Chelsea - Pogba revisited
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Pogba revisited

I have been thinking about this matter for quite some time now but having seen our match against Werder Bremen and clearly apparent deficiencies that linger I wanted to pen this now to raise discussion on the matter while the transfer window is yet open and the topic still germane to discussion.

Now I am not here to indicate that we will sign Paul Pogba; only Roman his three Amigos and Jose know if they are even considering such a move. I am just writing this to indicate that from my stand point I think we need to get this guy this transfer season or it will never happen. I am also of the view point that if we secure this guy and a credible backup striker we then have really big chance of securing a major trophy (or two) this coming season.

So why do I think we need to get Pogba?

1. He is association trained and whether we like it or not the way the FA and champions leagues rosters are set up association trained players count for virtually two squad spots and probably should be worth and additional 10mill in value just for being association trained. That we have just lost a quality association trained player in Lukaku and thus a squad position that we presently cannot fill with anyone of comparable quality nor value for money makes this even more urgent

2. He is a quality player; he may not yet be world class but even right now at his relatively tender age he is a very good player and easily in the top 12 central midfield players in the world. He was named the best young player in the just concluded world cup. There is simply no other association trained player available at that cost right now.

3. Thanks to an earlier informal bid from PSG we essentially know that Juve`s asking price for this player is about 60mill. Is Pogba worth that much? Many will immediately say absolutely no but let us think this through carefully. Were we to pursue this we would not need to pay 60mill of fresh cash to get him. We have ~25-30mill fresh in the bank from the sale of Lukaku. We are not like the Gunners used to be who just accumulate funds for the sake of it. Furthermore Juve reportedly still owe us 10-15mill from the settlement funds from the Adrian Mutu affair. At the very least thus we already have ~35-50mill of the 60 mill sum already available. Furthermore were we to go for Pogba we would need to get rid of at least one (and possibly both) of Mikel or Ramires. Conservatively speaking we should be able to get 10-15mill for one or both of these and so all said we would only need to put up 15-20mill of fresh money to get the 60mill that Juve is asking. Surely when perceived in this way this is a wise and worthwhile investment worthy of careful consideration.

4. If we secure Pogba this window we get a high quality partner for Matic. This would not be a luxury or vanity buy. This would be getting a near world class player to address a real area of need for us. Let us be honest, not one of the alternatives we have presently as a Matic partner be it MVG, Romeu, Ramires or Mikel are anywhere close in ability or quality. How about Fabregas you say? Fab fits the profile as a Regista but lacks significantly in the tackling and defensive duties dept for a CM. He is a much better CAM/ true no 10 and we would be far better served having him further up field. With Pogba we would have a true natural DM/CM/box to box hybrid player whose offensive and defensive balance is more along the lines we need to effectively partner Matic and so prevent him from being over-run when we face the higher quality opposition from the top half of the BPL and the Champions league. Finally, Pogba with matic adds a significant height advantage that we can deploy to devastating effect both offensively and defensively.

5. If we secure Pogba we effectively ensure that Vidal remains at Juve and so deprive Man U of a player who would be a major upgrade to their midfield which already looks miles better than last year with the addition of Anders Herrera. Anything we can do to ensure that ManU does not improve too much is to our advantage. We should take a page out of the masterful stroke of genius SAF showed in signing RVP and by so doing keeping him from City and also undermining Arsenal.

6. If we really think we can get Pogba cheaper next year when he has only one year left on his contract we will be sorely disappointed. This window of opportunity will not be available next year. Real have already got their Galactico for this year but these guys are insatiable and we know Ancelloti loves and admires Pogba. Rest assured if we don`t get this guy this window we will need to contend with Real next year for his signature and I don`t fancy our chances then. Worse, right now we are lucky PSG cant afford the guy without having to sell a top tier player (like maybe Cavani) after they wasted 50 mill on David Luiz and being hamstrung by their FFP troubles with UEFA but it is an open secret that Laurent Blanc wants Pogba in Paris. If we don`t get this lad now rest assured next season we will have to contend with PSG as well and you can never rule out the Catalans or frankly others like Monaco or Bayern as well come next season. The point is if we are going to do this our best chance of pulling this of is in this window.

7. Jose clearly admires the guy..that counts for something..he is not easily impressed.

8. He is well under 25. We could easily have him available at top level for at least 5 yrs and would have him at his peak were we to strike now. If his growth potential is what is anticipated we could actually have a world class central midfielder or two for the next 3-5 yrs and at the very worst he will always have decent resale value.

