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Developing the Dynasty

That time of the season has arrived again.

In my opinion, this window should just be a case of tidying up our squad and injecting it with young talent for the future.

This is what I would do in Jose's shoes...


Luke Shaw (30 million) - The price is somewhat steep but Shaw would provide us with 15 years of stability at left back. Also, we would only have to pay an extra 13 million than what we would for our non-English, 28 year-old reported target, Filipe Luis.

Koke (25 million) - Koke would complement Matic perfectly. He has the stamina of a Buffalo with the vision of a Hawk. The Spaniard is capable of linking defence to attack with consummate ease. Whether we could tempt Atletico is another matter...

Antoine Griezmann (20 million - A left field option (well technically I would use him on the right). Griezmann would provide a nice balance to the team should he be used as an inverted winger with Schurrle on the other side. He has scored 20 goals from the wing this season and we could sign him for a relatively cheap fee (whilst annoying Arsenal along the way).

Diego Costa (32 million) - This deal looks almost done and dusted. Costa would complement our plethora of creative talent well with his physical presence and prolific goalscoring talents.


Thibaut Courtois
Kurt Zouma
Ryan Bertrand
Thorgan Hazard
Romelu Lukaku


Petr Cech (25 million )- A heart-wrenching decision but we should cash in on the big man whilst we still can, Courtois is now as good and 10 years younger.

David Luiz (48 million) - How we got that amount I'll never know.

Ramires (20 million) - His inability to pass the ball has driven me to breaking point.

Oscar (50 million - Controversial but I believe that Eden Hazard is the most technically gifted player in the team so using him as our number 10 is the best way to utilise his talents. We should have no problem attracting interest in our young Brazillian.

Fernando Torres (10 million) - Nothing more needs to be said.


Henrique Hilario
Ashley Cole
Frank Lampard (I say through gritted teeth)
Samuel Eto'o

Final Squad:

Goalkeepers - Courtois, Schwarzer.

Centre Backs - Terry, Cahill, Zouma, Kalas.

Left Backs - Shaw, Bertrand.

Right Backs - Azpilicueta, Ivanovic.

Pivot - Matic, Koke, Mikel, Van Ginkel.

Left Wing - Schurrle, Willian.

Right Wing - Griezmann, Salah.

Number 10 - E Hazard, T Hazard.

Strikers - Diego Costa, Lukaku, Ba.

This 23 man squad composes a back-up for each of the 11 positions and composes the perfect mix of youth, experience and quality. I am in the firm belief that should this be our squad for the forthcoming season the Dynasty that Mourinho intends to form would be well and truly underway...

