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Lampard to Join Citeh?

When it was officially announced that Frank Lampard had joined New York City the question was always going to be asked what our record scorer would do with himself between now and Marc 2015 when the MLS actually starts.

It had been suggested that Frank might sign up for Melbourne, in the Aussie League but the sheer distance put the kybosh on that move. It was also promoted that Frank might wile away the time by training down at Cobham but it seems that theory was wide of the mark as well.

Instead, it now appears that Frank is set to continue in the Premier League with our title rivals Manchester City. Apparently the City boss, Manuel Pellegrini, is pretty confident that Lampard will sign a loan deal that will see him become a Manchester City player until early in the New Year.

For City it represents a decent signing, Lampard is English, he`s experienced and fits perfectly the criteria for the Premier League and Champions League squad.

However, if Lampard is to sign on the dotted line it represents something of a U-turn with it having been indicated previously that Frank had no desire to sign for another English side after such a successful Chelsea career. But it seems that if Frank does sign for Manchester City, albeit on a temporary basis, the inference is that he WILL NOT play for City when they play Chelsea.

So, what are your views?

Is it a good move for Frank, a good signing for City or should it simply never have been allowed to happen?

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The Journalist

Writer: Merlin Mail feedback, articles or suggestions

Date:Saturday August 2 2014

Time: 9:54AM

Your Comments

Yup a real Chelsea legend..the stuff statues are made of... straight to where the money is...who would have thought it ?
Couldn't Frank and his agent find anywehere else he could stay fit in training and play meaningful minutes that will help his MLS career in La Liga, Bundesliga, Serie A, etc.....Even if he wanted to stay close to his family in England, couldn't anywhere else give him meaningful minutes besides a DIRECT TITLE RIVAL he could help pick up 3 points (which could be vital) in ONE GAME that could define the season> JUST ASKING QUESTIONS AND NOT CRITICIZING.
If Frank is happy with the move, why not? We couldn't give him a new contract and the reality is that our dear legend is no more a Chelsea player.
I find it interesting how footballers seem to be able to sniff out that filthy lucre so easily
And let's not forget that City owners own the MLS side New York City too.
although reading some comments elsewhere that some are calling him a traitor , I WAS thinking it was a tad im not too sure
yup thats right KLblue..but im sure Frank was well aware of the possible consequences of signing for New fact I wouldnt mind betting he knew what was likely to happen
I know he has to get fit for the MLS season ,but what happened to not playing for another English club ?.
Michael Reid
I would be disappointed.
Everton would be a perfect destination for Frank. He would be playing and competing at the upper levels of the Premier league, without having any direct impact, as opposed to him representing Man City.
He's like an ex-wife, you have to forget them.
How would that even happen?
I don't want to voice any opinion about it until it's confirmed coz it's not easy to believe it's possible.
Its makes perfect sense. He needs to train and possibly play. As City has three teams of course he'll go to one of them. Melbourne is too far away from his family so ManCity it is. They need English players, he'll get to train with youngsters likely to be playing in NYCFC later, train with top club, not play too much but enough... Guess he could have gone to say QPR but would have played more and they are also CFC rivals but also MAnCity rivals. Think this, if he goes, is perfect thing. Chelsea didn't offer him enough game time so he left. He went to NY and will only train elsewhere fo keep fit. Can understand City wanting to keep him out of rivals and in their organization.
People seem to forget that Chelsea didn't want him anymore. NYCFC owns him now and they have right to decide his training/playing place. Maybe they offered either Melbourne or Manchester... He took option closer to home. Can't blame him as he has small kids.
So much for a Legend........
Good luck to chelsea dec's greatest ever player, there's no doubt about that! Chelsea/roman/jose didn't want him anymore, he wants to play at a high level while the MLS season is in closed and wants to see his kids and how he has stated he won't play versus chelsea home or away for city otherwise he won't join them. Class. Legend.
why the panic now,fernandinho and yaya will always be the first picks,even fernando will be ahead of him leaving garcia who am not too sure about. He wont be playing in big matches that needs high intensity and even if he plays against us we know him more than any other club and so can minimize his impact. They own him now and pay his wages and playing on the pitch is his career,it has nothing to do with loyalty issue towards us just like the case of arsenal and fabregas who now plays for us.