All in all I feel our squad still needs two quality signings to round up the squad adequately both in depth and quality. I do feel our central midfield and a no 2 striker/goalscorer (preferably one comfortable playing out wide like PEA of Dortmund or pure fox in the hole poacher comfortable with the ball at his feet and able to play of a typical target man no 9 like Roberto Firmino would be ideal)are the positions that need strengthening. Of these two I see Pogba as the tailor made solution to that central mid need and getting him would not negatively impact our international player complement of 17 while increasing our depth and quality through an additional invaluable association trained player spot. Your views and thoughts are welcome.

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The Journalist

Writer: GabeU Mail feedback, articles or suggestions

Date:Sunday August 3 2014

Time: 6:41PM

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Olayinka Spencer
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03/08/2014 19:00:00

lets just get him asap
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03/08/2014 19:05:00

I hope you are not 100% driven by the 3 goal whitewash against Bremen. I'd really love to see Pogba in blue though.
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03/08/2014 19:05:00

First we can say here that we need this and that but does Jose agree with us? We do really need pogba and another striker but the issue is Jose doesn't think so...first Cesc has come to take the Lampard role which means he will slot in at AMF or CMF depending on the game and it's getting pogba has to mean we will sell ramires because we can't have matic,mikel,mvg,ramires,pogba and possibly Cesc fighting for 2 positions but is Jose ready to sell ramires?? ...I won't talk about us getting another striker because that is an obvious need,the issue here is if Jose agrees we need a striker and who do we get? we need a striker different from costa and drogba,we need a jovetic kind of striker,one that can play behind the main striker,on the wings and upfront,is there any available?
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03/08/2014 19:23:00

anybody remember schurlle, in jose i trust
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03/08/2014 19:28:00

Everyone knows we should sign pogba at any cost this summer but it just isn't going to happen. I tweeted earlier during the fans and said we miss a pogba in CM who picks balls up and just drives towards the opponents goal at pace and commits players. We don't have his qualities in the squad. And the homegrown status is a huge huge bonus. Id pay 60mil this window. He has bags of potential.
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03/08/2014 19:44:00

I don't think we should sign Pogba at any cost.
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03/08/2014 20:17:00

Sign whoever you want on your Playstation. Just get behind your team, otherwise. You're pitching a sale to people that don't matter in the process...
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03/08/2014 20:25:00

United loose pogba to juventus cos they never deemed him good enough for the first team! We have vanginkel and I surely believe the youngster is made for greatness if given the opprotuinity to play and shine. Pogba is good no doubt bt I rather prefer he stay at juve and we give vanginkel a try! Besides we can't have all that we want. A team of cech,courtois,swarzer;azpi,ivanovic,terry,cahill,zouma,luis,ake;matic,mikel,ramires,vanginkel,fabregas;salah,willian,oscar,hazard,schurle;costa,torres and drogba should be every managers dream. Liverpool arsenal manutd spurs everton are nowhere near cfc in terms of squad quality yet they are confident they will fight for the trophy and we are here wanting more. Can the season just begin cos am contended with what we have
Victor Unamba Nd
Report Abuse
03/08/2014 20:43:00

i dont understand why people are talking about playstation if we are after a target who has big transfer money on their head...look at real they have two best attacker in the world but still they sign james for 60 million look at barca tbey sign suarez for 75 million inspite of having neymar and messi...both this team have so many game changer and match winner but that didnt stop them in buying them...but if we are after them people says yaa its playstation time...we need pogba and if reus is available we should go for him also...why not sign both of them if available...we need match winner and players like reus and pogba are game winner....because they both are top qualith cant rely on player like willian rami salah torres to win us match....they are not good enough at all when it comes to change a game or win a match...thats why you need player like pogba and reus or dimaria if available...because this guys are match winner or game changer...
Report Abuse
03/08/2014 20:49:00

talking about Playstation because some speak with such authority, despite the fact that many have never even been near a stadium, nor know nothing about the interactions of agents and managers. We always hear about how stupid manager X or board member Y is for such and such a purchase... but yet, those who have nothing to do with the game, (other than being a nose bleed section viewer) seem to know everything. It's always easy to tell the club what they need when you're disconnected from the actual workings...
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03/08/2014 20:57:00

