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Beware Atletico Madrid

Any successful military campaign requires knowing your adversary inside out and not underestimating them.

With just a little more than 2 days before we engage Atletico Madrid in Monaco for the UEFA club Super cup trophy I just wanted to drop a few lines on our opponents.

In my mind this is a very big is for a trophy and is the second available of a possible 7 for us this season. We have already lost out on the Community shield..we must not lose out on this chance which comes very rarely because to even have the chance to compete here you must either by the Europa league champion or the Champions league champion. Winning this trophy will immediately place RDM and his crew at some ease as they will already have one trophy for the club cabinet this season but even more important for all our new players it will be a wonderful introduction to the Chelsea tradition of consistently winning silverware. Finally, winning this match come Friday gives us more valid ammunition to label ourselves the pre-eminent club in Europe at the moment no matter what the detractors may say.

We have only won this trophy once before..interestingly enough in another game we played in Monaco and against another Spanish club..the senior Madrid club Real. That was in the glory days of the late 90s with Zola, Puyet, RDM and company. RDM will have the unique opportunity to be one of very few players to win this high honor as both a player and a manager for the top club in Europe bar none.

Before we can make that claim though we must go through Atletico Madrid who are a dangerous side. They have won the Europa league for the second time in the last 3 yrs (no mean feat) and they have done this with two very different squads and different managers. After losing top level talent like Arguero, forlan, siamao etc from their prior championship side as well as changing coaches and facing major monetary challenges that they are back at the summit of the Europa league is remarkable. Their new coach Diego Simeone is a rugged, shrewd Argentinian (former international Player and contemporary of Maradona) and they play an efficient, effective style of football that is reminiscent of Chelsea circa the Mourinho years.
Lest we forget this Atletico Madrid team won the Super cup just ~ 2yrs ago upsetting the then Champions league champs; Inter 2-0..they should not be taken lightly. To win this years Europa league their new face team took apart the impressive Athletic Bilbao team of Bielsa in a comprehensive 3-0 shell lacking with the Colombian hitman Radamel Falcao hitting a brace and so taking the distinction of being top goal scorer for two consecutive years in the Europa league after doing it the year before with Porto. As a warning shot across our path just yesterday they again demolished the same Bilbao team but this time upping the Ante to 4-0 with Falcao this time hitting a hat trick. Thankfully for us one of the main architects of their success last season the Brazilian midfield playmaker Diego is no longer with the side.

Without being boastful I feel we have a better overall team than Atletico and I don`t feel Simeone is a better tactician than RDM but there are a few of their players we must be fully aware of as we line up to take them on this Friday;

1) In goal they will have our own Thibaut Courtious..a truly talented young goal keeper..what he lacks in experience he more than makes up in agility…it will take nothing less than A plus efforts, guile and ruthless efficiency in front of goal from Torres and our other forwards to beat this guy who will be playing with a point to prove to his parent club,

2) In defense one player worthy of mention is the Uruguayan Diego Godin.. a solid non nonsense center back who we flirted with as a possible alternative when we still chasing Gary Cahill..We will need to pressure their defense early and often to try and make them make mistakes but it wont be easy.

3) The forward trio of Diego Costa, Arda turan (the so called Turkish Messi) and the Colombian hit man Falcao. These guys need to be taken very seriously..especially Falcao who will need extra special attention from both of our CBs all match long. To lose sight of that guy for even a second in the 90 minutes of the game is to concede a goal. I personally feel he is the most lethal and complete pure goal scorer right now in European football. Before any one mentions Messi and Ronaldo..please re read what I said.."goal scorer" not player..i am convinced if this guy had the midfield service Messi and Ronaldo do at Barca and Real he would score more goals than they do…he is that dangerous and I rate him very highly. If we can keep him quiet along with Turan I really like our chances on Friday.