can someone explain to me why Drogba didnt stay at Chelsea? was it a ) Roman had become so poor that he couldnt afford Drogbas wages? b) Chelsea couldnt give him the game time? Drogba needed to train elsewhere and it was pure coincidence that he ended up in the richest club in Russia wit hte most dish? d) not enough fans wanted him to stay ? or all of the above?
call me cynical if you like *** CHUCKLES *
cmon he is getting injured pretty easy lately ... let him enjoy wherever he wishes ... btw y would city need him they got tons of talent hmmmmm
we absolutely need Frankie to be implanted there .. that's the plan. Just pray that Citeh agree his terms .. then the fun begins.
It is something that was a possibility once the deal to NYCFC was announced. MCFC have been sneaky and will gain a homegrown player they can name in their PL and especially depleted CL squad. But let's not carried away, this is more of a glorified 6 month pre season for Lamps with maybe a bit of game time here and there. I don't think he will play against us, he'll make sure of it. It's a short term loan till pre season for NYCFC begins in January...............Lamps will forever remain our #Legend #ICON & #GreatestplayerEver no matter what.#FL211 #8 #SuperFrankieLampard #Blueforever #ClassAct #cfc
Best of Luck Frank. Enjoy playing and training with City. I for one will always respect you. You are nearing the end of a glorious career. Just enjoy your playing days.
our management concluded Lampard has finished,hence refused him contract extension. Why lamenting? since playing for city would be on our advantage cos he's finished(according to CFC board) and won't make any significant impact there. He's no more on our payroll, as such we had better keep our eyes off him to choose where he plays or not. His decision to make not ours. And i won't consider calling him a 'traitor' if he end up playing for manchester city. NEVER!
@valachi..our board declared Drogba finished....what I want to know is..."why is he back?"
we sold Matic......why is he back?
on other words ..our board dont have a clue
First and foremost...NYCFC is a sister club to MCFC. Its a new club created in 2012/2013 and scheduled to kick off their season in 2015...within the last year or so,they've sent youth players,academy coach to train and learn at Manchester City FC and their facility,basically to expand their knowledge of the game,as well as train with top class players. Frank Lampard signed a contract with NYCFC,ofcourse money came into consideration and reaching the end of your career,that becomes priority(ending your career with a decent pay day),same reason Drogs left for China. Reports emerging said Lamps made it clear he would not play against Chelsea home and away,as terms to accept the loan move. So that alone shows respect. On the positive side,we have a spy in the City dressing room. Haha! You remain a Legend Super Frank Lampard.
^You dont either.
@Blue_Mel. Not sure if someone hacked into your account or something,but since the whole Lukaku fiasco your comments have lacked quality. Its just seems like you're trying to go on the attack...If not you would know our board tried to keep Didier,but he felt it was best he left.
^^^ or someone hacked into his faculty upstairs :)
@nelyvanile, I've been waiting for your reaction on this..some fans here called mata names for moving to man utd and i raised a question that day that would they have done the same thing had Lampard moved to man utd as it was being speculated then in the media that he was open to the move offered by sir alex since chelsea is not ready to offer him extension..You told me point blank that day that you have it on good authority that lampard will rather move abroad than play for any other BPL club except chelsea..Now if i may ask you, isn't it the same lampard we are talking about today?
Ige Bosun
@Ige...If I'm correct Lampard signed for NYCFC,which apparently is away from England. And that's where he'll be playing...he didn't sign for Manchester City FC,but for NYCFC. His move to Man City is a 6months period till the MLS kicks off next year,which is to stay fit till the season kicks off. Secondly he was released by the club,even though he wanted to stay and understandably both parties reached a sensible agreement,we needed to move on and Lamps still wanted to play football,and still rack in some decent quids. Its a totally different situation from Mata's mate.
^^ alright then ,why choose man city when there is an option to choose melbourne city?.
Ige Bosun
Lamps would be in a better position to tailor that explanation. To make sense out of it...1: England is a familiar terrain,compared to Australia. 2: I would believe City have better facilities to help keep him fit for the period of 6 months. 3: Families and Friends stay in England. 4: Who knows we might just have a spy in Man City's dressing room,chipping infos to us. Haha! And to be clear its been reported,Lampard made it clear he would not engage in a game against Chelsea before accepting to make the move to City.
