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How to Spend the Lukaku Money

Hi guys, I must warn you this really doesn't promise to be an article per se, but an open thread I'm sure any lover of Chelsea wouldn't mind adding to, though it may not even be an interesting one either.

Right. Our London neighbours over at N5 are said to be sweating over the fitness concerns of their only true striker, Oliver Giroud who is feared may be out for three months or a third of their season as a result of the injury the Frenchman sustained during their hard-fought draw with Everton over the weekend, and are consequently rumoured to be in for a one time target of ours, Loic Remy, yet another French international; yes, we all know Arsene Wenger loves 'em French anyway.

So how does all these concern Chelsea? Well, look no further than the fact that Chelsea, understandably at least one proper striker short, are in the market for, yes you've guessed it, a proper striker.

Enter Loic Remy and Mattia Destro, both available yet talented strikers who can actually strike a football and score goals and actually scored a lot of goals last term, unlike one 50m 'striker' Fernando Torres.

Well to spare you the ramble, the strikers in question are rather cheap with both coming in at a combined sum of 28m; Remy at 8m and Destro, 20m. And dear 'Nando, good heavens, is said to be packing his baggage en route the Italian peninsula as we speak, which makes this all the more feasible, if not sensible!

Yes, I'm realistic enough to know it probably won't happen and is, in fact, more of me thinking wishfully, after all most of you by now already know I belong to the school of thought of Sir Fergie's whereby the theory is that of keeping four strikers who can comfortably prosecute a league campaign and chip in with goals numbering in double figures anyway.

But are there any ideas or surprises why Chelsea haven't won the Barclays Premier League since the good old days of Nicolas Anelka, The King Didier Drogba and Salomon Kalou or, heck, Arsenal since, well, aeons?

Any guesses why Manchester City of all clubs have come to mix it up with the big boys??

So there you have it and you can disregard anyway, my own way of shrewdly spending the Lukaku money and, of course, a wise way for Mourinho to gazump his old friend Arsene and his Arsenal, and have them looking elsewhere for firepower.

What do you think if this interests you?
By all means feel free to get those lovely teeth of yours into this. How would you spend 28m?

Carefree & KTBFFH

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The Journalist

Writer: Josh_Mou  Mail feedback, articles or suggestions

Date:Tuesday August 26 2014

Time: 6:36PM

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Jose works with three strikers and we are already guaranteed of two-Didier and Costa-if Torres was to leave we'll have to replace with one, preferably Destro but i don't see him leaving anyways.
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26/08/2014 18:49:00

By the way, every player in the world would love to have a CV like Torres's-FA Cup, Europa league, Champions league, 2 EUROs and World cup with Spain. All he needs now is money (16 million to buy out his contract and he'll retire from football). This is not a guy who is worried about his career as he's achieved everything he'd have dreamt in football. Expect him to stay here for another two years but i hope he can do something tangible for us this season though.
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26/08/2014 18:57:00

For me,i'm hearing Milan wants chelsea to pay 5m pounds of torres' salary,we can do that and get destro for about 15-20m pounds...Destro is a decent striker tho,he isn't all top quality like that, but destro has the potential to be a quality striker,he is more of a poacher...I don't know how physical he is and how fast he is but I think he won't do worse than torres if we sign him and with about 85k a week,it won't be off too much risk.....i wouldn't go for loaning the likes of Falcao because we would have to pay high wages for him...anyway,it all depends on torres leaving,i don't want to believe the torres to Milan rumour until it is official....
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26/08/2014 19:19:00

Lukaku didn't show up! i watch all of Everton games last season because of him all of Bromich games season before that, ALL FOR NOTHING! just so this guy will shy away from the competition and not even give it a try till January, Came from the World Cup with a transfer request, such a disappointing player.
Tim Kennar
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26/08/2014 19:40:00

For me torres has got to leave for another guy to come in. Even with costa in our striking department, it still feels like it is lacking. It's all ceremonious with drogba i feel and he will have to prove me wrong. Torres, will always be torres. We have tried to much for him and i mean from fans to board members, we have been loyal to him all the way and its time to face it and repay us by stepping aside. No matter how ok mou says he is having him around, he has actually shown he doesn't really mean what he says by bringing in a 36year old to displace him not just from a starting berth but also from the subs. Torres needs to go, another striker needs to come in.
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26/08/2014 20:44:00

