than our boys. If the tables had turned,we would have been loaning Sterling and clamouring for Atsu. We should see atleast 5 youngsters( preferably 3 of our loan players and 2 academy players) in the first team next season. Take the risk,Mou. #KTBFFH.
Send him out on loan. United with Januzaj, Welbeck, Jones, Cleverly and Smalling as a core party of the team ended 7th; didn't make the UCL nor Europa league. Chelsea is not winning major trophies with big brother Eden, tankless of Thorgan.
Ross Barkley as Chelsea's number 10? God forbid. An oscar that had a horrible 2nd half season scored 8 goals compared to barkley's 6 goals........
Bring him in I say
well you gotta love Vital Chelsea, don't you? LOL. Ahem KAKU, it's all good and dandy tallking frankly and stuff... but as per this article and your comment, is Thorgan coming here to form our "core" or to add to our core made up of the most miserly defense and "third-best attack" in the country, which incidentally recently bested the likes of champions City and Liverpooo home and away, and finished its season with a UCL semifinal berth - one round better than Barcelona? Hmmm....
HGH Magic
Send him on loan to EPL team or Bundesliga...Better gauge him in better league also.
Mou and his assistant had checked him out. I will leave it to them to make the judgement. He looks a good player though.
Thorgan was Belgian Footballer of the Year but the Belgian league is clearly not one of the best leagues. He will get a chance in pre-season but it would probably best that he has a season in England at an Everton, Southampton or West Ham to see if he can make the grade in England.
If Chelsea want to win the league we need experienced players. We failed to win the league this year, partly because of our forwards but also because players like Hazard and Oscar went off the boil at the end when we needed them to step up. Now next season they will be another year more experienced and Oscar will have no World Cup to occupy his mind so hopefully we can get the new No.9 and win the title. But filling the team with youth players and kids from Belgium is incredibly risky when you are competing with Man City and I expect a rejuvenated Arsenal assuming the break their 9 year hoodoo on Saturday.
Give him a chance if he deserves it... Is Salah better than him? All I know is we need to integrate one or two of the young talents we have...
Cobham, you can take it to the bank that I respect opinions and appreciate your football knowledge as can be inferred from some of your comments, but mate we didn't fail to win (and we won't fail to win) the league because we will be "filling the team with youth players and kids from Belgium". Rather my over two decades experience as an ardent football follower tells me that CHELSEA FAILED TO WIN THE LEAGUE BECAUSE WE LACK A 20-GOAL-A-SEASON STRIKER. PERIOD! Believe me when I say, no team has ever won nor will win the Barclays Premier League without its topscorers being amongst the top 3-4 highest goalscorers in the league(although those who remember will tell I did an article on that anyway, it is worth a mention here nonetheless)! Your check on that is to transpose Suarez and Sturridge, never mind champions, Dzeko and Negredo with Torres and Eto'o into the Chelsea team and see what you get; I hope that disabuses your mind from what you read on the tabloids and all those skewed punditry about "Mourinho's negative tactics blah blah blah". As a scientific mind, my brain tells me that Thorgan Hazard is quality and can only ADD quality to our first team, after all he isn't the only gifted footballer in the Belgian League yet achieved the rare feat of winning their POTY with a team that isn't champion! Same token goes for the Lucas Piazons and the Christian Atsus though! BTW, by "filling the team with youth players and kids from Belgium" I hope you're not perchance against the brilliant idea of recalling both Lukaku and Courtois too, 'cause that'll be just otiose to our cause and a huge fail and betrayal of your apparent football knowledge and superior judgment. Cheers man. QED
HGH Magic
another talent will get waste under point on how good your loan season is no point in winning u-21 pl cup...there is no way chelsea young star will get chance here...we have superior talent but the problem is we dont know how to use them...
shlok27 the problem is fans like you!
Howdy Ho
Kevin De Bruyne was Bundesliga young player of the year the season before he joined Chelsea. Juan Mata was a Chelsea player back to back. Lukaku won the golden boot in Belgium and just had a fantastic season at West Brom. If none of these 1.) More proven players and. 2.) More experienced players couldn't support the core team, why will a Thorgan Hazard do that? We already have the Egyotian Messi who was 2013 Swiss league player of the year struggling to make an impact talk less of a young inexperienced player who needs far more game time. If he ends up joining us this season, he will get no game time and end up going on loan in January with 6 months of development lost
Such illogical pessimism as though this Thorgan isn't exactly in the same age bracket as Oscar and elder brother, Eden were when they arrived and hit the ground running with their respective Chelsea careers; “If he(Thorgan) ends up joining us this season, he will get no game time and end up going on loan in January with 6 months of development lost” - says KAKUfrank, with as much certainty and conviction as though this is some divine fact and not a fan's opinion. Ahem, don't you just love Vital Chelsea? Smh
HGH Magic
Next season Mourinho will bench Eden say Thorgan is the better player. Then bench Thorgan before selling both. Dirty thing to do.