Sometimes what you need is a group of men who work well together. NOT star power!
Report Abuse
03/08/2014 20:58:00

we cant rely on haz or schrulle in win us the match and we need more player to get this job done...thats why i never understand the signing of willian and salah last season...becasue they neither are good enough to win us the match on their own...yaa willian is a hardworker but we havent paid that money to just see him running on the pitch without any end product...and neither do salah and rami too...if we are serious about winning the league we need two top class first team player in our team...or else there we have to see another throphyless season...
Report Abuse
03/08/2014 20:58:00

yaa last season i saw that group of men but they won nothing at all in the end..
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03/08/2014 21:00:00

Well, shlok27, there's no way to afford or sign all of the players that people like yourself constantly mention. Half the time, they aren't available, and the other half, they don't want to play for us. But yet, it doesn't stop you, does it? Most clubs don't have the luxury of buying just whatever player they want... And yet, they still get behind their manager/squad. From what I've seen from you, I don't think you'd ever be satisfied.
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03/08/2014 21:04:00

Just out of curiosity... (and maybe to prove a point) Is there anything about this squad that IS good? From your point of view, of course, shlok27...
Report Abuse
03/08/2014 21:07:00

solid7...i think chelsea have the luxury to buy the player they want...and if they spend big also it will come undef ffp rule...and regarding your question apart from the player which i mentioned above which i think are not good enough for chelsea the rest of the squad are pretty well balanced...and by the way i have said earlier also we need to buy two top class player..and not 6 or 7 players...a player of pogba quality and reus or dimaria quality if Available then we should fully go for i said we need game changer in our squad...and the player of those quality will defenetly help us in winning the league..
Report Abuse
03/08/2014 21:28:00

Fabregas, Costa, Hazard, Schurrle, Oscar all game changers. The rest as well..
Report Abuse
03/08/2014 22:19:00

"Conservatively speaking we should be able to get 10-15mill for one or both of these and so all said we would only need to put up 15-20mill of fresh money to get the 60mill that Juve is asking. Surely when perceived in this way this is a wise and worthwhile investment worthy of careful consideration." Not sure I agree with that statement because at the end of the day, it is still 60mm. That is just too much for any central midfielder in the world and it is not different from the so called "waste" a lot of fans claim United wasted on Luke Shaw even though he is half the price of Pogba. Pogba is a central midfielder that will be welcomed anywhere in the world, but not at the price these clowns are asking. For all people whip perez for, he only blows that kind of cash on attackers and not central midfielders. Not that it justifies anything.
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03/08/2014 23:00:00

I have to agree with FS... We also just signed Fabregas, who, even if you disagree, Mourinho thinks is a HUGE game changer. I'm not sure how much more "game changing" we can do with personnel. We beat bigger teams with tactics. We know that smaller teams beat us with the same. We also know that for as long as teams have been playing heavy defensively, they've been hard to beat. So, it seems to me, that no matter who you sign, that's an obstacle. I can't think of one single team on the planet who has an easy time with tough defenses and 10 men behind the ball...
Report Abuse
03/08/2014 23:42:00

By the way, shlok27 - you'll have to excuse me for calling you out, but I cannot recall having ever once seen you make a positive comment towards our current players. I only ever seem to see who we "should" buy, or "should not" have sold. Games aren't won on either of those sentiments, though.
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03/08/2014 23:45:00

I am the last person to suggest pursuing a player just for vanity. It is not the way i think Chelsea should play nor play and it is not Jose's way either. I have attempted to articulate on mulitple levels why we would be advised to make this purchase and i can understand why some would disagree (at the opening of the window i felt Sami Khedira was a far better option than Pogba for example and i still feel he is the more experienced option for a team seeking to win now but the association trained limitations we face and the sale of Lukaku whether we like it or not have created a new reality for us that we cannot ignore) but to simply throw out the term "play station" in a derisive manner and then to to essentially deride someone views under the guise that so and so has never been to a stadium etc etc (honestly i wonder to whom Solid you are referring to here) adds nothing constructive to this discussion. You may disagree that we need a player like Pogba..that is fine but the people on this forum who may think otherwise are not idiots for thinking so. KAKU i understand where you are coming from regarding the stated price of the player and i would agree if we had to cough up a fresh $60mill (which i dont think Pogba is worth frankly speaking) but the truth is we would not need to do that. Also i dont think i need to remind Chelsea supporters that when it is all said and done success in the pro footie business comes from a careful balance of financial probity and yet willingess to spend when a true bargain of quality and access present themselves. It took Wenger the prince of frugality over 8 yrs to figure this out and when he finally broke his bad habit of always shopping in the dumpsters of world footie and actually spent top dollar on a top talent that same year the gunners finally won a trophy and were essentially put out of the BPL race only by a rash of injuries that no side in the BPL other than maybe city could have dealt with. I dont for a second claim to know more about Chelsea FCs needs that Roman, his Amigos or Jose but as good as these guys are at what they do none of them is omniscient and honestly put in the last half decade or so there have been times when they have made the dead wrong call on some player personnel issues and some of those times i saw the error from a mile away and audibly called it out. The same can be said of some esteemed members of this VC and other online chat communities. The fact that we support our club and its management team does not make them immune to criticisms and does not mean we should stop out of the box discussions. If we are simply to be sheep that say yes massa to all management decide we might as well close the online forum down and be done with it. Be that as it may as usual time is the final arbiter..time will tell who is simply talking for the sake of it and if in fact the concerns raised for some in this forum are all misplaced.
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04/08/2014 00:58:00

