Chelsea - Drogba Injured!
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Drogba Injured!

Fears have already been expressed in relation to our expensive signing from Atletico Madrid, Diego Costa, picking up an injury with regards to the striking cover available.

Last night out in Budapest, one of those ear-marked as cover for Costa, picked up an injury, thereby depleting our striker stock.

Early on in the game against Ferencvaros, Didier Drogba was forced to leave the pitch after rolling over his ankle.

The Ivorian looked to be in considerable pain as he left the pitch and the initial diagnosis is that Drogba could be out for two weeks, thereby rating him as doubtful for the two opening fixtures against Burnley (a) and Leicester City (h).

Time to seek reinforcements or would that be a panic measure?

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The Journalist

Writer: Merlin Mail feedback, articles or suggestions

Date:Monday August 11 2014

Time: 11:13AM

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The warning shot has been fired. While Drogs was essentially an iron man during his first spell with us he is 36 now. These sort pf niggling injuries become more frequent and take much longer to heal once that 30 threshold is crossed even for the best of athletes and Drogs is now closer to 40 than 30. We all saw these sort of issues with Cole, with Lamps and with Eto O who were all younger at the time than Drogs is now..Jose and the board..stop playing Russian Roulette and get out there and get a quality solid back up striker. We cannot reasonably expect Drogs to carry any slack that costa may leave or be a full season back up for him..There is no point mentioning El nino.
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11/08/2014 12:29:00

Drogba is out for 4 - 6 months
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11/08/2014 13:23:00

That is for most of his 12 month contract....nice little earner
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11/08/2014 13:25:00

@Blue_Mel, where did you get the news from?
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11/08/2014 13:36:00

It's an ankle injury so he's expected to be out for longer time..I doubt 2 weeks
Ewuola Abraham
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11/08/2014 13:57:00

May be now we would buy another striker? Lets see!!
Keyser Soze
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11/08/2014 13:57:00

There are other sites confirming the news but I got it from
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11/08/2014 14:25:00

If we are to get anoter striker because of this...Cavani??
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11/08/2014 14:26:00

Drogab is saying its a twisted ankle .. and looking at treatment next few days... so it might not be as bad as first thought
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11/08/2014 14:52:00

GGGrrrr @ my dyslexia/ mistyping lol .. happens alot
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11/08/2014 14:52:00

Come on folks. Stop listening to these useless links and voices in your head Blue_Mel. Chelsea won't sign Cavani for 40mm pounds to be the second striker. It makes no sense.
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11/08/2014 15:20:00

Marca says 4-6 months but other reports say it's an ankle twist and a 2 week recuperating period. Hope it's the latter!
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11/08/2014 15:58:00

And where are the people that campaigned for the so called mouthy kid? Now u say we need another backup striker, infact everybody agrees that we need a backup for DC, so are we saying we didn't think about this situation before going of on our "sell the mouthy kid, he's not a chelsea standard striker" campaign? Oh wait, we shud buy, but not keep wat we have? Or u still think everton is at loss for buying the 21yr old?. Ok I get ur excuse; he wanted to leave so jose obliged him, but wait, cudnt chelsea have done more to convince the desperate kid of his chances at our beloved club just as jose did with the disrespectful Courtois? (And yes I called him disrespectful, many of us might want to forget that part of him bcus we want him at CFC, but we can't bring ourselves to forgive his compatriot for same offence) Anyways, plenty questions only 2 possible answers. 1. We shud have tried our possible best to convince Lukaku to stay at CFC, afterall a smaller club was able to convince him to go to their club, without UCL to entice him with. Plus we have enuff competition we are in now to accomodate him and or rotate in lesser competitions. Tho lukaku has his faults but he didn't feel the love at CFC, he wasn't treated as a wanted player rather as a disposable one. 2.) Immediately Lukaku was sold, jose shud have started scouting for a new striker.. Don't know if he has, but if he doesn't, then we're in a big trouble and last seasons struggles might just repeat itself.
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11/08/2014 16:07:00

If jose and the board wont get another striker then bamford must not leave on loan.The decision to loan kalas and omeruo while a less experience zouma stays is already seeming like a joke.
Ige Bosun
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11/08/2014 16:35:00