I'd buy this website, and prevent contributors from deleting comments without good cause - especially where no rules were broken. ;)
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26/08/2014 22:19:00

@Josh are truly a man after my heart as regards the philosophy of playing with two strikers and stockpiling the team with 4 just as we used to do , the way SAF did and the way City do right now..That said as you concede it is almost certain Jose wont go that route..he will stick to three in all likelihood which makes it even more mandatory that all 3 bring something substantive to the table. DC19 is the obvious no 1. Drogs offers intangibles as a no 3 striker, mentor, dead ball specialist and assist on defence and ball hold up but at 36 no one in their right mind can expect him to contribute much in terms of actual goals output nor in terms of 90minute appearances. The options this late in the window for me are limited but there are some interesting thoughts to consider; Destros name has been bandied quite a bit, Roberto Firmino but more practical and actually available options; Chicarito, and even Danny Wellbeck who is decent though not great (Association trained though and so would not take a coveted international spot). Other thoughts; Carlos Vela of Real Sociedad (again would be association trained thanks to his time with the gunners). We could even consider a cheeky bid for Wilfred Bony or PEA of Borrusia Dortmund. As regards Remy yes he is cheap but i have concerns about what was found on his physical that sent Liverpool running..we cannot afford that kind of risk on the one real back up striker we are chasing if we have only 3 and one is already a 36 yr old Drogs. Just my thoughts. Before we get ahead of ourselves though dare i hope that El nino will actually move as has been increasingly rumored? Nah..i have been burnt too many times..i wont believe it till i see it confirmed on the official Chelsea web page. 5 more days left in the window..tick tock its looking like it will be down to the wire for us on this.
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26/08/2014 23:40:00

GabeU, spot on buddy re: affordable options including Firmino, Vela, PEA and Chicharito(a firm 'NO' to Welbeck though) in addition to Destro, of course; and yes, of course, we often agree on most issues so I ain't surprised we share this opinion, as you couldn't be more correct on the bit on cautious optimism about Torres actually leaving...though something tells me the Spaniard is embarrassed enough this time - if he had any sense of shame - and will actually leave to Italy on loan, and most probably never come back anywhere near West London!!! As the clock ticks and tocks, it's kinda heartwarming to see that Jose has apparently finally wised up into opening his 'closed' dressing room door before the window slams shut! ;)
The Josh
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27/08/2014 00:47:00

and lest I forget bruv, you're aware Demba Ba had once missed a medical before? in Germany or so before Big Sam signed him for the Hammers?? Well as it turned out, the rest, as they say, became history; any chance maybe Remy could get as lucky as the Senegalese? You know, I love his Thierry Henry-esque pace which makes the fearsome idea of him working with the good ol' Wenger all the more frightening!!! Can you imagine a front 3 consisting Remy, Giroud and Sanchez(three very different, prolific and, on paper, complementary attackers who would closely approximate our own golden trio of Anelka, Drogba and Malouda?!) supported by a trio of Ozil, Arteta/Flamini and Ramsey in a crazy fast-paced 4-3-3 of sorts?
The Josh
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27/08/2014 01:17:00

*failed medical, not 'missed'...I think at Stuttgart or so, and also in England with Tony Pulis' Stoke City, if memory serves me correctly...?
The Josh
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27/08/2014 01:30:00

Josh I agree that i dont want the gunners getting anyone else in their attack (Girouds injury timing couldnt have been worse..he should have waited till the window was shut) and i remember Dembas failed physical was because of his prior severe knee injuries (i think Torn ACLs that required surgical reconstruction). The Remy issue is appears to be something cardiac and those i really dont like messing around with. There must be something to this because this guy was quite productive last year with NewCastle in terms of goalscoring and yet they elected to let him return to QPR his parent club even though they are woefully short in the striker Dept..There have really been no takers for him despite his cheap price since the liverpool debacle. Eva Carniero can work wonders with virtually any and all bony, muscular and ligamentous problems but when it comes to a suspect "ticker" (American slang for heart) that is a whole different matter and i am certain that is what is keeping virtually all potential suitors away from understanding is that after the findings were noted Liverpool brought in an independent Sports physician to give a second opinion and the recs were the same..namely no go...i just feel we should steer clear...there are better safer options even if it means spending a little bit more.
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27/08/2014 03:54:00

will there be a celebration in vital forum if el nino leaves ???? it rarely happens that a tornado leaves without causing a big hassle
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27/08/2014 04:30:00