As it looks , Chelsea wont be able to get a player like Pogba this summer . Almost certain about that. In any case though, they still need to move in the transfer market . From the Bremen game , i think Van Ginkel looks well n good enough to deputize for Matic and in with is age , i think he would become quite an important player for us in the long run. The most important that needs to be made is Torres .. Chelsea need to find a way to remove him from the team one way or the other as his morale is now affecting the team . Mikel n Torres need to be sold . That shuld be a priority and am almost certain if they remain Chelsea can forget about winning any trophy this season . I don't see the essence of them having the space in the team if their value to the team is nothing whatsoever. They have given what they can and having the hope they they will turn the tides is just far-fetched. Get Torres out on Loan to Monaco , Sell Mikel to one of the Italian teams..I dont know why that is looking so difficult . we have lost Lampard , Cole who are more influential n valuable so whats the reason having players that will just be a burden pressing on the team . I dont mind Lewis Baker having more in the team n growing . Mikel shuld be sold . Lewis , Romue, Van ginkel can handle the position . Get another top class defender Varane, Benatia probably and get a forwards with a strong attacking personality on the pitch . A player like Balotelli . It is that simple . I think Chelsea should be very worried. Mancity are stronger in just the right areas having secured Mangala, Sagna n Fernando , Manutd will dedicate all to the league and have the legs n the right coach to push for that . I dont think Chelsea can win the league with this team as it is right now ... Absolutely No chance. We are not kidding anyone .
Tekszy Maloney
Report Abuse
04/08/2014 01:09:00

@GabeU - with all due respect - I did not call you out, nor did I speak to any of the issues that you brought up. Pogba is hardly a bargain buy. And how many times have we heard the faithful screaming for youth players to be promoted? Well, what is it going to be? We've got 4 youth players targeted for promotion, 3 of them fitting the bill for HG/AT players. As a supporter, I'm much more concerned at this point about not squandering truly talented players coming up through the ranks. The one that got away, didn't really get away - or so I believe time will prove. But there is some genuine talent waiting in the wings, and that fits part of the puzzle. Pogba is a luxury buy, and I'm of the opinion that he would only be bought if he didn't jeopardize any of the youth. Aside from that, we need to get through this season with a good result, or there's a very good possibility that we'll be starting this process over again!
Report Abuse
04/08/2014 01:27:00

I think it's folly to hold some of these discussions, knowing there are some clubs who can barely afford to spend in the transfer window - but yet, they'll trouble us during the regular season. Talk about "rich people problems". 15 years ago, we would have been happy to see a big name in his prime, grace our pitch. Now we talk about who we should buy, as if it's obligatory that we own the biggest names. I'm ready to see the club stop buying, and start seeing these players develop - and I have to say, I'm much more impressed with the chemistry of the U21's than I am the first team. That is my point of reference. I'm worried for this season, and not because we haven't got talent. Most people have been so busy with the Lukaku's and the Pogba's, that they don't really understand what we ALREADY have. Even when it's been made a point of note so far this season!
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04/08/2014 01:34:00