@seanwillex I agree totally, Torres and Dogba were embarrassing in Hungary and Costa wasn`t much better.
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11/08/2014 16:52:00

we'r only having jst 1striker nw cos torres is a ghost 4me. A bony wuld do
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11/08/2014 16:55:00

LOL @seanwillex and the latent elasticity of your mind! Remember your comments on these recent front page articles, castigating my person for my "gloomy" articles expressing fears over the downgrade of bringing back Drogba as replacement for Lukaku? ( AND Well, I remind you. And, you see? I hate to say "I told you", but right now you'd agree it's just apt to say I told you! Nuff said! In as much as I appreciate this article and the writer, I beg to say I'm disappointed by the lack of faith in our manager the writer portray's.. U don't wanna be an armchair scout, but ur been a keyboard analyst on this one. And as an analyst u have a ryt to ur opinion, but as a CFC fan u shud show a bit of faith for the management team currently managing the club, if u feel the way u do, then no need to write up such long articles, just write #JoseMourinhoOut. Cus u don't think he's doing the ryt tin for the good of the club. So @Josh_Mou I'll ask directly: is it #JoseMourinhoOut? Or ur just been Pessimistic?_seanwillex ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- While Josh keep writing these doom articles. How far away were CFC last season? The gap between winning a trophy and losing out, shud be our yard stick for comparing ourselves with others. We played a familiarly weak strike force last season, yet came 3rd with 4 points or so(correct me if I'm wrong pls) to winning the EPL, reached the UCL semi finals. We lost Lampard, Eto'o, Cole and Ba, I'm sure we'll not miss any of them for sure. Cus we have capable replacements.... Fabregas is an upgrade to old Lamps, Luis is also very good LB, Costa is an upgrade to Eto'o, Ba barely played and so wil DD. by the look of things, we've not regressed not at all. Football isn't played on paper, If we follow how Josh and his bandwagoners are going... I wonder how come CFC is a UCL winner by there standards. Which player do we have then that will upgrade the team now? Relax... we need the strong mentality, Willingness to obey the gaffer all the way. And things can happen. If its by squad, Man utd will not be considered to win the EPL nor trouble Man city, if its by squad, Man city should do better than CFC in the UCL. If its by squad Man utd shud have topped everton last season. But sadly Josh, squad is very essential but its not the only ingredient to winning, that's why we have coaches._seanwillex
The Josh
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11/08/2014 17:00:00

A 28yr old Ba with BPL experience was sold when the chelsea hierarchy already knows they're fed with mouthy lukaku, now we brought back a 36yr old legend and his fitness or otherwise is giving fans concerns even when the season is yet to kick off and we all know the competition gets tougher every new season..sometimes our decision makers behave as if they dont analyse situations at all.
Ige Bosun
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11/08/2014 17:04:00

It was then fashionable to bash a concerned fan's opinion; now the "Lukaku Out" bandwagon has ground to a halt, you've chosen to turnaround to pontificate: "1. We shud have tried our possible best to convince Lukaku to stay at CFC, afterall a smaller club was able to convince him to go to their club, without UCL to entice him with. Plus we have enuff competition we are in now to accomodate him and or rotate in lesser competitions. Tho lukaku has his faults but he didn't feel the love at CFC, he wasn't treated as a wanted player rather as a disposable one. 2.) Immediately Lukaku was sold, jose shud have started scouting for a new striker.. Don't know if he has, but if he doesn't, then we're in a big trouble and last seasons struggles might just repeat itself." Admirable elasticity of the human mind. You're a high-rating specimen. Well done ;-)
The Josh
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11/08/2014 17:09:00

Lmao how pathetic is this comment section?
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11/08/2014 17:15:00