Again,if NYCFC says,Man City it is for you,not sure Lamps can oppose to that. As he is contracted with the club.
Got all your explanations @nelyvanile..It's really nice having you on this forum..i'm not out to bash the most prolific and complete midfielder to ever put on the blue jersey, just saying these players are human afterall...
Ige Bosun
I can see the uncouthed grammarian is back doing what he does best{abuses here and there}. Only God knows what kind of upbringing this dude has. his life must be a really sad one.
Ige Bosun
If Frank goes to Man City we'll just have to live with it. Playing against old clubs is what footballers do. Drogba did it and we survived. However, I'd be amazed if he was picked to play against Chelsea in the Premier League - maybe if we drew them in the Capital One Cup he might play. We've been hearing for years about the strength of the City midfield so the chances of Frank - who rarely started for Chelsea towards the end - starting for City regularly are slim. He is more likely to be used in League Cup and Champions League minnow games, with a few appearances in the league off the bench.
Cheers Ige...great to be back on here as well. And I totally understand your stand point.
Would be really disappointed if he went to on loan tbh........So much for being our greatest ever player/Legend. Would not believe this until its official. #gutted
Krested Kal-el
@cobhamblue as long as lampard is ready to slipped and assists our attackers score goals like a certain captain who decides to wear a banana boot on the day of the most important match of his domestic league career, i don't mind him playing against chelsea......Legend starts with L and ends with does LAMPARD... #8
Ige Bosun
Lol, means nothing to me, he would always be a CFC legend. Joining City for 2 months to stay fit wont change it. I would be worried if it was Lamps at 27 that was joining City but Lamps at 36? pls....
I just see it as a training tool. How in the world would he make the starting line up in the City squad at this point?
I mean a 6 month loan..... Really? It's more of like let me stay at your place for a bit while I find my feet.
Good spot there Nely regarding Blue_Mel. After Chelsea sold Lukaku, he seems to have lost it.
Not saying in an Offensive Way though
Frank has done everything he could for Chelsea and been sensational in every way.The club decided it was his time to move on and he has.Wherever he goes that's his business and good luck to him,always a legend at Chelsea.
Would be lying if I say I won't be disappointed to see Frank wear the city colors! But can perfectly understand his decision to do so. He would always be one of our greatest players(presently the greatest) and his legendary status would always be in our hearts. Yes he is human afterall and have got his life & family to consider. Maybe some of our fans need to show more maturity than those bitter gunners crying all over the internet when Cesc joined us... Lol
Chelz Akamz
I see comments here, "The Usual Suspects" are blaming him for joining City (albeit just to maintain his fitness) and questioning his loyalty to the club. I just wonder what would have happened if he joined Chelsea on loan. The likes of (I wont mention names, we know the crybabies here) would have committed suicide here. Some people can not stop crying.
Keyser Soze
the fact that Ashley Cole AND Frank Lampard WERE offered new contracts might leave a different taste in the mouth ..
Blue Meltdown after Lukaku sale. lololol
^^^ Post a SKY Link
Rule Number One during the summer : "Don't trust any of the BS about football until something is officially confirmed!". Just think about it - Lampard is too old to replace any of City's world class in-the-culmination-of-their-career midfielders so he will get 5 games under his belt for the whole duration of the loan,which is not that much.Second of all,I am sure Frank could always come to train with us to stay in good football condition and be close to his kids,who are in London,NOT IN MANCHESTER, and if you don't have any idea how time-consuming is the daily routine of a footballer you won't be familiar with the fact that he would be able to go back to London only when he has a match there or during national team breaks(although he is still officially part of the Three lions' squad). So do you really think that a man with IQ of 150 and pocketful of cash would choose to join a direct rival of his beloved Chelsea for only a handful of games? It doesn't sound logical to me if you see things from the aforementioned perspective,does it? Even if Lamps joins City he will still be my favourite all-time Chelsea player and that won't shadow his legendary status at the club.
New York City, Manchester City & Melbourne City are all virtually the one club. They are basically owned by the same people. Frank's options are a) live and play regularly in Australia for 6 months. b) live, train and play occasionally in Manchester. c) sit around the house eating donuts and become the really Fat Frank.