@solid..your views are well appreciated and honestly i understand where you are coming from. The biggest overiding concern i have which lingers in the back of my mind is this; If i were certain that Jose's job were safe no matter how this coming season ends i would not have a care in the world..Jose is easily among the top 5 managers in club footie world wide. even if we dont win a thing this year if the man is allowed to finish his 4 year contract he will transform our club and build a new golden generation of players the way he did during his first time around. I have no doubt of that However, call it gut feeling based on Roman's it concern that i suspect not all the three three Amigos are neccesarily on the same page as Jose but i feel this is a make or break season for him as chelsea boss..i have serious fears that if this season does not bring what the boss craves most (trophies and he loves the biggest and best namely the Champions league and BPL) the daggers will be out and Jose may not survive. I am not certain he has the luxury of time to grow all this great young talent of which you speak and which i know chelsea has coming from our academy and youth ranks. Jose is under duress to win and win big this season. If that doesnt happen and he gets canned all the progress we have made will be flushed down the toilet and we will be back to square one starting from scratch again. This is my over riding fear for all things Chelsea for the next 2 seasons.
Report Abuse
04/08/2014 01:46:00

If anyone has watched this team over the past two years everyone knows that "sideway Mikel", "no-foot Ramires" and no-goal" Torres should be sold. Personally, I do not like the 4-2-3-1 formation as CFC lacks the pivot player with Matic. Did everyone see the game today? That is the blueprint to beat CFC. Go 3-5-2 and flood the midfield as CFC lacks the speed of play and the direct play to get the ball in the final third of the field. The transition from the midfield to the final third has been the CFC problem, for the last 3 to 4 years. If CFC sticks to the 4-2-3-1 then Cesc has to play the pivot because no one else can distribute as he can. So, I agree with GabeU, this team needs quality players and Pogba is a long term solution. But why not the 4-3-3 with Cesc/Matic/Oscar and Hazard/Costa/Schurrle? I also, totally agree with schlok27 as Willian and Mo Salah are players with potential but they should not be CFC starters. Don't really understand the Willian purchase. Why are Ramires and Mikel still here? I guess Torres sells enough shirts to the women to keep him around...
Report Abuse
04/08/2014 01:53:00

@GabeU - "If i were certain that Jose's job were safe no matter how this coming season ends i would not have a care in the world." --- That is ironic, because if he stays and fails, the problem is no greater than if he goes, and someone else comes in and starts the process over. At some point, the time needs to be put in, decisions have to be made, and then adhered to. Our owner has done great things for the team, but he's had to learn as he's gone. 10 years on, he's grown from a rich kid with severe ADD, into an rich adult with mild ADD. We've spent money, now let's nurture that investment... If Pogba is deemed necessary, great. If not, great. We got our asses handed to us last season by Atletico Madrid, let me remind everyone. Not a rich club!
Report Abuse
04/08/2014 02:23:00

@lamarochs - can't disagree with the comment about this match being the blueprint for beating Chelsea. It's true. But at the same time, we needed to put that match in the archive for future study. It's going to be the type of match that makes or breaks us this season. At some point, we have to try to find a solution with what we've got. Sometimes buying new players - while solving one issue - introduces problems that didn't exist with the former. Anyway, all this match showed me today, is that we need to get the starting XI cemented, and start training like hell. Hope Jose and the boys watch the video of today's match over and over. Lots to learn from.
Report Abuse
04/08/2014 02:28:00

The style not the players is the biggest problem. Pogba won't change anything.
Report Abuse
04/08/2014 03:34:00

Give Van-Gikel a chance. Pogba is good, he is talent but we need to inject self belief and commitment on Ginkel, give him some game.
Report Abuse
04/08/2014 06:17:00

We can buy him only if we can sell Ramires & Mikel. Anything between 25m to 30m for these 2 should be fine. Is RM still interested in Ramires??
Report Abuse
04/08/2014 07:15:00

It's been a long while I posted anything....since Lukaku's sale. While I don't want to talk about that, as frankly I don't want to disclose the lot of pent up emotions about that topic,I clearly agree with the writer. I think I'ld prefer Firmino more as that backup striker,though I don't see that happening. He's clearly different from our current trio and can play on the wings too. But that would see the sale of one of Mikel or Ramires to comply with player quota rules. Heard that Romeu has been loaned out but that means any other incoming international player would mean the departure of another. Also,everyone here knows my (sometimes biased,but also objective) preference for Pogba and Gabeu outlined a lot of them once again. But again that would not affect our current player quota @Gabeu as long as Ramires or Mikel or Cech has been sold for the backup striker scenario.
Report Abuse
04/08/2014 10:54:00

Lets get Pogba ..i say he's a player we MUST get while he is available , he would be an incredible long-term buy
Report Abuse
04/08/2014 15:26:00

You know this how?
Francesca o' Croatia
Report Abuse
04/08/2014 15:59:00


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