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No Loan for Lukaku!

The Lukaku music has been resounding everywhere. Everyone has aired his or her view and this is mine.

Lukaku (the media practitioner) is or was touted to be the next D (Didier Drogba), but his attitude really sulks. He has been in bed with the media ever since he went on loan at Everton and has refused to show respect to his employers.

We all know what he has said and I don't have to go back on that. There were rumours he is being prepared to be loaned for one more season to get ripped. The likes of Atletico Madrid, Everton, Tottenham, Juventus and Wolfsburg are believed to be interested in his services but Chelsea and Mourinho (including me) are unwilling to give our 21 year old striker another loan opportunity.

Lukaku has had successful loan spells at WBA and Everton. His agent confirmed this by saying;

"Chelsea doesn't want to loan him out, he has two years left on his contract and we would normally look at extending it."

The talent he has is incredible but instead of waiting to do that at the Bridge, he`S rather marketing himself. He claimed he is a complete striker and is not ready to play a second fiddle.

The signing of Costa has enraged him as he ruminates he can lead the Blue army into glory, so there is no need to sign Costa. His own words claim that we shouldn't have signed Costa because he can do all what Costa can do and even more.

Now he is a complete striker (as he claimed) and I will want Chelsea to give him the opportunity to prove his completeness on the playing field. I don't doubt his qualities and nobody can doubt that, however, he is still young and has to keep mute and do the talking on the blue pitch.

One thing I think he is forgetting is Chelsea is not like WBA or Everton that you come and shine at once; you have to learn and adapt with hard work. Torres was one of the best at Atletico and Liverpool but is nowhere to be found at Chelsea. Drogba had to use one or two seasons to adapt and that is what I will recommend for Lukaku.

The guy has great talent and I would want Jose to give him the opportunity to show that. There is no need sending him on loan even if he signs a new contract. Why? Because he is better than Torres and Ba combined. Torres has been a liability to us and we have to give Lukaku the chance to be our second striker.