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The Journalist

Writer: JakeCFC96 Mail feedback, articles or suggestions

Date:Sunday May 25 2014

Time: 2:54PM

Your Comments

Luke Shaw? The New English Hype!
I agree about Koke though
Paying 30 million for Luke Shaw is getting Robbed in Broad Day Light. I say let United have him for 30 million or whatever. There are better and cheaper options available. Makes sense planning for 4-5 years 15 years. I say No to the New English Hype. Cole is way better than Shaw.
Good luck trying to find a buyer for Torres. Who will pay 10 million and 175,000 pounds per week?
Why call Zouma now? I say let Kalas stay with the squad and send Zouma out on loan.
Don't think Oscar will be sold! Don't think anyone will offer 50 million for him apart from PSG or maybe Monaco. Barca, Real, Bayern, Inter won't offer 50 million. No way!
Eto has already released himself with his mouth!
With all due respect to Mark Schwarzer, (he was fairly great as Cech's replacement), he will be a year older! Can we afford to take a gamble?
I don't see us taking two atletico key players without given them something tangible in return...costa's deal is feasible,he has a release clause and convincing him to join chelsea wouldn't be easy but wouldn't be too difficult,for koke,it will take an absurd fee (say close to the amount we got from Luiz's sale) to convince atletico to sell and it will take a lot to convince koke to part ways wit atletico as he has emotional attachments with the spanish club(since he passed through their ranks)..I don't see us getting koke for 25m pounds or less than 25m pounds except we are including an important player of ours in the deal...but after all said and done,koke will be a good playeR for us but tabling a bid for koke will be just like modric transfer saga and I doubt if we will come out victorious
Also I don't see any reason why we should have 6wingers/amf's and 3 strikers...I'd prefer 5wingers/amf's and 3 strikers as that would be 8players fighting for 4 positions which is same as 2 players in each position...having 6wingers/amf's and 3 strikers will cause at least one of them to suffer from lack of game time like de bruyne suffered last season...I love your 23 man squad though,its a really strong one
Uncle Merlin, how about my article on the Ultimate Regista?? :(
Stick to the Playstation.
^^^^^ LoooooooooooooL!!!! Playstation??!! :D
I'd prefer a 23 man list of GK: Cortouis,Marshall LB: Bertrand,Moreno CB: Terry,Cahill,Zouma,Kalas RB: Ivanovic,Azpilicueta,Pivot: Matic,Mikel,MVG,Ramires,any world class DLP, LW:Hazard,schurlle RW:Willian,Salah CAM: Oscar CF: Costa,Lukaku and Ba
LOLL @Radio!!! .......... Decent effort by the author. But I think Jose wants a shorter squad. This one is very strong and deep, but lots will suffer lack of playing time like the first half of last season!
I totally agree about the Shaw thing,English players are quite expensive. Let United have him,if truly He is a Chelsea as he claims and also admires Ashley Cole,he will try and ditch United for our sake.
*chelsea fan
Its to early making up these kinds of list now cos by the time the world cup would be over, it would ve changed 10times over:). It would be very wise of chelsea to move wisely like jose said and make sure that they re bringing in the right players. We ve done the first part well which is getting very good value for the players we sold. Making the right reinvestment is the second part and the most important.
Chelz Akamz
Very nice effort, and I totally agree with you regarding Cech; however, Willan, Salah and Schurrle are unproven and not reliable. CFC needs goal scorers and maybe ok with Griezmann. Need goal scorers on the wing. So, no to the sale of Oscar and move to a 4-3-3 with Hazard on the attacking wing. No to Bertrand and Shaw. Too expensive for a non-goal scoring position.
Di maria type of player for me please as well
I`ve been saying get Koke for months, he would be perfect for Chelsea, a quality layer with an engine and a half.
Is Koke a wide man or a CM/DLP we r rooting 4? Mostly i see him playing left wing for Atleti, may be we should take a look at Gabi(don't know his age) their captain. He is solid, experienced, workaholic Mou type player dat can partner Matic better. Gabi anyone?
Jerry Blues
I can see now why VitalChelsea members in particular are criticised for confusing the real world with fifa/football manager, these valuations are seemingly plucked out of the air. 25 mil for a 32 year old keeper whom, according to this article, isn't wanted anymore? Who would pay that? Why would they pay that?

The other glaring fantasy football valuation is that of Koke. You do realise Koke would cost upwards of 50 mil seeing as that's the new minimum fee release clause in his contract right? Go in with a 25 mil bid and you'll be laughed at more than Woodward going in for Fabregas with a 25 mil bid. Even then you've got to persuade him to leave his boyhood club where he has just got to the Champions League final and won La Liga even in spite of the Real-Barca stranglehold. Sorry fellas but it's not happening.

