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You can't put a price on David Luiz!

David Luiz is no ordinary footballer.

He has a character and presence rare amongst modern footballers.

With Frank Lampard and Ashley Cole being released, Chelsea are in need of leaders and David Luiz would have provided that leadership. His enthusiasm, joy and passion are second to none amongst the Chelsea playing staff. Obviously you don't play players based on personality alone, but David Luiz is also an unbelievable talent. Barcelona wouldn't come knocking if he was simply an error prone centre back as many imagine him to be.

Some of his performances this season in the holding midfield role have been sublime. His performance against Manchester City, where him and Matic completely shut down the most potent attack in the country is the perfect example of this. I felt the combined talents of those two players, along with Mourinho's managerial skill would be a deadly force. The energy of Luiz is unbelievable and his ability to spread the play shows how multi-dimensional his game is.

Off the pitch, David Luiz is a caring, passionate and emotive human being. You only need to follow him on Instagram or Twitter to see what a lovely character he is off the pitch. John Terry, Petr Cech and Frank Lampard are all Chelsea heroes but none of them have the warm character of Luiz. I am instantly suspicious of any Chelsea fan who doesn't love the colourful personality of Luiz wholeheartedly.

How can you not love a player who instagrams pictures of him and his mum with the #geezers? Luiz clearly cares deeply about those around him, and this has been recognized by none other than the United Nations who have appointed him a good will ambassador.

There are few characters in football like David Luiz and that makes him a priceless asset. He is flamboyant, enthusiastic and passionate both on and off the pitch. There is no doubt that there are more disciplined players and more reliable players. In a world where the gulf between footballers and fans is wider than ever, Luiz is a reminder that footballers are human to. They make mistakes, but unlike many other players with Luiz you can tell there is a genuine desire to make up for it.

One second Luiz may give away a penalty but then he will do everything in his power to rectify it. You will see him in every area of the pitch not because he is ill disciplined but because he cares. He cares so deeply about the game that he is often perceived as a footballer being controlled by a ten year old on a Playstation.

My suspicions and dislike for Chelsea fans who don't appreciate the talents of David Luiz extend to Jose Mourinho. I am sure Mourinho will buy a reliable, astute player to replace David Luiz, but one thing is guaranteed and that is the character and presence of Luiz is irreplaceable. Luiz is an entertainer and that doesn't really fit in with the Special One's mould.

The Special One too used to be a flamboyant entertainer, but recently he appears to be more reminiscent of a boring, dry school teacher. Not tolerating any uniqueness or individuality, encouraging his students to fit a certain conservative mould. With the way things are going it wouldn't surprise me to see every entertaining player at Chelsea shipped out and replaced with more talented but equally as mundane John Obi Mikel's.

Mourinho said you could win a Champions League with eleven Cesar Azpilicueta's, that is hard working players who keep their heads down and do a job. I agree with Mourinho that you need those kinds of players, but every team needs one David Luiz. The likes of Azpilicueta and Matic will give their all on the pitch, but when push comes to shove they can't lift a team like Luiz can. They can't endear themselves to the fans in the same way. Luiz may give away the odd penalty but he gives his whole heart and soul to the cause.

While some Chelsea fans may be happy to see the back of him, there will be others like myself who are devastated to see such a character and talent leave Stamford Bridge.