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The Journalist

Writer: DeepBlue1 Mail feedback, articles or suggestions

Date:Monday July 7 2014

Time: 1:00AM

Your Comments

Hmmm.....well not a bad idea, but whichever way he must be made to commit his long time future to CFC first before embarking on any journey.
Jerry Blues
Let him go on loan 2 a CL team where he wil compete with d best & also experince playin almost 60 games per season & see how complete he is & see how he wil cope. But b4 dat let him sign new contract.
I want to go on holiday first and rest with my parents and then we will see, Lukaku said. I want to be somewhere where I can play my best football and hopefully win titles. Its up to me to work hard but there are choices to make. Things like that happen in football and Im confident I will make the right choice. Im looking at everything but first of all I want to go on holiday and relax a little bit.
Im 21 but I think Im experienced enough now. Ive played a lot of games and scored a lot of goals and now I want to win titles and become one of the best. I have a few ideas but well see. I have to have discussions first and have to think about it. I want to go home and then I will decide. It will be soon.
He Decides OR Chelsea Decides?
If he wants to leave on Loan, simple step is to sign a contract extension. And he should be sent to teams in CL. (Monaco is a good option, if they end up selling Falcao to RM)
Personally, I prefer to keep him along with Torres. Costa, Lukaku, Torres are the 3 strikers who can lead us next season.
First of all, he needs to sign a new contract. Than his best option would be, if he went to At. Mad. on loan, presumably, they don't sign any new strikers and they reduce Felipes fee under 15m pounds. Otherwise keep him with Torres and Costa for our three strikers.
The Guardian - Asked if he had spoken yet to anyone at Chelsea since handing in a transfer request last summer, a move that sealed a loan switch to Everton, Lukaku said: No, not yet. It depends what is the best for me, where the most ambition is and where is the best place for me to develop".
Let's dispel one part, no club has more ambition than Chelsea to win trophies.
So this is all about him once again. He will make the choices, despite his contract with Chelsea. That's fine, every player has those wishes and want to play their best football, but why does he have to make it so public, like he is not sure he can get what he wants from his contracted club. It seems to me that he will only be happy when it is him who bangs in the winning goal to win whatever top trophy, he can't feel part of the team's success unless he contributes directly (he has said this in the past). He obviously does not trust Chelsea or Jose. Why not just say: 'I will go back to my home club and discuss my future with them'. Simples.
Can anyone say his WC was a success, or a failure? I know what I would say, and I said it before the WC. Flop.
Mind you, Hazard was an even bigger flop.
All things considered, I still think the best thing is to sell him (whilst he has some value) with a buy-back clause. Best for everybody.
oh not again Lukaku. Why cant this kid keep his mouth zipped until he has clear view on what chelsea has for him. He keeps talking about how good he is (yes, the entire world saw ur performance at the world cup). Honestly, it looks like he has his mind somewhere fixed already and he is mooting for his move. If I were to guess, he has his eyes for Juventus & will push Chelsea to make him offer to them as part of Pogba deal.
Its going to be interesting to see the 'healthy debate' going to happen here after his recent interview :-)
If he is not going to sign the contract, we should sell him this summer to some team outside epl with a buyback clause.
No contact from Chelsea since september ??? How is that even possible ??? Someone just can't stop feeding the media excatly what they need to hear..........
this lukaku has started again with spewing his ideology to the media about cfc ... about time to take tough action on him ... this noob will ruin the reputation of cfc if this keeps up anyways jose should end this up asap before season starts so that we can get any backup strikers whether be it bamford or others.... this situation can get pretty bad if our other youngsters get such ideas n start revolting in furture
Sell Torres or send him out on loan for the remainder of his contract. Sign Remy.
The reputation of Chelsea with young players is not good already. Lukaku is not ruining anything.
We should not sell him for less than 30m. If no team is willing to bid that amount, he will know his TRUE WORTH. And we should show him the Malouda treatment. 2 years with reserves or reserves bench will teach the apt lesson & attitute to this kid. Anyway, for chelsea 12m or 18m loss is nothing compared to the 50m loss we have in our books.
Looks like Lukaku is hell bent on forcing his move out of chelsea. Hope Jose gives him a classy treatment.
The "FOOLISH ONE" is at it again. so Sad this idiot never learns the art of bidding one's time.... He is complete and now experienced striker... am i having a laugh. the buffoon who lost his place in the belgian team to a 19 year old playing in a back water club has the effrontery and audacity to stake claims to a chelsea first team shirt..... Jeezz... this guy must be from Mars. Mourinho should please sell the guy quickly somewhere on the continent.. far away from BBC, Skysport or Dailymail..
Nothing even needs to be said, anymore. Lukaku now does all of his own talking, and the world is finally beginning to hear. (even understand)
So AGAIN new comments from Lukaku being reported, which are not very encouraging either. The club's silence in the matter is also rather perplexing.
@ syed. they are silent because they probable have made up thier minds since. not talking or checking up on one of your valuable if a tad voluble talent since september is a clear indication what they thought of his chances of suceeding at the bridge. I think the foolish one also is reading the clear handwriting on the wall and is making is own plans. Such an egocentric, foolish fellow he has turn out to be. He certainly would never attain the status of old Paulo, Hilario or Drogba at the bridge. he would never be a legend of the blues.. not even if he scores a 1,000 goals for the club... Can anyone picture the "foolish one" in an interview saying (if he is called upon to sweep the floors of chelsea he would gladly do so..) such is the stuff legends are cut from, not necessarily the goals..There are hundreds of Wing backs better than Paulo and with better goal ratio.. but not all are legends..