For once in a long time we enter a match of this magnitude as the odds on favorite, let us not let our guards down. We cannot afford to mess this chance up. ..We should approach this with all the seriousness and gravity it deserves and give Atletico absolutely no chance or prayer to spring an upset the way they did against Inter a few years back. We must totally boss the midfield the way we did against NewCastle and take our chances when they arise. An early goal and lead would help so we are not chasing the game under pressure. If we play to the level we are capable I see us bringing home to Stamford Bridge the first trophy of this our transitional year..and doing it in some style as well. KTBFFH.

The Journalist

Writer: GabeU Mail feedback, articles or suggestions

Date:Tuesday August 28 2012

Time: 6:23PM

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come on chelsea lets get this and kickstart a season full of trophies
Great article but I disagree with one thing Messi scored 50 Leaugue goals last Season as great as Falcoa is he can't replicate that no matter the circumstances.
Yea lets ge this fast and good
A repeat of the 4-0 score line in he 2009/10 CL would be perfect.
i am also little bit fearful of this athletico madrid. they are dangerous thats for sure. specially that man falcao. whether he is good grea or best not my concern. but one thing i know is even without service, this guy is capable of producing some magical on himself. that is he has capability to produce solo moment of brilliance
These guys defeated AB with 35% possesion ,4 goals for with none conceded,against us they will have more posession because Lampard will start and he will not help our midfield possesion, in addition his bombing forward will leave a big hole for Arda Turan to rape Mikel.Falco is not like Torres he feeds on scraps and excells at it.This Team counter attacks with a ruthlesness only seen at Chelsea in the past.They had much less possesion in the EL final yet scored 3 goals.Expect a very difficult match like the CL final in munich.
dont know if you guys know but im hearing loads f vry strong rumours you have signed falcao. see yids can be nice lol
Rumours breaking on Twitter that we just signed Falcao? May or may not be true, but the source of the rumours has been 90% accurate on deals so far....
Falcao! Wow guess he won't meet us on Friday but play for us. Wow wow wow.
its everywhere guys im actually happy you have him if its true as i want the best players in the epl
a made up rumor to mess with Falcao's head before the game?
Tiraspol, the people tweeting this have been spot on with every bit of transfer news so far, including values days before things get officially announced. If they prove to be right on this one I'll be amazed. Of course if they prove to be wrong I'll laugh my a$$ off and unfollow them on twitter ;)
a made up rumor to mess with Falcao's head before the game?
a made up rumor to mess with Falcao's head before the game?
Honestly, am badly tempted by the Falcao rumour but he will cost us at least 40m pounds, why not just get Jovetic for 22m only. Anyway, if it is true then the Board & Roman really want us to seriously challenge for the title and remain a deadly and major force in Europe. RDM will not want to bench Torres,,,he may be forced to play 4-2-2-2 with Falcao-Torres Hazard-Mata & Mikel-Raul.
i don't care how we win as long as we win ,
haji ahmed
thy no longer have diego so their midfield will be weaker than b4
@Bizarre_Blue, better get your unfollow button ready lmao
Oh for god sakes we not getting Falcao!! Fake agents on twitter just having some fun, stop being so gullible.
Oh for god sakes we not getting Falcao!! Fake agents on twitter just having some fun, stop being so gullible.
We are going to regret not leveraging Essien or Mireles to get Dembele, he's now gone to spurs I am glad for him.All those saying he is not a double pivot player will see.Spurs midfield has suddenly burst into life.
Nice job GabeU, am especially happy that the club have permitted courtois to feature for them, the lad deserves it. The danger man is falcao and he could be the difference between them and us cos he can get them a goal out of nothing. If cahill & luiz can pocket him for 90minutes(which will be very difficult) then it should be an easy one for us.
Chelz Akamz
Under AVB Spurs midfield of Sandro,Parker,Dembele,Sigurrson will give teams problems with Bale and Lenon on the wings with a proven goal scorer in Ady.
Under AVB Spurs midfield of Sandro,Parker,Dembele,Sigurrson will give teams problems with Bale and Lenon on the wings with a proven goal scorer in Ady.
The falcao rumour is just a big joke.... I wish it would happen but we have to be realistic. We ve spent around 80mil this summer, where will the 40-50mil falcao fee come from?
Chelz Akamz
I fancy our chances for this game although I agree that they shld not be underrated. I predict a very tactical game and one wit not many goals. Am sure they re as concerned abt Torres as we are abt falcao.
@chelseafan@planet i agree with you on Spurs signing of Dembele. I really feel that at just 15m pounds Spurs have got a real steal to get a player of the caliber of Moussa Dembele.. I wish we had got him..he would have fit the bill perfectly for that central midfield general/playmaker we are still lacking and at 15m pounds he is way cheaper than other options like Wietsel, or Fellaini (BTW all three are Belgians). Anyway on this signing Spurs have hit a home run..they have got a replacement for Modric who i frankly feel is a better player anyway.
I will be honest AVB impressed me by not being fooled by familiarity and wasting time trying to get Jao Moutinhio from Porto. He would have cost them nearly the entire 32m they got from selling Modric and Dembele is BPL tested, a more robust player physically, arguably more adept at ball handling and playmaking from the central midfield and significantly cheaper..on this deal AVB certainly got the call right on.
@JuniorCFC21 THAT!
Read this