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The Journalist

Writer: Mail feedback, articles or suggestions

Date:Sunday May 25 2014

Time: 10:44AM

Your Comments

Errr yes you's 48m! more than enough for a Chelsea substitute albeit a firm fans favourite - business is business
Sold!! yes :)
^^^interesting idea,
There are rumours that We are doing a straight swap for Koke with Lukaku going the other way and PSG will bid 25m for Cech today.
Another idiot armchair with an idiotic opinion. Luiz was great 5% of the time and a liability the other 95%. There was not one game this season whee I thought we need him on, when he was on the bench. You can't keep a guy just because he's a lovely bloke either, which he clearly is. A great leader, leads by example, so in his case that would to be undisciplined, going on runs up the pitch & then let the rest of the team cover you at the back while you just walk back leisurely. 48? Take the money & run, he's worth half of that. Barcelona came to be interested in Luiz because they need to replace their old curly haired defender with a younger one...He is not a Premiership Player.. End of..
Andi Hope
Have no idea why I think we are turning to the Rolls Royce version of Arsenal.
Oh, hell yes you CAN put a price on him! And in case you don't read the news, that very thing HAS been done - necessitating an immediate retraction of this load of bunk.
I said six months ago,that we should sell Luiz and 99% of you said that I was completely wrong and had a go at me,as not being a true fan.David Luiz has a great personality and has great skills but if your the manager,you can't trust him because he makes mistakes and always will.We can get two real class midfielders for the money and not have someone who was moved to midfield by Rafa and Jose just because he is error prone in defence.
We are not Arsenal, We sell our Squad players for 50million to a none league rival while Arsenal sell their best players for 25million to a league rival
Howdy Ho
I completely agree. he bled blue like no one.. and was one of our special talents.. just coz he din have the "defensive" qualities that our so so negative coach jose liked he was sold and it seems an utterly bizarre decision to me .. being a Chelsea fan i hope im proved wrong !!
What a load of rubbish. The season before last when Luiz played on a regular basis, he was at fault for FIFTEEN errors that led directly to goals (inclusive of the USA tour and his performing seals performance in Monaco). The reason that it was less last season, is because Jose saw what a liability he was and didn`t play him. The guy is not focussed, committed or capable enough for the premier league. He treated ever game like a friendly kick about and that was an insult to many of us who pay thousands of pounds following our club around the world. In Japan in the WCC he was in tears when we lost to Corinthians, because that particular game was important to him, just as playing for Brazil is and as was the Champions league final, but when he plays against WBA which is important to us, he couldn`t give two hoots. Thanks for the laughs David, but the majority of we supporters who do not just watch games from our armchairs, feel that you just couldn`t be bothered half the time. To sell him for 20m would have been good business, 50m is akin to Chelsea winning the lottery.
^What a load of rubbish.. he din give 2 hoots against teams like WBA ? Leave aside from an armchair u dont seem to watch chelsea play at ll it seems
No need to call the author an idiot.. He expressed his opinion and nothing wrong with that...
@THEBREEZE - I didn't disagree. I even started a forum topic on it. And today, my wish came true. To hell with those who think I'm not a "true fan", just because I dare to express my own opinion. Group-think just isn't for everyone :)
Roman please fire Mourinho. He is destroying Chelsea.
In as much as I agree that Luiz makes mistake sometimes, I tottaly disagree with comments like "Luiz was great 5% of the time and a liability the other 95%. There was not one game this season whee I thought we need him on", "when he plays against WBA which is important to us, he couldn`t give two hoots.."..... Come on!... Anyway, he's gone now.... I hope we get another strong character, someone like Vidal....
David Luiz is a big match player. But the problem with him is he can be absolutely woeful in the run of the mill matches. We might miss him if get to the Champions League Final (Although his performance at PSG away was certainly average to put it mildly) but we have more chance of winning the Premier League without David Luiz as a regular in our first 11. Luiz spent a large chunk of the season on the bench and Chelsea had their best Premier League campaign since he signed for us. At the start of the year Chelsea were on a great run, then Terry got injured, David Luiz came in and suddenly the defense looked very shaky away at WBA. We were lucky to hold on for a draw in the end. Yet he was great playing at Man City. Sometimes when he was playing I really thought he was taking the p!ss with some of his shooting etc. Chelsea have tried the tricks & flicks approach and in Premier League terms it got us nowhere near the title. We need a more disciplined approach. Next season is massive for Mourinho. He has to win something and to be really safe it has to be either the Premier League or Champions League. If he is selling Luiz it is because he believes he can put that money to better use.