On a side note anyone criticising Shaw for being a Chelsea fan yet opting for Manchester United, even though nothing has even been confirmed yet, needs to grow up. Chelsea didn't feel any obligation to take an 8 year old Shaw into their youth team despite being a Chelsea fan so why should an 18 year old Shaw feel any obligation to hold out for, or even go to, Chelsea? I don't recall John Terry rebuffing Chelsea in the hope that one day his boyhood club, Man U, would come in for him nor do I recall any United fans hating or begrudging him the move. Ultimately I'm not sure Mourinho is even remotely interested in Shaw, Shaw doesn't seem a Mourinho player, Ricardo Rodriguez on the other hand does.
30 million for Luke Shaw is absolutely a no no for me.. Jeez, what is the guy plying that makes him to be quoted in the same breadth with Diego Costa? I am fully in support of us getting Luis Felipe for the LB position and bring in PVA to deputize for him with Azpi and emergency option . We should rather make a big for koke than for D. Costa. The guy possesses a very good engine in him with exceptional passing and link up skill for a midfielder. With koke we don't need Ramires again cos the guy can do much more better than him.
Need to sell Mikel and Ramires. Both too one-dimensional and might as well sell now as they will both be worth substantially less next year.
@ TheFamousNo7 nobody here cares whether or not Chelsea fans r criticised, as such not bothered by any opinion held about us by ya fans, scousers, gooners or whoever. We know who we r & certainly know what we r doing in a Chelsea forum, & never do anything 4 ya love. CFC & fans r not responsible 4 ya predicaments as d entire world class players rejected u even with promise of much higher pay. So don't come here in d name of Shaw(a chelsea fan) & troll as if we r ya mates. I thought u come here 2 thank us for d help we rendered by giving u Mata & saved u from relegation, or do u want play-offs with Derby county next season? Look we r kind hearted here always try 2 get friends out of trouble hence d assistance, & u should 4eva remain grateful son! So get out of here b4 d count of three.......1...........2......,!!!
Jerry Blues
Although I don't agree with some of TheFamous7 question, I agree with him particularly with people's valuation of Cech. I was asking the same question on another thread and I was referred to as lacking logic. Play station assumptions is the new logic.
Jerry B: Write complete words. Your posts are difficult to read. (Look we r kind hearted here always try 2 get friends out of trouble hence d assistance, & u should 4eva remain grateful son! So get out of here b4 d count of three.......1...........2......,!!!) You are writing as if you know members here personally. So who are the Kind Hearted Ones you are talking about?
@Stamford i need not 2(to) know every member personally b4(before) i consider him/her as belonging 2(to) d same vital chelsea family. Dats(thats) what brought i, u & all blues fans 2geda(together). About ur(your) request 2 write words in full i advice dat u(you) read as u see(c) it pls(please), its not difficult & 4(for) ease of understanding i bracket some of d(the) shortcut or full words ok. Lastly my comment was directed 2(to) TheFamous & was nothing other than make a jest of manure that we sold Mata to them & saved them from relegation
Jerry Blues
(About ur(your) request 2 write words in full i advice dat u(you) read as u see(c) it pls(please), its not difficult & 4(for) ease of understanding i bracket some of d(the) shortcut or full words ok) Got it. Will skip reading your posts. Migraine trigger.
So @Stamford i guess u understand me, now back 2 d fact in issue, Koke usually play in d wing 4 Atleti, d beast in CM is Gabi their captain. I don't know how old is he but i think he can be a formidable partner 4 Matic. 'Gabi for the pivot' anyone?
Jerry Blues
I guess i understand you better now, that you are not used to prepositional short cuts such as are(r), for(4), to(2), before(b4) etc. They are not difficult to understand but its something else if you are not used to it. So chill mate i somehow got used to that during my college days in the late 80's when we used to copy notes/lectures faster. Cheers!
Jerry Blues
I get what you mean. Cheers.
i want Eden in the wing and Thorgan at the #10, i still can't believe we gave up Mata for Oscar,maybe the WC will fix him if not, play the Hazard brothers together moving Eden to the playmaker rule is dumb he needs to play at the wing.
Howdy Ho
and also give Lampard 2 more years! so he can retire a blue
Howdy Ho
As much as we love Frank, giving him a 2 year contract is pushing too much.
guys whats the news on transfers?? since champions league is done and dusted and european season has ended officially
well the only player i think will retire a blue amongst our current legends i think is john terry. i have a special respect for JT. i also liked the fact that he quickly agreed his extension and that matter was quickly settled and didnt drag on for too long
Shaw is really overrated @ 30m...We are better if we can get Felipe Luiz for 16m & make Bertrand as Backup...Use Romeu & Marin in the swap deal for Rakitic...I am not sure of Koke as a DLP...he is used as a winger @ AM. Again, 20m is the fee for Cech...You dont get quality like him anywhere today (very few are there)
Rakitic instead of Koke...And dont sell Lukaku
I prefer Moreno / Felipe Luiz instead of shaw.
Hearing rumours of Lukaku doing straight swap for Koke...that would be idiotic move from us