There is another little twist to the Supercup i had failed to mention which just occured to me as i reread Manzo2k6's post. For El nino this will be a coming home kind of encounter. He started his climb to fame at Atletico Madrid as a youngster and was actually their captain before his first big money move to Anfield..though the side is totally different from the one he left i am sure he will be really amped up for this and eager to show his parent club that he has grown a great deal and done well for himself since leaving them..very intriguing internal drama for this match..i am really looking forward to it.
If I remember correctly we were linked to Arda Turan at one stage.. I doubt Falcao will come and yes it would cost a bucket load seeing that Atletico cost 30-40mil Euros from Porto didnt they?
Good analysis of the ones to watch GabeU. Im looking forward to this too and how Torres performs with his old club.. As for Dembele isnt the guy an attacking-mid/CF/winger? I rate him also. Im not sure you would want someone of his quality deep in a pivot.. If AVB sticks to a 4-3-3 like he did with us then I would expect him to play attacking mid/wing and perhaps be 3rd choice option up front.
Dembele is will be perfect for AVBs 4-3-3 system...a good buy...
super cup is gonna be a good match between our renewed attack and us to win 2-0, but without courtosis, it shd like a 6-0 or something like that...GC & DL to keep falcao silent just like they kept ba & cisse ....
It would be a great welcome gift to Hazard !!
This match is one we have to take seriously. As RDM has rightly said it aint a friendly. On watching Athleti bomb Bilbao I got a tad scared cos this Falcao dude didn't wait for gold-gilded chances to finish up. You don't want this guy in or close to your box at present form. He is a threat in all ramification. He is even more dangerous when crosses come into the box. We need this trophy to raise players morale.
Atletico Madrid haven't completed the payment for Falcao. The club is in financial shambles. The agreed fee with Porto was €40mm + €7mm in incentives. Jorge Mendez paid €20mm of that via a loan to Madrid. Atletico was supposed to pay the balance in 2 installments. I think the first has been paid and they are behind the 2nd payment Talkless of €20mm due to Jorge Mendes fund. In effect, they don't completely own Falcao and haven't completed his payment. Another €15mm is due to tax authorities by the end of September next month. We could be finding ourselves in a Sani Cazorla situation of true.
Good info Kaku. Was thinking about this earlier.... If AM paid €40m a year ago then it's reasonable to assume that if they get a deal that "breaks even" or close to, especially if they have financial trpubles with things liek wages, then they'd be more inclined to take it. Who's to say we haven't offered Courtois on a 3rd year of loan? Or maybe the 2nd year of loan carried a clause of "first refusal" over Falcao? There's lots of reasons why this deal COULD be true, but as I said originally, it's on Twitter so who knows if it will turn out true. One thing I can say is that the guys touting it about (the so called "agents") have been very accurate on most things so far (e.g. Called the signing of Dembele yesterday morning, got the amount for Sinclair spot on even thought he deal didn't go through, Johnson to Sunderland back on the 19th August (singed 24th) etc etc). Most of this could be down to hearsay and blind luck, but I guess I'm just hoping that this rumour turns out to have more substance.
My god my typing is awful first thing in the morning. Apologies for the vast number of typos in that last post :( Time for a coffee I think!
Not sure if I believe the guy, but if it is remotely close to being true, the only reason Falcao won't move yesterday is because of the supercip om Friday. Not sure if true, but just saying. Will watch the situation though.
The conspiracy theorist in me thinks that if we sign Falcao then Athletico will win the trophy, but if he plays for Athletico we'll win and then we need to watch if he waves goodbye to the fans after the match! ;)
Honestly speaking, no matter how much GabeU has mentioned how dangerous Falcao, not enough has been said of him, he is fast, he is deadly, he is clinical, can play with his back to goal, can dribble. He is everything what a striker should be.Thank god Diego is not there anymore. I believe we have a real game on our hands... Bring it on!!!
Well this morning brought the expected (but not hoped for) retraction of the Falcao rumour! ** Hits Unfollow button ** And there was me all excited then!
As I said dont beleiev everything you read on twitter! In my opinion our business is done as far as our first team is concerned. The only way we will get another striker is if Studge is sold. I think the club will leave this matter till January.
Pinto Da Costa: "Zenit offered 50mm Euros and I've refused. I don't want Hulk to leave"
I really don't see why we have to wait till January to figure out Sturridge's position with his contract situation or not. Torres is already the undeniable starter and between now and December, the only way Torres will be dropped is if he flops in the next 2-3 games. 3 goals in the last 4 matches has bought him at least the next 3 games. If he keeps scoring (look at his form since DiMatteo), I don't see RDM dropping him. If RDM doesn't drop Torres, how many games will Sturridge start in the CF position between now and January? If Sturridge is not starting, the kid will not be signing a new contract with Chelsea at all. So really don't see the point in waiting till January because come January no one will be purchasing Sturridge for more than 5mm since he has 6 months left on his contract. And mates, forget this 25mm pounds valuation. It is a joke. And don't be using the Carrol, Henderson and Downing valuation for Sturridge. More English players in similar situations (Length of contract, Nationality, Status with the National Team) to Sturridge have been sold recently such as Adam Johnson, Scott Sinclair, and now Walcott and the highest out of these 3 players is Johnson or Walcott and the price is 12mm pounds. Unfortunately, that's what we get for leaving contract situations this late or for a player refusing to sign a contract extension.
Football Agent ‏@FootballAgent49 Falcao is a Chelsea player!! If there is no mention of this in the press by Thursday 22:00 BST I will delete my account.