David Luiz and Juan Mata were the outstanding players in the last 2 trophy winning seasons for Chelsea. One was a back to back player of the season and the other was top 2-3 best player on the field in our big games in the last 3 seasons. Liverpool at home, city away and arsenal are just memories from last season. Only a handful players in the world could match Luiz at his best. Also, only in our non trophy winning season in the last 3 did they become squad players. I am sure if one considers top 5 Chelsea plays of the last 3 seasons, our big money sales will come up. PSG is also coming for hazard and more than likely we will sell for 80mm - 100mm while Lukaku will be sold for 20mm - 30mm. I really need to see how Chelsea will spend the proceeds if all these sales occur.
The managers didn't trust him to play at CB, and that is the main drawback for the #geezer. He has done well in CM, but that's a makeshift position for him. He wants to play regularly and ass a CB. So in the end though, sad to see the back of him, it was an ideal transfer for both parties.
And yes, if all these sales occur, we will be the rolls Royce version of Arsenal. Funny enough, only a handful of our starting players will command the money Luiz and Mata fetched. Apart from Hazard and Matic, not even sure who else will command up to 20mm?
soccerreligion, 82 points, with no top striker and a Champions League semi-final. Beat Man City & Liverpool home & away. How is Mourinho destroying Chelsea? He is successfully taking Chelsea back towards the top of the Premier League.
Come on, KAKUfrank... Any one of Lukaku, Oscar, Willian, Schurrle, Azpilicueta, and Cech would command up to - and above - 20m. The only reason I didn't include Salah in there, is because he needs another season. Not everyone values a good (not necessarily ball playing) defender, so it would be hard to put a price tag on Ivanovic or Cahill. Although PSG did come knocking for Ivanovic once, so who knows?
We haven't sold Hazard yet. So far Mourinho hasn't sold any of his regular starters. ( And I now hear talk that LVG at Man Utd doesn't fancy Mata either.)
Yes you can. 50 million day light robbery!
Surely you can put a price on luiz. Moreso at 48mil. If chelsea had turned that down then they will have seen my wrath. He's a top bloke, a complete sanguine but nothing can be compared to having someone you can rely on most of the time to do a job. Put it like this, he is a very good player but at 48mil he is too expensive to be sitting on our bench. Goodluck to him and thanks to psg once again. what an unbelievable money!
let everyone take note of what cobhamblue said, 'so far mourinho hasnt sold any of his regular starters'.
"a complete sanguine" - whatever that means. (sanguine as a noun is a colour) LOL
It's clear a lot of fans here don't value Luiz at all, but the Chelsea management value him a lot and that's why a 48M valuation was placed on him... Luiz's value isn't just on the pitch... PSG will gain a lot from him.... jersey sales (likely recoup most of the money spent), more global fans/support...etc... they're not stupid...
Latunvic - you are right in your assessment. But as you also rightly pointed out, most of us aren't terribly interested in the "off-pitch" business. Luiz certainly commands a cult of personality, but that doesn't win matches. In a perfect world, business and football would never depend on one another. But since this isn't a perfect world, let's just enjoy this phenomenal piece of business. Other players will rise up to sell shirts. Personally, never bought one in my life, but certainly grateful for those of you who do. ;)
Lukaku and Schurrle are not Chelsea starters. Oscar and Willian on current form will remain at Chelsea. Can't even see any serious club going for then at current form. Cech for 20mm? Only a club smoking serious dog poo!!!!! Will buy a soon to be 33 year old keeper for 20mm. Most likely PSG and Monaco are the only ones I know.
For what it's worth, however... I don't think the board actually put a 48M valuation on him. I believe that PSG just made them a series of offers, and a point came that they (finally) couldn't refuse.
Oscar and Willian are both already rated higher than 20M. Besides, your logic already precludes having a serious discussion. We are in the process of selling a non-starter for 50M. Lighten up, bro...
@kakufrank i think Cech value at 20m is not overstated.. u know how long keepers play right ? Van der sar , buffon are such examples and more importantly he is in a fantastic form recently !! Also, sell hazard ? I do not think for once that Roman will let that happen no mater what jose thinks or wants and if that does happen, ur right how will we be differnet from Arsenal !!
@solid7, I understand that a lot of fans care less about the off-pitch value as it contributes almost nothing to winning matches. What baffles me is why some fans call the 48M valuation robbery. We only need to look at the broader picture to understand why Luiz today is worth 48M... "I don't think the board actually put a 48M valuation on him. I believe that PSG just made them a series of offers, and a point came that they (finally) couldn't refuse".... I'm not sure transfers are done this way, there has to be a valuation from the selling club for bargaining to begin....
hahaha solid7 easy on yourself bro. sanguine is one of the four temperament humans possess and that rightly fits david luiz ;)
kolagold - no doubt, mate. But it's an adjective. One can't be an adjective. However, they may have their noun described by one. LOL
lol if chelsea were to be the club buying luiz for 48mil i would definitely kill them, crucify them... you just name it LOL
United signed Edwin Van Da Sar for 2mm. Most rational teams will spend 20mm - 30mm on a young keeper than a 33 year old. It is not about how long they can play. How many people tried to sign Buffoon and at what price when he crossed the 33 plus age? Rather than offering 20mm for Cech, it makes more sense for the club to offer 30mm to 35mm for Courtois. If an 80mm figure offer comes for Hazard, Chelsea will be absolutely crazy not to accept it.