I bet the "thorgan must come back" supporters have not seen him play at all and just want us giving chances to anybody the press says is good.... If thorgan comes back, he has 4 players (eden, oscar, willian, schurlle) ahead of him already with salah still on the queue, how do you think he'll develop without playing time? Do you think he'll be happy to play a max of just 10 minutes every 4 games? The simple solution is to loan him to (as some have said) an attacking team - everton or southampton where he will develop and be able to adapt to the physical nature of the epl under brilliant coaches.
don delsy
@don , fair point , but Even Eden and others have said that Thorgan has even greater potential than himself .. do we want to exclude his potential at Chelsea just because in effect he is younger than the others. You coould suggest loaning him out but as already experienced with teh likes of Courtois and Lukaku , players tend to get bored and almost insulted by being continually loaned out and we then run the risk of them ending up at another club. IMHO a probable waste. Also I think 2 brothers would enjoy their soccer more if they played together in the same squad
eg the Neville brothers
@fv . what a really awful thing to say , we all know you hate Mourinho , but you have no reason whatsoever to justify that comment
LOL - “I bet the "thorgan must come back" supporters have not seen him play at all and just want us giving chances to anybody(insert name of Belgium Pro League POTY) the press says is good.... If thorgan comes back, he has 4 players (eden, oscar, willian, schurlle) ahead of him”. Well done, and how much are you willing to "bet" dude? Or is this betting threat just a keyboard thingy? LOLL... Also, shouldn't we the "thorgan must come back supporters" bet you've never heard of the concept of competition for squad spaces, or some of your mates' clamour to have Oscar and Willian sold and replaced by bought bought and bought new hands(or legs as it were)? Furthermore, shouldn't you do well to tell us all how and at what age a certain Lionel Messi was when he dislodged Ronaldinho(a reigning Ballon d'Or holder) and whoever else was "ahead of him" from the Barcelona first team, to back up your Belgian football 'expert' argument huh? Oh Vital Chelsea!!!
HGH Magic
@blue-mel, Eden is his brother for crying out loud, what did you expect him to say? That he is better than his younger brother? Even if thorgan has more potential than eden as previously said, not one of us chelsea fans has seen him in action for more than two times so how do we know he'll he'll fit into our style easily and if he has the necessary defensive abilities required to play under jose? De'bruyne has massive potential but didn't fit into our style and ended up being sold for profit, same as mata who won the two previous player of the year awards.... Let thorgan go to where we can see him play week in week out while developing very well. If we rush his entry into the first team and he doesn't perform, you all know he will end up being sold, and how do you think eden will react to his brother coming back only to sit on the bench for majority of the season??? Its a near difficult situation but I trust jose knows the right thing to do.
don delsy
If thorgan can't get picked into the belgium team for the world cup ahead of januzaj despite winning the belgium player of the year award that says it all for me @HGH....
don delsy
HGH Magic, I've already said I think Thorgan will get a chance to shine in pre-season. If he is sensational then he will stay. I know he is a great prospect but he is NOT in the Belgian 23 man World Cup squad. Oscar was already starting for Brazil at his age. Courtois and Lukaku have a much stronger claim to be in the Chelsea first team squad as they have performed at a high level in the 2 best leagues in Europe.