Football Agent ‏@FootballAgent49 Patience Chelsea fans, by tomorrow evening everything will become clear.
KAKUfrank is this guy for real or he is a big fake,he claims he broke a lot of stories before they were made official
Afraid not. He's just posted a tweet announcing that he's a fake.....
was it not the same guy who said if we dont sign hulk he'll delete his account?....I dont think any other player to be honest..even if we will it cant be one that'll cost 40million!!...although i still intend to follow the deadline very very closely..with never can tell!!...keeping my fingers crossed
*any other player will be signed
*any other player will be signed
According to twitter rumors Schewini and Lowe were supposed to be Chelsea recruits. Keep reading that garbage especially after spending almost 80 mills.
Falcao to Chelsea? Don't be so gullible!
@kishaloy_nag_blue, he is a *****......No one else has been reporting it since. Falcao to Chelsea or another club will only happen when the tax man hammers on Atletico Madrid or Porto tries to get their money or the next summer transfer window after spending two years out of CL.......If they make the CL, he might end up staying.
KAKUfrank THIS THIS THIS THIS!!!!!!!!... God, you guys are so effin gullible, i didnt even bother to read up rumours from twitter from day 1..
well the dream was good while it lasted :(
That agent is fake, hulk won't come, neither would falcao this window....#just saying...but if studge is Sold then I think he has a chance

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