Latunvic - sometimes valuations come into being by a series of rejected offers. A player is not for sale, so we put a price so high that nobody will bother. Let's just call that nonsensical value, a "rhetorical" value. In the sense that you know that nobody wants to meet it, so why bother? Then one day, somebody does meet it. Because you are right, the boy sells shirts. So does/did Torres. Even though we don't like to see it that way, that was part of his worth. Non-footballing worth. Make no mistake, I'm fully on board with your reasoning. Just one of those not so inclined to care about "off-pitch" value. Yet I realize, it makes the whole machine move...
KAKUfrank - I think we'd be crazy not to hold out for 100M, ala Gareth Bale. 80M would be a good price if he were in his last season of contract, and unsure about renewing. After seeing the trend in player purchase prices, 80M for Hazard seems almost like crackhead pricing...
Chelsea are not in the business of selling regular first team players. In this time of FFP Chelsea cannot turn down over 100m for 3 squad players. We will presumably use this money to sign a couple of first team starters and a couple of squad players. There was no position for Luiz to get a regular game. He obviously wasn't happy with that and PSG offered us 50m. We can buy a replacement at less than half the price and the performance drop off over a season should be very small. For Chelsea the days of having 40m players regularly sitting on the bench are over. The risk with all this is a bad run of injuries and we will end up like Arsenal.
@Kaku et al, ya thoughts are quite good but doubt is in any way comparable 2 d gooners pls. Remember there has never been surplus or over abundance of talents @ all levels & @ all ages than dis period in d entire history of CFC. Don't 4get d lack of continuity by sacking managers one after d other since Jose left in 2007 which is d main reason 4 d lack of balance as every new manager finds one player or d other not in his plans. He is back now trying 2 build a great team by finding balance & complying with FFP. We must give him d benefit of doubt since it is d fans who pushed 4 his return 'ab initio'. Mata & Luiz are great players & part of our successful history. We only 've 2 wish them goodluck, but not against us. Luiz 'll soon b 28yrs old & Cahill was prefered in his position by d coach; i 'ven't heared anyone saying dat d choice was wrong or costed us dis or dat. D last time i checked even manure want 2 move Mata on, dat is just 6month in to his OT career. U may wish 2 ask why? Its basically d same thing i.e. finding balance, reducing surplus & remain competitive. Experience in our recent history has taught us dat no player or coach is indispensable, hence we need 2 b optimistic & support d decision of d board as i think Jose cannot take one or both decision 2 sanction those deals unilaterally. With all these "sideshow bob, dying swan & all d bad comments from pro manure/scousers pundits such as Neville, Redknapp, Souness etc", i 've never been so happier & sooooo delighted 2 see Luiz leaving Chelsea as d most expensive defender in d history of football. I guess it is a win win situation 4 both parties, me thinks. KTBFFH!!!
Jerry Blues
I think it's right to call attention to DL's magnetism. He's a leader and a gifted footballer. But to land as much as CFC did for a third or fourth-choice CB and possibly a second-choice DM is wonderful business for the club. Granted, I'd have enjoyed seeing him stay put, as I've always rated him highly. But I can also concede that selling him makes economic sense; it also makes footballing sense. We've seen Cahill emerge as a starter; Kalas looks up for it; Iva can certainly fill in; and the moment Matic was signed was the marked end of DL's time with the club. Selling him was the right thing to do.
Sorry cannot agree, as he does not belong on the pedestal on which you have placed him. Far from being a "legend", unless it is for his unreliability and not worth more than half of what PSG are paying for him.
Only a fool would sell a player like Hazard.With all this money coming in, there's no need to sell Hazard for any amount of money,even 100m,why would we.
There would always remain those fans that would disagree with any single decision the club make. Its their rights as fans but it does not mean their are right and the decision is wrong. Luiz has always talked of leaving, its no news. The only thing that is news is that it was not barca that signed him in the end and that we got far more than he is worth.
Chelz Akamz
Completely disagree with u @Maestro, but with all due respect go back & watch semifinal & finals of both our Champions league & Europa one more time, then come back here & tell us what r d criteria & achievements necessary 2 become a legend in CFC. Who r d legends & what 've they achieved b4 they become legends? Respects pls, be informed dat we r despatching subject with good memory & love pls. KTBFFH!!!
Jerry Blues
I am first and foremost a realist. My heart weeps to see Luiz go but my head tells me that at the price PSG offered we would be crazy not to sell. The issues that arise out of this for me are 1. That PSG can boldy spend 48mill pounds on a defender when they are supposedly being sanctioned by UEFA for FFP violations just underlines what i have been saying for years..FFP is a set of smoke and mirrors with no real watch how much City and Monaco will spend this summer. the whole thng is one big joke and we are one of the few high profile clubs in europe that even take it seriously. 2.Furthermore every club out there now knows that in addition to Romans deep purse we are now flush with extra cash..dont be surprised to see that for whatever players we express an interest in buying the selling teams will add on not only the usual chelsea commision but also their perceived extra to get their slice from the Luiz fund's cake. The way some people talk about get this and that player makes me a sellers market and the prices will jump even more after the world cup..we may have some extra cash but there is nothing to celebrate till and until we get adequate quality replacements for the players we are losing at a reasonable price. 