Let's all calm down and wait for official word on the extent of his injury. If it is truly 4-6 months (never, ever trust MARCA!) the club needs to sign a striker. Two isn't enough and I'm sure the club is well aware of that. As for Lukaku, the club got a great sum for him and the lad wanted a guarantee of regular football. It was right to let him go.
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11/08/2014 17:50:00

zouma was kept to directly train under the first team coz hes younger n can become useless if loaned to a worse team ... omeruo will replace terry ... n lukaku forget about him he was useless just used cfc as a ladder nothing more ...he should enjoy europa for a long time ... torrst is a waste of money unless fabregas helps him like he does for spain n score goals in a 433 formation ....
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11/08/2014 18:03:00
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11/08/2014 18:31:00

It seems that everyone is presuming that Joe Hart will have another mistake prone 6 months and City will lose game after game to the lesser sides in the league again. Meanwhile Diego Costa will just score every week and never pick up an injury. Well unfortunately the fact is, things are not always that simple. We are desperately weak up front and if is not addressed it will be our undoing, because there is not a possible plan B, with second rate aging strikers like Drogba and Torres.
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11/08/2014 18:47:00

Thanks KAKUFrank for the update and link on the subject matter... Some peeps just like to panic. Even if u have a fear about a situation or a likely scenario u think will befall the team, u don't need to be all doom and gloom or panicky about it. even if we play exactly as we did last season, who is to say we can't win something, with the luck of the draws and other fumbling!?!.. We all need to chill. I know u love CFC and ur articles are based on the fact that u are a fan, but less panic pls.. And this is to @Josh_Mou. And a lil extra: I was a bit happy that DD got injured, and I prayed he'll be out for a month or 2, now I don't hate him as u know, I just want us to sign some1 better... That is not to say we'll be trophyless if we don't. As I've said previously we were very close last season.
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11/08/2014 18:48:00

drogba injured or not injured is the same...he is done and dusted and we had made a big mistake by bringing him back..1st we have wasted our international quota with him...and now after costa we have two back up striker who are noway good enough...chelsea instead of getting rid of one problem i.e torres brough in another problem i.e drogba...having just two striker costa and lukaku is way better than having drogba and torres as a backup...
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11/08/2014 18:56:00

Chelsea fans can complain so much. Sometimes i wonder if dis is truly vital chelsea. So many anti chelsea nd anti mourinho in this forum. Wonder what would have happened if we were like manchester united last season. Surely it wont be mourinho out. Maybe abramovich out, mourinho killed. Am tired of all this negativity
Report Abuse
11/08/2014 19:17:00

^Remember last pre season. We were undefeated until we got Real Madrid in the finals of the International Cup. We played very well, got denied 2 penalties, and Mou played Lukaku from the beginning to finish. And just from that alone the moaners already were calling for Mou's head lol.
Report Abuse
11/08/2014 19:34:00

Welcome back of the respected contributors I met on this forum when I joined.
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11/08/2014 21:10:00

And we are now looking for Remy, why not go all out for Bony,or even Jose should give Van Gal call for Chicharito, Remy is same as Ba,even Ba was more prolific before joining us
Report Abuse
11/08/2014 22:40:00

Lol..remy is not prolific but you want a bony who scored 16 league goals in 34 games and a remy who scored 14 league goals in 26 games isn't prolific while bony'd better say you have got personal preference for bony and not bony is better...that said,i'd prefer a striker who can play upfront and on the side,i don't have any preference but remy falls into that category..if we sign him,i will only hope he performs
Report Abuse
11/08/2014 23:09:00

For the right price Chicarito would be a fantastic option as he has the ability to work in right spaces and with Fabregas and company feeding through balls, he's a master at scoring them.
Report Abuse
12/08/2014 00:32:00

Yes, Chicharito is the best option. Remy is not good enough. Even BA is slightly better than Remy.
Cyprian Bassey
Report Abuse
12/08/2014 01:34:00

Loan Torres to QPR & Get Remy for 8m. Should solve our problems.
Report Abuse
12/08/2014 06:28:00

i'd like the idea of Remy but what about the failed medical at the scousers? We should for a fully fit striker and one with injury concern, we already have that up front...
Report Abuse
12/08/2014 07:11:00

that been said, i prefer remy to bony as remy comes with a different profile than the strikers at our disposal. Bony is too similar to drogba and costa (battering rams)
Report Abuse
12/08/2014 07:13:00


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