Sell this guy already! His utterances are too toxic. He definitely doesn't have Chelsea's interest at heart. He feels he's a great striker after playing for 2 mid-table clubs. If he doesn't want to be humble and hard working to improve his overall game, then we need to cash in.
@Syed there is an old chinese adage that roughly translates as follows; " A wise man keeps silent while contemplating whether or not to speak and when he does his words are few and carefully chosen while a fool blurts out everything and anything in his mind." Chelsea FC still hold all the cards as long as he (Lukaku) has 2 yrs on his contract. He may foolishly think he is in the drivers seat..that is what youthful idiocy sometimes causes..he really does not understand what it means to have a signed binding contract. Roman, Emenalo and Jose (the Chelsea triumvarate) are no assured their silence does not mean activity in the clubs best interest is not afoot behind the scenes. I wont sweat this issue any further..i will rather just wait till Sept 1 to see what they have planned.
(Kenneth Omeruo shoots down transfer rumours) This season has been my Season as a player. And I thank my parent club Chelsea for sending me to middlesbrough... It was a great experience and one I will always cherish.. And thank you Boro for the love u showed to us during our Loan... And for my Fans out there, am not going no where... Fully staying at the Bridge.. Have a nice Day God Bless.
^^^ This is how a Committed Young, Level-headed Player Responds to Transfer Rumours, Acknowledges and Respects His Parent Club, Shows Commitment to his parent club and Handles the MEDIA
Kenneth Omeruo said the above mentioned words while he was on loan to Middlesbrough FC. He was also out on Loan like Lukaku.
Since joining Chelsea, Omeruo has been on Loan to 2 different clubs just like Lukaku. 1) ADO Den Haag 2) Middlesbrough
Kenneth O. is younger than Lukaku.
Hope we sell him for a Profit. Ship him out to Italy.
Aha lukaku latest comments only confirmed what we all already know. That he cares only for himself(feck the club that cared to invest 18mil on his raw talent 3years) and that the key decision on his future with chelsea lies with him(he's been offered an extension). And that he is as foolish as his size. I wonder how folks here still think he has a future with us. There would only be 2 outcomes come 1st sept, lukaku sold to the highest bidder if he wont sign the extension or loaned out if he does! People with big lousy mouths and self-centred mentality dont play in jose mouriho's squad!
Chelz Akamz
Are people still going to Excuse his Petulant and Self-centered Behaviour?
Young players must play every game they can otherwise they are ruined. Lukaku has to be a starter.
19 year old Origi benched Lukaku. Not once but twice.
I just hope we do not sell him to Rogers at Bin Dipper central .
Michael Reid
It's said that Chelsea will not loan Lukaku out again, at least not with just 2 years on his contract. So, if he won't sign a contract extension, he has two choices, 1) he forces a transfer or 2) he fights for his selection. Hmmmm, let me think, I wonder which he will plump for? See ya Lukaku!!!
I think some people here don't even get the beef some posters have on here with Lukaku. Honestly we are at the point it's not even that we want to sell him but we can't force him to stay here He clearly has a problem with just the Costa signing alone. Which I don't understand why? We are a top club in a lot of competitions, no way in hell should he be the main man wit only Torres and Ba as cover. Guess I am just wrong and should be labeled a mosquito, just because you know.
I think some people here don't even get the beef some posters have on here with Lukaku. Honestly we are at the point it's not even that we want to sell him but we can't force him to stay here He clearly has a problem with just the Costa signing alone. Which I don't understand why? We are a top club in a lot of competitions, no way in hell should he be the main man wit only Torres and Ba as cover. Guess I am just wrong and should be labeled a mosquito, just because you know.
"And for my Fans out there, am not going no where... Fully staying at the Bridge.." <<< if Mikel said that.
Would he be a "level headed" player too or does that only count for players we like?
Hyping up zero goals Origi? Lukaku: 15 or more PL goals guaranteed. That is a fact.
Origi came in as a substitute for Lukaku (Remember Lukaku's reaction towards Belgium's manager when he was substituted. Origi scored the winning goal.
Those words were Kenneth Omeruo's. Not Mikel's. Kenneth O is younger than Lukaku but seems more Mature and Composed than him.
The "foreign_viewer, 15 EPL goals per season guarantee". Gotta love modern chemistry...
I am trying to understand something here, can the people who can't stand Lukaku criticism explain to me what it is you guys want to happen? I mean just the Costa buy alone upsets Lukaku and he constantly keeps this its my way or the highway attitude. So what do you guys want? I don't mind him coming here and being on the same team as Costa but he doesn't. He also did not like it when we bought Eto. What is his deal and why do you guys get so emotional on his situation. Its not like anyone woke up and was just like "Boy am I angry today! Let me go on VC to take it out on Lukaku.", we are responding to his attitude. So please a level headed explanation.
So his latest comments in the Mirror today indicates where this boy's game plan lies. Notable he says 'clubs' not 'club'. So he is off, thank god.
So do a deal with AM, stitch them up if possible, get Luis at the rightful price. Come on Chelsea, play hardball, teach Lukaku a lesson.
For AM, 30m for Lukaku, 12m for Luis going the other way. Take it or leave it.
Any other 'Champions League' club and you can have Lukaku for 27m. Sweet!
He reminds me of KDB with his big mouth ,so he had 20 great minutes at the WC after being dropped and thinks he should be no 1 .He is good in wide open spaces but the teams that we play do not give us that so he is not much use against packed defenses ,we should probably sell him while we can get 25 mil for him .If we keep him he will be crying to the media when he does not play .
Michael Reid
Recent news: Spurs to bid 20m for Lukaku. If we does sell him for anything less 30m, we are fools. With all the interviews this kid has given, I would prefer to increase the price to 35m or rot in reserves for next 2 years.
most probably hes getting tapped by a champions league club ... n lukaku should be taught a lesson for making fool of cfc n investing on him ... on the other hand good to c atsu , omeruo n bamford developing good n r interested in future at chelsea n not afraid for competition

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