all fair and logical takes, my Blue brothers; and @don, are you aware the Argentinian coach will also take a certain Franco Di Santo to the World Cup at the expense of Carlos Tevez? More so, that Woy, sorry Roy Hodgson will do same for one Luke Shaw in lieu of Ashley Cole? Surely you must be aware that Januzaj won a 'superior' award dished out by Italian newspaper Gazetta dello Sporto as the best teenager in world football, and that Manchester United ain't Zulte Waregem, no? If you were Wilmots what in the world would you do if you were asked to choose one of the two, huh? C'mon man, do the math. In fact, as a Chelsea fan, if you were being sincere would you have asked Mourinho to play Januzaj as much as the sacked Moyes played him ahead of guys like Kagawa? Blimey, would he have even made it to the Manure first team if the kind of faith in our youngsters I'm preaching today wasn't extended to him? Whilst I'm not against sending Thorgan or anyone else to Everton and/or So'ton(if Pocchetino doesn't end up as Spuds coach anyway), my ultimate point is that we just might never know who is better than Thorgan of our attcking lot comprising Schurrle, Oscar, Salah, Eden and Willian if we don't give the youngster the chance to compete. In other words, without a chance to play, train and compete with the best, you just never know when you send your own Lionel Messi, Cristiano Ronaldo or Angel Di Maria on loan, wrongly. My two cents.
HGH Magic
being sensational dosnt guarantee a place in the squad with Chelsea ...have we forgotten Traore already?
Liverpool are sniffing around him for a loan ,i would be totally crushed if we loaned him to them .We have done them enough favors ,luckily Rogers has a poor track record with Chelsea players like Moses and Josh ,so hopefully we will tell them where to go this time .
Michael Reid
not wuth mourinho in charge. at most a loant at a PL club
Courtois win La Liga
the on loan player that some still discredit .. because they prefer the ever injured Cech
I am not debating how good Thorgan Hazard is or how bad he is, but it believe his career is better served elsewhere by developing there just like Lukaku. With Chelsea's recent record with Josh, Kakuta, Sturridge, Bruma, PVA and more recently KDB, Lukaku, Mata and Kalas, I don't think it makes sense for Belgian footballer of the year to be rotting on our bench. The likelihood of that happening is far more than him getting a fair share of games next season. Better of sending him to Atletico Madrid or somewhere else where he will play 30games rather than 10 - 20 games with a lot of it in Carling and FA cup games against lesser opposition. Once he develops there, he will better serve us here than rotting on our bench and then loaned out by December after being *****ed off. We've seen this movie over and over again.
Impossible...with jose incharge,we might not even be seeing any of the hazards next season
So @KakuFrank,if I'm right, you're saying we should forget the possibility of ever having a player coming straight from the academy to the first team without a loan season,right? Messi didn't play 30 matches in his first season,he was a super sub. Thorgan can be our Messi. The great SAF introduced Ronaldo into the United team when he had lesser achievement than Thorgan in the Portuguese league. I'm sure if we bought Ronaldo or Messi came through our ranks you'll be asking them to go on loan. We must not always expect people to develop our players for us. Risk the chance and let them grow in blue. #KTBFFH!!
As a club,are we happy that Terry is the only player who has risen through our ranks recently? Even Madrid and Barcelona give players from the academy a chance. Bayern Munich even give the smaller lads a chance and they still achieve their aims. We can't always buy already made players. Sometimes,we need to make them. Over the past decade,we've made our point not to be taken for granted. We've achieved a higher status in Europe and promoting the young ones directly into the first team won't make us bad overnight. We have one of the best academies on the planet and the best talents out on loan. We should learn to use them.
@Kaku I'm sure if Thorgan was at United and Januzaj was at Chelsea,Thorgan would've made the Belgium squad and Januzaj might be at Vitesse or Zulte. We don't want to take risk. That is our problem. Barca took a risk with Messi and it paid off. Fergie took a risk with Becks,Scholes,Giggs and it paid off. Mourinho trusted Varane at Madrid and it worked. I'm sure next season,when we trust one of the young lads,be it Thorgan,Piazon,Bamford,Baker,it will work. #KTBFFH
no he won't, Jose won't use him, he's going there probably for his missus or thinking how much sum he can get by selling Thorgan to fund his next physical eratic player
how will the young player shine if we don't give them chance, Kalas played a blinder againts Liverpool, i'd rather see him than slow defender Terry anyway
Slow defender terry,u must be kidding @chelsea44. I agree he may not be the fastest of the defenders but he was arguably the best defender in the league last season. He is our captain,leader,legend. You are talking of playing kalas in place of terry,maybe 2 years down the line that can happen but not next season,that's for sure #KTBFFH
This site has become such a s*t ite, don't even feel opening the link........