Wish Roman would open an MLS franchise as well .
Michael Reid
Mourinho:‘They were [offered new deals],’ the Chelsea boss revealed. ‘We were in this process until the end, but you arrive into a moment [where you ask] what’s the best for the team? What’s the best for the other players? What’s the best for them? ‘And it depends also on their mentality. ‘Lampard and Ashley, they will be until the last day players to compete, to play every game, to be involved. ‘I think they are happier – in spite of their love for Chelsea – in this new situation for them. ‘The best way for competitive people like them to be happy, to enjoy the last part of their career, is to go and play.’
Krested Kal-el
What's the fuss all about?
As for me, I have no problem with Frank going to a rival club. I have always stated on this site that footballers are humans like everyone of us and would do things to please or suit themselves not the public. They are professionals and don't give a crap about certain things fans care about. They will think of their own personal convenience first before thinking about some silly don't do this, don't do that, to please a section of the public. Some here have this unreal mentality that footballers should always think about fans and club first.. Lampard has gone to a club ready to pay him well and may end up playing for Mancity, who cares. He's still a Chelsea legend and I respect him for what he achieved for and with us. My only issue is with some double standard minds here.. Some members would have ran riot if it were a foreign player that left Chelsea to Mancity... I remember how harshly Mata was criticized for moving to Manutd...
Beware: Mcquinnchels is back! I like this guy bt he's so rude. What a bully you are.... You need to change bro.
Crap hypocrisy here. Lampard for his status and time @ cfc should not join a direct epl rival. Cole didnt, Drogba wont, why should Lampard of all people. Well untill he signs on the dotted line.....I still wont believe he will.
Guys should just wait and see. I don't believe it yet but if he finally ends up at city, then i'll know how to react.
aint nothing wrong with that
Blue cupid
Well Pellegrini just confirmed Lampard to city till January #AngryAsF#ck
Krested Kal-el
^^lampard has also asked not to play against Chelsea while playing for city till January...super legend...
No problem, Goodluck frank always CFC legend
Its true Frank has a clause in his contract that he will not play against us so lets wish him all the best , no one is every going to remember him as a City player ,he will always be Chelsea .
Michael Reid
Ever i meant .
Michael Reid
Who cares he is old. Time to move forward
It's confirmed by the manager.
Lamps has asked to be excluded in the squad against Chelsea.
He is a Chelsea ex! Who cares what he does now! He was basically crap for the last two seasons anyway!
I wouldn't expect him to feature much anyway so it doesn't matter. All the best to him and I am outraged at some of the comments here, he played for us for 13 years and he spends six months at City and gets this!
@unclezillion, he always gave his best. Of course he couldn't score his trademark free kicks or 20 goals a season but he did his utmost. So give the man respect.
He's a spy nice work Frank he's told them he won't play against us also! :-)
Hmm, what should i say?
Here here Pantera! He can play wherever the hell he wants to I couldnt care less! As long as its not 170 a week on our books...Yeah he is a legend but it was time to move on.
it is not at all case. these are looking luke just theories. pellegrini has clearly stated that he will play whenever asked. so dont respect just because he asked not to he played against chelsea. respect him from bottom of your heart and respect him even if he plays against us.
Botum trying hard and being crap are not mutually exclusive! He don't play for us anymore and is not as good as he was. End of story!
Why should a player be loyal to a club if a club cant be loyal to the player. How often have you seen fans and clubs geting rid of Their playors when They get a dip in form? Then when he performs the fans love him
@traykidd Well you sure as feck cared enough to let us all know how 'you couldn't care less' amusingly enough. Imo Frank joining City is just plain wrong. It raises the profile of their club while attempting to devalue ours. Precisely for what those buggers in sky blue were aiming for. Also I just cannot understand how people compare Frank signing for City to Fabregas signing for us. Fabregas' mug ain't plastered FRONT and CENTER in every trophy lifting pic f(well he's not won much other than an FA cup in 2005 or something) but still. It just does not feel right.
Frank should not do it! I cant afford seeing him help citey to the title. For feck case, some names are synonymous with some clubs.....SG with liverpool, so should frank with CFC.

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