Chelsea - Courtois: Cech is nice to me...hope he stays!
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Courtois: Cech is nice to me...hope he stays!

Young Chelsea goalkeeper Thibaut Courtois is apparently still in high spirits having yesterday been a beneficiary of Jose Mourinho's leap of faith as he was preferred in goal to long-serving club legend Petr Cech in the season-opening 3-1 win over Burnley, that he hopes the Czech stopper will go nowhere but remain at Stamford Bridge for the foreseeable future, although he was honest enough to admit that he has no intention of giving back his place in the Chelsea goal to his rival.

It would be recalled that before now the 22-year-old Belgian had been quoted as saying that it won't be "healthy" to have himself and Cech in the same dressing room, but he has apparently had a rethink with the youngster already regarded as one of the best goalkeepers in the world remarking after the win yesterday:

"I want him[Cech] to stay. Even if he doesn`t play he can be a lot of help to me in training. I can still learn from him because he has a lot of experience, he can give me good tips about the Premier League, things I might not know at the start. He is nice to me.
We are training very well and he is still proving he is a great

"For the team it is better for us to have two good goalkeepers. I don`t have a problem if he stays. Hopefully I can play well and stay in the team."

Ostensibly, Mourinho who's the one man too hard to second-guess has offered him no guarantees of remaining the undisputed first-choice goalkeeper all season with the Special One expressing hopes the
32-year-old Cech stays to fight for his place at every opportunity, Courtois insists he's determined to make the most of the gaffer's faith in him.

He continued: "Always when you are here you have pressure to perform because you are playing in a top team.

"There is always a pressure to win games and to be important and I am trying to do that in every game that I play.

"I came here obviously to play. I know that Petr is a great goalkeeper so there is a lot of competition, but when you come back from a successful loan you hope to play.

"Otherwise, it would maybe have been better for me to go to another team.

"It is nice that he put faith in me and it is for me now to prove his faith is right.

"I need to work hard in every training session and game to gain the confidence of my teammates and
the manager."

Exactly son. Exactly. Hard work pays, and for all you know, working hard in every training session will not only ensure you keep Cech as far away from the green jersey as possible, which isn't necessarily a work in the park by the way, but would also surely be a win-win situation for everyone as it will herald a new era of Blue dominance over London and England and, hopefully, Europe.

But just how healthy do you think Big Pete is seeing the foregoing?
Do you think he will stay or walk?

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The Journalist

Writer: Josh_Mou  Mail feedback, articles or suggestions

Date:Wednesday August 20 2014

Time: 12:40AM

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Honestly this is music to my ears coming from Courtois. That is more like it lad..The big teams are now ensuring they have two big time goalies ..seemingly after seeing how well it worked out for Real last year with a double trophy winning season; Mighty Bayern have Neuer and Reina, The gunners have Scienzy and Ospina, City have Hart and Caballero while Real have now opted to go with Casillas and Navas (i think they made the wrong call be releasing the best of the three; Lopez To bow to Marca pressure but that is their business). We have a fearsome trio of goalies in Courtois, Cech and Schwarzer. Essentially if Cech elects to leave i will wish him the very best ..he has earned the right to do that after all his selfless years of service to chelsea FC but i want it to be his decision and on his terms..he deserves way better than to be run out of town. The competition for the spots in the many matches we play will be fierce but i am sure Jose will give Cech some starts as well if he stays..Besides there are not too many top clubs of Chelseas caliber in europe where he will walk into an automatic starting position (and No Monaco does not qualify as a top European club..they are already falling back to reality the way Anzhi did after their initial splurge on spending)...Barca and maybe PSG are probably the only two options worth his while and stature in my mind.
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20/08/2014 01:50:00

Good thing he isn't going with "woah what's going on here".
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20/08/2014 01:54:00

Cech is a legend at the Bridge and keeping him on the bench may not be an ideal situation. He's world class, far better than most keepers around. It is better if he leaves and be a number one choice elsewhere.
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20/08/2014 04:09:00

BlueMIA: You hit the nail on the head. Chuckles.
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20/08/2014 07:20:00

The kid is talking like this because He was the one selected as the first choice, the music wouldn't have been saying the same if Cech was the one selected...
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20/08/2014 08:09:00

Cech should do what seems best to His career except most teams cannot afford his 120k weekly pay and most of the teams that actually can are well stocked in that goalkeeper...
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20/08/2014 08:12:00

It seems like these belgians can't fight it out for a spot wit a worthy competitor.. what's with the "I came here obviously to play. I know that Petr is a great goalkeeper so there is a lot of competition, but when you come back from a successful loan you hope to play. "Otherwise, it would maybe have been better for me to go to another team." So what if JM started Cech? He wud have ran away to another club? There's nothing like music to my ears here not at all... What I see is another disloyal belgian like a Lukaku incarnate, the only difference here is that he got picked. All the talk of hardwork are just becus he was picked if not... We'll be hearing a different tune from him. A tune like: "woah wats going on here"
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20/08/2014 08:36:00

I find it very disrespectful to CFC as a top european club and to cech as a legend. For a 22yr old to insinuate that if he wasn't given the no.1 spot on a platter of wat he's done at a smaller club at CFC then he'll leave. Is he saying if he went to Bayern, Neuer wud be his No.2 or at R.Madrid Casillas shud be benched for him? Or at Juventus, that Buffon wud be his no.2? What arrant nonsense... We want him doesn't mean he shud insult the club. Cech can keep us save at goal for more 4-5yrs so we're covered.. Somebody shud talk sense to the spoilt belgians, its starting to irritate me.
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20/08/2014 08:45:00