@bluepontiff, I was in the sane school of thought in 2009/2010. Yet the great Ancelotti who developed Kaka/Pato couldn't make any progress with Sturridge, Borini, Josh, Kakuta, Bruma and PVA. Ronaldo and Messi are once in a lifetime breakouts. If it was so easy, how come Barca haven't found another Messi in their ranks. Instead, they've spent €60mm plus on Ibrahimovich, €37mm on Sanchez, €50mm on David Villa and close to €90mm (including bribes) on Neymar. How come they haven't found another Puyol, Xavi or Iniesta? Instead, they are busy chasing David Luiz and Hummels for €60mm plus. The only player we've had is John Terry in the last 16 years. The likes of Bayern, Barcelona, United and Arsenal have always had a tradition of bringing kids through the ranks. Unfortunately, Chelsea don't have that luxury nor time given our result oriented owner. Mourinho has to win a trophy this season if not he will be sacked. I seriously cannot see Mourinho handing his trust and confidence to an inexperienced Thorgan Hazard if the has to win the league to save his job while competing against Suarez and Sturridge at Pool or Nasir, silva, Jesus and Milner at Man City. Let's not stop deceiving ourselves and hoping it will happen when we know it won't. Therefore he is better off sending him to new La Liga champions if he is good enough or somewhere is Bundesliga. What do you folks prefer by the way: for Thorgan Hazard to be competing for matches here with Willian, Schurrle, Oscar, Salah, and Eden or to be breaking into games like his Lukaku and Courtois. Do you think Courtois will be the best keeper in the world if he buys keeping in useless Carling Cup and FA Cup games which will be at most 10 - 20 games a season or where he is right now at La Liga where he has become the undisputed goal keeper in the world and could win more trophies than Petr Cech in the last 2 seasons?
Sir Alex, did give Ronaldo & Rooney a chance as teenagers - two exceptional players - but even Man Utd didn't win the league for 3 years at that time (and didn't pull up any trees in Europe either). The longest period they have ever gone without winning the Premier League. Fergie's generation of Giggs, Scholes, Beckham, Butt & the Nevilles were the exception that proves the rule. Fergie lucked out on 2 counts. Giggs, Scholes & Beckham were exceptionally talented players and the Premier League was weaker at the time, giving them a chance to learn on the job. Fergie has never brought through as many talented players again. In fact what superstar players has he brought through the Man Utd Academy since? Unless Thorgan proves to be absolutely exceptional he will not get regular games for Chelsea at the moment. Mourinho needs ready made players. The absolute minimum requirement for Mourinho next year will be a serious title challenge - like this season - but if he fails again he MUST at least win the FA Cup. I personally think as long as Chelsea are challenging for titles Mourinho should stay on as manager but I suspect Roman will not settle for "challenging" for the League & UCL. He will demand trophies.
The media seems to be picking up on the notion that " Arsene Wenger has won more trophies than Jose Mourinho this season". I just can't help but laugh at such claims that Arsene is no more a "Specialist in Failure". What do u guys think about it??
Hello everyone,it's been a long time I posted here.Really good thought-provoking arguements from both sides that if a neutral were to come on here he wouldn't know which side to accept,...really. But on a second though,I think Jose can throw in a huge gamble by introducing one or two (or even three,though highly unlikely) players from the youth ranks and still win something with them,but I feel Thor shouldn't be one of them.I believe a six-month or full year loan to a EPL where he would have enough game time club would help us evaluate him more and test his chances of playing with us.
I suggest if or after we get a player like Pogba or Vidal(maybe use Juve's interest in Ramires to negotiate a player+cash exchange,if ever possible with Mou's love for the Blue Kenyan)and/or Kroos(since relationship between Bayern and the player has seemingly been crashed,perhaps as a replacement for Lamps if he's going) and perhaps sell Mikel we can bring in maybe Baker,and/or Chalobah as backups for the pivot.Hell even Josh might make a sudden stepup if he does well in preseason that may kind of change mou's mind....almost unrealistic all these .....but possible.
From recent reports Costa's deal with Chelsea has kind of cooled down,if we get Firmino,will he be able to play as a striker,a false nine or something?Cause from his stats and having watched him a number of times in seasons past he seems pretty clinical from the midfield just like Costa was before this season until he was moved to CF. We need a striker that dribbles and negotiates tight spaces and blends more with our MFs unlike Costa who is more of a refined Lukaku that plays with pace and power.