nice one...that the team we should get...but jose wont get anyone of them.....he will buy one defender and one defensive midfilder and a striker...and will play his boring defensive football again...
selling cech not a good idea for sure we cant trust this loud mouth tc... costa seems injury prone lately adding him to epl will further doubt his future over here mario seems better waste of money on shaw jose can get better guys with less money ivan , cahill , terry , zouma r enough for def just need to add a pure lb a modric type player if mot koke will do more good and pogba seems a bad choice as of now will have to wait n see though n bringing lukaku is good with ba and mario or costa ... anyways schurrle can help that place out sometimes
if tc causes any probs in cfc n cech gone it will make a bad season for sure
Read some rumours on Lavezzi, not sure we need him, where would he play unless Jose is thinking of moving Hazard to the no 10 position! Natural progression if he wants to emulate Ronaldo and Messi who both started on the wings and moved inside as their careers developed... Also the 25 million for Cech looks like the fee Paris are looking to pay for him according to reports.... I'm unconvinced on the whole DLP issue, Koke for one although a very good player is not a natural in that position, I'd go for either Gundogan, Rakitic or Witzel, 3 players that would perfectly complement Matic.. I'd also bring back Josh who needs to be given a fair crack and confidence, the boy is a talent and needs nurturing as he has the skillset, he just. Needs the right coach to give him the confidence to shine.
no need to call Zouma, we have Kalas here,get one quality midfield for the love of god Ramires can't even pass the ball, V.Ginkel can be Matic partner, while he can interchange with the midfield that we get, striker please, we need it badly, about time we ship out Torres and Ba, bring back Courtois, Bamford, Bertrand, Lukaku.
Also, we've sold Luiz and Cech is potentially next to go. Sell Ramires, Mikel, either PVA or Bertie and Ba.... release Cole, Lampard, Eto'o, Schwarzer. That's 10 players out... Bring back Thorgan, McEachren, Zouma, Chalobah, Lukaku and Courtois and Omeruo. Buy Costa, a DLP and a left back and we are set. In addition we should make a bit of money on the current loanee's that are not going to make the grade: Davilia, Kakuta, Atsu, Moses, Marin and Romeu.
for most of the content i can agree, but like others said "why Luke Shaw". My thought is we should also recall Patrick van Aanholt, he did a great job with Vitesse and he seems to be going to Brazil with Netherlands. Maybe we should give Super Frank a year more for his experience and teach the younger squad memebers a mthing or two.
@Jerry, sorry mate I know I am a bit of an old codger, but I must agree, that as interested as I am to read your posts, I give up half way because I also have trouble understanding all the modern day short cuts.
I don't see why we should be bidding for players that are quite expensive and would require crazy bids let go dem go by dere current employers. Ramirez + 20M = Vidal. If that's not possible get Guarin from Inter for 15M. He's a great engine. Sell Ramires and retain Mikel cos Ramires has more market value Get Koke for our No 10. If that's a difficult buy, go for Pjanic. A new left back and probably a new skillful winger, capable of beating a defender 1 on 1, simple. Plus, bring back that Keeper, Courtois!
Tjay JazzMan
A deal for striker is almost done i suppose.
Tjay JazzMan
I think we need to hold our horses. The Names and Numbers that are being thrown around is amazing.
(what's he doing at Bastia? is he doing some porn movie? chelsea44) Merlin: I think you have to monitor some members. What a disgusting post from "chelsea44" in the article titled "Makalele Lands First Managerial Role"
Get rid of check collector Mikel too.
In my opinion TheFamousNo7 actually has a point, 25 million for Cech? I'd be amazed but then again we are getting silly money for Luiz so I guess anything's possible. However I reckon we'd be mad to sell Oscar for 50 million or even double that as I honestly believe that he will develop into one of the top 10 players in the world, so he, along with Eden Hazard should be seen as unsalable as they can be our heartbeat for the next 10 years.
I really am not interested in mentioning players we should get. I leave that to the management and coach. plus i totally trust mou to get the kind of player that will fit into his strategy.The team the author put out is interesting but then with few question marks. What i know is, having sold david luiz caution has to be taken in shipping out another midfielder. We must buy one midfielder before we can think of even selling another. All in all, i just can't wait to see who would be our first recruitment. Ktbffh.
@Blueheart we learn everyday, i'm quite grateful to @Stamford for drawing my attention to the difficulty my shortcuts bring in understanding my point of view. I know Naija guys in particular may not find difficulty in that but for global readers/followers is entirely another task. So i resolved to type internationally recognised short cuts not like to(2), before(b4) rather development(devt) etc. So chill mate as there is no point to post your comments when only few could understand it & others completely uninterested. Cheers!
Jerry Blues
@Jerry, Its not meant as a criticism mate I like to read everyone`s posts, yours included, but as I stated I`m probably an old codger compared to lots of fellow fans here on VC and I understand that it is me who hasn`t grasped all the verbal short cuts that make things difficult to comprehend.

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