Eto signs for Everton. Will the 'Complete One' now complain or will fight for his place?? Curious, but it is none of our concern. On Chelsea's need for 2nd choice striker, looks like Destro coming in. Not seen him that much. Any idea about him.
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27/08/2014 06:37:00

Any idea on Destro's playing style? Heared he could also play from out wide...
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27/08/2014 06:49:00

As for Remy, let Him go to Arsenal as getting Destro means we may not go for a striker again in the next two summers except something interesting comes up...
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27/08/2014 06:51:00

Jose prefers a three man striking force remember...
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27/08/2014 06:51:00

Fantastic take again Gabe, as usual; gotta admit I never knew Remy's had to do with cardiac...thought it was the usual ACLs, so you couldn't be more circumspect there buddy. And @Ikdaniels, yes, Destro will have to do as we all know Jose will only have 3 strikers in his arsenal. My bit this transfer window is, and has always been, anyone but Torres (or Drogba) as Costa's deputy! About Destro's game, well with the little I've seen of him prior to writing about about him here(and a couple more videos since then), I think his skill set, technique and style closely approximate Stefan Jovetic's or Eduardo Vargas', if not those of the Kun Agueros and the Wayne Rooneys of this world; in other words, the Italian is no Drogba/Mandzukic/Dzeko/Bony battering ram kinda CF who mostly depend on service, but a technical striker who happens to have functional pace and industry on the ball and can play off your main CF and, more importantly, knows where the back of the net is! I think he can complement Costa either in a 4-4-2 or behind him in "the hole"(or No.10 role, if you will) in our regular 4-2-3-1 with Hazard/Willian and Schurrle/Salah flanking(and Oscar cooling his knackered heels), same as Pellegrini does with Jovetic in "the hole" playing off of Dzeko or Aguero, as it were. Yes, Destro could well rock whilst helping us destroy all comers!
The Josh
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27/08/2014 09:29:00

If Destro is kind of Jovetic/Vargas type player, I wish we send Salah out on loan to EPL teams rather than MVG to Milan / Benfica.
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27/08/2014 10:25:00

@Squawka: To date, Fernando Torres has cost Chelsea exactly 2.5m per Premier League goal.
The Josh
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27/08/2014 12:04:00

@Squawka: It took Fernando Torres 19 games to score 2 league goals for Chelsea; Diego Costa took just 2. #CFC
The Josh
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27/08/2014 12:05:00

Torres & MVG to Milan is all but done as the clubs have reached an agreement pending the players making the decisons, according to Di Mazio. Salah will most likely stay as he's a Jose buy; I'd rather send out Zouma on loan with the option of recall in January, that's if anyone has to leave after Torres and MVG anyway.
The Josh
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27/08/2014 12:12:00

How lovely! Latest UEFA rankings: 1) Real Madrid 2) Barcelona 3) Bayern 4) Chelsea! And where are the broken and noisy Mancs as well as the delusional history-brandishing Scousers???
The Josh
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27/08/2014 12:23:00

Memphis Depay could be an option though he would be a left field pick.
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27/08/2014 13:49:00

The injury to Oliver Giroud, just shows you that we are only one similar injury to Diego Costa and our season is over. Wake up Jose, because we are going into a long hard season, just hoping that nothing will happen to our one and only decent striker. It is so short sighted, its incredible.
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27/08/2014 19:34:00

Well maybe it wasnt the medical reason that Remy was turned down. It might be they were more worried the law 'problem' he had might return and having more money amd more media attention signing for a big club might bring out the worse in him - who knows. We are all of agreement we need a 2nd striker badly and we have all got numerous ideas but Id love to have Joses thoughts on it. I put a note to GabeU on a post asking what you thought to my idea that Jose wasnt in charge of transfers comings and goings and its actually Chelsea Sporting Director Michael Emenalo. Romans gofer. Its had to be a clause in Joses contract when he came back. So if I had Lukakus money Id love to pay some detection agency to bug Joses and Emenalos phones to see wat the craic is :)
Report Abuse
27/08/2014 20:19:00


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