Now I'm not saying buffon or Casillas are better.. I used them as an examples cus they are legends in their own right where ever they go to.. And I believe cech is in that class... No matter how good lopez was.. He made way for casillas eventually, u know why? Cus casillas is a loyal servant of R.Madrid, and so they looked above his faults and kept him. Same wud happen for buffon, so if cech is treated lightly by the board cus of a new goalkeeper then its a shame. I like how cech is handling the whole tin without talking too much to the press. If he stays or leaves, I'm fine with it... I'll choose T.C to be the number 1 over cech, but courtois shudnt make it to seem like a blackmail or as tho' he's so good he'll be no.1 anywhere he ends up or as if we don't have a choice but to hand him no.1 spot. Its smacks of disrespect for the club
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20/08/2014 08:57:00

But if it was cech who won the no 1 battle....courtois wouldn't have stayed to learn from cech...
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20/08/2014 09:06:00

Chuckles. It would be preposterous to play Cech ahead of Courtois. I respect Cech a lot BUT the wellbeing of the team comes first and foremost. Courtois is only second to Manuel Neuer right now. Lukaku's situation and Courtois' situation is different. Lukaku was demanding for the 1st striker slot when he is nowhere close to Costa's level where as Courtois is better than Cech.
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20/08/2014 09:50:00

What are you guys even talking about??? Courtois should be benched for old petr who hardly sees anything these days? RUBBISH, like it or not cech is done and dusted, he is not the goalkeeper he was before the head injury, courtois is the 2nd best goalkeeper in the world, you can't put him on the bench for any reason, disrespect my foot.... Is it the same way cudicini was 'disrespected' 10 years ago to make cech the number 1?, I would have understood courtois perfectly if he had ask to leave if cech is still the first choice, not that TC is a even rookie goalie FFS, this guy has won la liga, EL, super cup, copa dey rel and was within minutes of winning the UCL, he has nothing to prove to anyone.
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20/08/2014 10:36:00

Lol Oscarr read my comments again... Tell read ur comment again.. This time wit an open mind, funny how peeps read and skip some parts. I never said cech shud start, if u think I did; quote me pls. Funny comment section on VC.
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20/08/2014 12:37:00

... Then* read ur comment...
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20/08/2014 12:38:00

When in a debate especially with a fan that loves the club same as u do.. Try to argue ur points based on fairness, equally opportunity, and without bias to one side. Don't skip wat I said an insinuate another point then start a debate on ur insinuate Thanks. @SDL and @Oscarr
Report Abuse
20/08/2014 12:42:00

When in a debate especially with a fan that loves the club same as u do.. Try to argue ur points based on fairness, equal opportunity, and without bias to one side. Don't skip wat I said and insinuate another point then start a debate on ur insinuation Thanks. @SDL and @Oscarr
Report Abuse
20/08/2014 12:44:00

Dear petr cech, i love you so much nd i ll always do. Bt petr, i jst cant bench courtois for you. We should nt have sent dat tall wizard on loan to athletico. Bt who knew he was gonna come back this good? Now av got no choice than to play him. He's that good. Am sorry petr. If you choose to leave, i ll respect dat nd you ll have my blessing
Report Abuse
20/08/2014 12:58:00

seanwillex: I have no intention of debating with you.
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20/08/2014 13:00:00

I have already made my point.
Report Abuse
20/08/2014 13:01:00

I don't even want u to @SDL
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20/08/2014 13:23:00

lol BlueMia
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20/08/2014 13:26:00

Petr Cech is pretty much gone.
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20/08/2014 15:22:00

Lol at some people here. Courtois DID in fact fight for his place. He talked the talk in saying he is too good to be second and rightly so as almost everyone in the world will agree he is a top 5 keeper in the world right now. But then unlike Lukaku he walked the walk and proved his worth. Lukaku already wanted out just because we simply signed someone. That is all it took for him to run with his tail between his legs. Are people seriously this dense or they don't understand the context?
Report Abuse
20/08/2014 16:32:00

****** *** ***** ** ******* ******* * SDL and BlueMIA, don't bother reading my posts or responding to me in any form, cus I won't reply. This is the last time I'll even type ur names. it'll save us some drama here on VC.
Report Abuse
20/08/2014 18:06:00

Lol? Am I right to think that was hilarious?
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20/08/2014 19:02:00

Just a few more highlights on this. Being a number 2 or 3 stroker is no where near the same as being a 2nd goal keeper. A 2nd keeper is pretty much not playing unless there is injury. TC could walk into any top team at the moment and demand to be #1 keeper, he did not make demands to Chelsea or held chelsea captive. He has not even had 1 pre season game with us before now but built his name up abroad with no affiliation with us except that on paper we are his parent club. We sent him on loan on our behalf unlike with Lukaku who played pre seasons with us spent a season training with us got starts in the beginning of a season with us until forcing a loan move because we bought Eto. To top it off, as stated earlier TC did not bad mouth us or hold us captive, Lukaku ran his mouth and took swipes when ever possible for 2 seasons. As much as it pains me about Cech, TC is really young and can bring us a whole decade and more of top football. Lukaku acted like his ***** didn't stink and as if he could walk into any top team and become first choice striker... There is a reason he is at Everton and not at a top team, to me it shows his cowardice. Now once and for all can we put Lukaku sympathetic talk to rest seeing as how he bad mouthed and do respected our club numerous times and is moving on himself and seems happier than ever to leave?
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20/08/2014 19:21:00

Someone is having a Meltdown. Chuckles. Touchy Touchy comes to mind :)
Report Abuse
20/08/2014 19:33:00

@Seanwillex if your comments does not suggest that courtois shouldn't be the number one then neither have courtois wanted cech to stay as his number two. Go and re-read courtois statement regarding cech.
Cyprian Bassey
Report Abuse
21/08/2014 02:38:00


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