I reckon that if we buy Costa then Kraken is leaving.Except we buy someone like Mandzuchik who is more of a fox in a box kind of striker or maybe Cavani who is still similar to Costa and Kraken but not by so much.Whatever the club knows is best let them do,as whatever we get I just hope we get more clinical next season.But I would prefer Lucas coming that Thorgan as Lucas deserves it more,though his 2014 form dipped,a good rest and an impact sub role for Hazard on the left wing(note:not as CAM)would help him while playing and training with world class stars at Cobham.Give Thorgan ,I say,another season or a half in the EPL and see.No need buying CAMs,except if we buy Kroos who can play there too and in CM
this costa deal have Torres all over it, if the coach didn't change our negative tactics, the result will be the same, he'll also be the new 32m flop
Pep will be a fool to let Kroos leave Bayern
I see ManU becoming a force next season if they get the players they are looking to buy like Indi, Shaw, Garay, Song/Martinez, Strootman/Herrera/Kroos, Robben and Draxler combined with the likes of RVP, Carrick, Rooney, Mata, Rafeal and DeGea they will be scary especially under the watchful eyes of Van Gaal.
LOL SameX, hopeful list for Gaal... why would Robben trade the assurance of staying champion, and the blitz of the Champions League with Bayern, for the potential miditable mediocrity @ManU huh? A team even tiny Tottenham finished ahead of, never mind Everton? Well... IMO (Luke) Shaw and (Ezequiel?) Garay are overrated and Chelsea must've ignored (Kevin?) Strootman whilst acquiring Marco Van Ginkel for a reason. Also, what's the guarantee that the likes of Draxler will not end up needing a little too much "settling in" to do in the PL? Heard of one Eric Lamela and Nacer Chadli yet? That said, and even if I may be entirely wrong and off-target like an Andy Carroll shot, you can quote me we'll still finish above the Mancs as we'll aslo strengthen anyway. In fact, although there's absolutely no one close to Eden Hazard in Gaal's purported list, as Robben is just one-footed and ageing(and must still have a phobia for the physical defenders in the PL having in the past been their easy prey one time too many), if we get our striking set up right with a new striker and Lukaku, we'll be almost impregnable if we get an ambtious left-back(someone who wants to play in the Champions League!) and a regista(insert name), with Courtois returning! Even champions Man Citeh know. Great times ahead ;)
HGH Magic
chelsea44, Carlo, AVB, RDM, FSW, Mourinho. None of them could get a tune out of Torres in the EPL. Nothing to do with coaches negative tactics and everything to do with a player who is crap.
First of all, You don't know Strootman, MVG is nothing like him, he is far better and much more refined than MVG, Van Gaal dumped his favoured 4-3-3 setup for 5-3-2 cos of his injury, try to know a player before gasing gums, that a club does not go for a player does not mean the player is bad, alot of things are involved, why go for Eto'o when you can get a beast like Suarez?? Shaw may be overrated by the media but he is a really good player for his age and would have been on his way to CFC if not for his huge price tag. You don't know Garay, he's got real quality. And I did not say they will finish ahead of us, just saying they will be scary cos Van Gaal is a very good manager, you don't know how much a manager can turn a team around. We were **** under AVB and became beasts in 3 months with DiMatteo winning 2 trophies in the process. Btw, We finished 6th in the league behind Newcastle and "tiny" Tottenham. Don't forget that this same team won the league last season with ease and with almost the same set of players that can't have gone bad overnight, they were crap this season cos of clueless Moyes. With Van Gaal and a little addition here and there they may surprise us all next season.
and so what does all these your laughable Strootman and Garay 'expert knowledge' blah blah and ManU wishful shopping list love-in blah have to do with Chelsea huh, Mister You Don't Know This You Don't Know That? Wasn't Strootman playing in the same league when OUR OWN MVG was voted as the "Dutch Talent of the Year" 2013 awarding his play as the best footballer in the league under 21? Surely older and more experienced than MVG, but has 'the Dutch Roy Keane' won any similar personal honour in Dutch football before? Home work for you, and good luck to you educating me about the former Utrecht and PSV man and your ManU dreams. Anyway, sorry for interrupting up your little cyber monologue lol
HGH Magic
cobham the only striker who had success here is Drogba, because we play physical game hoof and poof to him,the coach tactics it too negative right now, defending setup, playing 2 dmf against pathetic teams in EPL is beyond me when we keep splashing crazy money on the player that's not even good enough for mid table teams ( Willian and Salah comes to mind), unless the coach change his tactics than we will see the same even if we get proven strikers like Falcao or Ibrahimovic

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