3. I have always preferred the model of getting our targeted players first before then selling the surplus but we are doing it the other way around which is fraught with considerable risk. Jose and the board will look like real mugs and idiots if we dont get some top notch replacements for what we are losing in Luiz. Let us not forget how the Mata for Salah thing has looked thus far. I would just refer us back to the january looked great when we got matic and also got Zouma then we lost KDB and Mata and gutted our depth at CAM. Whatever anyone thinks the truth is that the 6 goals and 6 assists that Mata brought to ManU if we had that coming of our bench could well have won us the BPL and maybe even got us to the champions league final. In losing Luiz we have lost a senior CB replacement for when either Cahill or JT get injured and we have also lost the best partner we have for matic in the central mid field right now. Let us not even mention his persona and the fact that he is the glue that has kept our brazilian contingent of players together as one big happy family. I understand the business basis for this sale but this is a result based business as well..If Jose does not win at least one trophy this coming season i dont need to tell anyone here..the chances of his making it to year 3 of his contract with us are very slim. He is a brave man willing to make the big, dangerous high risk gambles and decisions..i sincerely hope and pray for his sake and ours that it pays of.
How can people keep saying that David Luiz was a leader ? A leader is someone who sets an example to others, a John Terry, Tony Adams, Roy Keane or Steven Gerrard. I can`t remember any of those players flicking people`s ears in the warm up or continually making stupid faces and sticking his tongue out every time the camera was on him. Those are the actions of an immature player that lacks focus and professionalism which rubs off on others, especially younger ones in the squad. Having a 27 year old acting like he is 16, is not what we as a club need and his casual performances were an insult to the fans that want 100%every game, just like John Terry has given us throughout his career. David Luiz will be remembered as a player with enormous potential, certainly a liability and certainly not a leader.
I don't think there is a set pattern for "leadership". Being a leader is about getting the best out of those around you - not some pedantic set of English rules. But then, this was never really about his personality, as he must be a swell bloke to hang out with. (I have a few friends that remind me of him) It was ALWAYS about the football. And he wasn't leader quality in a system that requires discipline. He may have excelled in a leadership role in a system that didn't require any real leadership. (where 11 men are trusted entirely by their creativity to run their own match) Not really sure where that happens in England - or anywhere else, for that matter.
Wouldn't call him a Leader But his influence in the squad can't be underestimated. I reckon its good to have a personality in the squad who can ease the tension and stress a bit by fooling and goofing around. He had his bad moments But he also had his good moments. He is a player that I will remember fondly But I wouldn't call him a Legend. Not a Legend in my eyes. Legends in my eyes (Roman Era) are Drogba, Carvalho, Terry, Frank, Cole, Essien, Paulo Ferrera (a special player), Cech Tempted to add Ballack and Maka as well.
48m for Luiz is more than convincing to sell...If someone bids above 80m for Hazard & 20m for cech, we should take the deal. We should try to build the team on team-play rather on individual brilliance...
And this TC episode is getting really irritating everyday...Today, AM's chairman talks about how TC wants to remain there for another year...Chelsea, please decide quickly...either you retain him or sell him. TC is showing his arrogance & attitute to full extent in his interviews....
@Blu_run that Atleti Chairman is a clown & an ingrate. This shows the class & type of club they run; just no further than Suarez & Liverpool considering the fact that TC has 2 more years to run in his contract. Remember also how they betrayed trust & agreement following financial clause in event of TC playing against CFC in the Semis. More disheartening is their reluctance to accept Costa's release clause from us apparently pushing for a bidding war to get the most from that deal. Chill mate whatever happens i hope TC 'll not be at the Calderon again but a starter at the bridge. I like Real policy very well, if they like your player they 'll never hessitate to reach your board to name their price. But Barca & now Atleti take to the media with all this crap that the player wants to sign for them or don't wanna go back to his parent club as if the player owns himself. SMH!!!
Jerry Blues
Let them talk all they want (even Courtois) We have the ace up our sleeves. He is our player and he has a contract with us. Don't ***** Roman too much or else you might get the Malouda Treatment. Send Courtois to play with the reserves for the remaining two years. That would be funny. Not that it should happen or will happen.
@Jerry Blues,going on your criteria,CL semi against Barca and final against Bayern,to be a legend,the name of Jose Bosingwa comes to mind,as he was superb at the Camp Nou when JT got sent off and Cahill got injured,when switched to CB.In the final against Bayern,he had Ribery in his pocket.I don't believe any Chelsea fan anywhere will call Bosingwa a legend.

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